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How are sailing yachts?

Sailing Motor and yacht charters are very popular. The main propulsion means is the sails, but they also have a machine whose power is not negligible. Inthewild sailing yachts are particularly sophisticated and comply with all safety rules. They also have everything they need for a safe and fun day at sea.

Information-Guided tour

The top of the board, where the occupants sit and enjoy the craft, is called deck, blanket or deck. The front of the Yacht is called bow, while the rear of the hull.

Beginning from the stern we observe a space called a cockpit on each craft. This is where most of the mechanisms are used to operate the Yacht's components. Here we see the wheel in the shape of a wheel, in front of the wheel is the compass and the other instruments for the navigation of the Yacht. To the left and behind the steering wheel, there are seats for the occupants to seat and in the center there is a practical folding table. Below the seats there are balloons, storage areas for anchors, ropes, protective balloons, cleaning items, life yachts, etc.

To the right and to the left you will find two water jets, but two are on the top of the dragon. Witches are needed to regulate ropes, sails.

On a sail Yacht you will be impressed by the quantity and variety of ropes, all of which are useful and are of three kinds: the cages, the mantras, the mosquitoes.

In the middle of the ship we find an elevated area called a spiral. At the front is the sail who passes the mast in the Yacht. On the back of the Yacht is the Yacht where we enter the Yacht. To the right and left in the spiral are the trails for the regulation of the sails. All the entrances (doors, windows) on the Yacht are called hats.

The bow is in front of the canopy. The most important point of the bow is the scythe. An area with a fairly deep depth, where we place the ship's shell (anchor, chain) and the anchor worker.

The Yacht around has strands through which wire ropes, which form the rails, are necessary. They are necessary for the safety of passengers when they move on board.

From the bow to the tread, there are various mechanisms that serve the sails such as winches, wagons, rollers, pulleys, brakes, etc.

On the sails of the Yacht, the sail bowl is called genoa, jack and balloon. While the base cloth is centrally called the top or mast.

Passing the Falca (central door) and descending from the stairs we drive to the lower deck where the cabins, the bath / WC the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the engine room are installed. Vessels have their volume, a number of cabins that have a double mattress, wardrobes, shelves and many windows for adequate light and ventilation.

Sailing Yachts in Virgin Islands have living spaces such as the living room and the kitchen, which are too many airy and sunny. This is achieved in principle with many windows and secondly with shipbuilding lines that have high superstructures and perimeter glass surfaces.

In the living room, besides the basic amenities, there is also a sound system, VHF, refrigerator, etc. As far as kitchen furniture is concerned, it has such design and mechanisms that make it very practical with sufficient storage space.

The engine room of the vessel is located between the two cabins and under the internal staircase.

Inthewild sailing yachts are equipped with all the necessary for enjoyable sailing excursions. Their good maintenance is one of the company's key assets for safe and safe sailing trips!

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Are You Already Fed up With Crowded Beaches?


Also, are you already fed up with crowded beaches? Also, with envy, you are watching the snow-white Virgin Islands Sailing Charters disappearing into the horizon, or the Sailing Motor and yacht charters flying around your beach on the surface to send some juicy curses to their address, after a wave running ashore flushes your blanket with your cell phone? Don't despair! There is nothing easier than to enjoy such a holiday.

The captain's cap, which you see in the harbor drinking coffee on board a beautiful 15-meter yacht with an US flag, does not have to be a millionaire in rent. The opposite is true. The vast majority of Yachts are only rented, while the cost of renting a Yacht per person and day is not significantly different from the price for hotel accommodation at the above-mentioned crowded beach.

On the yacht, however, you have the opportunity to visit places where you will otherwise be difficult to reach. You can be your entire vacation aside from civilization on Virgin Islands, just like visiting ancient towns full of tourists. There is no more beautiful swimming than from the deck of a yacht in crystal water Virgin Islands. You can be in a different place every day to discover a much larger area than your land holiday. Moreover, who wants to ride in a 30-degree heat by car for trips around?

Virgin Islands Sailing Charters are fully equipped with everything you need to live. As a rule, you only need a swimsuit on a yacht, and these are not usually needed. The cabins are mostly double to triple. Each Yacht has one or more toilets with washbasin and shower. There is always a fully equipped kitchenette with gas stove and oven, refrigerator, dishes and everything needed for cooking in the common salon. However, if you cook, or visit picturesque cafes and pubs on the coast, it is up to you. You will often find them on a Virgin island operated only by Inthewild. The standard equipment of the yacht also includes bedding, inflatable Yacht, autopilot, depth gauge, speedometer, GPS satellite navigation, VHF radio, radio - CD player, necessary maps and of course there are also rescue equipment such as Rescue Island, waistcoats, harness or signal rockets.

