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Exciting Adventure Sports to Try in Nepal

Nepal is one of the safe, natural packed and exploring adventure destinations in the whole world. It has so many interesting and exploring natural wonders, so it attracts millions of adventure lovers from different parts of the world. It is a safe place to perform various types of adventure activities. It is also an abode of some of unsafe, rocky hills, and unsafe trails, and the snow-covered White Mountains, so it needs carefulness and protection. If you are very eager to enjoy these adventure activities, you should book an adventure Nepal Tour from a reliable tour agency. By hiring a traveling company, you will get all safety equipment, local and security guides to protect you from all harmful things.

Trekking and Mountaineering:-

Located in the rocky landscapes on the earth, Nepal is varied with geography, climate, and places.  Nepal is such a place that offers a lot of things to the tourists. It gives the golden chances to experience varied landscapes. It is now gaining the popularity for trekking and mountaineering. Annapurna trek and the Mount Everest trek are the most popular trekking spots. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to perform adventure activities.

Bungee jumping and Swing:-

This is another extremely famous sport in the country. Most famous bungee jumping points go off to be at the capital city nearby the Tibetan border. The jumping bridge is made on a gorge at a height of 169 Meters, and Bhotekoshi River passing under it.


Paragliding: - A Thrilling Adventure Activity in Nepal

Are you longing awaited for doing some adventures? Choose Nepal, the safest adventure destination in the world.  You can take a lot of fun of paragliding activity with the help of trained guides. The steppe region of Nepal provides the most amazing sport event that is a great attraction for countless people.

Zip lining: - Another Entertaining Sports Activity in Nepal

Zip lining adventure sport is really a wonderful adventure sport for those people, who are new to this sport. Pokhara is the best place to enjoy it. If you are on the tour of Nepal, you should not miss out a chance to perform it.

Sky diving: - A Courageous Adventure Sport in Nepal

 There is no excellent way to keep your adrenaline pushing than a try at sky diving. However, the wagers are very high, sliding down the earth at a slow speed would be an amazing and courageous experience. Sky diving is a very famous adventure sport in Nepal.

White water Rafting:

Nepal keeps an important place for white water rafting activities. Gifted with a lot of rivers passing through highest mountains and hills, these form deep lakes and ravines and much more. Since the rivers flow from the mountain and hill heights, they form brisk which provides a quick flow to try such types of adventure sports.

If you have a dream to take pleasure of thrilling adventure sports in Nepal, Travels2nepal can help you a lot. This traveling company offers amazing Nepal Tourist Packages in a very affordable budget.

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Explore Tanzania like Never Before!

Planning a tour to Africa? Connect with Simba Adventures, the travel and tour company offers customized travel package to its clients. Whether you love trekking, safari, or just want to spend some quality time near nature. Whether you are traveling solely, with family, group traveling, honeymoon trip or the purpose is travel photography when the tour is planned well it always give you a memorable experience.

Professional tour organizers ask about the client’s interest and purpose and they customize the plan accordingly. Some people like exploring numbers of places in a short time some people like exploring slowly so it is always the travelers’ interest that is considered while customizing the tour.

If you have time and budget, then destination traveling can be a great choice as you will get the chance to explore and experience the destination in a different way. There are places like Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National park in Tanzania that would give you a chance to explore the jungle and wildlife like never before. There are hills, river, trek along with a variety of plants, flowers, birds. In short, the African safari tour packages will take you to a different world.

Tell the number of days you have and Simba Adventure will design a tour that would give you a chance to collect the travel memories like never before.  

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Nepal is the best example of natural beauty in the world. It is fully packed with natural attractions, so it is called natural paradise. Nepal is not only a beautiful tourist destination, but also it is very popular holiday destination. If you are from USA and want to visit Nepal for spending holidays, summer season is the best time for you. Why you must travel Nepal for spending holidays? Well, Nepal is really a wonderful tourist place in the world. It is not only attracting tourists from Asia, but also it is alluring tourists from USA. Nepal has a big network of connecting and accessing travelers from anywhere. If you are from USA and want to explore Nepal tourism, you can reach here comfortably. Really, Your Nepal Tour Package from USA may be an exciting experience for you.

Nepal, A Holiday Paradise-

Nepal is considered as the best holiday paradise with a lot of holiday opportunities for holiday seekers and adventure lovers. This charming country is really a great place for those people, who want to spend holidays. It is called a holiday paradise.

A View of Cultural and traditional mix

Nepal has varied natural beauties, topographical and cultural mix.  This small country provides the best opportunities to get viewpoint into their culture & tradition, history, and lifestyle, which could be new learning experience.

