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Are you preparing for SSC cgl 2020? SSC CGL is one of the essential exams for all the students who want to get a government job. Lakhs of students apply and sit for this exam, but only a few are capable of cracking the scoreboards for their bright future. If you are one of them, so it's high time for you to revise all the concepts or questions. There are multiple levels that one has to clear step by step to crack the final exam.

To clear the SSC exams, students take admission in coaching centers and prepare for the whole year. Then after practicing so much, it is essential to follow a strategy to get got marks. One must revise as per the round. There are many online coaching centers available that are providing the study material.

Along with this, one can take the online test to check their preparation level. Henceforth, if you are also searching the best way to prepare, then below given strategy will help you a lot.

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Best way to go ahead while preparing:

To prepare for the exam, one can check the syllabus of ssc cgl 2020. It will give you an idea of what topics will come and how you can prepare them accordingly.

In SSC exams, there are three levels: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Test 3. And, without clearing the first one will not be able to reach the other. Therefore, now we will discuss what all things are there in each of the exams.

  1. SSC CGL 2020, TIER 1:


  • It is essential and the most important part of SSC CGL exams. It contains many topics, and one has to revise all to go to the next level.
  • It contains topics related to English, Science, Math's, and Reasoning questions. The most significant part of the syllabus in English. In this exam, the examiner wants to check your capability and the knowledge of grammar. This test is conducted to check the level of English of the candidate. So, spend most of the time to practice this section, but keep in mind that preparing other topics is also essential.
  • Once the exam is done, and you get selected, the next level is ready for you. You have to prepare for tier 2.


  1. SSC CGL 2020, TIER 2:
  • It is the next SSC mains exam and more robust than the preliminary test. It is essential to prepare for tier 2 as one has to clear it by hook or crook to go to the next level. The questions and the sections in this part will be tough, and the checking will be equally tougher for you. So go through the syllabus for the exam and start preparing.
  • One can get the sample guide from the online coaching centers for SSC cgl 2020. 
  • After clearing this exam, it will become easy for you to go ahead. The one-step that you clear will take you to Tier 3. The success is very near and prepares for the next level, once the result for this comes.


  1. SSC CGL 2020, TIER 3:
  • Now, after clearing the first to round, it is time to prepare for the next round. It will be a pen and paper round where you have to write the answers. You have to describe the answers to the questions in detail. The examiner is looking forward to checking the writing skills of the candidate. This round will ensure that whether you are going to be selected in the next round or not.
  • There will be tough questions, and some will be an easy one. But the one thing that the examiner will judge is your higher English skills. You must be good at writing, and your grammatical errors should be minimal.
  • One can get the sample papers of descriptive writing for the SSC exam from any of their sides. Even the online coaching centers are providing their material for the students to practice.
  • Now, after clearing the two-tier rounds, you have to move forward for the last round, which will decide your selection or rejection. It is a significant round as after clearing so many steps now, you are at the final stage. Therefore you have to clear the sound from your heart get selected for SSC CGL.

How important are these rounds are for the students?

The students need to clear the SSC exam. The students are preparing for many years, and they must get some fruitful results. We always say that if your preparation is well, then you will get the best results. Not only in your exam but your hard work is of optimum level it will be easy for you to clear the problems. Henceforth don't wait for the second chance to give your hundred percent in the first chance that you get.

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Is your choice is right to sit for this exam?


  • It is the question that a student has to ask themselves before starting the preparation. We always say students that if you are sitting for any exam, check your capabilities. Not every student is capable of sitting for every exam. Therefore always check your capability and SSC cgl 2020 strategy before sitting for the SSC CGL exam. If you have to prepare so much and there will be no result that would not be fruitful for you.
  • Therefore check your capabilities and see if you will be able to complete all the challenges or not.
  • And In the end, we all are here to help you out to solve any query for clearing the exam. You can get the sample test paper along with the sample materials. Online coaching centers are the best option to participate in the test. Their preparatory examination will help you a lot to clear the exams.


Prepare well for your SSC cgl 2020.

Your SSC cgl 2020 strategy will play an essential role in your preparation.