There are many ways to spend your holiday on the yacht. In summer, family stays predominate, not only because of the summer holidays of our youngest, but also for quiet moderate weather and the sea, which will not cause your precious moments the first time trauma and vigorous rejection of another such holiday. On the contrary, more experienced Inthewild prefer spring and autumn months when "it blows" and the level of adrenaline in the fight against wind and waves can go up. In short, a yacht can come to everyone, just try what they like.

First you need to choose the right yacht. Rented prices vary by Yacht size, Yacht age, and season selected. Furthermore, you need to clarify in what number, how many adults and how many children will take you to the ship and if someone can sleep in the salon or not. Most of the Virgin Islands yacht charters allow 1-2 crew members to sleep in the salon, which, of course, brings a better price per person, but also the need for greater consideration by others.

Our offer is with a US skipper, but if you own a license to drive a Yacht, we will be happy to arrange the Yacht itself.

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If you have an interest in collecting miniature ships of popular models, you can build one and add it to your precious collection with the wooden sailing ship model kits.

Figurines and miniature ships are incredible things to collect. They can change any home into a unique place with an atmosphere made out of your own creative ability. These statuettes and miniatures owing to their size make commendable collectors and/or decor items that many today proudly flaunts.

 A lot to know about them

The wooden sailing ship model kits nowadays are produced using various sorts of materials, apart from the classic wooden material. The miniature ships and boats were used to be made for commercial purposes earlier, however like any bit of craftsmanship, they are currently found in numerous structures, shapes and sizes to fulfill the needs of collectors and ship model building hobbyists.

There are a lot of designs that you can buy easily online and get it painted by professional painting services provided by top artists online. In fact, you can design your personal collection of any favorite ship model or boat design that you like today.


When completed you can proudly show off your collection to your guests or you can also use it as a part of your house décor. Enthusiastic collectors always look for top quality ship models at affordable rates. Internet is the best place to find what you are looking for.

A lot of variety available

The number of choices you have with respect to model ship materials types can be entirely exciting, to say the least. Regularly, amateur collectors and first-time builders will start with a particular sort of miniature ship or boat design of a particular material like wood as it is easier to build The price for the miniature scale boat and ship kits can be entirely low or high, based on what you are set up to pay. You can find the best deals on your favorite ship models with a little research online.

Figurines or miniatures are normally considered as gift items and home décor items. You have doubtlessly seen them numerous times before and may even have purchased maybe a couple for your home. The issue with buying is their costs, because of all the expenses and low availability with high prices in the physical stores it gets difficult to buy these. This makes the web the best place for gift purchasers or collectors.


In this way, whether you are searching for a thing to make a world-class collection or something excellent to decorate your home, or even a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, building a miniature ship from the gift can be the ideal option for you.

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The Range of Inthewild Sailing Yachts


The organization of company events under sail is also one of our services. The offer includes the organization of company events, trainings, events for employees or meetings with contractors. Thanks to the perfectly equipped marine of yachts, each company event will be an attractive time especially that more people can take part in it. Depending on your needs, our cruises for companies can be short and recreational, or a real sailing challenge.

We offer classic yacht charter on the Caribbean Sea. Our marine is a fully equipped and always sea-going vessel ready for a cruise. In the current season, we have significantly increased our charter offer - details in the Caribbean vacations page. This year you can become the owner of your dream seagoing unit (yachts sale offer on our website, and then join the marine of INTHEWILD yachts chartered in the Caribbean Sea.

We create our offer in response to the clients' needs. We are open to their nautical plans and we always make every effort to achieve them. As one of the few, we organize individual cruises and offer one way Caribbean yacht charter. People who start their sea adventure are always sailing with our professionally prepared helmsman, and applying for a sailing license after completing a sea service on a yacht will receive confirmation from US.

An Inthewild is always well built and offers first class performance. The highest quality construction materials, special attention to the construction process and the attention to the finishes guarantee the longevity of these yachts and make them a successful investment.


The exceptional quality of the Inthewild yacht is evident inside these elegant yachts with finishes that give priority to practicality.

The interior is made of naval plywood and various synthetic varnish finishes. All door frames and furniture finishes are made of solid wood. You can choose between interiors with a matte or glossy finish. The doors are large and feature an additional top hinge for extra security.

