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Awesome Weekend Getaways in Long Island - Pack a Bag and Leave Now!

Long Island vineyards and wineries are amongst the world's best wineries and really it is a great opportunity for wine lovers to visit this region. Ace Luxury LI Winery Tours are recognized all over the world among all wine lovers. You will certainly enjoy the fine wines and beautiful scenery.

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There are many planned tours and events to attend in the area. We offer Best Long Island Wine Tours, you will certainly enjoy the fine wines and beautiful scenery. In this trip along with your visit to wineries and tasting of wines, you are even allowed to witness the process of winemaking. Long Island produces wines that are among the best in the world and unique. These wineries and wines here have grabbed its attention in minds of every visitor… Our wine tours offer you a relaxing no-hassle trip around the countryside, letting your worries melt away.

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LI Winery Tours has gone on to become one of the most popular destinations in the world. You can have the utmost fun and enjoyment with wine tours offered by Ace Luxury. A large number of people have been traveling to Long Island to visit its vineyards and wineries. It has a rich tradition of wine-making. It's a great place to wind up a little, relax and rejuvenate.

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Riding in a luxurious limo is a lot more comfortable than driving in your car. This is especially the case if the winery is out of town and will take more than an hour to drive to. Ace Luxury Long Island Wine Tasting Tours are indeed pleasurable. Whether you are new or an expert with wine tours, these tours are something that will create cherished moments forever... All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and let your driver worry about the traffic and directions. We promise you elegance and sophistication, while you are with us!

If you are planning for a wine tour, then you should definitely add in your list Wine Tours in New York, these are the most recognized wine regions. From spending a cozy weekend to celebrating some special event - Wine Tour in Long Island is the ideal location. You will not find more beautiful a location than these picturesque wineries. The tours are family friendly with events for children to enjoy while visiting the winery

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Planning complete wine tasting tours in Long Island NY? Visit Ace Luxury Wine Tours for experienced and class Long Island Wine Tasting Tours. Looking for best Long Island Vineyards to visit in Long Island NY? They’re best in Long Island winery bachelorette party, Long Island winery wedding party, Long Island winery bus tours. Get the best Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2.

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Every one of us is interested in a cherished ceremony. Enjoy vineyard weddings Long Island with loved ones and special guests. Wedding is one of the important thing in everyone's life. So the wedding should be held at a very beautiful place, especially some classic places. Your wedding provides a great opportunity to express yourself. Now more young people are interested in doing something different, they are not satisfied with the traditional form of ceremonies. We can surely say that big enhancement can surely create an impressive day which will be worth memorable for your entire life.

Celebrate your wedding with the Ace Luxury, and enjoy the wine tasting in the most pleasant atmosphere. The winery weddings may not be for everyone, but with Ace Luxury, your experience will be definitely fantastic, luxurious, easy and most important too much affordable. Presently, limousines and winery weddings have become a fashion statement and hence people prefer to hire it to make special day of their life even more memorable.

With a little planning you can turn your wedding venue into a gorgeous place. Not only can you take advantage of the vineyard's beautiful grounds, the Long Island winery wedding will help you to plan your whole event. The young people in our society like the unique and creative weddings. We offer plenty of space for your guests to mix and mingle, while they are waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Let's move towards the Ace Luxury Wine Tours. Take the time to experience a wine tasting tours Long Island at a wonderful New York wineries.  A wine day out is a fun day for your friends and you. However, you don't want to end up having a little too much fun while wine tasting tours. Ace Luxury will take care of this. You will get safely to the vineyards and home again with us. Long Island wine tours limo ride should be something that get to experience at least once in their life. Limousine Services are not only targeted for weddings, wealthy people but these are to experience for everyone, young, old, normal people for every special event. In this way you and your friends will reduce any stresses about. So, plan your winery tour for visiting beautiful Long Island wineries.

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Planning complete wine tasting tours in Long Island NY? Visit Ace Luxury Wine Tours for experienced and class Long Island Wine Tasting Tours. Looking for Best Long Island Vineyards to visit in Long Island NY? They’re best in Long Island winery bachelorette party, Long Island winery wedding party, Long Island winery bus tours. Get the best Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2.

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Wine Tours Long Island is a great vacation option that many people schedule at least once a year. If there is one thing the winemakers want, that is your visit to their industry and have a tour of their beautiful vineyards. Even if you don't love wine, you can come to explore the outstanding scenery of the region. All our winery tours are very entertaining and informative. You can get a great look into how the wine making system work.