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Challenges in Government Exams

The number of aspirants every year attempts for Government exams like SSC CGL. But only some of them are able to crack it. The ratio is relatively low because of the many challenges faced by aspirants during the course of preparation.

Some of the major challenges are:

  • Lack of understanding of particular exam:

Let’s say if you are preparing for SSC CGL 2020 Exam. You must first find out what is SSC CGL? Or what is the CGL full form? What is the syllabus for the exam and what are the other requirements and details regarding the exam.

  • Lack of motivation: Many students appear for the exam because of family or peer pressure.
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Not understanding your own capabilities
  • Poor preparation strategy
  • Lack of proper research or study material.
  • Lack of proper guidance

We Are Providing You All Best Stuff That You Need for Your Preparation like ssc cgl 2020 notification tier 1, ssc cgl statistics study material.


SSC CGL Reasoning

The SSC CGL syllabus includes verbal and non- verbal types of reasoning. The technique to solve both types of questions in the exam is different.

Verbal reasoning: The questions related to the English language and grammar comes under the purview of verbal reasoning like passage reading.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving verbal reasoning questions in exam:

  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Understand instructions along with questions.
  3. Manage your time according to the number of questions asked in the exam.
  4. Do not waste too much time on a single question.
  5. Attempt the question when the answer is sure. Don’t go by assumptions.
  6. Work hard on vocabulary by reading newspapers, novels, magazines, etc.
  7. Practice grammar rules on a daily basis.
  8. Keep on practicing through mock tests.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: this type of questions use visual information to test problem-solving skills of candidates in the examination like questions on mirror image, puzzles, etc.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving non-verbal reasoning     questions in exam:

  1. Read the question and instructions carefully.
  2. Mark the visual information thoroughly.
  3. Manage your time according to the type of information provided in the question: Take your time to analyze the information where the visuals are more complex.
  4. Make the notes of key concepts related to non- verbal reasoning: Like notes on directions, reflections, etc.
  5. Enhance your logical thinking by solving puzzles or by playing Sudoku.
  6. Practice is the key: keep on practicing through mock tests, last year question papers, etc.


SSC Mathematics

In SSC CGL examination, mathematics or quantitative aptitude questions are asked to test the numerical ability or number sense of a candidate.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving mathematics questions in exam:

  1. Read the questions and instructions related to negative marking carefully.
  2. Manage your time and do not waste too much time on one question.
  3. Prepare the basics of each topic from the syllabus in detail and make revision notes handy.
  4. Try to create or learn shortcuts to solve questions that will save time in the exam.
  5. Remember all the formulas, tables and important information on fingertips.
  6. Don’t go by your assumptions or instincts in mathematics.
  7. Analyze your preparation from time to time.
  8. Practice is the mantra.
  9. Solve mock tests and last year’s question papers.
  10. Keep your calm.

SSC CGL 2020 Preparation Strategy & Study Materials - Study24x7, Strategy to Crack SSC Cgl 2020 Exams, All Possible SSC Cgl 2020 Strategy, Study Material of SSC CGL, notification of SSC CGL 2020, SSC CGL next exam 2020, syllabus of ssc cgl 2020.

We hope you have got some tips for studying 24x7 for your competitive exams and you now you know the benefits of studying 24x7 for competitive exams. All the very best for your upcoming 2020 study plan and exams.

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The Best Training Center in Coimbatore

Sarathi Banking Academy offers a comprehensive training program to prepare our students for various competitive exams. Well experienced and talented professionals are involved to teach the subjects in an easy methodology. We provide the most effective and competitive environment for learning. As English is the medium of communication in most of the fields, students must be well versed in the language to communicate with co-workers and clients. For this purpose, we conduct spoken English classes in Coimbatore for the interested candidates


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SSC exams are on the approach and many people apply for it as they are Central Government exams. Applying for the exam is not a big deal but preparing for it is much important. It is not that easy. We provide the SSC coaching classes for the aspiring candidates as Sarathi Banking Academy is the leading SSC exam coaching center in Coimbatore. Coaching is provided for all posts in the SSC exams for both prelims and mains. We conduct regular and weekend classes for candidates and also regular tests are conducted both online and offline to test the speed level. Join us now and clear your competitive exams shortly. 


