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All About Indoor Skydiving

Artificial skydiving is all about a wonderful weightlessness experience. Once you taste it you will be addicted to it due to its supreme feeling that is incomparable to anything else in this world. This is the best experience for safe adventure seekers. Where you feel the adventures feeling and are secure enough at the same time. Regardless of your age, you can feel this amazing indoor diving in a completely safe environment.

What’s so special about indoor skydiving -

This wonderful activity is gaining a lot of popularity across the world because it beats the forces of gravity in a safe glass-enclosed chamber with a vertical wind tunnel pumping winds at 120 MPH. Wind tunnel simulates an artificial outdoor skydiving experience, where air flows upwards at a high speed, enabling you to fly and float mid-air with a safety net below.

If you don’t want to risk your life while skydiving from a plane then indoor skydiving is your savior, as you can count skydiving in your bucket list and that too safely without even a risk of 1%. You can even experience it every season, every holiday without worry. It’s a pure joy of flying which can be experienced by any healthy person of any age.

What you require-

Here in indoor skydiving, you will get a little bit of training or overview from supervisors on arrival and you can even observe others too while they are skydiving to calm yourself. After that, you just require a few sporty apparel and shoes and you are ready to fly high in an artificial wind tunnel. You can even capture your moments too and can even fly with your partner in crime too to get the fullest of it.

Where you can fly-

For a memorable indoor skydiving experience for you and your loved ones visit- SuperFlight- a leading indoor skydiving provider. We have the best ever trainers, supervisors and a full proof indoor skydiving area, where even a kid of 3 years of age can fly without wings. Make a prior booking to avoid on arrival disappointment due to busy bookings and feel the flying without wings in reality. It’s time to fly so reserve now!

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Earn Your Wings With Superflight

Are you bored with your routine life which makes you feel almost lifeless? Where you sit ideally in the office staring your computer screen for hours and hours, go home every day and then come back to the office like a robot. Is your heart desperately wants to sneak out for some adventure which you was lingering for years? Well, we have an exciting opportunity for such people. Indoor skydiving is the solution to all your problems.

There can be nothing more exciting than flying. Flying is so much fun and a dream come true moment for anyone. With Superflight the dream of flying is no longer a dream but a reality which anyone of any age can experience quite easily. Indoor skydiving allows you to fly freely in the air but in a very protective environment, where there is no chance of falling or any kind of injury.

The wind tunnel is the hottest trend for adventure lovers and even the safety seekers too. This is the perfect getaway without breaking your bones and bank balance both. This is so safe and reliable. It will not only full fill your hunger for adventure, but also help you to save countless goofy memories for a lifetime. During Indoor sky diving you will feel that the feeling and the outside look was never so good before and it will make you return to the Superflight to do it again and again. It’s a bag of mixed emotion from the thrill of flying to floating which is super fun and super cool.

You will be provided with the required gears and you will be supervised by the trainers for the vertical wind tunnel. Even kids can enjoy this free-flying adventures trip without a single chance of risk. It is a brilliant and unique sport which does not require any past experience to be part of it.

Few steps to experience indoor fly diving-

Register in advance


Pre-flight training

Watch others for experience


Actual Flying

Extreme Sports Miami is such hazel free, risk-free, welcoming and fun-filled experience which should be in the bucket list of anyone. Do visit Superflight for a memorable lifetime moment.

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Indoor skydiving (also known as "body flying”) is the latest crazy activity for thrill-seekers of all ages. It offers an experience to fly freely without going over 10 feet above the ground. While indoor skydiving, you are equipped with all the necessary equipment to let you feel like a real skydiver in a jumpsuit with goggles and helmet. All this will allow you to enjoy the soar without a burden of unnecessary parachutes.

Parents usually teach their kids that people flying like a bird is just a matter of movie magic. But now their little superheroes can also experience the thrill of soaring (flying) like a real skydiver or superman, which is possible with SuperFlight, an indoor skydiving facility in Miami. Here, anyone can practice skydiving skills without the disappointment of rainy weather, aircraft flights, parachute packing, or previous experience. With the expert guide availability, even the kids of age 3 can fly safely and confidentially. Read out how one can challenge the seriousness of this unforgettable adventure.