Plenty of Rich Wildlife and Bird Watching Spot

USA tourists can visit Chitwan National Park,and Bardia National Park to view rare wildlife species such as One horned rhino, musk deer, Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodiles. You can also see various types of birds amazingly.

Enjoy Thrilling Adventurous Activities:-

You can perform paragliding, white water rafting, zip-flying, bungee jumping, ultra light flight and other adventurous activities bravely. So, you can learn the meaning of adventure trip.

Map Out the birth place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini

Lumbini is one of the most popular holy places in the country. It is called the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which signifies the appearance of Buddhism. By visiting popular temples, palaces, and monasteries, you can feel peace and calmness.

Architectural art works & handicrafts works for souvenir-

Architectural handicrafts and art works are the most famous souvenir for travelers. Pottery works, mandala painting, and artmanship and excellent architectural brilliance are the best things that have made it very popular holiday spot.

Delicious variety of cuisines

Dal Bhat is very popular meal for Nepalese. Momo is another tasty cuisine that brings out saliva in the tourist’s mouth. You should enjoy delicious food while traveling the country.

Safest Holiday spot with friendly people-

Nepal is really the safest place in South-East Asia. Nepalese people are known for their friendly nature, caring, and supportive nature, so it is the great place of great people. With greetings and smile on their face, Nepali people are always ready to welcome you. Travels2nepal is the best traveling company, which can provide you lucky chances to book Nepal Holiday Packages from USA comfortably through online mode.

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Tour to India by Car

Tour to India provides opportunities for the foreign visitors to know about different cultures, foods, music, dance, themes, regional languages, and several other kinds of amazing experiences by visiting the different cultural attractions or heritage sites around different destinations/ states in India. Tours to India are designed in the affordable packages or in the budget of the tourists for spending the holidays or summer vacations by them with the families to make lives better, pleasurable, romantic, and joyful. Tour to India by the foreigners, like Goa for their crazy nights, sunsets, and beaches for the real enjoy of the tourists and moreover, visiting Manali (paradise for lovers/ couples) in Himachal, Ooty (Queens of Nilgiris), Shimla (hill station, natural sceneries, and snowfalls), Dalhousie (India’ little Switzerland) in Himachal are such beautiful and attractive places to make the journeys of the tourists memorable. 

Tour to India includes tour packages for the religious tours to the devout visitors, Char DhamYatra (Badrinath in the north, Puri in the east, Rameshwaram in South, and Dwarka in the West), Chhota Char DhamYatra (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath) in Uttrakhand. Tour to India also provides the tours for visiting the spiritual places, likeGanga SagarYatra, ShirdiShaiDhamYatra, ShaniShignapur in Maharastra, Vaishno Devi in Jammu, Twelve Jyotirlinga in different destinations, Famous Brahma temple in Pushkar, KhatuShyam and Salasar Hanuman Yatra, and many others. Tour to India are also facilitated to cater to the needs of the visitors/ tourists for the historical/beautiful places, like TajMahal, HawaMahal, QutubMinar, Bagha Border, Amber Fort, Red Fort, Himalaya Mountain, Sunset Point, massive Thar Desert and more.

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Chitwan is one of the most popular national parks in Nepal, which is the first national park in the country. This park is very popular for its Jungle safari in all over the world. Chitwan Jungle Safari trip is one of the most famous tourist attractions not only in Nepal, but also it is very thrilling activity in Asia. Jungle Safari in Chitwan national park is not only popular for its adventure wildlife, but also it is popular for various types of wildlife. It is the best tourist destination for all kinds of travelers. It is really a pleasant and splendid holiday destination to enjoy diverse wildlife in nature. If you are on Nepal tour, you should enjoy various thrilling activities in Chitwan, national park. Here are some thrilling adventure activities for interested tourists.

Elephant Back Safari-An Exciting Trip for Newly Tourists

Sitting high on the back of a domestic Elephant is really an amazing experience. This trip gives the ways to see wonderful views of the national park and surrounding areas. This Elephant back safari is not only a comfortable ride, but also this is a very memorable experience.

Jungle / Nature Walk: A Comfortable Walk to Enjoy Natural Trip

Going through greenery and dense forests of Chitwan is really a bravery trip. It is full of dense jungles where you can see many wild animals. Trained naturalists guide you to  view deer, rhinos, sloth bears and other wildlife. They have complete knowledge about different types of plants and animals of the forests throughout walk trip.

