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Hot sauce can be more than a simple condiment that you keep on your kitchen shelf. It can completely change a dish for the better! Here are some tips and ideas for using your favorite hot sauces (we’ve taken the soon-to-be classic Indian Hot Sauce, Naagin Sauce) into many different types of tasty meals. You can now enjoy upgrading any snake or meal, sorry, any snack or meal conveniently and in an affordable way.

We believe the right Hot sauce is a gift to your taste buds and your stomach! A well-made hot sauce adds flavour, spice and an x-factor into any food dish. It can elevate boring food, edible and decent food can become amazing. Imagine what it could do to really good food?

You don’t just have to put a dash of hot sauce on bhajia or a hint of it on your pizza and pasta. There are unlimited permutations and combinations you can try!

Naagin’s Indian Hot Sauces, The Original and The Bhoot, use real ingredients and no artificial flavours. Imagine all those elements that have been mixing in their bottle, developing flavour, getting richer and tastier. It’s vegan, not just vegetarian and works perfectly with fried snacks, momos, south Indian food, sandwiches, cheese toasts, dhoklas, poha, bhutta, baked beans, pasta, French fries and so much more!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Fried Vegerables (e.g. bhajia)
  • Eggs
  • Noodles
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Salads
  • Dips & Dressings (e.g. Hummus)
  • Spicy Cocktails
  • Veg & Non-veg marinades
  • Homemade dishes (e.g. Cheese toast)


Hot Sauce Online – Naagin Sauce Offers the Best & Tastiest Hot Sauce in the market

For foodies, who want to make their dishes spicier and tastier, choosing the right and spicy hot sauce might be a common thing. For everyone else, there’s a whole world of hot sauce to explore and luckily for Indian people, we now have an amazing Indian Hot Sauce, not just a hot sauce from India, but an Indian Hot Sauce that we can now add to our lives and eating pleasure!

So, what you are waiting for, feel free to contact them on Social Media or simply order from here or even Amazon, to improve your life and try some Naagin Sauce, The Home of The Instant Taste Upgrade. You can now enjoy the ordering experience and your food from and within the comfort of your own home.

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Health Benefits Of Hot Sauces


Authentic Indian hot sauce are very beneficial for health as it comes under the diet food category but only if it is taken in the right quantity. The scientist has provided some benefits of hot sauce which improves health. As the hot food such as peppers and sauces contain capsaicin. Capsaicin is very effective to relieve pain and the hot pepper also can boost your immune system, as it acts as a guard against the germs that cause illness.

Some of the health benefits of hot sauce are:

  • The hot sauce helps to lose weight as it contains capsaicin which temporarily increases the metabolic rate which burns the calories and results in weight loss. The hot sauce is made of added flavors with the calories.

  • The hot sauce contains essential minerals and vitamins like antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The antioxidant contained in the hot sauce has anti-aging properties and also helps in reducing blood pressure. Vitamin C helps to prevent cold and help guard disease and cancer.

  • Hot sauce can enhance eye power as it has phytonutrients helps to reduce eyes disorder.

  • The hot sauce has the capability to reduce the risk of cancer the capsaicin act as the self-destruction of harmful cancer cells.

  • The hot sauce contains capsaicin which has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce aches and pain in the body

The hot sauce also helps to reduce stress and depression and also combats congestion. There are many more benefits of hot sauce as above mentioned are some of the health benefits of sauces.

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Hot Sauce- The Origin Of The Sauce


The hot sauces are being used from very old times as there is very less ingredient used to make a hot sauce. The oldest hot sauce in the country is Tobasco, the sauce was found by Edmund Mclhenney. The hottest sauce was made from the pepper seeds. The hot sauce is also known as chili sauce or the pepper sauce. The Hot sauce is made of the most common ingredient and some variety of chili pepper.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing of hot sauce is based on various methods and the quantity from ages. The flavor and the hot taste totally depend on the amount of Scovillen scale, Ghost pepper, and Habanero peppers. The extra ingredients which are added to it are to increase the heat such as the capsaicin extract and the mustard oil. Another common ingredient is added for the flavor like vinegar and spices. The vinegar is used primarily for the preservation, and the flavored can be used to alter the flavor.

There are different varieties of hot sauce are used in different countries like In Mexico – the Mexicans mostly prefer to eat chili peppers chopped, but while they make sauce their primary focus is to add more flavor instead of heat. And in United Stated people often use cayenne, chipotle, habanero and mostly prepare the sauce with wine and fermented vinegar.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of sauces available in stores and also online. You will be able to buy Indian hot sauce online also in varieties and available in a different flavor.

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The Five Basic Mother Sauces


There are five different types of mother sauces which are available all over. The mother sauces are very popular for their different type of flavors. The five mother sauce have different based n their main ingredient and thickening agent. ANTONIN Careme developed the mother sauces in the 19th century.

The Mother sauces refer to any one of the five basic sauces, which are the Starting point of making various secondary sauces. The five types of mother sauces are:

Bechamel –

This type of sauce is also known as white sauce. The béchamel sauce uses milk as its base and then thickened with a white roux. This sauce has differently flavored with onion, shallots, pepper, or nutmeg.

Espagnole –

It is the brown sauce; it has a base of beef and thickened with a brown roux. It is flavored with aromatics, savory herbs, or tomato paste.

Hollandaise –

It is a creamy sauce and has a base of butter and thickened through the science of emulsions. Hollandaise is flavored with peppercorns, cayenne, lemon, or vinegar.

Red sauce –

The red sauce has a tomato base and is thickened with purees or a roux. Red sauce is authentic Indian hot sauce which is flavored with red chills and tomato.

Veloute –

It used a white stock as a base and thickened with a roux or with egg yolk and cream.

The above mentioned were the five basic mother sauce. The five types of mother sauces are not only produced and consumed in their origin country, but they are also consumed in other countries.

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