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Press Release on SSC-CGL tier 1

Staff Selection Commission or simply known as SSC has declared and uploaded the results of SSC-CGL 2018 tier 1. After this announcement, so many candidates who appeared for SSC earlier are checking their results. If the people don't clear in 2018, they will look for SSC-CGL 2020. And so many new people are also looking at SSC-CGL 2020 to check their luck.


About SSC:

The Staff Selection Commission, shortly known as SSC, was established in the year of 1975. The organization works underneath the Government of India and recruits workers for a number of posts within the numerous Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices.

It's headquartered in New Delhi. Presently, there are seven regional workplaces at Allahabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore and two Sub-Regional Places of work at Raipur and Chandigarh. Every regional office or workspace has a Regional Director and every sub-regional office or workplace has a Deputy-Director. 

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SSC CGL Tier I 2018 marks:

Staff Selection Commission, SSC has launched the Widespread Graduate Stage or SSC CGL marks for the SSC CGL Tier I 2018 examination. Candidates who had appeared for the SSC CGL Tier 1 examination can verify their marks on the official web site, the hyperlink for which is SSC CGL Examination (Tier-I), 2018 was held from June 4, 2019, to June 13, 2019.

The record of candidates qualified for the Tier-II examination was declared by the Commission on August 20, 2019. The marks of all of the candidates have been launched now at


SSC CGL Tier I 2018 result: Easy methods to verify

Step 1: Go to the official web site,

Step 2: On the home page of the website, click on the notice released for the Uploading of the latest marks of Mixed Graduate Stage Tier I Examination 2018.

Step 3: A notice will open.

Step 4: Click on the link supplied for SSC CGL Marks (Tier I) 2018.

Step 5: Enter the required particulars and submit them.

Step 6: Your result can be displayed on the display screen.


SSC CGL Tier I 2018 result: Qualified candidates Details

A complete of 15162 candidates have been qualified for the Tier-II [Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-IV General Studies, Finance, and Accounts. 150396 candidates have been qualified for the Tier-II (Paper-I and Paper-II). A total of 8578 candidates have been qualified for the Tier-II [Paper-I, Paper-II, and Paper-III (Statistics)].


Details of SSC CGL Tier-II Examination 2018:

The Mixed Graduate Stage (TierII) Examination, 2018 is tentatively scheduled to be held from September 11 to September 13, 2019. The Admission Certificates of the qualified candidates can be uploaded on the web sites of the respective Regional Places of work roughly 7 days earlier than the conduct of the Tier-II Examination.


So, check your results in the official SSC-CGL portal and don’t feel if you are not shortlisted, you can try for 2020 SSC-CGL. We hope you get a positive response about your results, and all the very best if you are trying for SSC-CGL 2020.

We hope you have got some tips for studying 24x7 for your competitive exams and you now you know the benefits of studying 24x7 for competitive exams. All the very best for your upcoming 2020 study plan and exams.

SSC CGL 2020 Preparation Strategy& Study Materials - Study24x7
Strategy to Crack SSC Cgl 2020 Exams, All Possible SSC Cgl 2020 Strategy, Study Material of SSC CGL, notification of SSC CGL 2020, SSC CGL next exam 2020, syllabus of ssc cgl 2020.

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Many of you might be preparing for SSC-CGL 2020, NTPC 2020, NEET 2020 and Other Competitive Exams, you are really preparing very hard. Studying 24x7 with a proper plan and strategies and following some techniques will definitely boost up your Competition Exam Preparation and will benefit you for 2020. No matter what competitive exam you may be preparing for, whether it SSC-CGL or NTPC or NEET these tips will help you to study 24x7.

We Are Providing You All Best Stuff That You Need for Your Preparation like ssc cgl 2020 notification tier 1, ssc cgl statistics study material.




There are numerous methods to get up with motivation on each and every single day. However, I believe that a very powerful factor you are able to do to begin your day on the appropriate note is to get off the bed instantly. This manner, you won’t be lazy to hit the snooze button and sleep for that additional half an hour. You would attempt inserting your Alarm clock on the opposite aspect of your room so that you’ll be pressured to get off the bed as a way to flip it off.



