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How are sailing yachts?

Sailing Motor and yacht charters are very popular. The main propulsion means is the sails, but they also have a machine whose power is not negligible. Inthewild sailing yachts are particularly sophisticated and comply with all safety rules. They also have everything they need for a safe and fun day at sea.

Information-Guided tour

The top of the board, where the occupants sit and enjoy the craft, is called deck, blanket or deck. The front of the Yacht is called bow, while the rear of the hull.

Beginning from the stern we observe a space called a cockpit on each craft. This is where most of the mechanisms are used to operate the Yacht's components. Here we see the wheel in the shape of a wheel, in front of the wheel is the compass and the other instruments for the navigation of the Yacht. To the left and behind the steering wheel, there are seats for the occupants to seat and in the center there is a practical folding table. Below the seats there are balloons, storage areas for anchors, ropes, protective balloons, cleaning items, life yachts, etc.

To the right and to the left you will find two water jets, but two are on the top of the dragon. Witches are needed to regulate ropes, sails.

On a sail Yacht you will be impressed by the quantity and variety of ropes, all of which are useful and are of three kinds: the cages, the mantras, the mosquitoes.

In the middle of the ship we find an elevated area called a spiral. At the front is the sail who passes the mast in the Yacht. On the back of the Yacht is the Yacht where we enter the Yacht. To the right and left in the spiral are the trails for the regulation of the sails. All the entrances (doors, windows) on the Yacht are called hats.

The bow is in front of the canopy. The most important point of the bow is the scythe. An area with a fairly deep depth, where we place the ship's shell (anchor, chain) and the anchor worker.

The Yacht around has strands through which wire ropes, which form the rails, are necessary. They are necessary for the safety of passengers when they move on board.

From the bow to the tread, there are various mechanisms that serve the sails such as winches, wagons, rollers, pulleys, brakes, etc.

On the sails of the Yacht, the sail bowl is called genoa, jack and balloon. While the base cloth is centrally called the top or mast.

Passing the Falca (central door) and descending from the stairs we drive to the lower deck where the cabins, the bath / WC the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the engine room are installed. Vessels have their volume, a number of cabins that have a double mattress, wardrobes, shelves and many windows for adequate light and ventilation.

Sailing Yachts in Virgin Islands have living spaces such as the living room and the kitchen, which are too many airy and sunny. This is achieved in principle with many windows and secondly with shipbuilding lines that have high superstructures and perimeter glass surfaces.

In the living room, besides the basic amenities, there is also a sound system, VHF, refrigerator, etc. As far as kitchen furniture is concerned, it has such design and mechanisms that make it very practical with sufficient storage space.

The engine room of the vessel is located between the two cabins and under the internal staircase.

Inthewild sailing yachts are equipped with all the necessary for enjoyable sailing excursions. Their good maintenance is one of the company's key assets for safe and safe sailing trips!

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Inthewild Offers luxury Yacht Cruises and weekly Cabin Caribbean sailing charters. Sailing as a group, couple or single along the Virgin Islands Sea and the Caribbean coast. Discover the hidden coves, swim in the crystal clear waters, step back in time through ancient ruins, meet the local villagers, and do water sports, diving, fishing, and a delicious meal...

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday we have a guaranteed departure from Charters from Virgin Islands Sea and the Caribbean coast. A cabin charter is a great way to enjoy the beautiful wonders of the Virgin Islands coastline of Caribbean. You can choose to enjoy the cruise alone, or with friends or family, and the choice of the number of cabins you want to rent is up to you. You need to get a large group together to rent Private Yachts for Luxury Vacations. You have the opportunity to enjoy a Charters together with a group of sea lovers from all over the world.   It is a wonderful way to meet new friends from different countries and cultures...

Private Yacht Charters in Virgin Islands (Exclusive tailor-made cruises)

If you wish to travel together with family or a group of friends, why not opt ​​for a private charter cruise. You will have the yacht exclusively for yourself! And we offer a very personal service and serve traditional dishes on board. We have Charters for groups of 2 to 16 cabins, which means that our largest Charters can accommodate a maximum of 36 guests. Each Charters is a mix of cabins with a double bed, and cabins with two single beds. Each cabin has its own toilet, shower and sink. All our boats are wooden motor and sailing yachts that vary in length from 15 to 43 meters. They are built according to a traditional design and known as Charters. We have our yachts in four series; Luxury Yachts, Luxury Charters, Standard plus Charters (with air conditioning), Standard Charters (without air conditioning).