The interior layout is spacious with attractive finishes. Wide corridors make it easy for passengers to board the yacht. The kitchen was designed for ease of use while browsing. There is a large double sink, refrigerator with front opening, freezer and space for microwaves.

In addition, all Inthewild Sailing Yachts have an area at the front with a sun deck finished in teak wood that offers ample space for a minimum of two people enjoying the sun.

Tradition in Yachts Construction

Virgin Islands has a tradition in the construction of Caribbean yacht charters and yachts and the Inthewild team is made up of a large variety of talented and very experienced Yacht builders. For this reason, Inthewild Sailing Yachts are handmade, paying special attention to every detail. All accessories, finishes and fittings are handmade as there are no shortcuts to producing first class Sailing Yachts.

You want to experience the feeling of famous seafarers exploring new places on Earth, in the sea and in yourself, or simply enjoy sailing to the max. We are for every fun. Let yourself be inspired by our cruises and let us know what you are interested in. We will certainly find a common language, term and budget!

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For sailing enthusiasts, 1200 islands, a myriad of beautiful coves, crystal clear waters and more than 100 picturesque historic coastal towns must sound like sweet music to the ears! Well, in fact, this is the outline of what Inthewild has to offer to nautical tourists in terms of nature and culture. In addition, sailing tourists can also enjoy the hospitality of the USA people and last but not least the warm Caribbean summer.

Caribbean yacht charters with skipper, if you do not have the required sailing papers, you can charter a yacht with skipper. In addition to offering a yacht with a skipper we also offer the opportunity to aboard a yacht with additional team members such as a guest or a cook.

flotilla  sailing, if you are not too keen on sailing on your own you can charter a sail yacht as part of a flotilla / convoy, which basically means that you are sailing in a group. Typically, the charter company has a driver yacht with an experienced skipper and team to show the way and help the other yachts.

We are a family owned company specializing in travel arrangements and wooden ship sailing on the Caribbean. We have about 20 years of experience in the travel industry. At Inthewild Yachting we offer the most relaxing sailing holiday you can imagine. As a guest on board one of the beautiful luxury wooden ships, you can experience a holiday where sun, beautiful nature, crystal clear warm water, wonderful food, exciting experiences and an extensive service are paramount.

Here on the page we look forward to presenting yacht charters with full Team, the various sailing routes, a selection of our beautiful wooden ships, and information on life on board, excursions, experiences, prices and opportunities.

There are many opportunities for the most wonderful experiences. Whether you would like to charter a whole ship for a week's adventurous holiday, or you just want to book a cabin for two or more people, then we are here to help you with practical information about everything from the actual trip here, the stay, the ship and the shipping, and what it costs. On booking page you can see more information about prices, terms and what is included in the prices, just as we also show our special offers.

Would you like to attend a sailing yoga retreat? Or a wellness holiday? You can read more about that here. Inthewild Yachting has about 20 years of experience with cruises and archipelago sailing with the beautiful wooden ships. We offer charter ships with Team and can accommodate between 6 and 16 guests. Do you want a trip with a theme, such as? Hiking combined with archipelago sailing, wellness, family holiday or honeymoon? Let us use our many experiences to contribute to the best holiday experience you can imagine.

There are ships in different classes and at different prices, and sailing on different routes in one of the world's most beautiful natural areas.

You can always contact us with questions; get detailed information and requests for reservations by calling us 888-730-7245 or sending us an email

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If you want to see your kids develop a good hobby and learn something positive in life then gifting them wooden sailing ship model kits is an ideal choice for you. If your kids like something to build and engage in an activity then this is the best option.

Acquainting your children with the energizing specialty of ship model building is a fun and compensating knowledge. The best place to buy these super exciting kits is the Internet where you can find many reliable stores that provide these building kits at reasonable prices that one can easily afford.

There are various wooden sailing ship model kits available online as per the age groups of children and you have to choose accordingly.

Model for beginners

At this age, children are interested by having the capacity to float what they manufactured, so begin with rowboats, sailboats or kayaks utilizing the bread and spread strategy. This building procedure takes into account a water-safe completed boat in around 2 hours.

An amazing alternative for this age group is the snap-together ship models. They can be fabricated and modified! They can likewise be stuck for perpetual display. There are model kits of submarines, winged serpent boats, and cruise liners utilizing this method.

Model for moderate building

This is the place the narrative of a ship really gets your kid's interest. They can envision themselves on the completed boat, cruising for distant experiences. Begin with a Pirate Ship, or a Titanic in a Bottle. Presentation of the boat at this level is too basic.