To guarantee a spot, you need to book flight tickets online in advance (at least one day in advance). We have various flight options available with different wind tunnel skydiving prices. Choose the package and then select the date and timing that suits you perfectly. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your booked flight time to get prepared before taking off.

Flight Training:

When you check-in, you will be properly guided through the registration, gear up, briefing, and flying. With our expert guidance and instructions, we ensure your kid has an unforgettable and safe vertical wind tunnel experience.

Get in Gear:

After providing the training, it’s the turn to getting you geared up in a flight suit, putting goggles, helmet, and earplugs. You are advised to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes as well as remove all the jewelry.

Fly Like a Superhero:

In our vertical wind tunnel, you will float on a cushion of air which helps in experiencing the freefall skydiving without having to jump out of an airplane. Flying with us will give you a unique flying experience in a safe environment. Each flight experience takes around 40 minutes and gives you a feeling of free falling at the speed of 120 miles per hour.

Have a question? Call us at +1 (833) 759-3255 or visit our website for details.

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Human invented so many things ever since they started dreaming about flying just like the birds and one such amazing flying invention is the indoor skydiving. This indoor flying is the most real thing and feels like a free-fall just like the traditional skydiving. But the biggest pro about this flying is that you can fly and that too without risking your precious life.

Indoor skydiving is a really safe sport with the same level of thrill present. And all of this will be done under the trainers and a safe environment. The control of movement is in your hands, you just have to maintain a position and movements can be achieved by hand and leg movements. You can even fly together with your other friends too. This will create wonderful memories for a lifetime. This makes indoor skydiving a favorable and favorite holiday sport for family and friends.

Indoor flying is such an easy thing that even a kid of age 3 can proceed with it. You just have to follow some basic steps to be part of this goofy sport.

How to fly with Indoor Skydive-

Step 1:  Get yourself registered.

Step 2:  Dressed up in comfortable clothes/sportswear and sports shoes with hair tied.

Step 3:  Observe others and get trained.

Step 4:  Enter the tunnel.

Step 5:  Get Comfortable with the airflow.

Step 6:  Practice twists and turns

Step 7:  Go for fast and slow fall

Step 8:  Capture memories

Try something new for excitement in life and this particular sport offers you moments filled with the awesomeness that you can never brush off and make you come time and again for it. And all this is possible due to wind tunnel technology. Are you ready to have fun in the air and don’t know where to go for it, well family fun Miami offers you this amazing opportunity, where you can full-fill your dream of flying along with your family and have fun-filled moments of laughter. You just have to make advanced booking as this is such a popular sport which attracts a lot of people and this makes it a busy one too. By making earlier bookings you can save yourself from the disappointment of missing it in holidays. Visit our site to book now and have fun with a vertical wind tunnel.

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Cyclostrophic Wind

For a PPL, CPL & ATPL aspirants who wants to become a good pilot, during flying prior to departure or enroute, earth atmosphere plays a vital role for safety of the aircraft. To ensure this, pilot has to be well versant with earth atmosphere & other topics related to aviation meteorology. At Gracious Avatar during commercial pilot training classes for PPL, CPL & ATPL aspirants, meteorology will be covered by the expert ground instructors. Winds is one of the important topics which would be covered under meteorology subject during CPL & APTL pilot training at Gracious Avatar, Gurgaon (India).


Cyclostrophic Wind

  1. If the wind is blowing along curved isobars of radius r with a velocity V it has an acceleration towards the centre, called centripetal force (V2/r). The centripetal force(C) acting on a unit volume of air=ρV2/r. If the Coriolis force is negligible as compared to the forces P & C, then

ρV2/r=P therefore V= (Pr/ ρ)1/2 . Such a motion is called cyclostrophic. Near the centre of a tropical revolving storm or in a circular tornado, the equation gives a good approximation to the actual wind.

