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With the latest preview for Far Cry New Dawn, fans have decoded various aspects of this amazing post-apocalyptic game.

And with the speculations floating amongst the community and fans, it is expected that this post-nuclear attack game would entertain all the action-loving players.

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Far Cry New Dawn is a continued run through of the Far Cry 5 nuclear explosions and is set post 17 years, depicting the devastation of such an event.

As the consequence of the nuclear attack, the entire human civilization was forced to lay below the surface of the earth, but this didn’t stop the mother nature to revive from the ashes.

The entire landscape of the Far Cry New Dawn is filled with the newly grown plants and flowers and the animals in the game have been mutated due to the radiation.

Although the map is identical to the Far Cry 5, still flora and fauna grown over the buildings, cars, and other residues, entirely provides a new experience to this new addition. While going through the gameplay, you will interact with a number of scavengers and people trying to survive in the apocalypse.

Also various old characters, members and gangs would also be available in the game encouraging players to explore the game in depth.

New Dawn will initiate by creating you as a new protagonist “Rook” with the ultimate motive of creating and restraining your settlements all across the American land.

Compared to the previous Far Cry 5, players can opt for either male or female characters, but there are not enough customization options in the New Dawn.

Still, there is no such confirmation that this would be the ultimate setup for the game and possibilities are that players can create new unique items by crafting the resources in the game.

Players will have to understand that the most essential task in the game is to maintain the Prosperity which is the central base of Hope County. The primary goal of this game is to upgrade the Prosperity with new civilians and maintaining sufficient resources to survive in the game. And players have to ensure the security of the team members against the Highwaymen, who is the antagonist of the game.

This new edition to the Far Cry series also has included the bandits and players can also capture their outposts. Still, this New Dawn has not included the Boomer and Cheeseburger which makes the fans Cry Far…

What is interesting to see is the inclusion of much lighter RPG weapons and many dangerous enemies in this edition, which will definitely impact the battle scenarios, making the survival much more challenging.

But what you require keeping in mind is to obtain kerosene from any possible place, as kerosene will provide you with the option of crafting multiple items to facilitate in your survival. Moreover look out for each and every possible survivor as they would help you in creating a capable team to gather resources and survive in the wilderness.

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