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Rajasthan is located in the western region of India touching the Thar Desert where the climate is dry and the area is covered with thorny bushes and trees. The shade of Rajasthan is not possible to overlook and the effect of emerald green, yellowness and saris is simply attractive. Make your holidays in the most royal state by booking this Rajasthan Students Tour Package which is especially planned keeping the students in mind. Rajasthan is a rich in its culture and heritage and for its historical forts, palaces and art and dance forms. Rajasthan is all about royal Rajput traditions and their culture, vivid colours, camels and festivities. Rajasthan is also famous for historical monuments and forts. Festivals of Rajasthan include appealing rituals, ethnicity and vigour. Rajasthan is a fantastic destination for the students travelling educational tours and excursions. Tatla Trip offers wide range of Rajasthan Student Tour Packages for students to understand its rich historical, cultural, wildlife discoveries.

Rajasthan Students Tour Packages in particular covers all those things that will prove to be utterly pleasurable for the students planning a fun filled trip with their friends or batch mates. The places to visit and activities are all arranged in a way that will make your trip a memorable one. So, here we will be discussing with you all the services that will fit your requirements and what all places you need to visit when in Rajasthan. Tatla Trip Rajasthan Tourism gives an opportunity to the travellers to experience the beauty of the most exotic destination of Rajasthan in refined lodging and delicious cuisine at budgeted price. It manages numerous restaurants, cafeterias and also organizes package tours, fairs, festivals, and entertainment, shopping and transport services as per the requirement.

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There are different games to play that require different amounts of cash. A good puppy oriented hotel is not only pet-friendly, they treat the puppy as a guest at their hotel too.

Casinos ban ca casino arе stated to bе great as long as yоu play them for the sake of entertainment. This means yоur bets need to constantly be withіn the limitation уоu can afford tо lose. Certainly thе fortunate few cans make great cash out оf іt however уоu must not play it wіth thе sole function of making money. Here, through thiѕ article, I аm gоіng to tell you how yоu cаn attain extended entertainment wіth minimal cash whіle gambling online, wіthout letting your fellow bettors understand уour skimpy move.

Take аn Army Boat Duck ride along thе stunning Wisconsin River. You wіll see numerous incredible rock formations all explained by a tour guide. You will evеn havе opportunities tо leave of the boat to walk a few nature trails fоr morе incredible websites. A must to bring уоur camera.

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The finest aspect of it іs thаt іt іs really simple аnd uncomplicated. All you аre needed to do іs tо pick the gambling establishment whеre you would lіke to play аnd thе method уou want to utilize. The remainder оf the work іs dоne by the software. There аre оver 100 online gambling establishments thаt utilize thе Red or Black studio roulette tool, based on thе playtech platform.

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Steve Jobs waѕ born іn San Francisco. He waѕ embraced by Paul and Clara Jobs оf Mountain View, California, who named hіm Steven Paul. His parents later adopted a daughter, whоm thеу named Patti.

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A different big error you can develop is to have cool each give. Utilize these six locations to think of much more areas you can were your dresses to. Attempt recovering your gas cash at Ho-Chunk Casino!

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For nature lovers and those who wish to spend time with animals, reptiles and water creatures, no other option of holidays can be better than choosing African safari vacation packages. You can plan a tour according to your choice and enjoy a wonderful time.

When it comes to choose African Safari Vacation packages, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by going online that is counted as one of the convenient and ideal ways to provide you the best holiday experience you have ever enjoyed. Choose the right tour planner, where affordable packages are offered, go through the details and pre-book the right one that is ideal for you. When it comes to plan for choosing the right African safari vacation packages, you will have a better opportunity to fulfill your requirement by reaching at Simba Adventures.

The leading tour operator has been offering you customized tour packages that include everything – pick and drop, safe and secure accommodation, sightseeing, multi-cuisine food, a close encounter with animals and a lot more.

A team of dedicated professionals has been working here, who have proven track record and years of experience. They plan tours according to your choice. So, what you are looking for, make a contact as per your requirement and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

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Rajasthan is mesmerized with many historic palaces, forts, beautiful lakes and mountains are spread across the entire state. Rajasthan the land of palaces and forts is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It has some of the most colourful cities in India. Jaipur is pink, Udaipur is white, Jodhpur is blue, Jaisalmer is golden and Jhalawar is purple. The Rajasthan Holiday Packages is filled with travel and explore the beautiful places and forts to kick-start your vacation planning. Tatla trip offers different Places to see the state of Rajasthan in Rajasthan Tour Packages.

