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Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. Around 1.5 million Mexican Free-tailed bats live under the Congress Street Bridge from March to October emerge at dusk in a breathtaking display.Austin's bats migrate every spring from Mexico and have made their home under the Congress Street Bridge by the thousands since 1980. Primarily female, the bats come to Austin to have their pups, usually in early June. They remain in residence under the bridge usually until mid-October, and each night they leave their roost to forage on the mosquitoes and flies and other bugs of Austin and its environs.The bats normally emerge just before sundown and fly east to hunt for insects in the Colorado River valley. The south sidewalk of the Congress Bridge is my favorite spot. While other views are available, the Congress Bridge lets you see the columns of bats as they fly east down the river. The bridge vantage point also avoids the odor which can be intense. Arrive about an hour before sundown to claim a good spot. Also, take the time to read the education signs in the small park on the southeast bank next to the bridge.See the Guide: https://www.austinbats.org/plan
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Economics continues to be of the most crucial and lucrative fields of study, more so in the current times. Professionals in this field can choose from a range of broad career opportunities. Pursuing masters in economics is meant for those individuals who are not only passionate about the discipline but wish to multiply their prospects and skills in it. Whether you are an Economics graduate, or wish to switch to the field while pursuing higher education in it, MSc in Economics is a brilliant way to achieve your goals. Master’s degree with a strong base in Mathematics, Economic Theory, Statistics and Econometrics, while incorporating contemporary economics, provides the required foundation for a brilliant career in economics.

The enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills of an economist are applicable in almost every walk of life. From being a Wall Street genius, entrepreneur to reforming public policies and urban planning or simply be a sought after consultant, excellence in economics can take one places.

There are many specialisations to do Masters in Economics India, of which a few stand out in terms of novelty, increasing relevance and lucrative scope. Let’s talk about a rapidly developing field in the era of globalisation and economic transformations – Urban development.

Urban development is defined as a system of residential expansion that goes into creating urban dwelling and cities. With cities being the key contributors to the growth of national income, it is imperative to have a highly skilled think-tank of analysers, strategists and decision makers who are involved in the process of urbanization.  

Urban Development is fast becoming a sought after specialisation in the field of economics. It is a multidisciplinary course which includes issues related to development, planning, urban economics and finance, demography, infrastructure, informal sectors and sustainable livelihoods. Issues related to urban sociology, energy and environment, capacity building of urban development bodies are also explored in detail, along with the real life challenges & experiences.

The key is to study Masters in Urban Development from a reputed University. Symbiosis School of Economics is one of the emerging names amidst the leading colleges of economics in India. The curriculum offered is made of a very rigorous, updated and comprehensive course in economics which will equip you with not just theoretical excellence, but global understanding, industry exposure and a vibrant atmosphere of brilliant minds from all India and beyond. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family is a guiding philosophy at Symbiosis. You will find yourself in a transformative platform which seeks revolutionary economists to steer the future in the right direction. Not just for yourself, but leading corporates or government bodies that you will eventuallh be a part of.  

In the rapidly growing urban development scenario, the world needs key decision makers such as urban planners and economic development planners to devise smarter policies towards increasing opportunities for economic growth and development. As an economist you would be entrusted with making big decisions but the first one begins today. With choosing the right platform to pursue Masters in Urban Development from.

