When it comes to booking elite escorts in London, there are some areas which are very popular with clients.

They are Bayswater, Oxford Street, Paddington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, City and Chelsea.

Bayswater W2

Close to Hyde Park and Notting Hill, Bayswater is an area that is highly concentrated with elite London escorts. Not only can clients find a great variety of escorts in this area, the quality of escorts are always above average. Bayswater property prices are climbing up so rent is not cheap here, nor the hotels. The London escorts found in Bayswater are mostly European, with some Asian escorts and Latin escorts working in this area. What clients love about Bayswater is that it is always lively and there is plenty of things to do; it is served well by transport and the escort girls are beautiful. It is also one of the most competitive areas for escorts to advertise in.

Oxford Street W1T

Tucked behind the hectic high street are residential flats where clients can book the service of high class escorts. Oxford Street is always so busy and getting there may be a hassle by car, but the atmosphere makes people come back again. Oxford Street escorts are priced above average, they are very attractive but the level of service can be variable.

Paddington W2

Close to the famous Paddington station, Paddington escorts are popular with commuters and visitors to London. It is so easy to find and enjoy the services of London escorts here. Also, the area has many budget travel hotels and small restaurants to dine in. It is a hotspot for tourists and easy to blend in. Paddington escorts are gorgeous and they charge reasonable rates for the services they provide.

Mayfair W1K

Situated in New Bond Street and Green Park, clients can find high end escorts in Mayfair. This is an expensive, high end area which means the escorts in Mayfair are a bit more expensive. They also tend to be elite service providers, meaning they look more sophisticated to blend into the luxurious environment. Mayfair escorts are mostly Eastern European and Latin; they are more attractive than escorts in other areas and target new money/tourist clientele. The location itself is also fantastic for hotels, restaurants and shopping.

Knightsbridge SW1X

Knightsbridge is a very affluent area of London that attracts the richest men in London and abroad. It is definitely not cheap to book escort services here, since the price of rent is so high. Knightsbridge escorts tends to be very beautiful, impeccably groomed and provide a high end service. Due to the costs of the area, Knightsbridge escorts target the most wealthy of clients.

City EC1

City professionals are busy men who have no time to enjoy conventional dating, or they have to fit in pleasure around work. Thus, they seek the services of City escorts who live in buildings near their work office. Office, before work and after work bookings are in demand. City escorts are beautiful women with good conversational skills and they know how to schedule bookings around their client's busy lives.

Chelsea SW3

Another affluent part of London, Chelsea is very famous for its escort scene. The escorts here are reasonably priced to attract clients with different incomes, but it is mostly known for the number and variety of working girls. There are more choice of escorts here, comparable to Bayswater. The quality of escort service varies, but the main thing is there are so many escort girls to choose from!

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