Jaipur, the city of pink is known for its palaces, forts, and temples. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Rajasthan. Some of the major attractions of the city include the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, and the City Palace.  In Jodhpur the Mehrangarh Fort, this flawless fort which looks as if it’s grown out of the hill is a must visit in Jodhpur. Follow it with a visit to the Jaswant Thada also known as the Taj Mahal of Marwa, elegant Umaid Bhavan Palace, and Mandore Gardens. Udaipur is home to Rajasthan’s largest palace, city palace. The city of lakes has some mind-blowing attractions like the lake palace at the banks of Lake Pichola and the Garden Palace. There are lot of things to see and do in Udaipur and is a must visit on any Rajasthan Holiday Packages.

Mount Abu, only Hill station is one of the lovely city of Rajasthan. Guru Shikhar is the highest peak in Mount Abu, the view from up there is mesmeric. The Dilwara Jain Temples near Mount Abu is another example of the mastery of Rajasthani architecture. Jaisalmer, The golden city of Rajasthan is known for its majestic forts, grand palaces, ancient havelis, great sand dunes, and the astounding view of the Thar Desert. Thar Desert, witness wildlife at the desert national park, admires the craftsmanship at some of the most artistic havelis. Chittorgarh, the city ruled by brave kings lies on the banks of river Berach and Gambini. One of the landmark monuments of this city is the Chittorgarh fort. This fort was home to some of the bravest and heroic rulers of Chittor. Ajmer is considered as the most significant place for the Islamic culture. Some of the prominent places to visit are the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Taragarh Fort, Adhai Din ka Jhonpra, Akbari fort, and museum.

Tatla Trip is the best online travel agency in Rajasthan offering domestic and international travellers the best of Rajasthan Holiday Package. We provide Rajasthan tour packages which offering the best of hotels and inclusions designed to pamper you on your Rajasthan vacation. If you wish to know more about best time to visit Rajasthan, how to reach Rajasthan, things to do in Rajasthan and so on browse through our Rajasthan Holiday Packages.


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3819453631?profile=originalDiwali is a major Indian festival observed with much devotion, enthusiasm good preparation with lights. Rajasthan is a cheerful state that celebrates its vibrant culture through an array of fairs and festivals running all year round, adding abundant colors to the dry land of the state. These festivals are come with a chance for the travellers to look into into the art, culture, traditions that are very nicely interweave with the state’s royal history. Rajasthan is a unique place that believes in celebrating life. And you can explore the festivals and the flavours of this amazing land when you visit during this celebration and become a part of it by Rajasthan Diwali Tour Packages.

Considered as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated as the homecoming of Lord Rama. This 5 day long carnival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Houses and shops are given a rigorous spring clean before being lovingly decorated with fairy lights, patterned lanterns and colourful rangolis. Puja is organized in the evening to seek the blessings of Devi Lakshmi. After the religious ceremony, people share sweets with family and neighbours, followed by splendid fireworks. People exchange gifts and enjoy them as much possible.

3819453705?profile=originalTatla Trip offer Rajasthan Diwali Tour Packages at best price. So you can explore our uniquely designed packages and take a dip of impeccable experience ahead with great excavation of history of Rajasthan. Get best deals on Rajasthan Tour Packages at Tatla Trip to plan your holiday online today!

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3819445444?profile=originalThe culture of Rajasthan is very rich and this is because over the years it has been ruled by various kings including the Rajput, Marathas and even Muslim rulers. The state of Rajasthan is famous for its prestigious history and its various customs and traditions. The forts and palaces of the state truly give you an insight into historical India and its diversity.

The most attractive places in Rajasthan include Amber Fort, Lake Pichola Udaipur, and Camel Safari at Jaisalmer, Rat Temple at Bikaner, Camel Breeding farm at Bikaner, City Palace at Jaipur, Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Udai Sagar Lake, Golden Fort, Jain Temples, Havelis, Lalgarh Palace, and many more. Being the part of Rajasthan tour packages provided by Tatla Trip, these places spread charm across the heart of tourists that they love to visit India again and again. There are an exciting range of tour packages available in the market today to choose from. Some popular travel packages for Rajasthan tourism are following.

 City Tour Package - It is one of the most joyful Rajasthan tour packages greatly promoted by various travel agents or tour operators. The famous and beautiful cities that you can explore are Jaipur (the Pink City), Jodhpur (the Blue City), Jaisalmer (the Golden City), Udaipur (the White City and the City of Lakes), Bikaner (Camel City), Mandawa (the City of Frescoed Havelis), Mount Abu (the only hill station of Rajasthan), Pushkar (the Land of Lord Brahma), etc. Tourists can explore these fascinating cites in most convenient and hassle free with a car.