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Investing money in any piece of art is a huge decision to make. Canvas art can, after all, be expensive with absolutely no promises as far as how much the value will increase over the years. Whether you are selecting canvas artwork for this purpose or in order to decorate your home effectively, there is one element of that you choose that you should always be sure of. That is the quality. Every piece of canvas art you invest in should be of the highest possible quality if you want it to stand the test of time in terms of its value and its longevity without degradation.However, it is a fact that most people that like art but would not necessarily consider themselves to be experts do not know how to determine the quality of canvas paintings. Guidelines on how to determine the quality of canvas paintings are not readily published everywhere, or even online, so there is no shame in not knowing but you should do a little research right now so you can figure out what to look for. The following five points provide you with a great starting point in determining the quality of canvas paintings:Consistency - The consistency of canvas paintings is incredibly important in determining which art is good art and which is bad art in terms of quality. An artist should have taken his or her time over canvas art and so the styles and forms used should be consistent. If an area of the painting breaks with the established style or looks to be a little sloppy (and you will be able to tell) then avoid itPresentation - Believe it or not, you can judge the quality of canvas painting by the way they are framed. If the art is tacked into a frame rather than stapled then it is of poor quality. The frame should also be sturdy and undamaged if you are to deem canvas art as high quality.Compare - Although all canvas paintings cannot be Picassos or Monets, you can use paintings that you have experience with as a point of comparison. All good quality canvas artwork will be immediately evident if you have viewed paintings by the greats. You should set your standards high to make the most of your investmentResearch - You should do a little research about numerous elements of the canvas artwork you are assessing. If you can find information about the artist then that is fabulous but if not check out the styles and forms used in canvas paintings that are similar. By having a knowledge base to work with you will find judging the quality of canvas art much easier.Preference - This bit is the easiest of all five points to examine. Do you like it? Most people immediately shy away from poor quality canvas art automatically because they will not like how it looks aesthetically. If you like something then the quality of canvas artwork will be good enough for you.To buy Canvas Painting of the highest quality one has to make use of very sharp view. For more information please visit: https://www.saatchiart.com/Stvnski
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From time immemorial, whenever people have referred to a painting, or a figure such as this, it has always been certain paintings on canvas. This is primarily because, such paintings were more prevalent compared to any other type of painting.

Keep in mind, popularity gained by this form of painting one has to be very sure that the quality of products that they buy would be something that would make each and every person reach a high level of satisfaction.

In this respect, canvas paintings have always and will always enchant people to utmost level, and hence one can easily gain the required interest in that domain.

How to choose the correct canvas:

Quite contrary to the types used in making bags, or other types of goods, the canvas that is used for painting, is one that is specially made and useful for making a perfect painting come alive.

• There are a number of canvasses available, such as stretched, miniature, decorative, and traditional cotton type. All of this makes a perfect backdrop for original canvas art.

• The deep profile cotton canvas is a perfect backdrop, with the colour having the greatest effect on this base.

• In case of silk canvas, the effect that is finally emitted is of the traditional types.

• The threads present in the very famous duck variety, are well woven and hence the absorbing of the colour is better.

Thus, it is choice of canvas that makes the colour look so gorgeous on the basic framework. The finer, the canvas is, the better is the painting on that canvas.

One can buy art paintings of such high quality, only when one is aware of the internal aspects of the canvas painting.

How popular are canvas paintings:

• Generally oil paints are used in case of such paintings, hence the effect is much more livelier and bolder contrary to general painting.

• The colour that is used on these paintings are retained for a great period of time. hence, the colour is absorbed deep within and stays without any type of dents.

• The colour bonds well with the surface, and hence it holds for a greater period of time. Hence, an original canvas art stays for a number of years.

Usage of such paintings:

Generally paintings are used to beautify a room and give it a chic feel. The whole idea of having original art paintings, makes the feeling as refreshing. Hence, the pictures lend a warmth to the whole house, and therefore increases the beauty of the house manifold.

How to buy such authentic paintings on canvas:

One should be very careful while buying such paintings, since it is the complete beauty of the whole frame that makes the whole domain get a new and beautiful. Only certain original art paintings can make a place look as splendid as possible.

• With an online portal, one can get a huge variety wherein making choices become easier.

• The prices in case of online portals are extremely within range and can be afforded by one and all in contrast to auctions.

Thus, to buy art paintings of the highest quality one has to make use of very sharp view. For more information please visit: https://www.saatchiart.com/Stvnski

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Oil paintings on canvas are created by adding pigment to oil and then applying it to a canvas sheet that has been stretched taut. Linseed oil was commonly used in early modern Europe, but safflower, walnut, and poppy seed oil has also been used. Each type of oil allots a different length of drying time, as well as the varying amount of yellowing that occurs as the painting dries.

