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realistic male masturbators

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sasha grey pocket stoker

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realistic huge dildos  -  Squirting dildo is one of the best, too! Imagine how a huge and hefty dildo can realistically feel you up with a jizz as you squeeze them on your demand to make you feel satisfied and have a very shivering climax! For a wild and crazy dildo bumping ride, these two best huge ejaculating dildos have a secured suction cup based for hands-free solo masturbation or with a partner by using a strap-on harness. use coupon code BEST50 to get UP to 50% OFF on almost ANY SINGLE ITEM, FREE 3 Hot DVDs, and a FREE gift plus FREE discreet shipping!!!

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Are you satisfied with your sexual life?

Does lack of passion in your life make your life boring? Use a lifelike sex doll to spice up your sex life. Don't worry; you are certainly not the only one with this problem. Research shows that 45% of the world's population has sex. Frustrated, many people experienced this terrible feeling until they found that silicone dolls can satisfy them in the best way. If you have tried adult sex dolls yourself, you will choose to believe that it will give you a heavenly feeling. Even if you can follow the same principle - buy yourself an adult sex doll and get it in the most direct way.


You can simply use these sexy dolls to make your night more risky, as I have ever done. What do you expect from a sex doll? Believe me, it is a sex doll that can satisfy all your sexual desires. It never complains, is not tired, and is not bound by time. It is a perfect choice, which will allow you to achieve the highest satisfaction and make your life more exciting. Here are some of the advantages of the publicly-recognized adult sex dolls that we have summarized for you: to give you a real touch and experience, the raw materials for productive dolls are safe. You can choose the most suitable shape for you from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I have to say that sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic, more beautiful, and will not grow old or become ugly. Just keeping young is the reason that many users want to buy more sexual dolls of different sizes. It just enters any position you want to satisfy all your libido. How do you choose the best sex doll? I want you to know that there are a large number of TPE dolls sold on the internet, you can choose from different body shapes to body materials. The best is those that are soft and flexible and can be done anywhere to meet your needs. Here's an article we offer you: How to pick a sex doll?


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Sex dolls may be their last resort

However, it has also been suggested that for customers with social anxiety or disability, the service will be invaluable. For example, the Aura doll in Toronto apparently received many inquiries from visually impaired and hard of hearing people. Cheap sex doll can also be used as a way to vent a person who likes violence or does not want to hurt the real thing, but does not want to hurt the real person, even those who want to experience monogamy without deception. . Therefore, not all people who may enter the brothel of the dolls are angry and sick women, who are ready to release the desire to rape. It may take a while for love doll to become mainstream.


Nevertheless, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, lifelike sex dolls capable of replicating human sexual reactions have become a thing. It is not impossible for sex dolls to one day enjoy the same relative dignity as vibrators and other sex toys. Personally, I am waiting to see if male sex dolls will catch on.

Sex doll just can't agree, there is no limit. Some people worry that some customers may start to think that this is normal, which in turn will spread some fairly problematic and inaccurate views about human women. However, the founder of a California-based spiritual group called UNICULT believes that with the advancement of artificial intelligence robotics, sexual robots can change the way human perceptions agree. Still with me?


The organization plans to open a robotic brothel in West Hollywood. The concept that only sentient beings can give consent, UNICULT presents a model that customers will show their respect for robotic sex dolls by getting session points in advance through an app or spending 30 minutes on dolls with "Avatar" before making love. I don't believe this.

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How to use sex doll correctly

Often the reason why we buy lifelike sex dolls is only for physiological needs, but many men don't know how to use sex dolls correctly,just know that they have mastered the method a little bit, but this is not the case. Improper use and habits can damage sex dolls. Next, I will introduce you to the tutorial on correct use of dolls.


First, check
When you get the sex doll, first open the box, and carefully check whether the sex doll accessories are complete. Such as: Patches, heaters (sticks), lubricants.


Second, cleaning and disinfection

1. Before use

 The doll is cleaned and disinfected. Although the product is made of high-grade non-toxic medical material soft rubber, it can be cleaned or disinfected with medical alcohol or washed with warm water due to the surface contact with the outside world and the delivery of the product. Pay attention to the cleaning process. Do not touch the circuit or metal structure. If you buy a sex doll with a warmer (stick), you can warm the lower body of the sex doll. After warming, you can enjoy the warmth of the human body. Then apply the oil. After about 10-15 minutes, feel the temperature is enough to remove the warmer, then you can start enjoying your doll!

2. When using

When using a solid sex doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the physical part of the physical doll, a lubricant must be used. If the lubricant is not used, the internal body of the doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private part of the physical doll to rupture after use. It is also possible if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.

3. After use

After using the doll, the inside of the doll's private part needs to be cleaned with water, and the whole body of the doll is cleaned. After the physical doll has been completely sterilized, wash it again with warm water, dry the inside and surface of the doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and then save it for the next use.


Third, take a bath to remove oil

In order to make the doll's body soft, an oil component is injected into the silica gel, which also gives the doll a charming aroma. Some products also have a care powder, so that as time goes on, there will be oil on the surface of the doll or impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the doll once before use to remove oil. If there is 75% medical alcohol, it is better to use it for scrubbing and disinfecting after washing.

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HIV transmission with sex doll possible?