 Wildlife Tour Package - A well-organized and prepared wildlife tour package in Rajasthan takes tourists to famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India. Some very popular destinations for wildlife tourism in the state are Ranthambhore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Desert National Park, etc.

 Heritage Tours Package - It is perhaps the most demanding Rajasthan tour packages. It is very popular among travel agents and tour operators. You can choose a right package for heritage tours in Rajasthan which will give you a wonderful opportunity to see, visit and praise magnificent monuments of Rajasthan in the forms of forts, palaces, temples, havelis, castles, and mansions. Kumbhalgarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort, Junagarh Fort, Golden Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Lake Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace, etc.

Tatla Trip offers Camel Safari Tours, Cultural Tours & Travels, Golden Triangle Tours, Desert Expedition, Rural tourism, Adventure tourism, etc are some other popular packages for Rajasthan tourism. Get best deals on Rajasthan tour packages online at Tatla Trip. Plan your holiday online today! Book your package at best price. 



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Few people know that Hyderabad is a historical city boasting of more than 14 monuments. Thanks to Hyderabad tourism, it is now easy to explore and visit. Their cost effective and attractive packages are the best for tourists and residents.

Hyderabad, the Pearl City is now one of the most modern, well developed, green and safe cities in India. However, a city is well known not only for its present, but also for its rich history and glorious past. Thanks to the era of Nizams for giving Hyderabad its rich culture and famous monuments. What’s more, each of them is known for its splendid architecture and interesting stories.

Even residents of Hyderabad city would be surprised to know that Hyderabad city boasts of more than 15 wonderful monuments including Charminar, Golconda Fort etc. They are easy to explore and visit. Hyderabad Tourism, the brainchild of five passionate youngsters provides different Hyderabad city tour packages. Tourists; natives, Indians and foreigners can travel around and understand the rich heritage of the city, once known as the city of Nizams.


 The Mystifying Charminar 
Among the many monuments beautifying Hyderabad is the popular Charminar, standing tall in the famous Old City of Hyderabad. It gets its name from the four minarets that make it. The Charminar is to Hyderabad what Eiffel Tower is to Paris and Great Wall to China. It is the oldest monument of Hyderabad, built in 1591, during the rule of the Qutb Shahi dynasty.  Created with lime mortar and granite, it is classic example of Indo-Arabian architecture. In fact, this is the monument that has come to symbolize the city of Hyderabad. It is not surprising to hear others exclaim, “Oh, Charminar” at the mention of the historic city of Hyderabad. It is almost synonymous with Hyderabad city.

The purpose behind its construction was to build a ceremonial gate, leading to the king’s palace. Traditionally, it housed a mosque, a place of religious study on the first floor and a cistern on the second.  Important announcements from the king would reach the common man from here. However, this heritage structure is now a popular tourist attraction of Hyderabad. A tourist would not miss Charminar on his or her visit to Hyderabad. What’s more, Hyderabad tourism makes it easy for them. The best packages for Hyderabad tour and the Hyderabad city tour by bus introduces tourists to this historical monument, which is a delight to be in. Moreover, it is surrounded with the most famous bazaars of Hyderabad. During the visit, tourists can purchase the best pearls, designer bangles and other specialties of Hyderabad. The best Hyderabadi food is also available here. Tourists can savour the chat, South Indian delicacies as well as the lip smacking specialties including Haleem,  Hyderabadi biryani and more. Another piece of advice is to visit the Charminar at night too. It is well lit and makes a delightful and unforgettable sight.

Well; this is not it. Other monuments of Hyderabad also boast of rich heritage, interesting tales, splendid architecture and much more. So, for a delightful tour exploring the depths of the famous city of Hyderabad, contact Hyderabad tourism for their attractive and cost effective tour packages.

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Are you planning to explore Tanzania and its wildlife sanctuaries in the way that you want to keep memorable for the time to come?

For tour lovers – mainly wildlife enthusiasts, it has always been a major concern to choose the right tour packages to some of the most beautiful natural destinations. Tanzania is one of them to explore wildlife and natural beauty. Find one of the top tour companies in Tanzania and you will get affordable tour packages planned for you.