The benefits of oil-based paints include the ability to apply paint to a canvas and not have the paints quickly run into one another. When paints run into one another, they tend to alter the desired color and can cause a painting to turn out far different than the original idea planned for it. The drying time is longer than with water-based paints, so mixing colors directly on a canvas is possible.

The oil allows for the mixing to be possible for a longer period of time, since most water-based paints dry almost instantly. For example, if more white needs to be added to lighten a color that has already been applied, it will mix better with the paint. On the other hand, water-based paints will often completely cover the current color it is being added to.

Traditionally, oil paintings are sketched out onto the canvas first and then color is added to them later. Charcoal is the typical medium used for sketching the subject of the painting. In order to shorten or lengthen drying time of oil paints, turpentine or mineral spirits can be added to the paints. When multiple layers of paint are added to the canvas, each layer should contain more oil than the last layer. This addition of oil each time reduces the risk of cracking and peeling that can occur.

Linseed oil is the most common base inoil paints. This kind of oil comes from the seed of the flax plant. For less yellowing during the drying period, some people find that using safflower oil helps. While lighter colors will hold their true color better with the safflower oil, this type of oil does have a much longer drying time. Paints made with either of these oils cannot be cleaned up with water.

Two new types of oil-based paints have arrived, thanks to the advancement of chemistry. One type of paint contains water miscible oil, which means that it can be cleaned up with water.

The other type of paint has an endless amount of drying time since heat is required to dry it. This latter type of oil-based paint must be heated between 265 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Creations made on canvas with this type of paint can be altered until the extreme heat is added.

Oil paints that are already mixed and pre-stretched canvas can be purchased from art supply stores. While this is often the easiest route to take for making oil paintings on canvas, some artists enjoy crushing their own pigment and mixing paints personally. No matter how the materials are acquired, the freedom of painting on canvas that oil paints ensue is a great experience for even the most novice artist.

View Stevenski Brewster’s Profile on Saatchi Art. Find art for sale at great prices from artists including Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, and Prints by Top Emerging Artists like Stevenski Brewster.

Visit your website: https://www.saatchiart.com/Stvnski

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I have been looking for impressionist cityscapes in various mediums to decorate my home. I prefer to hang canvas paintings that were created in the last fifteen years. There are so many great artists to choose from.

I have decided that I want to have three impressionist cityscapes painted in acrylic. I will be buying one called Stormy Desert that was painted by an artist.The piece is painted on a 40" X 30" canvas and has flowering cactus plants in the foreground.

The next impressionist cityscape painting I plan to buy is called Tuscan Waterfall. The piece is a triptych and is on three gallery wrapped canvases.

The last acrylic impressionist cityscape that I plan to buy is called Autumn Dream. Autumn is my favorite time of year and the canvas paintingcaptures every color of autumn. The artist painted the sides, so there is no need to have it framed. I can't wait to see this hanging in my home.

I have found only two impressionist cityscapes that I liked in the Gouache medium. The first was from an artist named Joe Wojdakowski and the subject is an area located in Wells, Maine. I'm not sure why I am so drawn to this particular impressionist cityscape, but I am and plan to buy it.

The other Gouache impressionist cityscape that I plan to buy features Big Ben in London. The artist is an Englishman named Alasdair Rennie. The scene is rainy and I like it a lot. It reminds me of my time in London when I was a child.

The first oil impressionist cityscape canvas painting I bought was called Koi Pond Reflections. I've seen this artist's work before and I always really like it. The painting was completed using brush and knife. The painting has not arrived, yet, because the paint is very thick and needs to complete the drying process undisturbed.
I cannot wait to get it!

I really like having various styles of impressionist cityscape paintings. I don't just like variety in the mediums; I like variety in styles and influences. I really fell in love with an oil impressionist cityscape painting called En Sendero that was originally purchased in Oaxaca, Mexico. I purchased the painting for just over three thousand dollars.