There are so many choices when it comes to visiting the Long Island. Long Island is one of the renowned wine producing region. The wine has been around for centuries here and is deeply rooted in many people's lives. We have affiliated with number of great wineries in the region which will serve you the best wine. With Ace Luxury Wine Tour you can find award-winning wineries that gives every tourist an inexplicably amazing experience. If you are not enjoying the wine tasting, no matter you can still enjoy walking down through quiet lanes and cross stunning vineyards. Also, you can enjoy the learning the winemaking process and taste some truly wonderful local cuisines.  


Take a break from the pressures of modern day life and look towards the winemaking industry to quench your thirst for fun and entertainment. This is a vacation that will not only be relaxing but it will get you away from your hectic job for a while. There are plenty of things to do if you take the time to look on LI Vineyard Tours.


Our wine tours are primarily designed to make your experience fully luxurious while enjoying a bottle of your favorite drink. We at Ace Luxury Wine Tour offers designated driver as well as a personal guide so that you not only enjoy the experience but also make it memorable. You will find our Long Island Wine Tour Packages very rewarding with our highly experienced guide.


Exploring the vineyards can be highly economical if you hire party bus services. You can explore the place in a classy and sophisticated manner and at the same time have the chance to taste different wines offered by various vineyards at the minimum possible cost. We are specialized in Limo Wine Tours Long Island and provide guided tours of all the vineyard. We're committed to ensuring that your wine tasting trip and vineyard tour is full of comfort and pleasure.


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Ace Luxury’s Long Island Vineyards Tours are the most recommended tours in the New York City, because of the downright choice of vineyards and wineries. At Ace Luxury, large tour buses are available for the wine tours, bachelorette parties, as well as birthday parties. As you know, wine tour arrangement is not an easy task. You have to make sure that, all the arrangements like, selection of the best limousine service provider, which wineries are included in package, etc… work proficiently. But, we at Ace Luxury Wine Tours are always ready to take care of all these arrangements for you. If you have a large group of people with you, and you want to arrive at certain destination in style, the best option you have is, to hire an Ace Luxury Wine Tour and Limousine services.

We have listed few available wineries from which we pick for our tours -

  • LENZ

Ace Luxury’s Long Island Wine Tours Limo services, provide professional and reliable drivers, to drive around the New York City, Long Island Wineries, and to their respective destinations.You can enjoy your pleasant, and comfortable journey throughout the tour.

Our LI Vineyard Tours, are a great way to have the fun!!! Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, of the Long Island vineyards with us. We make sure that, you love and enjoy your trip to the fullest. In addition to vineyard tours, and wine tasting tours the best thing about us, is that we provide very cost-effective services. The drivers at Ace Luxury are experienced, informative and are very polite in nature. We assure that our staff gives you the complete commitment, once you are on the board.

So, if you have not done a wine tour, or have never arranged a successful wine tour before, then book a wine tour package with Ace Luxury to see, what we have to offer. Ace Luxury Limo Wine Tours in Long Island, take pride in offering the ultimate in relaxation indulgence. We provide the best wine tours at the most economical rates in the area. Ace Luxury Wine Tours are much sought after by many.

To impress your friends, relative, and colleagues, our LI Vineyard Tours with luxurious limos are the best way. For your main occasions, Ace Luxury Wine Tours and its limousine services will help you to increases your reputation within your relatives and colleagues. Everybody has a dream to see the vineyards and spend good quality of time to see the beauty of those vineyards. Ace Luxury Wine Tours have taken this opportunity to drive the tourists, around in classic and luxurious limousines, throughout the wineries.

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Are you planning a destination wedding in Long Island? An ace Luxury wine tour brings you a wonderful opportunity. We will make one of the most beautiful events unforgettable for you and your guests. Day by Day, destination wedding are getting popular choice by the most of the couple. Wedding is a special dream that every bride and groom wants to realize in the greatest manner. If you want your wedding to be a grand success, let us involve! We will help you in presenting an exclusive range of Winery Wedding Long Island Services.

An ace Luxury Wine tour provides the limos which are specially crafted for wedding purposes. We have also designed the independent packages for the Vineyard weddings in Long island. Undoubtedly, our wedding Limousines are luxurious and comfortable. Our exotic and top range Limousine and luxury party buses add a special charm to your overall occasion.

Our friendly staff will work closely with you to provide the best wedding vehicle solution to fit your specific needs. Ace Luxury wine tour cares for all your needs. At Ace Luxury wine tour, we strive to make the transportation easier for you and your guest. We make sure that you reach to the destination on time and in style in one of our beautiful wedding Limousines or luxury sedans.