  1. Cyclostrophic wind is defined as wind that blows as a result of balance between PG Force & Cyclostrophic Force.

Gradient Wind

It is the wind that blows parallel to the curved isobars under the balance of Pr Grad Force, Coriolis Force & Centripetal Force. In mid latitudes this wind is closer approximation than geostrophic wind.

Isallobaric Wind

When the pressure changes rapidly, the geostrophic and gradient rules do not apply. In such a case another force called isallobaric force comes into play. This force is directed from higher isallobar to lower isallobar. This deflects the wind towards the falling pressure. The wind under the influence of P, f and isallobaric force is called the Isallobaric wind.

Effect of Surface Friction


The rough terrain causes friction. Depending upon wind speed, lapse rate and roughness of the surface, effect of friction may extend to about 1 km. This layer is called friction layer. Thickness of the layer is variable. Within the friction layer wind slows down and the Coriolis force reduces proportionately and is insufficient to balance Pressure Gradient Force. The wind is therefore, deflected towards the low pressure and the flow become cross isobaric.

As a rough rule, over sea where friction is small, surface wind blows at about 15o to isobars. Over land it is 30o to the isobars with its speed about 1/3 to 1/2 of geostrophic value.

For more info :-

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Well, the holidays are everybody’s favorite regardless of their age. For kids holidays are fun and freedom. For adults, holidays are for rescue from a busy life. For oldies holidays are for family get-together. Holidays fill up everyone's mind and heart with a special kind of smile and happiness. This is time which is your own and you deserve this to live it a unique way.

If you are confused while planning your upcoming holidays a very unique and fun filled idea is waiting for you to proceed so that you can spend your holidays and live every moment of your precious holidays.

Wind tunnel skydiving-

A thrilling indoor flying experience which is going to leave you with lots of good memories. You don’t need to risk your life just like skydivers, but still, you can fly and feel the adrenaline rush while flying in a completely safe and supervised indoor environment which is created especially under guidance to give you the feel of flying.

Efficient air diffuser, diffuse winds at a speed of 120miles per hour to the air chamber where winds lift you up to a 10 feet high in the air and you can fly there without any fear of falling down. This flying experience is considered so safe that even a kid of 3 years can fly too.

How to plan-


Reserve in advance as skydiving is a big hit and busy spot, especially during vacations. So to save yourself from disappointment book in advance.


Register your details at your arrival to proceed further.


Before trying your hand observe others closely to get to know the right way to enjoy it fully.


Although it doesn’t require any training, but learn a few basic from your instructor for demonstration.


Get yourself ready in comfortable attire, flat shoes, hair tied so that nothing can interfere with your unique flying experience.

Get ready to touch the sky without wings with SuperFlight. Your dream of flying high is soon to get real. Live some unique flying moments with your family and kids and give them a once in a lifetime experience. Those flying moments can never to be forgotten. This is the coolest holiday gift you can gift to your dear family for a memorable lifetime moment. Taste the never before flying experience with a vertical wind tunnel, book now.

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Bagpipes Scottish Instrument

The most iconic instrument to ever come out of Scotland, the bagpipes scottish instruments is a popular and rather famous instrument that any Scot has either dreamed about playing at some point or has already mastered. Whether you are interested in getting started on learning your way around a bagpipe or you have years of experience, you can find the perfect bagpipe right here at Scottish Kilt Shop.


Here, we offer both learners’ sets and professional sets that can suit anyone's needs, no matter what skill level you are at. The bagpipes all come with everything you need to play. Some of them are available in tartan colors while the others are a plain black hue in order to match with any of your outfits.

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Cut The Cost By Using Renewable Energy Sources

You may be thinking that it is a waste of time to hunt different gas or electricity providers and compare their prices. But mind you, if you can make an effort to make this survey, you can save a good amount in a long run. A little shopping around will make the whole picture clear about your bills. Most of us think that we are being overcharged, and our bills are increasing every month. If you are troubled with such thoughts you should start solar power discussion, it’s time for you to move on and find a new supplier for your electricity or gas whatever it may be. There is no deficiency in terms of providers there are plenty of options to choose from. And with such competition in the market, the price is reduced, and it comes in favor of consumers.


