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Discover the 1st true love of narcissists. PLIM, A love song for 77000000, Narcissists, Perfect Love Is Me.
Honorable Mention: Animation - Top Shorts, Film Festival (London July 2019) -
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), isn’t common. It only effects between (0.5 & 1%) of the general population. (
World Population 2019 - 7,711,235,000 (world
1% = 77,000,000 Narcissists (Probably answering the question, why you seem to end up in a relationship with one!)

One animator, one musician, No backup, No budget.
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(Invisible, ft Dorothy. Why does he see right through me)


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Songs WhatsApp Group Join Link List

Songs WhatsApp Group Join Link List: Hi Guys, How are you all! Today we are discussing distinct WhatsApp Groups in ourWhatsApp Group Join Link List i.e, Songs WhatsApp Groups. Here you findout all types of song categories at one place. Join these Songs WhatsApp Group Links and know more new updated songs from everywhere in the world. Here you find Multilanguage songs like Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Gujarathi, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Russian, Sinhala, Tamil and Urdu All types of language songs available at one place.Here you find songs categories like Melody, old, new, hip-hop, dance and all types of Songs WhatsApp Group Join Links. If you have any Singing Knowledge then this is the perfect place to learn and share Songs WhatsApp Group Invite Links. Nowadays Music or songs are very essential for human beings. why because music is a part of our daily life while traveling or for mind relaxation music therapy is one of the best medicine to solve all solutions.


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How to Get Songs in Apple Device’s

You can get songs by transferring your PC iTunes library onto your iOS gadget, by purchasing songs in your Apple iTunes Store, and by becoming a member of Apple music. You can also get a free songs service like Spotify or Pandora to listen to free songs if you don’t have a problem with the advertisements.Here are the two ways of adding music in iPhone:Adding the entire iTunes libraryGo to iTunes.Its application icon looks like a multicolored musical note on a white wallpaper.Get music to iTunes, if required.Instead of purchasing music, there are many other different ways to get music to iTunes:MP3 file: You can get MP3 files to iTunes by clicking them if iTunes is your default music player, or press File, press Add Folder to Library, choose a folder that has your music, and after that press Select Folder in the bottom of the display.Audio Disc: You can add disc files to iTunes by inserting an audio disc to your device disc tray, pressing the disc icon in iTunes, and then pressing Import disc.Connect your iOS device to your PC.Plug the USB end of your iOS charger cable into your device USB dock, then plug the other end of the rope into your iOS charging dock.Press your iOS icon.It is a phone shape tab in the upper of the iTunes display. It will open your iOS page.Your iOS icon for few seconds will not show up,So, do not worry if you are not able to see it at that time.Press Sync.It is a grey tab at the end of the iTunes page. Your music will start adding to your iOS.Wait for your music to sync.It depends on how many songs you want to get in your iOS, the amount of time that this process will take.Hit Done.It is a blue tab at the bottom of the display after this will close the iOS page and go back to the library page. You can now easily find your music on your iOS device.In case you’re some music still not transferred adequately shut down and reopen iTunes, after that try to sync again.Purchase Songs on iOSGo to your iOS iTunes store application.Click the iTunes store application icon, which looks like a white star on a magenta wallpaper.Press Search.Its symbol is like a magnifying glass shaped image in the bottom of the display.Hit the search bar.At the top of the display, you will find this. Your iOS keyboard will come on screen.Search music.Enter in the name of music, an artist, or an album, after that hit Search at the end of your iOS keyboard.Choose the song.Press the album or artist for which you searched already, after that search for the particular song that you wish to download.Whether you searched for a specific song, you can find that song on the results page.Click the song’s price.This will show on the right of the music or album that you had chosen.Verify the purchase.When asked, scan your Touch ID or type your Apple email ID password. The song will start downloading into your iOS Music application.Roger Frost is a self-professed security expert; He has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at :-
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Best Instrumental Music Singapore, Live Performance, Singapore Music Acts & Cover Songs.Flame of the Forest, the creation of contemporary music with Indian and Western classical instruments. These Singaporean musicians are known as Krsna Tan (Sitar), Govin Tan (Tabla/Percussion), Dexter Tan (Violin) and Christopher Clarke (Guitar).'All Things New' a series of programs that showcase the latest mix of original works, recently released tracks and unique renditions. Join Flame of the Forest as they embark on a brand new chapter of their musical journeys and invigorate your soul with songs from their hearts.For Booking Enquires, Please email to:contact@fotfproductions.comWebsite: flameotf
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