Another choice at this level is the strong hull pack with deck superstructure. You can manufacture them together or talented children can fabricate only them with the periodic piece of counsel from you. Now, the model developer starts to fashion pieces of wood into unmistakable parts of a ship. These kits come with paste, sandpaper, paint and various model ship materials.

Models for experts

At this age youngsters are prepared for something that challenges their capacities! There's no requirement for you to sit and oversee so you and your children can deal with your individual ventures in the meantime. Reasonable for the more established first-time manufacturer or the youngster prepared to grow their expertise set.

This is the place the choices of the Model Ship Building are exposed. Pick a tall ship, a yacht, a tugboat or kayak no matter what your most loved boat or ship is, you are going to find it online from a reputable store. You will be making many parts of the deck superstructure, now and then sewing your own particular sails or twofold planking your hull. Get a miter box and a side interest blade and utilize water-dissolvable paste to keep away from stress over any mistakes.


Keep in mind that in ship model building there are no due dates to meet. You can read about and experiment with various building procedures with different types of model kits. It's dependably amusing to analyze the historical backdrop of the ship you are building. Numerous things about the things on the deck are magnificent stories as well, and we can frequently find in them the heralds to numerous items still being used today.

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Cruising comfortable on an extravagant yacht, as the world floats gradually by may appear an inaccessible dream. However, it may be more reasonable than you might suspect using yacht rent Greece. For your preferred time, contracting services make accessible all advantages of yacht proprietorship with basically known about the issues. Chartering is simple and uncomplicated. A charters agreement is essentially what could be compared to a boating rental agreement. It is typically indicated for a brief time frame, maybe a some of days or maybe half a month, longer whenever wanted. These agreements give access to a luxury vessel on a savvy for every people every day premise.

Charterers are not expected to have any formal sailing in Greece capabilities or even any past sculling background. If they express an absence of certainty or seem unfit to ace even the most essential strategies and standards, the charters representative will prescribe that a captain goes with the gathering for the primary day, as a base. Charters agreements typically determine charterers make accessible a bond sum as a possibility to cover any harm to the vessel. Taking everything into account, luxury yacht charters are accessible at waterfront areas all around the globe. They are anything but difficult to orchestrate and can give an encounter tremendously unique to that known by many peoples. Give it a shot, you may locate energy.


An exhaustive preparation is viewed as the standard working methodology by experienced sailors and yacht charter Greece services. One of the best priorities needs on boarding a charter vessel is to finish a far-reaching acquaintance with the vessel and alluringly additionally the normal climate conditions amid the adventure, especially if the contract is an uncovered pontoon course of yacht action.

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There is a number of styles to pick from within the realm of model ships. There are the ancient Viking ships favorite pirate ships and sailing ships, modern-day ocean liners and military ships. For the amateur, there are basic models, which are more tough and involved.

Where you would want to start you can guess. A reward unlike any other is to view something beautiful that you have built with your own hands and Model ship materials.

Over the past years, Models have been made of wood while there are numerous types of models you can build. The real feel of ancient boats is captured by Wood captures and pleasing display and give off an extremely elegant.

The same feel as a wood model just can't be replicated by Plastic models. There are also models aside from plastic and wood that are available that are made of metal, which may be the telltale sign of a military ship.


To embark on your own paint job while other Wooden sailing ship model kits provide the necessities for you some models come already painted. To get started to develop and in your new hobby, you can find pretty much anything you may be looking for with a little research.

You will find there is a wide degree of skill levels catered to if you are going in the way of a kit, which many people do. For those who have kids who would like to partake in the fun this is especially great or to start out easy those who just feel they'd like. Oftentimes the easiest kits come already painted and use plastic components to start with.

Instead of requiring glue some kits snap together. You can move into the more challenging kits for metal or wood boats as you develop your skills. These will contain several pieces, intricate plans, and detailed instructions, which must be glued as well as painted. A kit like this is not as daunting as it may initially sound if you work your way up and start simple.

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Think again if you think that the exquisitely detailed versions of real ships are the wood model ships. You don't really think that in a movie or film when a ship is destroyed that a full size ship is destroyed by the film producers, do you? For wood model ships enter one fascinating need.

Among architectural professionals and hobbyist Wood model ship building is well and alive alike with Model ship materials. The great engineering aspect of building scale models is enjoyed by many model ship builders. A great attention and careful planning to detail is involved in the process.

As per an engineering stand point to the end result it is essential to build scale model ships to test designs before actually building full scale prototypes. Many craftsmen within the field have become well rewarded experts by the skills learned by building wood model ships.