The oil impressionist cityscape painting of Paris that I want was painted by a well recognized painter Radik Atoyan. He is Armenian and signed the painting in his Armenian language. He has a unique way of using color that just makes his painting look special.

I have also been interested in watercolor impressionist cityscape paintings. There is an original painting that depicts an urban rainy night that I think would be perfect for me. The painting just makes me feel good to look into.

I made a purchase not long ago that was painted by an Israeli artist named Yosef Kosssonogi. The use of color in this watercolor impressionist cityscape is so vivid. I could not wait to hang it on my wall. After the shipment arrived with the painting, my brother came right over with a level to hang it.

I found a painting that reminded me of a vacation I took to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The impressionist cityscape painting was created by Adam Maeroff and I think that it is the perfect painting to complete my collection of wall art.

Stop wondering about which types of Canvas Paintings [https://www.saatchiart.com/paintings] to purchase. There is a wide variety of Wall Art [https://www.saatchiart.com/Stvnski] available that everyone will love.

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An Introduction to the World of Oil Paintings

The journey of the art of oil painting is an intriguing one. Certain periods have proved to be more receptive of the art form than others. This form of painting is believed to have originated in Afghanistan. When the process was first invented, it was not used for art purposes; however, artisans quickly realized the potential that oil painting possessed. From Afghanistan, the form traveled through Europe to finally arrive in central Europe, the art capital of the world, sometime in the 15th century. There are records of European artisans using this from of painting in the 15th century. The form really came into its own during the renaissance and post renaissance periods in Europe and the English Mainland.


The term oil painting denotes the use of oil in the paintings. For one, the pigments used to paint are mixed with oil or rather the base medium is oil. The oil that is usually used is Linseed Oil. Linseed Oil is harvested from Flax seeds that are easily available. A few other oils are used in the place of Linseed Oil. These include Walnut Oil and poppy seed oil. Mixing the dry pigments in oil helps to bring out a version of the color that no other medium can. Different oils produce different gloss intensities. The sheen can therefore vary depending on the oil used to mix the pigments. The oil-pigment mixture is painted onto a canvas. Oil Paintings are strictly canvas art. Canvas Art refers to those forms that use the canvas as a base. A thinner material may not be able to sustain and retain the color and effect.

Oil painting is never done directly on a canvas. The design or scenery s first etched onto the canvas using a pencil or charcoal based drawing implement. The oil mixed pigments are then slowly colored in. The oil based pigments do not dry quickly. Therefore the process of painting has to a slow one. Sometimes to hasten the process, artists mix a quantity of turpentine into the mixture. Since turpentine dries quickly, it helps the oil paints to also dry faster. Very rarely does the artist manage to paint the entire picture in one coating. If the artist decides to use a second coating, then the mixture has to be changed.

Every subsequent layer of oil paints should have a higher content of oil. This actually helps to quicken the drying process. Given that the paints are rendered heavy by the thick oil base, drying oil paintings is a real skill and one which requires patience. The oil paints do not dry by evaporation, like other paintings, such as water color paintings. Oil paintings dry by the process of oxidation.

Many oil paintings also make use of other mediums. The most commonly used ones are Resins and wax. Both add to the effect of the oil pants and at the same time affect the sheen and texture of the oil paints. The use of other mediums can even adversely affect the design of the painting. But this is true for any art form that attempt to mix two different mediums. The oil paintings have to be coated with a layer of varnish before it is considered finished. The varnish helps to protect the painting.

For more information about Canvas Art and oil paintings, visit the [https://www.saatchiart.com/stvnski]. You can get all the information you need and also find some art worth collecting.

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What next after graduation? MBA has long been a preferred go-to option for graduates. Over the years, there has been a spiked interest in Economics, due to its ever increasing scope and prospects.A career in economics is not only sought after but very revered by the young and ambitious who love to analyse, strategize and come up with ingenious solutions which can change the course of an organization, community and country. Rather than being one amongst the many in a market saturated with MBA, find your niche by pursuing M Sc Economics, Economics Honours or begin early through B Sc Economics in a dynamic field of interest.