Little wins might look like simply that–little. Celebrating these wins may help to create optimistic habits. When you are completed studying a particular topic in SSC-CGL or NTPC or NEET for your study preparation for 2020, celebrating that winning or completing will benefit your study.




One other very helpful factor you are able to do to get up feeling motivated each morning is to put in writing down your largest desires on a board, on a bit of paper or on no matter you want and be sure to place that merchandise someplace it is possible for you to to see each and every morning while you get up.



Attempt to focus solely on today, on this lovely day forward of you. Simply neglect about your previous, about all of the unhealthy issues that occur to you. Don’t allow them to hang-out you eternally!


  1. Accountability Associate:

Who may help you to maintain your commitments? It’s straightforward to interrupt a promise to your self, however far tougher to confess your failure to a good friend or colleague. Ideally, your companion is on the journey with you.


  1. Monitor progress:

As you replicate, take note of your progress in reaching your short-term targets. As a result of your short-term targets tie into your long-term targets, you may know that you simply headed the proper path.


By following the tips discussed above, you can study 24x7 with motivation and with more productivity which will benefit your study. By studying 24x7, you have more time to cover all the subjects and topics in the syllabus of SSC-CGL 2020 or NTPC 2020 or NEET 2020.


We hope you have got some tips for studying 24x7 for your competitive exams and you now you know the benefits of studying 24x7 for competitive exams. All the very best for your upcoming 2020 study plan and exams.


SSC CGL 2020 Preparation Strategy & Study Materials - Study24x7
Strategy to Crack SSC Cgl 2020 Exams, All Possible SSC Cgl 2020 Strategy, Study Material of SSC CGL, notification of SSC CGL 2020, SSC CGL next exam 2020, syllabus of ssc cgl 2020.

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SSC/RRB WhatsApp Group Links: Hi TechChotu Viewers! Today i'm gonna share with you latest Education WhatsApp Groups that is SSC WhatsApp Groups and RRB WhatsApp Groups. Join these SSC WhatsApp Group Links and RRB WhatsApp Group Links and know the daily current affairs of all competitive exams. Are you preparing for SSC/RRB Exams then this is the perfect place to gain more knowledge, Are you preparing for SSC Exam, then join SSC WhatsApp Group Join Links? And are you preparing for RRB Railway exam then join RRB WhatsApp Group Join Links. If you want to add your friends or competitive aspirants then join these SSC/RRB WhatsApp Group Invite Links. Before Joining these SSC WhatsApp Links and RRB WhatsApp Links simply read all the rules and regulations of that particular group.

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With the increasing time, competition is getting tough, tougher and toughest. The aura of competitive examination is keeping on expanding just like anything. High standard of education are being set by the educators. As the competition is getting tougher, the competitive exams are getting toughest day by day. Without any preparation, you can’t imagine to appear and pass the examination. In order to reach the targeted destination, you just have to do some extra efforts. You can also ask for the help from the coaching institute, which is being sprouted day by day.

You should not select any coaching institute just like anything. You have to be smart enough at the selection of the institute. Some of the students end up failing in the exam by not selecting a proper institute. There are several factors that you should consider while selecting the coaching centre for you.

Experience Having an experienced coaching center which you is a must. There are several coaching centers, which are being sprouted day by day just like anything but you can’t make of selecting anyone because every coaching center doesn’t have the experienced educators. So, it is important to look for the experienced.

Mouth Recommendations Apart from experience, a mouth recommendation is must. The ones who have already cleared the examination from a particular coaching center, so you can also prefer the one. Suppose you are looking for the institute for SSC CGL coaching then you can go for the SSC CGL coaching in Delhi.

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Have you ever searched a needle in the haystack? I know, you must be laughing at me because it is almost impossible to do it. Similarly, passing the government examination is just similar to it. It is not that easy to crack the exam. With the developing time, the number of vacancies is getting less in number and the number of applicants is getting more in number just like anything. Students spent a lot of money on obtaining the application form and then the rest of the story is horrible.

Once you have submitted the application form doesn’t mean that you are done with the examination. You have to suffer a lot of you want to be in the race. Let us know little more about the tips to crack it.