Bareboat Charters

Sailors can rent with one of our bareboat to discover hidden coves of Virgin Islands and Caribbean. An experienced skipper can guide you through your sailing if you would like. Changeover days are on Saturday or Monday from the base ports of Virgin Islands and Caribbean. Whether you are a professional sailor or a beginner, we can provide all the necessary support to make your vacation perfect. We look forward to seeing you on board.

Honeymoons and weddings private yachts

Spend the most important vacation of your life on a beautiful Private charter yachts. You can choose which yacht, how long and we will help you plan a route based on your personal wishes.

Charter A Yacht With Us This Summer And Save 25%!

What would you think of traveling on a yacht through the Virgin Islands Sea on a trip with family or friends, and if that trip were to some exotic place with reef and thousands of colorful fish to swim with them or go to an underwater museum with sculptures and real corals underwater?

In luxury Yacht we invite you to live this experience and only this summer we have a special discount if you book now.

We have a 25% discount if you pay and book your place right now, this unique trip at an incredible price is an opportunity you cannot miss, and there is something more beautiful than traveling your way through the Virgin Islands Sea and feeling free in a yacht Luxury.

Do not wait to book your date we have this promotion for a limited time so book now.

We hope your trip is unique, so our team with more than 20 years of sailing and our latest generation luxury yachts provide the security you expect.

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Information on Private Charter Yachts


PRIVATE CHARTER YACHTS - it is a dream come true for everyone who wants to break free from the clutches of gray reality. It does not matter if it will be a lonely, family, social or romantic escapade - you will be delighted with it! This model is not only spatial, bright and comfortable, but also, thanks to the yachts project, impressive in terms of performance achieved on the water.

Private charter yachts, for the first time shown at the USA fair in September 2008, quickly gained a large number of customers. It appears on various parts of USA and the world from the beginning of the 2001 season. At the very beginning, Private charter yachts welcomes you with a cabin filled with lots of light. Life on this yacht is beautiful and simple. Both under and on board, it was designed so that comfort, comfort and ergonomics of the crew's operation during sailing and stopping were going hand in hand. The yacht has three double cabins. It is equipped with spacious bunks, cabinets, mosquito nets and blinds for gaps. All this makes the cruise comfortable and comfortable. In addition, the yacht has a large sanitary cabin with a sea toilet, a sink, a shower with hot water. An extensive mesa can be boldly used as a bedroom, and during the day it will work as a dining room and a place to relax. The yacht is equipped with good quality audio equipment. Inside, a heating system was also installed - extremely useful when the temperature at night drops significantly in the colder period. The system can be used at any time, regardless of time or weather conditions.

The galley of the boat is very well equipped, it has a two-burner gas stove, an oven and a sink with running (warm) water. In addition, there is a fridge, so you can prepare your own meals if you need them. There is also a set of dishes for 8 people and pots with a frying pan.

When chartering a boat, we guarantee full safety, because our Caribbean sailing charters are regularly subjected to technical inspections. In addition, the unit is equipped with satellite communications and rescue devices, pneumatic life raft and many additional devices. We make sure that our yachts always have all necessary, but also additional certificates.

We invite you to look at the photo gallery and get acquainted with the detailed list of yacht equipment PRIVATE CHARTER YACHTS.

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Learn How To Celebrate Birthday On The Yacht

Ever thought about celebrating your birthday on the yacht? Nothing better than being with friends and family to have fun, entertain and celebrate another year of life, is not it? But have you ever wondered where you are going to make this special meeting? After all, it needs to be in style, differentiated and exclusive. So, how about the idea of celebrating a yacht birthday?


You and your guests know new places and paradisiacal scenery, make unforgettable trips and, by breaking, have the best records of this party that will go down in history! Are you curious to know more about how to hold your event on the high seas? So check out our tips and get inspired!

Use a yacht rental platform

For starters, the first tip is for anyone who wants to Rent Any Boat or Yacht in Dubai, but is not sure how to proceed.

