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Thomas Shelby

Dres like Thomas Shelby, the most stylish Peaky Blinder

Find the best peaky blinders suits at Hockerty. Tommy Shelby is the most famous character of the trendiest British TV show. It is amazing how far the guys from the gang have gone. After 5 seasons, the Birmingham gang has become the most powerful, but also the most stylish group. Their 3 piece suits, tailored shirts and tweed jackets are icons of style for everyone.

If you really want to dress like a peaky blinder choose a:
- 100% peaky blinder style with a tweed 3 piece suit, a wool overcoat and a club collar shirt.

- Add a peaky blidner style piece to your outfits. What about a tweed jacket?

Learn more about Tommy Shelby style at Hockerty blog.


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