Whether you are looking or the top Tanzania safari holidays, planning for amazing tours at the top tour companies in Tanzania or looking for African jungle safari tours, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by going online that is counted as one of the convenient ways to help you in finding what exactly you are looking for. There are a number of reputed tour companies in Tanzania with local guides, who help you at every step from your arrival to departure.

They also offer you customized tour packages for memorable trip.

Simba Adventures is one of the top tour companies in Tanzania – presenting you the best of tour packages that are specifically planned for you for a wonderful experience that you want to get. Pre-book any of the right tour packages and see how you transform your holidays into the best touring experience.

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Are you planning to explore Tanzania and its wildlife sanctuaries in the way that you want to keep memorable for the time to come?

For tour lovers – mainly wildlife enthusiasts, it has always been a major concern to choose the right tour packages to some of the most beautiful natural destinations. Tanzania is one of them to explore wildlife and natural beauty. Find one of the top tour companies in Tanzania and you will get affordable tour packages planned for you.

Whether you are looking or the top Tanzania safari holidays, planning for amazing tours at the top tour companies in Tanzania or looking for African jungle safari tours, you will have some better options to fulfill your requirement by going online that is counted as one of the convenient ways to help you in finding what exactly you are looking for. There are a number of reputed tour companies in Tanzania with local guides, who help you at every step from your arrival to departure.

They also offer you customized tour packages for memorable trip.

Simba Adventures is one of the top tour companies in Tanzania – presenting you the best of tour packages that are specifically planned for you for a wonderful experience that you want to get. Pre-book any of the right tour packages and see how you transform your holidays into the best touring experience.

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Nepal is one of the most popular hill stations for those couples, who want to spend special moments of their life with each other.  This beautiful and hilly country is not only a tourist spot, but also it is a popular romantic gateway. This mountainous tourist destination has turned to be a romantic place to make tourist’s journey exciting and happy.  Nowadays, Nepal is specially known for its natural wonders, which are making it a popular romantic hill station. If you’re dreaming a romantic Nepal Tour with your partner, you should book a tour agency. By doing so, you can travel in Nepal easily, affordably and comfortably.

Staying per day cost in Nepal for a romantic couple

Nepal is one of the most affordable romantic tourist places, which is drawing the attention of millions of tourists. To stay here, you need to pay affordable costs. This is the cheap and best place to stay happily.

Local Transportation Rates in Nepal-

 Nepal is really a beautiful tourist destination as compared with other places. If you want to visit its all places, you can visit them affordably. You need to pay affordable local transportation rates.

Pokhara, a City of Lakes, Romantic Hill Station-

Pokhara is known as a city of lakes, which has become the most favorite and romantic hill station for romantic couples. You can spend your time with your partner in the boating house. You can also enjoy boating trip with your partner.  Your trip will be a wonderful experience, which will never experience in your life time.

Kathmandu – An Affordable Romantic Destination in Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital city of the country, which is specially known for its tourism in all over the world. This beautiful city is a full of mountains, hills, lakes and valleys.  You can see here wonderful views of nature and Himalayan regions.

  Nagarkot- A Popular Mountainous Romantic Place

Nagarkot is one of the most popular mountainous romantic destinations in the country, which is frequently visited by a crowd of millions of tourists every year. This place is the best example of natural attractions, so everyone loves this place very much.

A Trip to Wildlife of Nepal-

Nepal is a place of discovery where tourists can see a wide variety of wild animals, and birds.  It is not only a hub of wild animals, but also it is a big spot of wildlife. On open jeep safari, you can watch the lifestyle of each wild animal amazingly. You can see their daily life routine.

An Exciting Deal for Nepal Tour-

If you want to book a tour for Nepal, Travels2nepal is the best traveling company in Nepal. This traveling agency provides the best Nepal Tour Packages in various price ranges along with luxury amenities. Online tour agents are available 24/7 to help you in booking your online tour in very affordable prices. This agency also provides you local tour guides to guide you on the way and give you the best way to enjoy a happy journey with partner.

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Enjoying A Family Vacation In Egypt

If you want to explore the wonders and attractions of Egypt, you must plan a family vacation and explore the Egypt tour packages offered by top travel and tour companies. Egypt is an amazing tourist destination with a large number of sightseeing locations, ancient monuments, tombs, temples, pyramids, and other sites to see and explore. Book a holiday with family and kids. It is a good chance to enjoy a Nile cruise and taste the exquisite cuisine of Egypt. The travel companies arrange luxurious hotels and accommodation for staying during the tour. Food, snacks, and drinks are served in the hotel and journey. People love to do camel riding in the deserts of Egypt.