With a yacht rental platform, you optimize your time, simulate rent values according to your desired location, find different offers that meet your needs (number of crew, type of tour, etc.) and close deals directly with the owner - thereby reducing brokerage costs.

Decide the script of the celebration

One of the many advantages of renting a yacht is to have autonomy to mount the script itself and not have to worry about the clock. After all, you choose which unique beaches and islands to visit and how long each tour lasts.

So, plan the schedule for your birthday celebrating the opportunity not only to get to know new places, but also to do different activities, especially during the stops, such as diving and fishing.

Plan the vessel decoration

If you choose to have a yacht decoration, it is worth planning ahead of time the details that will make a difference at the party and ensure that everyone on board enjoys the space while feeling welcome and comfortable, such as:

  • Lighting - especially if the event occurs night in;
  • Sound equipment;
  • Decorative accessories;
  • Personalized inflatables (buoys, mattresses, spaghetti etc.) and floating to the open sea - to be used during shutdowns;
  • Special costumes (sailor, pin-up, Hawaiian etc.) - to distribute among the guests and make more memorable records.

Hire a specialized team for the party

In addition to what has been said, it is interesting to make a budget to have an average of values and hire a team specializing in attending offshore events with waiters for the buffet / finger food / cocktail party,  bartender , chef, DJ, photographer professional etc.

That way, you lessen the worries during the party and you can enjoy the birthday with your friends and family. Another important issue is that if you do not have nautical skills, it is imperative to hire a sailor to sail!

Stay tuned for the event buffet menu

The fifth and last tip is due to the buffet of the event. If you choose to set up the menu with your family - even to be something more personal and customized - it's important to look at a few points:

  • Talk to the guests and question them about possible allergies to certain foods;
  • Avoid high-fat dishes with high concentration of seasonings as they increase the chances of malaise.
  • Invest in fruits, especially citrus (orange, mandarin, lemon, etc.), as they prevent nausea and reduce gastric problems;
  • Give preference to light meals with fish, seafood, tray of cold cuts, whole grain breads and oilseeds (hazelnut, walnut, chestnut etc.).

As for the beverage carton, distillates and sparkling wines have a preference in hot weather and in harmony with the foods mentioned above. Other than that, never forget to provide enough water for everyone to hydrate.

Now that you know everything it takes to celebrate a birthday by yacht, follow our tips and organize an unforgettable day!

If you are interested in our Luxury Yachts Rental Dubai services then get in touch with us via call +971526501454 or mail





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Everyone can really rent a boat today. Financially, the rental of a boat is often cheaper than renting a classic apartment. Plus, a boat holiday is much more fun. With the boat you get to places you wouldn't otherwise look at. It's no good to watch the sunshine from the romantic bay or sail past the coastline full of historic buildings or picturesque houses. A boat holiday is something unique. Rent Any Boat or Yacht in Dubai with us and experience what a yacht holiday is all about.


Above standard services for our customers

Your departure does not stop our work. During the time we are hiring a boat, we know what is needed during the cruise and what can happen at sea. Our goal is a satisfied customer who will rent a boat with us just because of our complex services. We offer you services that should make your cruise as pleasant as possible and help you in difficult situations.

Current weather forecast always and everywhere

Knowing the weather during the voyage and being ready for bad weather in advance is the basis of sea yachting. That is why we have decided to offer our clients regular weather forecasts. Throughout the voyage, we will keep you informed of the weather, its unexpected changes and the upcoming storms.

Canceling cruises without worry

If you are worried that you will pay for a ship and you will not be able to leave for example due to illness, we offer you a cancellation insurance. You don't have to worry about losing your money.

We will lend you maps and guides

We have a richly equipped library with nautical charts and yacht guides. We are constantly updating maps and guides and buying new releases. We offer you that you can borrow maps and guides not only before the cruise to plan the ideal route, but we will also lend you them for the cruise itself.

We recommend you a route and what to watch out for

Over the decades we have sailed the seas, we have gone through many areas and gained a lot of experience. We will be pleased to help you choose a cruise route; we will draw your attention to local specifics and what to watch out for. Do not be afraid to come to the headquarters of our company, where we will be happy to advise you on good coffee.

We will provide you with a certified captain who will not spoil any fun

If you do not have the captain's exams yet, or simply do not dare to go to the sea alone without an experienced captain, we will choose the most suitable and certified captain with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. Our captains are years of scouted yachtsmen, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the captain must be a social and technically proficient person who can easily communicate in foreign countries and can deal with unexpected situations.

