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Koh Panyee houses around 1600 residents of 360 families, who live on this island permanently. All residents are direct or indirect descendants of TohBaboo and his family as well as friends. These people are the very first to settle down on this island community way back 200 years now. To get here without any fuss, simply arrange it with your chosen yacht rental Phuket and they will add it to your itinerary.

Island of the Flag

This is the translation for Koh Panyee or Ko Panyi as some others spell it. This moniker came from the interesting story of 3 Indonesian families. TohBaboo and 2 more families left Indonesia by boat so they can find a new home. Each boat promised to search for a place with abundant fish and enough space to house all three families. As a sign that they’ve found such a place, they were to raise a flag at the highest possible on the mountain near it. Toh Badoo honored this promise, thus the name it is now very famous for.

What to Expect

This village is “floating” because it is composed of large and vertical limestone cliffs, that became the foundation of the shacks, huts, houses and restaurants connected and build on stilts. The informal engineering employed in the building of this community is astounding, to say the least.

Moreover, the youth serve as guides to tourists visiting this place. Since they are isolated, this community is proud that they are self-sustaining in terms of their electricity, Internet connection as well as water supply. What’s more, the locals are environmentally conscious so their school has a recycling program in place. Funds from the sale of collected cans and bottles go to the school. Hydroponics is also done to educate the students to grow vegetables.

FYI, this community is Muslim so make sure that your female companions are not wearing tank tops and shorts or short skirts. Basically, you can wear anything that does not show too much skin.

Visiting Koh Panyee gives an interesting insight into how this village is creating and sustained by its residents. Visit this place by arranging it beforehand with your trusted yacht rental Phuket services. Contact us today for consultations or booking.

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Yacht rental Phuket adventures are becoming more and more popular because they are more fun than just being in the tourist crowd. Why do the same as the rest when you can be different and experience the best? Go onboard a yacht for your private sail or cruise and you’ll understand why.


More than Sailing

Different yacht charter companies have their package features such as inclusive snorkelling or water sports equipment on board. Thus, it is not just about sailing and enjoying the beautiful views and scenery. You can also enjoy different water activities such as diving, snorkelling, wakeboarding, or water slides.


One of the reasons why most tourists love to rent a yacht for their Phuket holiday is to enjoy the privacy that private yachts can offer. You can choose a crewed charter if you need a captain, chef, and other staff during the cruise. However, skipper charters are amenable to those who have the experience and certification to operate the vessel on your own.


Speed or Journey

Yachts are not created equal that’s why there are motor yachts and sailing yachts available. You can choose a motor yacht if you want to speed more than anything. This way, you can go to several destinations in one full day. Sailing yachts, on the other hand, are slower and will take time for you to reach your destination. However, it is the perfect vessel if you want to just follow the sun and enjoy the breeze.


The best tropical holiday is on board the best yacht fleets that cater to your travel preferences and other factors such as your budget. You can find the most ideal yacht rental Phuket packages online. Make sure you have your travel date set so that you can choose the available fleet. Book your yacht service today and see all the difference it can make!

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One of the things that you can enjoy in a yacht rental Phuket service is a well-planned itinerary. Choosing a charter company for your trip allows you to skip the mind-boggling planning. Leave the work to the local experts that know the ins and outs of this beautiful tropical paradise.


Scenic Spots in Phuket

Phuket has two main sailing itineraries, which are popular if you are sailing the east coast. The northern route is composed of the Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, and James Bond Islands. On the other hand, the equally fun southern route consists of the Koh Lanta, Phi Phi, and Racha Islands.


You can hire a yacht charter service to explore these places, which can typically take up to five days. This will give you ample time to enjoy, relax, and simply discover the beautiful marine treasures of Thailand. Water sports are overflowing, which you can boost when requesting some water toys and facilities.


Up Close the Tropical Paradise

At the Phang Nga Bay area, numerous high-rising limestone cliffs greet you with their dramatic splendour. You can pass the famous James Bond Island, which is famous for dray trips. It obviously got its name from the popular movie franchise particularly “The Man with the Golden Gun.”


You can also explore the different spectacular caves, which you can find on Koh Hong Island. However, make sure that the tide is low for these caves to be safe and accessible. The Railay Beach is nearby, with its breathtakingly majestic rock walls.


There are just a lot of islands that you can explore and enjoy in Thailand. Start your adventure with a trusted yacht rental Phuket service. Get the most out of this tropical getaway by going onboard the best yacht vessels today. Contact your yacht charter specialist for details!

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Yacht rental Phuket packages are synonymous with luxury and style and who wouldn’t want that? The good news is that you need not be filthy rich to afford this type of service for your next Thailand getaway. With careful planning and allocation of the appropriate holiday budget, enjoying Thailand with a luxurious yacht getaway is within your reach.


Why rent a luxury yacht in Phuket?

Imagine having your private holiday platform where you can experience a suite onboard your chartered yacht? Just think about the overflowing scenic spots you can see with a permanent picturesque background as you are on board this luxury vessel. It is one unique and fantastic cruising getaway that you must never miss.


Follow the Sun, Literally

Going on a yacht cruise means that you have your own private, which you can use for your itinerary. You can choose to go island-hopping or just sail the calm and tranquil waters without any rush. The decision is yours! See and experience Thailand the way you want it and onboard a sea craft that will let you do your holiday plans in style.


World-Class Service

The key to experiencing a five-star yacht cruise service is to find the right charter company. Different service providers offer their unique packages for you to enjoy. You can charter a crewed package with a captain, chef, and service staff to make your getaway the most enjoyable and relaxing one. You can even request for a personalized menu to satisfy your palate.


There are just plenty of reasons why you should go for a yacht rental Phuket adventure. Get to know more about this trend and see why more and more tourists and local guests prefer to experience Thailand on board. Call a reputable and trusted charter company now for more details!

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