The hotels in Egypt are situated in a prime location near the attractions and the travel company provides vehicles and private cars for traveling purposes. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in Egypt and onboard the ships in the Nile cruise. Best efforts are made to make the travelers comfortable in the journey and ensure their safety. The temples and tombs in Egypt are a must-see attraction. It is also a good destination for shopping. 

Booking a holiday with Egypt tour packages allows you to see the historical sites and know about the local culture and history of the oldest civilization. Museums in Egypt house the most attractive artifacts and remains of the ancient kings and queens. Visiting temples like Karnak, Abu Simbel, and Luxor gives immense joy and happiness. Taking a tour in the cities of Egypt is a memorable experience. The staff and representatives of the tour company are friendly and helpful. They help the tourists in all possible ways so that there is no problem while traveling. 

Visit this website to book guided trips to Egypt.

Read another blog about best travel Egypt here at -

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2019 is the golden year for those travelers, who are looking to visit a beautiful and heart touching tourist destination. There are so many tourist destinations in the world. Tourists love such places, which are very attractive, sweet and loving. Nepal is one of them. It is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world, which is regularly visited by millions of travelers. This little beautiful country is not only a famous tourist place, but also it is a big favorite picnic spot. If you’re dreaming a holiday tour to Nepal, Nepal Tour packages are the best options for you. These packages are very exciting options to make your holiday trip luxury and comfortable. Here are some famous holiday spots to visit In Nepal in 2019.

Kathmandu Valley- A Famous Hill Station to Spend Holiday Days

Kathmandu valley is one of the most popular eye-catching, bind-blowing, sweet and pleasant holiday spots in the country. This mountainous hill station is not only a charming spot, but also it is a big place for holiday seekers. It is also known as “land of Nepali People”.  This charming valley is fully surrounded by wonderful hills such as Phulchowki, Shivapuri, Nagarjun and Chandragiri.  Its famous tourist spots-

  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Swayambhunath Stupa
  • Boudhanath Stupa

Pokhara- A Tourist Capita of the country

Pokhara is the most popular tourism capital of Nepal, which is called a city of lakes.  You can watch  most popular  mountains such as Annapurna (8091m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu ( 8156m) and Machhapuchhre( 6993m). This nature gifted place is also famous for various adventure activities such as paragliding, Zip line, SkyDiving, Bungee Jumping, Hot Air Balloon and many more. Some of the most popular tourist attractions-

  • Fewa Lake
  • Sunrise view & jaw dropping view from Sarangkot
  • Begnas Lake
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Tal Barahi Temple
  • Bindabasini Temple
  • Bat Cave
  • Mahendra Cave
  • Davis Fall

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is specially known for its jungle safari in all over the world. It is also popular for rare One Horned Rhinoceros, Leopards and Bengal Tigers, Deer, Wild Boar in every part of the world.  This pretty land is the landscape of Tharu people, so tourists can enjoy Tharu cultures. It has rich wildlife, so every tourist can see it amazingly.  Travelers can also watch rare species including Gharial, Rhino, Leopards, Mugger, Crocodiles, Indian Rock Python, Bengal Tigers, and many species of Deer.

Big Discount offers for Nepal Holiday Trip-

Do you want to enjoy a holiday trip to Nepal? If yes, Travels2nepal is the best traveling agency in Nepal. This traveling agency offers amazing Nepal Tour Package in very affordable budget. Online tour agents will help you in booking your online tours with all types of luxury amenities. So, you can enjoy a big discount to book Nepal holiday trip.

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Tour of Poland live stream

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Must-Visit Hill Stations in Nepal in 2019

Hill stations are the most popular spots to travel during holidays, if you are looking for such places, which can give you a chance to enjoy both natural beauty and adventure equally. Nepal is one of such countries, which is popular for its natural beauty and adventure sports. It is also rich in the vibrant culture, natural beauties and natural wonders. It has many beautiful hill stations, which should be visited during the holidays. If you are planning for a Nepal Tour to visit hill stations, you should book a complete tour guide.

Nagarkot- A Most Admired Hill Station for Travelers

Nagarkot, located in the Kathmandu valley, is really a great tourist attraction for those people, who are nature lovers and seekers. It is also called a dream hill station. You can see a wonderful view of the sunset. Moreover, you can see a beautiful view of the sun rising from the mountains.

Dhulikhel- A Modern Hill Station for Exploring Tourists

Dhulikhel is another hill station in the country, which is frequently visited by thousands of people from different parts of the country. It is really a modern hill station where you can enjoy beautiful sceneries of nature.