We have multiple vehicle options to best fit your needs and budget. At Ace Luxury, the goal is to always exceed your expectations with ultimate comfort.

People all over the world come in Long Island to taste the flavor of world’s finest wines. We offer the number of wineries to visit our customer. Enjoying the glass of wine with your friends is the beautiful memories which make your Long Island Winery Wedding special.

Vineyard Weddings Long Island is the great destination choice for your wedding. From the moment you place your reservations, all you need to do is just relax. Our executive will call you, we will take care of the rest. We will make sure that your wedding will not just exciting but cost effective as well. You will feel confident, happy and grateful that you made the perfect choice in choosing our company for the most important day of your life.  We provide special moments for you to remember for years to come.

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Join Ace Luxury for a wine tour on Island. New York State is rated as a fourth best in U.S. for wine production.  New York wines are some of the finest wines you'll find in any region of the country. Long Island is premier region in the state for the production of wines. Wine tours will improve your information of wine, despite what you came across. If you are in a search of planned winery tour/ vineyard trip suitable to your preferences, without waiting come at Ace Luxury. We are always interested to provide best Long Island Vineyard Tour Packages. So, sum it up, drink/enjoy as much as you like, and spout your opinions about Ace Luxury wine tours.

We provide cut-rate wine tour packages. If you are looking to have fun, you must have to come at right place. In Island wine country, despite your budget, we offer best/affordable wine tour package to fit your wants. Ace Luxury provides affordable Long Island Wine Tour Packages For groups having 2 or more members.

Our wine tour packages definitely gives you the optimum luxury and wonderful experiences. Our entertaining and cheerful winery bus tours are always there for LI. Ace Luxury Wine Tours is one of the record-breaking providers of wine tours in Long Island. We have that much of proficiency, perception and skills to execute your event, exactly as like you want. We also have a variety of Adventure Wine Tours available with licensed and experienced chauffeur. Have a merrymaking wine tour of Long Island while being safe along with Ace Luxury.

We have made our tour buses enough spacious. Our long vision towards this is many times we have got experience that for many people having kids, wine tour was quite bustling for their children. We asked reason for it and they said that wineries are situated at long distance from the city and because of not having enough space in bus it is difficult to kids to enjoy the travelling. And the result is, our buses for Long Island Winery Bus Tours have large space for the children to engage them in playful activities.

Guys are you looking to taste the wines at your desired wineries located at Long Island?  Many people want to find a vineyard tour that will be a little bit off the beaten path. So what are you waiting for the most trusted and well recommended Ace Luxury wine tour company is always eager to offer the Best Long Island Wine Tours for such enthusiastic people. We arrange events for various occasions like bachelorette party, wedding and cluster or family visits. Ace Luxury Wine Tours treats their clients as their favorite guests and never give the chance to complaint. Ace Luxury offers fully reasonable packages of island vineyards tours satisfying your budget and you!

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As we all know wine tasting sessions have hosted by professional wine experts to market their product. From teenager to old age person anyone can attend the tasting sessions. Long Island vineyard tour packages include visiting the wineries on the countryside where the atmosphere is more peaceful and relaxing.  Wineries are always spread on beautiful locations, where grapes grow all year. It is more peaceful and relaxing for the people. Wine tours are the best option for wine lovers, where everybody feels great.   Our Long Island wine tour packages include meals with wine, transportation and wineries visit for the tasting. It's a good opportunity to know how grapes are cultivated and the process of wine making. Each vineyard has their own uniqueness or specialty. You can also buy the wine on tours with reasonable rates. But it is not compulsory.

No matter how many people are in your groups, we can arrange the wine tours for any group size. Ace Luxury wine tours will help you to arrange the tour in a limited budget. We also have Long Island wine tour packages for 2 where you can enjoy  the wine tour at reasonable rate. With us, you can experience the pleasure and comfort of traveling in a limo.

We care about our client’s safety that’s why all vehicles in our fleets are insured and licensed. Make your wine tour memorable by renting a bus from Ace Luxury Wine Tours.  We provide limousine services not only for best Long Island vineyards to visit but also to celebrate your special events like prom night, wedding, birthday party, etc.  With Ace Luxury Wine tour you can experience the comfort and glamour of traveling that comes only with Limousine.

If you are looking for cheap wine tours, then by focusing on small wineries, you can save your hard earned dollars., to make vacation affordable schedule the wine tours in off season where reduced prices and the lower crowd will definitely give you joy about wine testing. In our vehicles, we provide the portable freezer to bring back some wine from wineries.  Our designated drivers will safely drive you around the region. Hire our limo service for your wine tours and relax on the back seat.

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