Bird Watching Trip- A Discovery Trip of Diverse Species of Birds  

 Chitwan is one of the most admired tourist destinations for bird watching experience. This natural place is very famous for bird watching activities. You can see various types of bird’s species such as Grey-headed Eagles, Ruby Cheeked Sunbird, Bengal Florican, Cormorants, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Blue Indian Roller, Hornbills, Stor k billed Kingfishers, Large-tailed Night jar, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Beaters & Lesser Florican.  Here more than 500 species have been listed in this popular Chitwan national park.

White Water Rafting- A Thrilling Activity for Adventurists

Nepal has some beautiful rivers to offer you white water rafting activity. White water rafting is full of funs, adventure and excitement. This mountainous country is a very lovely and sweet spot for enjoying this activity for all adventure seekers and lovers. So, it is true that rafting is not only a great adventure attraction, but also it is the gateway of exploring the natural beauty of the country.

Boating /Canoeing Trip- An Amazing Activity in flowing water of Rivers

Boating is certainly an exciting activity in the Rapti river. Canoe ride is a very popular thrilling activity, which gives the best chances to enjoy bird watching and seeing 2 rare species of crocodiles the Marsh Mugger and the fish eating Gharial. If you want to enjoy all these activities, Travels2nepal is the best online tour operator, offering the exciting Nepal tourist packages at very affordable prices.

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Nepal is specially known for its natural beauty, mountains, hills, dense and green jungles, and especially for the mighty and highest peak Mt-Everest in all over the world. It is suitably located in the lap of the great and mighty Himalayas, so it has covered by all its greenery and snow covered landscapes. Nepal is really a beautiful, wonderful and amazing landscape, which is nowadays surprising everyone because of exceptional natural beauty. Nepal has eight of ten highest peaks in the world, so it has a big scope in the world tourism map. In 2019, Nepal has become a favorite tourist place as compared with others. It has got 5th number position in the world tourism. Now, I am going to share my personal experience of Nepal trip.

 I booked a trip to Nepal before two months. I booked the best deals to get Nepal Tour Packages for Nepal tour in very affordable budget. I got everything in my trip ranging from Nature trip to Jungle safari trip. Really, I enjoyed my every moment here. I loved its mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, snow covered landscape, and greenery landscapes. I also enjoyed jungle safari activities such as open jeep safari, elephant back safari, boating, bird watching, mountaineering and much more. When I was on the trip of open Jeep safari, suddenly lion appeared and came to me. I shocked fully but I was protected by local guides. I might experience some dangers, but thanks a lot to God. I was fully safe in the hands. But lion came to me, this was very sudden shock for me. Really, I experienced this moment first time in my whole life.

 I visited Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, and Chitwan National park, and much more. All these tourist places are very famous around the country. Really, I loved all these places and beauties. I also enjoyed Nepali tasty foods, drinks and famous eating items. What’s more, I also took the pleasures of local cultural dance and music. Now, I want to give a lot of thanks for Travels2nepal for to arrange my dream Nepal Tourism Packages in the most affordable costs.

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Nepal is known for its highest peaks, and Himalayan regions in the world. It is one of the most popular travel preferences among all travel all around the world, so you should go for Nepal Tour at once time, you can see the natural wonders, which are very beautifully and greenly places. The wildlife of Nepal is divided into two categories common and protective. Protective species refers to those that are commonly spotted in the wildlife i.e. leopards, spotted deer, blue sheep among others, Nepal’s geography is very peaceful and interesting than all other countries.

Why Nepal trip is famous all around the world?

 Nepal is the land of Himalaya and is the island country where are some mountains, hills region. Low land begins from 250 meters to 900 meters range from sea level. Mountain peak begins range from 3000 meters to 8850 meters like Mount Everest. You should visit in Nepal Everest base camp which is the most electrifying, exciting and challenging trek for the trek lovers. There are many national parks in which several types of wild animals and birds can be observed with a lot of electrifying jungle activities. Nepal has become a dearie vacation destination in the world. Since many people are adopting for survival and many people are come here to spend their time with their partner, friends, and families. Nepal is the best place for vacation questers.

How to visit Nepal with An Exciting tour package from India?

 If you want to visit Nepal, you should be plan a trip from India to Nepal because India is very nearly located at a short distance from Nepal. It may be very promiscuous and well to do a trip for you. Air, Road, and Train routes are the most desirable pick hence you can choose the decent option as per your pick there so many traveling agencies online which are providing various kind of facilities with your tour package with a low budget as you will be selected. Every traveler wants to luxury accommodation & full deftness hotels, world-class agreeableness, tasty nutrient and much more. I wish you a very happy holiday trip all of you and I wish were you will be choose to travel to Nepal, is the best way for traveling India to Nepal. Travels2nepal is the best traveling agency in Nepal, which offers Nepal Tour Packages at very affordable prices.