Daman Hill- A Hill Station is Known for Botanical Gardens of Nepal

The Everest Panama Resort, splendid hills, and greenery landscapes are the greatest attractions, which have made it a popular hill station. During this trip, you should visit Risheshor Mahadev temple, the oldest temple. This hill station is also popular for its biggest and oldest botanical gardens where you can relax naturally. It is the best place for family trips.

Bandipur Hill-A Unique Example of Hill Station in Small Country


Even though all the hill stations are so much beautiful, but Bandipur has a different picture. It has a lot of things and places to offer to adventure junkies, foodies, hill station lovers, trekking enthusiasts, and nature lovers. You can enjoy some interesting activities such as paragliding, caving, rafting, rock climbing, and hiking.

Pokhara- A Hill Station, popularly known as Lake City of Nepal

Pokhara, a lake city of Nepal is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. It is the best place to celebrate a honeymoon. It gives the best opportunities to enjoy boating trips. Moreover, you can also perform trekking, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping and much more.

Chitlang-A Beautiful Hill Station to Reduce Tension and Stress

 Chitlang is one of the most pretty hill stations, which has pure, green and calm landscapes. This place is naturally packed that can reduce your tension and stress. You can relax comfortably. You can pacify your mind and soul, so you can enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding you. If you want to visit all the hill stations in Nepal, Travels2nepal can help you a lot. This traveling agency offers affordable Nepal Tour Packages as per your time and budget. So, you should not miss out to book an exciting trip to visit hill stations of Nepal in 2019.

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A Road Trip from India to Bhutan

It's time for your annual trip planning activity and you are on the hunt for someplace new. We agree the world is open for you to travel but a Bhutan itinerary is sure to make your vacation tranquil and exotic; after all, you are traveling to the Land of Happiness. This land is mystical, magical, adventurous and beautiful; it's a must-visit destination. March to May is the best time to visit Bhutan and it's the spring season when you find the valleys in full bloom.

The Visa or No Visa 

The best part about traveling to Bhutan is that Indian passport holders DO NOT require a visa. All you need to do is to carry a valid passport and your voter id card along with a few passport size photos. And lo and behold! You can obtain your permit at the border entry point itself.

The Route

There are three routes mainly that you can take, of which two are via Assam. However, the easiest route we find is from West Bengal through Siliguri. Take the route from here and you will soon reach the last Indian town of Jaigaon before the Bhutan border begins. This is a 157 km drive and the shortest. The roads aren't as well maintained but if you are not averse to a bumpy ride, then you are sure to enjoy your trip along with the hilly views. 

Once you reach, you will be able to get your permits from the Bhutan Immigration office that's open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (Make sure you don't reach on a Saturday or you will be stuck). The permit process takes a couple of hours provided the queue isn't too long. A permit isn't required to enter Phuentsholing. However, once you exit there and start towards Paro or Thimpu, you will come across an immigration checkpoint that will ask you for a valid permit.

Once you enter the main cities of Bhutan, thus begins your adventures overland. Travel across this beautiful country and you will return refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Is it not possible for you to visit a place in the season that adds to its beauty? I know the feeling that grows like what fun it is to go in summers to a city like Bergen that is supposed to be visited in winters! Oh, it kills the buzz!

Well, worry no more as here are the things you can do in Bergen during any season and enjoy as much as a person visiting in favorable times! Keeping in mind, Norway is the most popular place and top-rated destination for tourists; explore this free walking tour Bergen guide! Get More Information free walking tour Bergen

Top 7 things to do in Bergen at any time of the year:

Go hiking: visit Mount Floyen that is a perfect destination for bikers, hikers and adventurers.

Explore Bryggen: it offers you fantastic dimly-lit facades and wooden alleys for mesmerizing sightseeing.

Sneak into the history: to go back in the time of Bergen history, visit Hanseatic museum!

Experience the fascination: visit Edvard Grieg museum, a Swiss wooden villa enveloped by fragrant gardens.

Take pleasure in the flavors: for fish lovers, Bergen fish market is the place.

Visit Bergen aquarium: take your kids here and let them feed the little watery creatures.

Explore sightseeing on a cruise: this is what Bergen is renowned for!

Bergen is the place that offers you vast diversity, any activity to do for fun as per your interest, vibrant culture to explore, and the best adventures. 

So here are the unique things you can savor in Bergen on sunny days as well!

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