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Hair braiding sylverdale

Soma Hair Braiding salon has a reputation to uphold and that is simple to provide newest & latest color for hair, our hair expert team deliver professional jobs. When it comes to the real art of African hair braiding salon Soma is the best around. This Hair braiding Sylverdale salon has become a very popular hair salon USA that is located Sylverdale, Tacoma, Seattle,  Port Orchard. We provide a Classy & new style Braids.


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Hair braiding Seattle

Soma Hair Braiding salon has become a very popular African hair salon which has a well-trained team that offers the newest style in hair.  Yet, hundreds of years prior, interlaces were considerably more than only a hairstyle. Hair braiding Seattle salon social importance and underlying foundations of braiding can be followed back to the African tribes. Meshes are a piece of the inborn traditions in Africa hair style. The plait designs imply the tribe and help to distinguish the individual from the tribe.


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Hair braiding and weaving

To achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction it's our passion and provides outstanding service--and improving on that rate each year. It is a major goal to provide newest & latest hairstyle that's more attractive and stylish hair service. Soma Hair Braiding salon is the global leader African salon where you can more expect for the beautiful Hair braiding and weaving service. There is a large list of the newest hair look and keep customers satisfied.


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