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It is an exceptional natural place in the world, Nepal, specially known for its natural beauty. Nepal Tourism is very famous where you can see the nature of the landscape is very beautifully, peacefully and greenery place. Nepal is the land of Himalayas as well as the inland country. In Nepal, some mountains, hills, trek, jungle safari land are very attractive views for travelers. We can say that we have heaven on the earth in which the seventh heavens is by god gifted. It is one of the most popular traveling destinations as compared with other tourist places. Nepal is really a naturally gifted place that has surprised world tourism unbelievably.

Why Nepal is famous all around the world for its tourism? 

 Nepal had also been digitalized country for the last five years. Nowadays, Nepal has become a famous tourist place for all kinds of travelers. Nepal tourism is acquiring a lot of unanimously not only in Asia, but also become attained at a global range in the world. Nepal is known for its highest peak in the world. One of its most popular mountains “Mount Everest” has increased its beauty. Mount Everest attracts many climbers, some of them highly experienced Mountaineers. Every year, a lot of tourists come here to probe of electrifying country and give the green light of special at the Moment. If you want to plan for Nepal trip, it may be a very exciting and affordable trip for you. Your trip will be very interesting, pleasant and memorable for you and your whole life.


How to visit in Nepal from India?

Nepal Tour Packages from India” are the best options to make your trip memorable. There are many centers of India whose proposal of visitors for Nepal trip package like as “best of Nepal”. If you want to plan your trip to Nepal through bus, train, and by air as per your budget, Travels2nepal is a complete tour guide which can help you a lot to offer the best deals for Nepal trip. Do note the Indian citizens don’t require a ‘visa’ to enter Nepal. However, if traveling by air, they must show a valid passport for identification.

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An Exploring Trip to a Natural Heaven, Nepal

Nepal is unbelievably a natural paradise on the Earth, which is specially an exceptional example of natural beauty and green landscapes. Nepal is one of the most popular dream tourist destinations, which is drawing the attentions of interested tourists from different parts of the world. It is known as a famous holiday, honeymoon, and natural tourist spot among top tourist places of the world. If you want to visit Nepal, Nepal tour packages are the attractive options to make your trip amazing and memorable.



Famous tourist spots to visit In Nepal-

If you plan to visit Nepal from India, it may be an amazing trip for your life-time experience. First of all you should visit Kathmandu. Begin your trip in Nepal with some local guides and agents.  You will see local place as Pashupatinath temple, Swyambhunathtemple, and Darbarsquar, Ratna Park in this country. Then after must go reach Pokhra, a city of lakes. It is very beautiful and thrilling place to visit here. Sarangkot is very interesting place purpose for paragliding activities and trekking activities. One more than is Dhampus trek in Annapurna region is also very popular in all over the country.

What is the taste of Nepali Food enjoyed by a lot of visitors?

Food usually consists of lentils and rice, Dalbhat for vegetarians, which may also be eaten with goat buffalo or chicken for non-veg. Dishes include spiced vegetables, chapatis and tsamfa are also very popular. Sweets and spicy snackes include jelabi, laddus and mukdaletc are the favorite sweets of tourists . There is wide selection of restaurants only in Kathmandu and Pokhara.   So finally, Nepal is very attractive and splendid tourist place to explore its tourism and natural beauty. You must plan for a happy trip to Nepal with “Nepal trip packages from USA to Nepal. To make your Nepal trip happy trip, Travels2nepal is one of the most popular traveling agencies, which is offering the best deals for affordable tour packages in very affordable budget. This agency also provides the special offers and deals, discounted rated and big discounts for interested travelers. So, enjoy special discounts and offers by booking a luxury trip.

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Nepal is an amazing, green and beautiful country that is drawing the attention of millions of people from different parts of the world.  Its varied natural beauties, bio-diversity, highest and tallest mountains and hills are always hot tourist attractions for every traveler.  Its bio-diversity is huge due to its geographic point and variations in the altitudes. Its varied natural beauties are really loving and caring. Nepal is the best tourist destination in the summer season. In the summer, the climate of the country is very cool, loving and sweet, so everyone can enjoy its climate and weather. If you want to spend your summer holiday in Nepal, you should book Nepal Holiday Packages in the advance. In summer season, you can get the best rates to get a complete tour package. You need to take help from online tour agents. They will explain to you everything about Nepal climate, connectivity and safe points.

