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Looking for a top quality hidden camera vibrator?


If so, try the SVAKOM Siime Eye. It’s as good as they come. Click Here for more details


It’ll give you an enhanced sexual experience.


How So?

This hidden camera vibrator comes with many features that other models lack.


You’ll see that immediately in its price tag of $250!


We admit, that’s a lot for a sexy toy. But this specific product has so many features that justify the price…


Below, we’ll mention the most important. Then we’ll show you a place to get this hidden camera vibrator!



First - You Get to Record Yourself.

We’re starting with the obvious.


This toy lets you have sex with camera.


This built-in micro camera is at the toy’s tip. So it’s not large at all. And this means you can control it easily.


It’s perfect if you do sex acts on camera.


For example, you might be a sex cam model. Or, you might be recording masturbatory videos.


In that case, the easy control allows you accuracy during the act.



Second - There’s Wi-Fi Connection Too!

The sex with camera advantages don’t stop with control.


With this product, you can stream acts from the camera, to your phone.


You see, this vibrator can connect to Wi-Fi. So you can stream use of your vibrator, to whoever you want!



Excellent for Sexting.

It’s a good way to build up anticipation. And it’s much safer (and better) than sexting online.


This also ties back to the camera control point. Sexting is harder when you’re doing it in front of a web cam.


But it’s easier if your vibrator is the camera!


So it lets you position yourself as you wish. And this gives you more variety as to what you can do!



Third - Functionality.

Think the advantages stop with the camera features?


With this vibrator, you get more. Specifically, you get advanced battery management.



First – Power Indicator.

It has lights that show you how much power is left.


This is a useful feature. After all, you don’t want the vibrator to quit on you mid-use…


So with it, you know how long you can use the vibrator. And you know when it needs recharging!



It’s Rechargeable.

And as is known, rechargeable batteries have stronger performances.


This toy comes with a 400 mAh Lithium battery.


It takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. And the battery can last you 2 hours non-stop!


We doubt your sessions take this long. But still, the extra battery power is good for intense vibrations!


And speaking of those…



Fourth - Intensity Control.

This toy gives you 5+1 intensity levels.


You can switch up and down as you wish. And you get more control over the speed you want!


With this toy, it’s easy to build up slow tension, before a final satisfying release!



Intelligent Mode.

You’ll see an “S” button on the toy.


This is for starting/stopping the toy. But also, it lets you activate an “intelligent mode,” which mimics vibration frequency of real sex!


It’s a special feature. And it’s one we highly recommend



Sound Control Too!

For a vibrator, the SVAKOM Siime Eye Model is quiet.


It isn’t as high as normal vibrators, which exceed 80db. Its noise is under 50db, which is less than a ticking clock.


This makes it quite the discreet toy. So you can use it if you live somewhere within thin walls and tightly packed surroundings!



Excellent Material.

The vibrator is covered with body-safe silicone.


So it triggers no allergies. It doesn’t irritate your skin, and specifically your vagina.


Also, beyond being safe, it’s also waterproof.


This vibrator is rated at IPX4. So it resists splashing water. Plus, it’s well-sealed from all sides.


And this means the camera works in moisture too! This is an advantage rarely found in sex toys. But is a reality with the SVAKOM Siime Eye Model!



Time to Get Your Vibrator.

There’s much more we could mention. They include the fabulous controls, and all the ways you can use the toy.


However, you’d need to check it out yourself. And you can do so at the “Beyourlover” store.


There, you’ll get all the sex toys you need. Be sure to visit, and explore the shop!

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