Know What Exactly Your Exam Is?

Planning is everything, the plan is nothing! You should check the cut-off for the last 3-4 years, know about the exact number of vacancies, and know what exactly your exam will hold, what all subjects will cover in your exam. Try to be smart at this point. Don’t ignore the last ten years question papers because they will give you the idea about the patter of the exam.

Never hesitate to ask the help from the experts. Experts mean that coaching centers or coaching providers. Imagine you are planning to go for SSC exam then you must go for SSC Coaching in Delhi and then you dream to clear the exam.

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Buy Online SSC JE Books

The staff selection committee is a crucial platform to be a part of the Government of India in different sections. It happens every year for the post of Junior Engineer in different arenas mechanical, civil and electrical.

Candidates who desire to work on the post of junior engineer for the government sector in any state of India have to appear in this examination. Applicants required to prepare hard in order to crack the examination, students would need proper SSC JE books.

You can buy the SSC JE books form Eapublications that sells the best JE exam books. From these JE books, you can get through the examination.

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Buy online gate previous year papers

Preparing for gate exam is a tough thing to do. However, not impossible! If you know how to manage the time you’re good to go. GATE preparation includes two steps- learning the concept and solving the problem. It is a must that you give time to both.

Practicing gate previous papers would help you a lot with your preparation for the examination. Though it is not necessary to join a coaching class, however, if you need assistance or lack the stability of studying every day, you could join the Engineers Academy.

The academy is not only a one-stop terminus for all career-oriented requirements of students, but committed to ensuring learning knowledge that would help to practice their potential to attain success.

Gate civil engineering previous year papers Only For Rs 400/- by

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This Book is English/ Hindi language for Diploma and Engineering Students which comprises of SSC JE Electrical Engineering Previous Year Papers with Detailed Solutions covers 30 Papers (2017-2018) with Objective Type Questions.

SSC JE electrical engineering previous year solved papers helps the aspirants who are preparing themselves for junior engineering (electrical) examinations. This Book Covered PWD, Highways Department, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, CPWD, MES, NTRO, Buildings, BSNL-JTO/JE, RRB, DDA, Junior Engineer & Assistant Engineers Exams.

Moreover, SSC JE electrical engineering previous year solved papers are useful and furnish you with a whole idea regarding the type of questions enquired in the exam.

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How to Clear the Competitive Exams?

We cannot say that all such students will get through the competitive exams in a single attempt. Only a few students will clear the exams in a single attempt. Do you know what the difference between the students that are clearing the exam in a single attempt and students that are not clearing in an attempt is? Of course, the preparation of the exam matters. The students that have cleared the exam in a single attempt would be the one that has taken coaching. If you take B.Ed Coaching in Delhi, you can clear the exam in an attempt.

Not just for B.Ed exams, you can join in the coaching center for whatever exams you are about to appear for. If your dream is to become a police officer and serve to your fellow people, then you need to take the SI (Delhi Police) coaching in delhi. The coaching center will hand over the free study materials to you. The study materials will let you be aware of what kind of questions you can expect in your exam.

Next to the study materials, the coaching center will conduct the group discussions every now and then about the topics that you have covered so far. Rather than simply bi-hearing the things, it is better to discuss the portions with others. This will help you to recall the portions forever. If you want to clear the data entry operator exam in a very first attempt, you should take the SSC DEO Coaching in Delhi.

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The SSC CGL 2019 exam date has only one examination for one day. In the recruitment, there will be an examination about the25th July 2019 till 20th August 2019. These SSC CGL exam 2019 are final with the online application starting in between March and April. The examinations are divided into four categories that will decide the mode of career.

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SSC & RRB WhatsApp Group Join Link List:[Educational Groups]

Hi Folks, here we come back with new and updated WhatsApp groups in our WhatsApp Group Join Link List i.e, SSC & RRB WhatsApp Groups. Nowadays most of the govt examination aspirants are preparing for SSC &RRB Examinations, Why because it is a secured and central government job. So guys, who are preparing for these examinations please join and share your knowledge and share your thoughts.3751349226?profile=original3751349292?profile=original

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