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Many of you don’t know that you can use filters, stickers, Memoji, and Animoji in FaceTime during calling. In your FaceTime call, you can make yourself look like a comic character by using stickers. Apple’s video chat feature “FaceTime” is loaded with lots of fun features. While video chatting you can add Memoji or Animoji on your face in real time. You can also download your favorite third-party stickers that you can add while calling and make your FaceTime calling funny and exciting. Here is how to use filters, stickers, Memoji and Animoji in FaceTime while calling.

How to use filters in FaceTime while calling

Filters are applied on the entire screen, and it will change the overall look by adding an effect like it will make everything black and white, bold, warm, or cool. You can also add effects to change your look like, comic book, watercolor, or ink, all these while chatting.

Here is how to add filters in FaceTime while calling.

1.    Open ‘FaceTime’ on your iPhone.

2.    Tap on ‘Filters’ icon. A Start icon at the bottom left corner.

3.    Tap on ‘Filters’ button. Red, blue, and green color circles icon.

4.    Tap and select a filter.

5.    Then tap on the outside of the viewfinder.

This will take you back to your FaceTime call with your selected filter.

How to use stickers in FaceTime while calling

There are some built-in stickers like robots, pandas, guitars, etc. that you can use in FaceTime while chatting with someone. You can also download third-party stickers and use them. But for this, you need to install the developer’s app. You can move stickers where you want also make their size small or large, all while chatting.

Here is how to use stickers in FaceTime while calling

1.    Open ‘FaceTime’ on your iPhone.

2.    Tap on ‘Filters’ icon. A Start icon at the bottom left corner.

3.    Tap and choose a ‘Sticker pack.’

4.    Tap and hold a ‘Sticker’ you want to use.

5.    Now, drag it to the calling screen.

6.    Place it where you want.

To move sticker to another place:

•    Tap and hold the sticker on your screen.

•    Drag it to the new place and drop it where you want.

To change the sticker size:

•    Pinch in to make it small.

•    And pinch out to make it large.

7.    Then tap on the outside of the viewfinder.

The person you’re talking with will see all these fun stuff.

How to use Memoji or Animoji in FaceTime while calling

The Memoji and Animoji are only available on the device having a depth camera, like ‘iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPad pro (2018).

Here is how to Memoji or Animoji in FaceTime while live calling.

1.    Open ‘FaceTime’ on your iPhone X and iPad.

2.    Tap on ‘Filters’ icon. A Start icon at the bottom left corner.

3.    Tap the ‘Animoji’ icon. It is an icon with a monkey face.

4.    Tap and select a ‘Memoji or Animoji.’

5.    Then tap on the outside of the viewfinder. That’s it! This will take you back to your FaceTime call with your selected Memoji or Animoji. Add more filters, stickers, Memoji or Animoji and make your FaceTime call more interesting.

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Where you live and how you live are the factors that define your lifestyle. It also makes up your mood for the day. Looking at dull pictures or images immediately brings down your happy mood as well. So imagine looking at a dull wall as soon as you wake up in the morning, it’ll instantly get you in a lazy mood and will affect your productivity and enthusiasm for the whole day.

Looking at bright and beautiful walls with butterfly wall stickers in your room is a great mood lifter. It creates such an aura and vitality that makes your entire day full of positivity and calmness. It keeps you in a happy mood and also promotes a positive style of living in an exquisite ambience. Beautiful things lead to beautiful thoughts, and having a beautiful wall sticker in your room will always keep your thoughts positive and give you the desire to work and accomplish things.

These wall stickers are good for a girl’s room or for a baby boy’s. Putting up cute wall stickers in a nursery also helps the baby learn. The babies will also get attracted to the vibrant colors of the stickers. They will like to play in that room and also like to sleep there peacefully. Jungle wall stickers are filled with various radiant colors of wildlife that are bound to catch the eye of a viewer, no matter he is an adult or a kid. It consists of a display of various animals in different colors hanging around together which reflects a joyful picture.

Such stickers are a great way to decorate or redecorate your room. If you’re planning to convert one of the rooms in your house for children, then you should definitely look at the various wall stickers offered by Vinyl Wall Store. They have a vast variety of wall stickers that you can use wisely and make your rooms look beautiful and happy. These stickers also go well with dull walls as they bring a character to the wall as well as the room. They offer various kinds of wall stickers such as cloud wall stickers, elephant wall stickers, hot air balloon wall stickers, etc.

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Having a baby is the best experience any parents have in their life and even before their baby is born, they start to gather things for their beloved tot. They begin to shop for his/her clothes, accessories, cradle, beautiful toys, baby monitor and what not. The arrival of the baby is the happiest thing in their life and parents makes sure that they do not compromise on anything. The most important place that people decorate when they know they are going to be blessed with a baby is his/her room. They pick the best things to decorate the room with the tender things and things that are pleasant to the eye. One thing that can add charm to the baby's room is the finest wall stickers such as elegant elephant wall stickers.

Wall stickers can uplift the aesthetics of a room to a great extent. It adds a cuteness factor to your baby's room. There are many wall stickers available in the market that can be used to customise the room to decorate it and give it a homely feeling. For instance, elephant wall stickers and other wildlife wall stickers can be used to enhance the appearance of nursery rooms and playrooms for little kids. Such walls attract the kids' attention and make them fall in love with animals. These wall stickers are easy to install in the house and are easily removable as well. Jungle wall stickers and many such stickers look absolutely adorable in the children's room.

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Window stickers are one of the most effective tools to promote your brand name. They are nothing but a printed display of your thoughts and imagination which can be fixed in almost all types of surfaces. This useful utility is a unique medium, can be placed in your car windows, shop windows, on against any plane surface and help you to promote your business identity in your locality. Apart from advertising and marketing purposes, these window stickers can also be used to identify objects and to arrange them in a particular order.

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