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Soon, some of the best hotel-room photos will be coming from the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. This unique 5-star hotel—considered to be an architectural marvel, is located in Songjiang, around 35 km from Shanghai. The top reason to consider this hotel to be a feat of engineering is that 18 out of its 20 stories will be underground!


Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland:

Built in the side of the abandoned Shenkeng Quarry in Songjiang, the building plunges 300 feet down to a pool of water. The top floor—which is at ground level, has an impressive green roof that blends the hotel into the surrounding blanket of flora and fauna. Also, emphasizing the impression created by the quarry are cascading waterfalls that race down the surrounding cliff and a glass-enclosed artificial waterfall that goes down the entire height of the building.

The Britain-based engineering and design company, Atkins designed the intercontinental Shanghai wonderland underground hotel with its 377 rooms and a vast array of amenities. The hotel’s curving form allows for sweeping views from the balconies of the rooms. Also, there are also underwater guest rooms that face a 10-meter-deep aquarium. Those rooms, as well as a restaurant, occupy the upper one of two underground levels.  The lower level, on the other hand, houses a swimming pool and water-based adventure sports.

Not only does the hotel possess a structure known for being a “fight against gravity”, but it is also notable for being environmentally responsible. It generates its own power using geothermal and solar energy.
“By building the hotel where it is, designers and developers hope to prevent further damage to the ecological environment around it. The Songjiang Quarry Hotel may become just about the greenest hotel ever made,” said Atkins Global about the £345-million hotel.

5000 architects, designers, engineers, and workers participated in the design and construction of the underground hotel Situated at the Sheshan Mountain Range, the hotel lies 30 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport and close to attractions like Sheshan National Park and Chenshan Botanical Gardens. It is expected to open in October, but the prices of the rooms have not yet been released.

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Piercing the Sky – What is the Tallest Buildings in the World? Breaking a world record, Gensler architects have officially completed the world’s second tallest building. Known as the Shanghai Tower, it is also the tallest skyscraper in China.

What is The Tallest Tower in Shanghai?

Outdoing the Makkah Royal Clock Tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 31 meters, Shanghai’s new landmark reaches a height of 632 meters. Having begun construction in 2008, the tower is now finally open to the public. Also, Dubai is set to break a new world record in “The World’s Tallest Skyscraper”.

Guinness world records of the Shanghai Tower:

Interestingly, this title is only one out of three Guinness world records broken by this building.  Not only has the Shanghai Tower’s elevator broken the record for the largest number of floors passed, but also its elevator is officially the fastest in the world. Gensler architects, one of the leading firms in the US have used BIM technology in the Shanghai tower for the coordination process.

At this moment, the only building taller than the Shanghai Tower is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which is 828 meters high.

Situated in Shanghai’s Lujiazui financial district, the building occupies 121 stories. This district is considered one of the leading financial hubs in East Asia.

The Shanghai Tower includes a variety of different utilities; from offices, commercial shops, and hotels, to cultural facilities. It even includes observation decks at the top where people see a stunning aerial view of the busy city of Shanghai. With all these diverse activities being performed in the tower, the project idea is to perceive the building as a ‘self-contained city.

The twisting form of the building is a result of many experiments of wind tunnel tests. Accordingly, it is expected to reduce wind load by approximately as 24 percent during typhoons.

With China witnessing an architectural breakthrough in the construction of high rise buildings, such an achievement was highly anticipated.

Additionally, Gensler architects have been designing many high rise buildings in the past years. These include The Tower at PNC Plaza, the Los Angeles” Gateway” Tower and King Abdullah Financial District Parcel.

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