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FIFA 19 UT mode Serie A Pioneers Recommended

In the UT mode of FIFA 19, it is not only the local team that can win, but some cheap and practical players can also still beat the opponent, so what are the good players in Serie A? Today, I will bring you FIFA 19 UT mode Serie A land reclamation player recommendation, I hope everyone likes it.

The Serie A set is the first lineup of my group. It has been replaced by a lot of players. Finally, I used this set. I used the 4-1-2-1-2 (wide) lineup. In fact, it is the pass of 18 and OL4. Controlling the play, because I feel that the straight plug is still very strong, so I insisted on using this set.

Front line

Serie A's front line is really terrible. To be honest, I don't think it's really useful to drive C Ronaldo and Higuain. I picked it up and chose a Manjukic and Verdi.


The speed is still relatively slow. It belongs to the type of standing pile. You can't expect him to pull the space. He can only feed him the cake. Then the ability to shoot the ball is suspicious. Others have no advantage. The ability value is 84. It is really no one else can use. The price is less than 10,000 yuan (it is only worth the price), in short, it can be used.


This person is RW, but because he has five inverses and four speeds, plus speed 87, I will pull to the right ST. One is to make up for Manjukic's slow speed, and the other is to draw space, so the striker is more balanced. One can wear can feed the cake, one can eat the cake, it is not bad, recommended, the price is about 5,000, it is also a good player with high-cost performance.

Medium-term development goal: Higuain. Dream: Ronaldo.


Serie A midfielders are still a lot of people, many people with high-cost performance.

Juan Cuadrado

It is easy to use, and the feel is very similar to that of the Premier League. A middle class, 1-2 million.


Easy to use, suitable for pulling the edge, feels like the English Premier League, but it is a three-reverse, the speed is flexible enough. The price is 5-6 million.


Both Barzali and Chiellini are from me, but how do I feel that these two people are not very useful?

Barzagli and Chiellini, including Bonucci and other people, the price is around 20,000, in fact, it is also good to get together, other central defenders, looking for speed close to 80, the defense is not less than 75, can be used.


It is enough to choose a high.

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