Amazing things to do in summer season in Nepal-          

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, specially known for its amazing and wonderful tourism. This lovely country has become a big and affordable tourist place because of hot tourist places and exciting things. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan national park are the best tourist spots in the country. If you are on the tip of Nepal, you should visit these places firstly. If you do not visit them, your Nepal trip will be incomplete. Pokhara is really a good place in the summer season. It is a called a city of lakes. So you can make some sweet memories in this city with your partner and friends.

Summer Holiday Packaged by a Famous Tour Agency-

If you are looking for booking Nepal Tour Packages to spend summer holiday in Nepal, Travels2nepal is a complete tour guide for you. This agency will provide you the best and special tour deals for almost all tourists in very affordable prices. You can get the chances to enjoy thrilling activities such as rafting, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, and other such adventures.

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If you want to go to a beautiful place in the world that you can add yourself to the list of your most memorable Moment. Blue Lagoon is a place that will give you a better feel.  Blue Lagoon Tour Reykjavik has the most affordable package to have the mesmerizing visit to the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is the ultimate tantalizing place in Iceland. Its milky blue water gives it its 4th moon, which is its exceptionally stunning thing. The contrast and dark lava area and its crawling brown moss give the uttermost shining to its surface.

Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland is an eminent for its impoverished landscapes and conical volcanoes where the elegance Blue Lagoon is located.  We provide you Blue Lagoon tour Iceland from the Reykjavik city. The bookings are as simple as we do not give the vague tour packages to tourist. We make sure that tourist come to mark their journey as one of the world’s most unforgettable journey.  Blue Lagoon has become the absolute attractive place in the world. If you want to experience the salt water and want to relax your body and soul completely then why not to have a booking at Blue Lagoon.

Planning for a vacation? We have a good choice with Iceland Holiday Tours Vacation Packages. Why one should suffer for not meeting a good choice and good packages we have come across with our packages that will be in your wish list when you searching for Iceland tour.  Blue Lagoon is a must without any problem of carrying luggage and a source of transportation. Luxurious spa in the geothermal water definitely brings the serenity in you. Due to its affluent skin sustenance and consoling water, Blue Lagoon gains popularity and become the most visit able place in the world.

There are various packages for tours in Iceland. Luxury holiday tours Iceland varies depending upon the customer’s choice that they want to deal with the packages. We deliver the awesome luxury tours package with various facilities that are in the comfort of the customer and which they can enjoy to have a long-lasting memorable moment.

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Places to visit in Iceland

While spending the holiday in Iceland, you can take strolls in beautiful places and take enjoyment with family. There are many places to visit in Iceland where you can take full enjoyment with family. In Iceland, whale watching and dolphin watching are the most popular activities which become breathtaking among people. Iceland is considered as a paradise for hikers and it is also the best place to spend holidays. If you are interested in swim activity, you can consider taking a blue lagoon tour Iceland tour package. Blue Lagoon is an exciting place for swimming.

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After the grand success of Visit Nepal year 1998, and Nepal tourism year 2011, the Tourism board of Nepal briefly introduced, “Visit Nepal Campaign 2020”.  Primarily, the campaign was launched in 2015 to be held in 2018 but later was delayed to 2020. Due to a shocking earthquake in 2015 Nepal was badly affected, as a result the number of travelers was decreased as compared with other years.   The year 2017 observed the inflow of the travelers bounce rate back to the pre- earthquake numbers. The year 2017 observed 940, 218 foreigners visited the country. Some people came here for entertainment activities, while some visited this country to support the people of various affected areas of the country with the mission to help the nation economically by visiting the country.


Your Exciting Nepal Tour In 2019-2020-

The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign was organized in 2018 to promote that Nepal was a safe and secure tourist destination to travel and explore its tourism and only 12 of 75 districts and cities were affected by the shocking earthquake. The postponed construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport scheme and crowded upgrading activity of Tribhuwan International Airport in Lumbini and incomplete transportation infrastructure forced the Nepal Tourism board to postpone the visit Nepal campaign to 2020. If you’re dreaming to visit Nepal in 2020, you can make some sweet memories of your life that will be remembered by you until life-time experience. So, your Nepal tour will really be a wonderful experience.

Why Must You Visit Nepal?

Nepal is 5th among the top ten countries to visit in all over the world. This place has got the number one position in the best-valued destination in the world. Why Nepal is so popular, the charming country boasts sky-high Himalayas Range, untouched natural beauty, and never-ending culture and traditions spread in all over the world. 2019-2020 is the golden time to visit Nepal, so everyone can plan for it.  Travels2nepal is the best traveling agency in Nepal, which is arranging Nepal Tour Packages From India in various pricing options.