Rent a luxury yacht

Enjoy an exclusive private cruise full of fabulous luxury and comfort. We will provide Cheapest Yacht Rental Dubai for you on a perfectly equipped and spacious yacht with crew.

Enjoy an exclusive holiday full of fabulous luxury and comfort. We will arrange it for you on a perfectly equipped and spacious yacht. You will be pampered by a professional crew, will provide you with all the service and make sure that you really miss nothing during the cruise.

Come with us on a luxury cruise to smell the far away to discover the most beautiful and exotic destinations, taste selected delicacies prepared by the boat chef and enjoy the blue sea. An unforgettable experience will be provided by a wide range of interesting activities on the boat.

Luxury cruises anywhere in the world

  • We carefully select the most comfortable and state-of-the-art super yachts with exceptional staff.
  • On request we can arrange a boat fully equipped for water sports or a yacht with a whirlpool, gym or cinema on the boat.

Our experienced specialist will choose the best yacht and the most beautiful yacht for your luxury cruise. We will help you in selecting the Cheapest Yachts Rental Dubai. Call us or write us on we will make you an offer tailored to your needs.





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Neptuneyachtsdubai: Rent Any Boat or Yacht in Dubai

For you who want to rent a boat in the beautiful sailing area of ​​the Dubai Yacht Charter is a great choice. The exit port for the rental of boats in Dubai, where we are a small company consisting of father and two sons who own the new harbour at Neptune yachts Dubai.

Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai manned or without skipper in Dubai

We arrange a number of sailing trips with and without skipper on luxury yachts in Dubai. It is possible to include meals and cold drinks on the trip, which can last from a few hours to a week.

Rent a private luxury boat in Dubai and experience the Dubai from another side. We work with a number of local companies that have some of the Dubai's best boats.

With our motto satisfied customers coming back we find that 70% of our customers return, and we have had more regular customers through the 30 years we have been in the industry. We always strive to offer a high level of service, where we offer many extra things so that there will be no major damage, if any problems arise.


Prices for Party Boats and Yacht in Dubai

The price of boat hire varies according to the wishes of the boat - size, vintage and when. What time of year the boat should be rented also has something to say the rent is a little cheaper at the beginning and end of the season. The rent runs from Saturday to Saturday, and the prices which can be found here are in an overview compared to the time of the season.

Want suggestions for where your sailing holiday with a rented boat should go, then click here and get tips for the sailing holiday in the Dubai. The holiday in the Dubai is a beautiful trip; click here to watch and video. Inspiration and information about the different ports can also be found here, where there is a long list of useful links for the trip on the water.

If you have any questions about boat hire or if you want to rent one of our Party Boats and Yacht in Dubai, please call us at: +971526501454. You are also welcome to send an email to: or use our contact form.



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Try our Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai services. It is easy to use and can be fully customized, it is not necessary to be a large organization to provide best services, the complete management system also works for small users and always with its own brand. Do not lose this chance.





  • Easily manage any information that connects us with the customers, options and reservations through the online booking system for yachts and pleasure boats.
  • You can integrate our reservation solution for boat rentals with just a few clicks; registration is very easy and simple, without registration fees or other costs.
  • The system offers a wide range of boats, with or without skipper, equipment and sailing yachts with crew, catamarans, motor yachts, sailboats and motor navigation.
  • You will have full access to the rental fees of the available yachts with the details of the equipment, prices and discounts; you can manage your offers, options and reservations through our system.


We have built this online booking system for you and our priority is always to cover directly and better serve all your needs in a complete and fast response.




The first thing you should do is to register the booking. Once registered, we will send you an email with the link to the configuration panel in order to start configuring your service in the system. Once your profile is active you can modify and complete the configuration using the administration panel as simple as that.


With us you will find your stress-free paradise to spend a special day in a luxurious boat. Our team organizes trips on the yacht for families, friends and companies at the best price. Discover the best places in Dubai with a professional skipper. The route and the schedule will be adjusted to your preferences like surfing all the time, make stops to bathe, etc.

If you want some information about booking the Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai then come and contact us at and you can also call us @ +971-526501454


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