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In order to prevent against oil spills, oil rigs constantly monitor for traces of oil in the surrounding water. Oil spill detection is crucial for environmental protection, and to prevent expensive oil losses. 

How can oil rigs detect oil spills?

In order to prevent a serious oil spill, oil rigs constantly monitor the water around for traces of oil. Detecting oil can be tricky, as both measurements and observations can vary; depending on the chemical composition of the oil, its solubility in water can be very different, as can droplet sizes in emulsions. Oil spills tend to leak large volumes of oil swiftly, so it's important to catch any leaks as early as possible. With this in mind, oil rigs are fitted with sophisticated oil spill detection devices, which can detect traces of oil far before it reaches levels visible to the naked eye.

UV florescence 

UV florescence is one of the most widely-used techniques for detecting oil in water. It relies on the fact that crude oil molecules naturally fluoresce under UV radiation, meaning that a wide variety of oils can be monitored with this equipment. 

UV light is used to excite the molecules under examination, causing a specific wavelength (fluorescent radiation) to be emitted should crude oil molecules be present. This radiation will be more intense if higher levels of crude oil are present. A sensitive detector measures the intensity of the radiation and transmits this data as signals to a field transmitter, which converts the signal to measurable results. 

This technique is low-maintenance, and designed for continuous operation. Should oil levels rise too high, monitoring equipment will sound an alarm enabling workers to swiftly combat the issue. 

Remote sensing

Some oil companies also use remote monitoring techniques, such as satellite-mounted synthetic-aperture radar (SAR), to detect possible oil spills. SAR is one of the most widely-used remote detection tools, as it is cost-effective and can operate at night and in cloudy conditions. It works by sending radio waves to the target area in pulses, and analysing the signals received back in order to build up high spatial resolution 2-dimensional images. SAR is especially useful for remote or inaccessible locations, and for scanning large areas; for example, to detect a pipeline leak far out at sea.

Where are detectors located?

UV florescence detectors are generally located in two main areas; surface water runoffs, drains and culverts, and ports and harbours. Both of these allow for swift detection of oil spills. If cooling water is used to keep oil rig processes running, detectors should also be installed at the water source, as allowing oil into cooling water intake may cause total shutdown of the rig. 

Why is oil spill detection important?

Oil leaks are amongst the most serious forms of environmental pollution, and need to be detected and dealt with as soon as possible. Whether an oil spill occurs in fresh water or in the ocean, it can cause widespread damage to marine life and ecosystems, and can very quickly spread over a large body of water. Cleanup is difficult, and may take months or years. Swift oil spill detection is also important from an industrial point of view; oil spills pose a health and safety risk for workers, and can easily cause a company to lose thousands of pounds' worth of painstakingly extracted oil. In many countries, environmental legislation requires oil extraction companies to have up-to-date spill detection equipment in place.


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Famous sportsmen with Gambling Issues

Blackjack, poker, slot machines; gambling can be great fun but, there is another side of the picture too. Where gambling provides a whole lot of fun, it can also snatch your money, name, and fame. The sports legends mentioned in this article are living examples of the disasters of gambling.


Read further to know more about them.


Antoine Walker

Ø  Antoine Walker, the famous basketball player, is the best example how the addictive habit of gambling can suck not just the money but, name and fame out of a celebrities life.

Ø  Antoine Walker was a great basketball player who participated in a national championship team.

Ø  He accumulated the gambling debts of about $822,500 at 3 different casinos at Las Vegas.

Ø  With felony bad cheque charges, today he is paying 20 million dollars to the bank.

Ø  Between 1996 to 2009, he managed to earn 108 million dollars solely from NBA salary.

Ø  After bankruptcy in the year 2007, he today has 250 thousand dollars left to him.

Ø  Teaming with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment, today, he is preaching money management to a new generation.

Ø  Antoine is one player who earned a fortune in the shortest span of time and quickly lost it all to 

norsk casino

Charles Barkley

Ø  Another famous basketball player, Charles Barkley, also met the same fate as Antoine. Charles was a part of 1992 U.S. Olympic team.

Ø  He was an integral part of Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, and Phoenix Suns and proved his worth at many times in his 16 year long career.

Ø  After achieving popularity, he developed a great interest in gambling. He never hides his gambling habits.

Ø  He made a lot of money at gambling but, also, lost approximately 20 million dollars.

Ø  Once he lost 2.5 million dollars in just 6 hours at a game of blackjack.

Ø  Even after major losses, he never stopped gambling.

Ø  Today, he works as a NBA televisions analyst.

Michael Jordan

Ø  One of the legendary names in basketball is Michael Jordan. He appeared in many movies and games and became a hero.

Ø  His career high is being a reliable member of the U.S. basketball team in the 1984 Olympics which was held in Los Angeles and where team claimed gold medal.

Ø  Again in 1992, he became an integral support for the team to win another gold at the Olympics.

Ø  He has received many honors including Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 and 2016, respectively.

Ø  But, unfortunately, he kept all that aside for his love for gambling and tarnished his image in front of his fans.

Ø  Some of his gambling downs include losing 5 million dollars in one night at a dice game, Losing 1.25 million dollars in bet at a golf tournament, taking 1.25 million dollar loan from a businessman at a golf game, betting 300,000 dollars on a single putt and many others to mention.

John Daly

Ø  This professional golfer from America has the net worth of 2 million dollars and lost £33m over gambling in a 15 years. His estimated loss is somewhere between 55 to 57 million dollars.

Ø  He had given many interviews discussing his obsession with slot machines, his failing marriage and golf career, and his drinking habit.

Ø  One famous story is that he won 750,000 dollars at a Golf Championship that was held at San Francisco and lost 1.65 million dollars within five hours at Vegas casinos. Within half an hour he lost 600,000 dollars.

Ø  He considers his gambling obsession a stupidity but, has no regrets.

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