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 Nepal is a well-known tourist destination in the world, which is especially known for its tourism in all over the world.  This tourist spot is especially known for its charming natural beauty, a good collection of cultures and traditions, a big collection of tourist places, adventure trip spots, and many others.  Nepal has also the highest and tallest mountains, hills, green and dense jungles, and wonderful Himalayan greenery beauties and much more. It is not only a big tourist place for tourists, but also it is a big tourist place for adventurists, holiday seekers, and honeymoon lovers. Nepal trip is very popular because of thrilling and wonderful trekking, hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, wildlife campaign, sightseeing, paragliding, and many more adventure activities. Apart from all these things, everyone can fall in love with nature at first glance of the country’s surprising views.  This country has also miscellaneous topography, ethnicity, and culture, so it has become a perfect tourist destination for all tourist lovers and seekers.  Nepal Tour Packages can help you to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable.

How Nepal tour packages help you to explore tourist spots-

The natural heritage site of the country refers to nature, ecology and cool, sweet, and pleasant climate and atmosphere. This heritage site includes national parks, high altitude lakes, high passes, and glaciers, deep valleys, floral and biodiversity, the great Himalayas, national parks, the highest mountains, peaks, hills, rivers as well as lakes. These prime tourist attractions attract a lot of tourists to the country for pleasure, excitement, adventure, exploring, and research. Sagarmatha (home of Mt. Everest) and Chitwan National Parks are honorably listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that attract a mass of interested tourists from different parts of the world. These tourist attractions have made Nepal a global tourist destination for all types of tourists. Travels2nepal is the best tour agency in Nepal, which is offering exciting Nepal travels packages for Nepal tour. This agency also provides special deals for a happy trip.

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According to the Vedas the Jewels of Life or the Jivaratna refers to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the one who offers life and Happiness to the Humankind. So, Rudrabhishek is the Puja that is performed for Lord Shiva. Varanasi is an ancient holy city in India where lots of people every year visit to wash off their sins. There are various other tours & travels in Kashi as well that provide the best tour packages to travel to these religious locations like the Kashi tour Package but not all of these fulfil the promises that they made. White Stork Holidays has been rendering Varanasi city tour package since ages and our team of experts work rigorously to ensure that you have the best travel experience.

Kashi Vishwanath temple is one of the most famous temples in Varanasi and this is the place you must visit when you take your Varanasi gaya tour package. White Stork Holidays tour operators in Varanasi ensure that you get to visit all the famous and important locations in Varanasi without any issues or any hassles. A lot of people from different parts of India visit this beautiful temple and take the Kashi tour Package to perform the Rudrabhishek Puja because they believe that all their wishes will come true when they perform here.

Reasons to Perform Rudrabhishek in Kashi Vishwanath Temple:

This beautiful ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is also believed that the temple exists on the trident of Lord Shiva. So the Shiva devotees believe that the temple is associated to divine presence of the Lord himself. Therefore it is strongly believed that performing the Rudrabhishek here when you take your Varanasi Gaya tour package enriches you with satisfaction, peace and growth in life as these offerings are directly presented to the Lord Himself. You will get the best tours from Varanasi tour operators from Joshi tours & travels.

Procedure to Perform Rudrabhishek in Kashi Vishwanath Temple:

The ways of performing the Rudrabhishek rituals are simple and you can perform it in the simple ways if you take the services from the best tours & travels in Kashi. You can also book the tickets for Performing the Rudrabhishek Puja in Varanasi and then get the chance to perform it with your family.

How can White Stork Holidays Help you?

White stork Holidays has been delivering customized and explicit Varanasi city tour package to traveller around the globe since many years and being in the market for so long we are very well aware about the requirements of the travellers. We provide all type of religious, domestic, honeymoon, and international tour as well. Our packages are designed to fit your budget and provide you extreme comfort while you are on your journey. We are also recognised as the best Varanasi tour operators and we can offer you the tour as you wish for.

So, if you are looking for best travel assistance for your next trip with your family, contact White Stork Holidays today.

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There are many different reasons for people to travel, some people travel so that they can attend a meeting or for a business purpose. Doesn’t matter for which reason you are going to travel. The next thing which makes people travel is to spend their holiday so that they can relax and see the beauty of this world. If you are a person, who wants to travel for sightseeing, you can consider visiting a place with beaches. Sometimes people also love to see the sunset through beaches, which are worth it since the beauty of such a place is extraordinary, and nothing can match its beauty. Everyone knows how tiresome a journey can be, but once you get the perfect services, everything will be fine. People have a tendency to waste money and every time they land they try to book a local cab with Thai Private Tour Driver or Ayutthaya Private Tour taxi and end up paying extra money which they could have saved.