Economics is a field teeming with opportunities due to its high utility and huge demand in the job

markets. Its significance has greatly increased post reforms era, with several career prospects

increasing manifolds post liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation (LPG), and after merging of world economy. Well-trained economists are in huge demand not only in India but also across the world to perform lucrative roles such as economic analysts, researchers and consultants.

There are several leading institutions and economics colleges in India. While opting for the right

college, look beyond ranking to judge a college’s worth. Look for the right blend of educational

legacy and updated, industry relevant curriculum, backed by excellent faculty.

Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Presidency College Kolkata, University of Delhi, St. Stephen College, Delhi University, University of Bombay, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata,Sri Ram College of Commerce, Symbiosis School of Economics, Madras School of Economics, IIT Kanpur, Banaras Hindu University to name a few, are one of the best economics colleges in India.

Symbiosis School of Economics is a leading name when it comes to economics colleges in Pune. The institute offers B Sc Economics Honours, M Sc Economics, Diploma in Quantitative Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Development

B.Sc. (Economics) Honours is a full-time, three-year graduation programme. It aims at imparting a programme structure which would retain the ‘traditionals’ in the programme yet would plug the

loopholes and limitations of only a traditional approach. The programme offers a wide array of ‘Out of box’ courses like Accounts, Environmental Economics, International Relations, Political Economy of India, Research Methodology etc, not emphasized in traditional economics graduation programs.This will help students to get an edge over others in terms of critical thinking, logical analysis and deep understanding of crucial economic issues.

The key is to look for an institute which aims at creating well rounded professionals. Individuals who would be equipped not only with the strong foundation of economic theory but also with skills required to tackle and analyse the real world business and economic issues.

M Sc Economics: A Master’s degree, with a strong background in Economic Theory, Mathematics,Statistics and Econometrics, incorporating contemporary economics, provides the basis for acquiring special focus within the related fields and subfields of Economics. The importance of quantitative skills is not unknown to Economists; courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Sampling Theory, Survey Design, and Computer Science are extremely helpful to hone the expertise required from a candidate who has opted for this programme. The MSc in Economics at SSE is very quantitative in nature and approach. The programme provides an all-inclusive path to meticulously understand and apply Economic Theories and their application to Economic Modelling and Forecasting in the real world.

What kind of specialisation can you opt for?

International Trade

The specialization in International Trade broadly explores the principles of economics related to the causes and effects of trade beyond geographical and political boundaries. This, in turn, explains the patterns and consequences of transactions and interactions between the inhabitants of different countries, including trade, aid, investment and migration and other factors as well. Parts of the specialization also involve investigating the consequences of trade activities on economies in perspectives of resources, preferences and institutions. This specialization module highlights the angles of politico-economic policy variables on world economies, as well, particularly in the post-globalized era.

Development Studies

Development Studies include the broad areas of economics that explore the causes, needs and

processes of development in low-income countries. It also involves the study of the structural

change phenomena caused by the advancements that these economies witness in the course of their growth process. The specialization focuses on theories and methods, both spatial and

temporal, which help in forming policies at the domestic and international levels to achieve optimal social ends. The module also concentrates on certain aspects and issues of economic development across post-war periods, spanning right up to the liberalized and globalized new world economies. It is geared towards a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses social and political angles, other than pure economic concerns.

Urban Development

With cities being the main contributors to national income, it is impossible to bypass the manner in which cities and the process of urbanization is unfolding in India. It is a multidisciplinary course that encompasses issues related to urban development and planning, demography, urban economics and finance, infrastructure, informal sectors, poverty and sustainable livelihoods. Issues related to urban sociology, energy and environment, capacity building of urban development bodies are also discussed, as are experiences in urban development.

While there is no dearth of opportunities, growth and variety in the field of Economics, beginning

your career from the right platform makes all the difference. Be it Masters in Urban Development or the much sought after Master in Economics it is time to catapult your prospects by finding your own niche, analyse your skills and prepare for a promising future.

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