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Getting a cock ring? If yes, good choice.


SVAKOM is a high quality brand. Their toys are affordable, yet bring a wide range of custom controls.


It’s the brand you need for true sexual pleasure – whether it be solo or with a partner!




Picking a good brand isn’t enough. You need to hone in on the “specific toys” that match your needs.


We’ll help you with that. Below, we’ll compare 4 products (all vibrating cock ring from SVAKOM).


Explore each – then pick the SVAKOM cock ring best for you!



#1 – SVAKOM Wendy.

Consider this the baby model of SVAKOM rings.


It’s an $82 toy. And while it does look like a small key chain, we assure you – it’s extremely advanced!




How So?

This toy does a vibrator’s job – but even better.


It comes with 25 vibration options. Specifically, you get 5 vibration modes, and for each mode you get 5 intensities!


This gives you great control over the rhythm of your stimulation. You can use the toy for quick pleasure, or slow but strong releases!




Like all SVAKOM rings, this product is multi-gender.


So men can use it as a cock ring to maintain an erection. And women can use it to as a “clitoral vibrator”!


In fact, this cock ring vibrator combines both functions into one. A man can wear it, and use it during intercourse!


And that way – the clitoris can get stimulated, without needing to thrust!


It’s a toy that saves couples unnecessary effort. It makes sexual enjoyment a breeze!



But Do Note…

This is just the first item on the list. And compared to other SVAKOM cock rings, it’s a basic model…


There are better models that do what the Wendy does, and much more!



#2 – SVAKOM Winni.

It’s basically a Wendy, but with remote control.


And it only costs $11 more! The SVAKOM Winni is a $92 product, but it takes your sexual experience to the next level!



The Remote Advantage.

Remotes give you easy control during intercourse.


After all, the Winni is like the Wendy, with 25 vibration options. And if you want to swap (or change intensities), you need to do so easily…


That is – you want to do it without fiddling too much.


Plus, it lets you enjoy the vibrator’s effects in any sexual position. No restrictions, and no disruptions!



Compared to the Wendy…

We’re not saying the Wendy model is difficult. It’s just slower…


The Wendy model gives you a single button to change intensities. So it takes time swapping modes and power.


With the Winni, you get a multi-button remote control. So everything is done quickly and efficiently!




Maybe a remote control model isn’t what you want.


Maybe you’re looking for a vibrator that’s more “stimulating” than it is “controllable”. And for that, we recommend…



#3 – SVAKOM Tyler.

This is a $99 cock vibrator. And it comes with a design that outperforms the previous 2!


All SVAKOM cock rings come with a clitoral pad. But this one expands it in size, and in functionality too!


How? First, the clitoral pad is circular, this covering a large area. And this leads to increased surface stimulation!


Second, the SVAKOM Tyler’s clitoral pads have “nodules” at the end. This maximizes the pressure delivered, and the intensity of the vibration too!


The nodules allow the toy to focus its vibration – intensifying clitoral stimulation!



Longer Use.

The Wendy and Winni have a usage time of 40 minutes. But the Tyler lasts for 1 hour!


So you can use it for an extra 1-2 sessions per recharge. It has a stronger battery, and it makes setting it up less of an issue!



#4 – SVAKOM Tammy.

The last item on our list. This is the newest SVAKOM product to come out.


The Tammy is a better version of the Tyler. Yet, it’s the cheapest on our list, only at $79!


It’s a bargain product that doesn’t give up quality. With the Tammy, you get the Tyler’s advantages, plus an extra ring.


That is, the extra ring can be wrapped around the ball sack.


And this allows for the toy to maintain a stronger grip. It makes it firmer, thus allowing it to flawlessly deliver without slipping!

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Looking for a cock ring?


If so, make sure it vibrates. A vibrating cock ring has many benefits that normal models lack…


For example, they’re best for sex.


Because the ring’s vibration doesn’t only affect your penis. It transfers to your partner too!


And this makes for an amazing experience! Not only do you maintain a strong erection. But you give your partner more pleasure too!




You need to shop carefully.


You can’t settle for a cheap cock vibrator. You need one that’s designed to maximize pleasure for both partners.


This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll show you how to pick a cock ring vibrator!



#1 – Look for a Couple Design.

This is a feature where the ring maximizes intercourse pleasure.


The shape and specs are modified for intense effects. And that’s the foundation of an effective vibrator cock ring.



Look for a Clitoral Pad.

It should be attached to the ring.


The pad should cover the entire clitoris. And much of the vibrator’s motor should transmit pleasure there!



Any Models I Can Try?

Yes. You can try a SVAKOM vibrating cock ring. And specifically the SVAKOM Tyler.


This cock ring vibrator has the design we mentioned. When the ring is worn, the clitoral pad slants forward


It ensures constant contact with the clitoris. It adds additional pressure to increases female pleasure!


Also, the pad has small nodules on it. This spreads the vibration, adding more intensity to the experience!



#2 – Make Sure it’s Rechargeable.

Any other power option ruins your experience.


Let’s look at cords. You cannot possibly have intercourse while wearing a corded sex toys…


The wiring will get in the way of the experience.


Also, you can’t use single cell batteries. They add more weight to your vibrating cock ring. And it makes it hard to maintain an erection.


So you need a rechargeable model.



SVAKOM Cock Ring – Easy to Recharge.

The SVAKOM Tyler uses pinhole recharging. And this minimizes the space taken by the charging hole!


Then you have the power specifications. It fully charges in 1 hour. And it lasts 1 hour of continuous use!


So with 1 recharge, this toy lasts half a dozen sex sessions. And you won’t need to recharge it that often!



#3 – Look for Vibration Options.

It’s like owning a normal vibrator.


With intensity options, you can better control the rhythm of the experience.



The SVAKOM Tyler – 5 Options.

And the best part is, it’s easy to toggle intensities.


The SVAKOM Tyler uses an “S” button on the side of the toy. Specifically, it’s located on the clitoral pad.


This lets you fiddle with intensities, and without worry of position.


You can change the vibrations in any sexual position you like!



#4 – Make Sure It is Safe.

We know this is an odd tip. But safety is crucial with a cock ring vibrator.


After all, you don’t want a ring that scars your penis. Especially since it’ll vibrate, which adds pressure on sensitive penile skin.


So you need a safe sex toy fabric. And that would be…




It’s soft and rubbery. And only the best of sex toys use it.


Silicone is stretchable but strong. So it’ll easily maintain your erection without stabbing into your skin.


Also, silicone is a non-irritant and unreactive. So it’s safe for your partner too!



SVAKOM Cock Ring – All Silicone.

And this includes the cock ring and the clitoral pad!


The silicone is IPX4 rated. So it can resist water from all directions. And this makes it easy to clean.


This toy is easy to maintain. And beyond being safe, it lasts you a long time. This is important, after all…



#5 – You Need Good Value for the Money.

Why buy a sex toy that’s addictive, yet breaks down fast?


With the SVAKOM Tyler, you can avoid that. It’s addictive. You’ll always want to use it. And you always can!


It’s only $99, half the price of similar quality brands!


And yet, it comes with a 1-Year full replacement guarantee.


It also has a 10-Year quality guarantee.


If they toy doesn’t deliver the promised experience, you get 50% off future SVAKOM purchases!


There’s nothing more to wait for. Visit the SVAKOM , and get your cock ring now!

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