To know the pros and cons of different suppliers that actively participate in solar panel forum you need to invest a little time from your busy schedule. Hunting an alternative source was never as easy as they are available at present. The internet is the best friend you can have today. Browsing different energy use conservation gets you reliable energy source providers. Helpline provided by the companies is another aspect you should look for. Many good companies provide phone helpline and online helpline where you can communicate your issues and resolve your problems. These days most of the companies have their websites with customer service. You can clear all your doubts by communicating with them online. Look for a company whose policies are more transparent. Rate per unit is one thing that you should compare among different companies. There are companies who charge some hidden fees as a form of tax or service charge, don’t fall prey to them.

Once you visit online websites or wind power forum online, you will find reviews of the customers who have already used their service, go through them and see if they are a good choice for you. Apart from reliability and cost margins, safety is another issue that you should be concerned about. You should make sure that their connection is safe enough to hinder any danger caused by gas or electricity. Gas and electricity are both potential hazards and can turn out to be very dangerous and even deadly in many cases. Make sure that the insulations are provided properly and even for children it is safer and harmless.

Choosing a company and wind turbine discussion which believes in green energy would be the best one that I will suggest everyone. When you will participate in online discussion you will know all the things clearly. These environment conscious companies used the natural renewable sources of energy to produce electricity. They are not only providing their service to their customers but also to the environment. These companies don’t bother much about the completion rather they believe in providing their best services to the customers by protecting the environment hand in hand.

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Renewable Energy is the main thing to our worldwide energy requirements in the coming future, as we come to an end of our supply of uranium and fossil fuels or the price of these fuels increases for political or economic reasons, the price of renewable energy can turn into much more competitive. Utilizing current technologies and solar power discussion, most of the ocean energy is not reasonable evaluated to other sources of renewable energy though the ocean remains one of the crucial sources of potential energy for the coming future. Both non-renewable and renewable energy sources are utilized to produce electricity, provide heating, power vehicles light and cooling.

If talking about renewable Energy then it is a type of energy created from different resources that are renewable or regenerative – indicating that they can’t be depleted. These easy to find resources are secure for our atmosphere and make energy without the damaging emissions and pollutants related with fossil-fuels.

As this business grows, the knowledge of these supportive industries is being stroked to give the support as well as infrastructure required for the growth of renewable energy production worldwide. With the growing demand, participants of solar panel forum are even increasing. The main reason for the huge development is worldwide companies are searching for renewable or green resource technologies and businesses to invest in, acquire, fund, license or tactically partner with. Main concern is provided to technologies which are commercial or patented products with near or existing term revenue streams. Systems of renewable energy encompass a broad, different collection of technologies, and the present status of these can considerably vary. Some types of technologies are already economically competitive as well as mature.

Worldwide we distinguish that using renewable energy resources has the prospective to give us with fresh and cleaner air, a more different energy portfolio, and less reliance on far-off fossil fuels. If you have any type of knowledge regarding this then you can take part in energy use conservation and help others. Currently accounts of renewable resources for just 3.4% of entire worldwide power generation. The Global Energy Agency currently issued a report predicting that to decrease 50% greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, worldwide investment in renewable energy, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency will have to reach approximately $45 trillion dollars by that specific date.

It is predictable that 60% of all the available energy will come from the different renewable resources by end of year 2070. The earlier we use the attitude that now is better for the tomorrow, the higher the chance to increase this specific figure to 80%. Source of renewable energy is sustainable energy which comes from the natural surroundings. Green power or renewable energy is power which arrives from renewable resources like the wind, sun, hydro-electric dams as well as organic matter (you can check wind power forum). These available resources are continually replenished by the nature and are a best and cleaner energy source. It is suggested you to participate in wind turbine discussion and get benefits.

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