Some of what a ship builder through their minds may have had going four hundred years ago can be experienced by those with a fascination of the wooden ship building process throughout history. A person first hand can experience the evolution of reason behind the shape of the hull.

In order to gain insight into the overall design from the wooden mast to the beauty of the sail and not leak they can learn why the wood planks need to line up exactly as they do.

Each phase builds upon the other and you learn skills such as attention to detail and patience as well apart from learning about ship engineering. Of the process of building of wood model ships with wooden sailing ship model kits this is part.

To hone one's skills as a skilled wood model ship builder it can take many years of practice, and at every step of the way the majority of people who start with their first kit remain fascinated.

The attention and planning to detail is practiced. Someday by using the patience and wit you acquired while building your wood model ships you may just be able to figure you're way out of a sticky situation.

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Know about the Tall Ship Model in Details

A large mast standing tall above the horizon peaks over the lip of the ocean as ever closer into view the boat it's connected to sails.

Spotting them from shore the eye has no problem while both the rolling mist and the horizon's distance strive to hide these proud and tall masts. To spot just these ships with accuracy and quickness the fabled melancholy gaze of a fisherman's wife learned. There are special tools for ship modeling.

Unique tallness to just masts is not restricted, however. A tall ship model easily impresses a viewer while small ships are fun to look. The rest of the ship seems to grow in height as well when the stern of a ship is increased in height.

This is due to the fact that in the eye's field of vision the stern is a main focal point. To make the ship look bigger many a tall ship model utilizes a wide range of optical tricks. This includes choosing a light colored paint for the model ship's paint job as well as highlighting various parts of the under a ship.

While for the height of the ship itself thinner cut boards tend to do very little a wide cut set of boards make the ship appear taller and stretched. In order to make it seem higher, some makers may also make the length of the boat comparatively smaller using the Ship model kits.

Tending to be among the tallest tall ship model Sailboats are a type of model boat. Due to the boat having tall sails and masts to catch the wind this is mostly the case. Schooners are the ships that in the model ship market have the taller masts.

The tall ship model in a room will hardly ever go unnoticed in terms of being a decorative item. When guests see the height of the model praise and attention are always expressed.

As compared to what they may seem they are also taller, while these models are very thin and slender, but to put this original and exciting decorative item, one can more easily determine a suitable place with the exact measurements in your mind.

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General safe working practices are generally essential when working on wooden sailing ship model kits. Numerous mishaps happen in the home and having a workshop can avoid potential hazards.

Great workshop practices and common sense will prevent mishaps and enable you to securely make the most of your this hobby. The workshop needs to be kept clean consistently. For general wellbeing don't leave sharp edged instruments lying on the seat. Keep the floor clean. Material left on the floor could be an outing hazard. Tidy and clean up the workshop territory and return devices to their capacity place after each work session.

Store any paints, pastes, varnishes and different solvents as well as other model ship materials in a lockable organizer or up on a high rack far from the investigating hands of a kid. Sitting on your seat or stool at your workbench for a really long time could cause you a throbbing painfulness. Be aware of your stance while sitting. Stand-up normally and move around. Do some delicate stretches to extricate those firm joints.

Powerful and essential tools

As you advance with your modeling you will begin to get various electrically worked power instruments. These devices may incorporate a granulating wheel, machine, electric drill, dance saw, roundabout saw, planer or electric plank drinking spree. The area and safe task of these instruments is generally critical. The accompanying focuses are applicable to the sheltered area and activity of these apparatuses.

It is best to put all power devices on a different table. Keep control apparatus leads unwound and far from any cutting sharp edge, granulating wheel or wellspring of heat. Continuously check the power leads for any scratch or cut in the protection, the power fitting and electrical plug for broken parts. On the off chance that there is an issue have the thing supplanted by an authorized circuit repairman.

A fire can be excessively effectively begun in a workshop from a fire, a hot welding iron or electric plank drinking spree, a machine overheating, overabundance wood shavings or saw residue around a machine getting land, synthetic concoctions being combined and causing heat or an electrical circuit being over-burden. The accompanying focuses are significant to limiting the danger of a fire beginning in the workshop.

On the off chance that utilizing a bare fire in the workshop guarantee there are no combustible materials in the work territory. Be especially aware of cleaning solvents, paper and fabric. When utilizing a patching iron or electric plank drinking spree guarantee the heated head is in every case left clear of cleaning solvents, paper and any other material.


The tips introduced in this section are implied as a suggestion to all modelers that we are managing an assortment of apparatuses, hardware and synthetics—all of which should be treated with special care when you are working on wooden sailing ship model kits.

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