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No matter whether it is a private house or a commercial building, to enhance the beauty of the building owners prefer the use of stones.

Apart from domestic and corporate use, the stone and log for log walls is also used in the buildings where the architecture plays a key role in the business like restaurants, showrooms and heritage hotels.

Below are 6 major reasons of the growing popularity of stones in construction of buildings:


Stone is a long lasting material that will maintain its charm through decades unlike paint or vitrified tiles that have a life of 2-3 years. Stone does not show apparent effects of ageing .Its surface is rugged so it doesn’t catch the dust easily or apparently shows the effects of the same. You can go for the brick wall.

For Long time stones can remain intact

Maximum historical buildings have employed an extensive use of stone and from centuries they have been standing intact. The walls of old forts were almost totally made of stones.

During that time not only did they provide an efficient protection from the intruders but till today these walls and forts are not affected by the extremities of weather and effects of time. The print walls are in demand in commercial sectors.


Stone Cladding

Over a period of time the dry cladding of stone provides a complete protection against stone falling off. Contraction and expansion of stone occurs due to change in temperature that also affects its grip. Many businesses offer fast renovation.

When the stones grip is weakened the sand, water and moisture start seeping into the cement joints and ultimately it falls off the wall. Especially if the stone is clad on building façade, it can be extremely detrimental and can result in fatal accident.

Negligible Maintenance

It not only offers a unique, eye caressing look to the entire building and shower wall, but it also requires negligible care and maintenance. Easily they do not get smudged or stained. Due to these features the stone's surface provides a sufficient protection. The rust metal wall panels are mostly used in every building.

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