Image result for Thai Private Tour Driver

You can easily book a ride for you way home and also save a lot of money if you consider hiring Bangkok Airport Transfer Service. There are many different things which can delay you from getting on time to the airport, and it is completely up to you whether you want to go or not. These days there are is too many traffic, and if you don’t know the routes, you will fail to reach the airport on time. This Bangkok Driver Service only think about making money and most of them take a long route which is full of traffic. You will surely end up losing your flight if you travel using local taxi or cab, what you need is a transfer service which can help you reach your destination in time, no matter where it is. These service providers are very much professional and can give you best services.

Comfortable and relaxing transfer services

The Bangkok Transfer Service are very comfortable as you can choose your car which suits you the best making your journey comfortable. Meanwhile, it is very easy to book a ride, and you just have to call them and your ride will be there in no time and you also don’t have to waste your money. These drivers are trained and experienced so you can rest assured that you will reach your destination in time.

Varieties of cars to choose from

If you have hired a good company, you will get to choose a car which will take you to your destination. When you will hire a most reliable and trusted company then you no needs to worry about anything. There are many companies in the market, but you have to be careful and choose wisely. You can select a vehicle which suits your needs and pay accordingly; it is the best part that you don’t have to pay too much. You will get special discounts and offers which will help you save a lot of money and makes transfer services worth hiring. 

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Talking about Nepal’s geography is really very interesting and debating. Nepal is a God gifted country where you can see many wonderful views of nature and enjoy it with great taste. Nepal’s geography is quite different from other countries, so Nepal tourism has a big importance in the world tourism map. This pretty country is fully covered by 75% green and dense jungles and 50% by mountains and hills. The greenery landscape is fully surrounded by dark and dense jungles.  Most of the lands are hilly, greenery, and green forest. It has three levels of highland shows that plain, hill, and mountain regions. Low land begins from 200 meters to 900 meters from sea level. Nepali hills are seen above 1600 meters to 2500 meters from Sea level. Mountain regions begin from3000 Meters to 8848 meters higher from sea level. Hence, all types of the climates and environments may be an exciting and wonderful experience in this beautiful country.


Mighty Himalayan Culture And Nature In Nepal


Greenery low landscapes of the country is very popular for farming and wildlife safari in various many National Parks where several types of wild animals and birds can be observed with a lot of thrilling jungle activities. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the famous tourist spots, which are specially known for Jungle safari activities. These two parks have become the great attractions for those tourists, who are looking for jungle safari trip. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Shivapuri, Chamadevi, Dhulikhel and Thankot are the best places to explore and visit as compared with other places. All these places have made it a wonderful place for traveling.  Also, travelers can see long and long Himalayan ranges with pretty green nature, and cultural villages.

Get Special Discounts For Nepal Holiday Tour Packages From India

Nepal has become a favorite holiday destination in the world, so people are coming here to spend their holidays with their family and friends. Nepal is the cheap and best holiday place for holiday seekers. If you want to book Nepal Holiday Package From India, Travels2nepal is the best tour operator to get the best deals.

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Different People have different aims when it comes to travelling, but if you are looking for a place that offers a lot of historical significance along with being a religious place, then Varanasi is the place for you. Varanasi City tour Package is the one which offers best of both the religious Yatra as well as a small holiday with family because of the beautiful monuments and historically famous things available in Varanasi. Varanasi is located on the banks of Holy River Ganga and according to the tales, whosever takes a dip in the holy waters of river Ganga is freed from his/her sins and is likely to attain Moksha after death, which is why people prefer to take Kashi Holiday tour Package as well. The importance of Ganga is attached to the religious beliefs of many followers of Hinduism. In addition to all these details, the next important thing is that Varanasi is actually rich in religion, culture, crafts and the philosophy as well. Along with taking the Varanasi tours you can also take the outstation tours like Varanasi Gaya tour Packages.

White Stork Holidays provides the best tours for any sort of packages you take, some of our famous packages in addition to Varanasi tour are Varanasi Prayagraj tour Packages et cetera. Now, let us look at few places that are actually worth visiting in Varanasi and those places are mentioned below:

  1. River Ganga: Goddess Ganga is believed to be descended from heaven to wash away the sins of people. She represents purity, peace and forgetting nature. According to the Hindu Mythologies it is believed that whoever takes a dip in the Holy waters of Ganga his/her sins is washed off and they attain Moksha in their life after death. The Ghats of Varanasi witness Ganga Aarti on a daily basis, once in the evening and one in the morning, it is the most beautiful moment, witnessing it with bare eyes provide peace to the mind, calms your soul and enlightens you. When you take the Varanasi City tour Package from White Stork Holidays, we also provide other packages like the Varanasi Gaya tour Package; we will ensure that you get to visit these places without any issue and with full comfort and safety. We tend to provide high quality services that too with the type of vehicles that you demand for all our tour packages including Chardham tour Package.
  2. Sarnath: Sarnath is the place that is located around 10 km from Varanasi and it is famous because this is the place where Buddha made his first oration after attaining enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. According to the History, Ashoka the strict follower of Buddhism made the stupa at Sarnath around 234 BC. There are a lot of tourists inflow in this city after that as many structures were constructed here after that.  When you take the Varanasi Gaya tour Package or the Kashi Holiday tour Package from White Stork Holidays we will ensure that you get to visit this place without any issues or problems.
  3. Manikarnika Ghat: Manikarnika Ghat is one of the most Ghats in Varanasi; it is the Ghat where the cremation ceremony takes place. Not most of the people have the courage to go to this place and watch the families performing these cremation practices. This place gives you the actual meaning of life, because this is the one where you will see the life and death together. If you are not comfortable the watch these activities and families then you surely would want to avoid visiting this Ghat when you take the Varanasi City tour Package. When you take the Kashi Holiday tour Packages with us, our driver will give you details about every location prior to your visit, so that you do not have to worry about anything in the last minute.
  4. Man Mandir Ghat: This is one of the other major Ghats in Varanasi and it is one of the ancient Ghats too as well. This is place must be a sure place to visit in your list if you have interests in watching the architectural designs of the Rajputs. The King Man Sigh of Jaipur built a beautiful palace here in Varanasi in 1600 and you must definitely visit this place when you take tour to Varanasi or to nearby locations like the Varanasi Prayagraj tour Packages. White Stork Holidays also provides other tour packages like the Chardham tour Package.
  5. Ramnagar Fort: Ramnagar Fort was once the residence of the Kind of Varanasi and it is believed to be constructed in the year 1750 AD. This beautiful Fort was built using red bricks and stones and it is observed as an important place due to the astronomical clock that shows the day, week, month and year and all the astrological details of the space objects. There is a museum as well inside the palace which is why this place is a must visit place when you take the Varanasi tour.

These are some of the major places that you must visit when you take the Varanasi tours, or the Chardham tour Package or Varanasi Prayagraj tour Packages with White Stork Holidays and along with that we also provide other tours packages that you might find interest in. So, if you are planning to take next tour contact White Stork Holidays and we will make all the arrangements for you.

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Are You Planning to Get Married In Bali

These days’ destination weddings are getting more famous. It is a better way to commit someone for the lifetime. There are so many beautiful locations around the globe where you can get married and start a new beginning of life. Well, if you are lucky that you have friends and family members who are willing to make a trip along with you. The destination wedding is the best thing you can have and definitely, you will always remember this for a lifetime.


No doubt, a destination wedding is a great way to get married but it is a costly affair also. There are so many things that you should be aware of while doing preparation for the marriage. You can even hire a wedding planning organization and tell them about your budget. Budget is the main thing which you need to decide before planning a wedding destination, only this is the thing which helps you to choose the destination for the wedding. As we all want to lessen our expenditures with the best possible services.

There are so many wedding planners available in the market that provides suitable Bali Island Tour packages as per your needs. They also help you in deciding about the location as well as every small detail you need in the wedding. If you add a cost of Bali Indonesia Tour and all the ceremonies like reception, catering, entertainment, florist, photography, decoration, etc., it would definitely exceed what you want to pay. So for going bali vacation packages deal with the reputed tour and travel bali planner is a beneficial thing to opt. These bali tours packages combine all the necessary elements of a wedding which generally reduce the overall cost.

These bali holidays packages give comfort to the not only family but also to the bride and groom. They just need to tell their requirements and wedding planners will do that for them. Make sure the bali packages you choose should fulfill all your requirements. Always choose the reliable wedding planners otherwise you may have to face so many discrepancies. Before finalizing the bali holiday packages planner, you need to check their previous records. You can also ask the people who had availed their services before like what are the services they are offering in their packages? Sometimes, they also arrange the wedding dresses for the bride and groom as per the ceremony. Even they give the facility of legal wedding documents.

Right from the venue, they arrange cake, props, bridal bouquet; photographer, music theme based designer clothes for other family members. All the things you need to make the wedding memorable, they provide to you. To make everything perfect, you should confirm that you have selected the best bali tour packages by checking all the things.

These days, most people choose Bali for the wedding as it is a soothing and exotic place where you can make your wedding moments more special. So, enjoy the destination wedding with Bali Indonesia Package and make you're beloved feel special.

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