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Exclusive tourbillon watch designer releases images for the new Astbury & Kent tourbillon watch...........a 27 jewel timepiece packed with some nice features!

Terrence Ray is a well know tourbillon watch designer designer who has already created some outstanding timepieces for companies and individuals from all over including the Aston Martin tourbillon timepiece presented to the director of Aston Martin.

Passionate about watches, Terrence Ray from a very early age had a keen interest in timepieces and at the age of just ten travelled half way across London on his own, taking 2 bus rides in order to purchase his first timepiece, and form that moment on Terrence became a bit of a collector of unique timepieces.

The new brand and new range is to be called the Astbury & Kent Stellaris range, and is reported to be a limited collection with under 300 in total to me produced.

The price says Terrence Ray is "to be under" £3,000 which according to Terrence is really something considering the price of a tourbillon which can reach into the tens of £1,000s as much as a house!

Tourbillons are known to be at the high end price range due to the top craftsmanship involved and the many hours put into each piece.

What is a tourbillon?

A tourbillon is a mechanism found in certain high-end mechanical watches. It is both hypnotic and fascinating to watch and watches with tourbillons are usually a bit expensive compared to watches without them. They are not the most common complication that you'll find on a watch, but certainly one of the most entertaining.


Who invented the Tourbillon

It was 1975 when Abraham-Louis Breguet developed the mechanical mechanism (AKA complication) that we call the tourbillon. Breguet was also famous for inventing other revolutionary devices in watch making such as the rotor that we find in self-winding, automatic watches.


Should You Get a Tourbillon Watch?

Yes but only if you can handle a whole lot of watch. A Tourbillon Watch is a serious watch and will draw lots of attention to your wrist. Many collectors would consider their tourbillon watches to be some of their most prized possessions.


Image of the new limited Astbury & Kent tourbillion

Having seen the pre-lauch images I can say that "in recent years I have come across a number of flying tourbillons and the Stellaris is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing watches I have seen in a long time." I Look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

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