Because there is currently no effective treatment for AIDS, the mortality rate is high; and many of its diseases are related to improper behaviors (such as sexual problems and drug use), making it socially stigmatized. Therefore, AIDS Spreading is not only a medical issue, but it also has a huge psycho social impact.


Normally, AIDS is mainly transmitted through blood, sexual intercourse and mother-to-child transmission. In the worst case, if your TPE sex doll is likely to be used, only skin damage will be transmitted. And from a medical and biological point of view, HIV will die in a period of time once it leaves the host cell, so don't worry about the HIV infection that will be bought from sex dolls.

According to clinical studies, HIV has not been found to survive in other animals. They mainly live in humans and apes, which may be related to their genetic matching rate of more than 90% to humans. The genetic similarity between humans and apes is extremely high, and blood is more suitable for the survival of HIV. Basically, the two determine the way of survival and transmission of HIV.

To draw a conclusion, despite the peace of mind, HIV is not transmitted through the goods.

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Read this before buy a sex doll

Speaking of the standable function of the doll, first of all, the principle of standing sex dolls, as we can see in the picture below, the sex dolls generally bear the weight through these three fulcrums and get a standing posture. We often let the doll sit, lie down and lie, and this situation can be considered cheaper. But if you want to add more styling and posture, the ordinary model can't stand because it will cause damage to the doll, because the structure without the weight of the foot can not bear a lot of weight.

Generally TPE sex dolls, their body consists of two parts, skeleton and filling material. Of course, the stainless steel skeleton doll is the best choice. Another thing to consider is the filling of the chest, which is divided into two types: solid and hollow. Hollows are more comfortable to use, but they are also prone to deformation and shortened service life. When choosing small  breast dolls we recommend buying a solid sex doll on the chest. Of course, you can also choose the type you want.


The details of the head can be considered from the wig, such as the style and color of the wig. If you have more requirements for the hair of the doll, you can learn the selection of the wig material, which will make your doll have a more realistic experience.
In addition, the appearance of the life-like sex doll is not the only standard for good looks. You can make your doll look different by choosing the color of the eyes and choosing different styles of makeup.

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What's Casual Sex

A sexual act that is not related to a relationship is called Casual Sex. Because there is no bondage in the general relationship of love, emotional attachment or even unfamiliar between sexual partners, no emotional relationship, booty call, one-night stand, purchase sex service, wife change, etc. can be defined as casual sex. Of course, this is Wikipedia's definition of it. In general, whether a sex doll is also included. It also affects people's health under prevailing conditions, but experts point out that it is not the behavior itself that affects us. The motivation behind the behavior does.


100 cm sex doll

Want to be happy
Want to explore and learn
I believe this is a worthwhile experience.
A way to escape the bad feeling
Want to please others
Looking forward to a long-term relationship
In case of being induced or forced
There is a direct relationship between motivation and the impact of the subject.


flat chested sex doll

Any kind of thought can fall into unsafe sex. So what is the safe Casual sex? Please bring a condom throughout the journey, starting with any external lower body contact. Wearing condoms is not only to prevent human life, but also to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections (many people carry viruses, but do not show symptoms, they may not know themselves, please Google STI), and anti-AIDS and hepatitis C. Not only physical safety, but also psychological security can not be ignored. When we want to date casual sex, what are our real motives and what we really want. Anything that wants to get a retaliatory balance is an insecure motivation.

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Different Feeling of Sex Doll Materials

The sex doll we can buy are usually TPE and silicone dolls. There are different advantages and disadvantages depending on the price and feel of the raw materials. Here, we will talk about how the different materials feel.

The general view in the market is that silicone is harder than TPE sex doll, most of them are like this, but why do women use slicone breast implants instead of tpe for breast augmentation? In fact, the degree of hardness is related to the pursuit of manufacturers, and some manufacturers pay attention to appearance. It is necessary to make the silica gel have a certain hardness, about 0 degrees or more. The advantage is that it does not drop makeup, and the love sex doll has a three-dimensional effect. This is the advantage of silica gel. The softness of tpe is related to how much oil is added, so the common problem with the soft tpe is the oil, which requires constant cleaning and talcum powder. The high-end silicone prosthesis is filled in the market, and the feel can be compared to real people, but the price is naturally expensive. So if you don't consider the price as a factor, you can use the best silicone material to ensure the makeup and three-dimensionality, as well as the feel.
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Unexpected use of inflatable dolls

1.Life raft

When the floods in Australia struck, two 19-year-old thought of using inflatable sex dolls as a means of escape, but unfortunately they finally failed. In the face of floods, we can only rely on the big trees to wait for rescue. The police warned that inflatable dolls can not be regarded as a floating device. Of course, in the critical moment of life and death, we can not regard this as a child.

The same role of inflatable love dolls was also discovered and entertained by Russians. They use inflatable dolls as floating objects for swimming competitions, but in fact it is more like a game, I mean that they are struggling to get into the water and can really make you happy.

2. Raincoat
For Dutch artists, inflatable dolls can also be made into raincoats. A Dutch artist, Sander Reijgers, made raincoats from recycled inflatable dolls.

3.traffic control
In order to drive on The Carpool Lane, many people use realistic sex doll as their co-drivers. Because it is required to travel more than 2 passengers on such a road, the dedicated lane of the vehicle can be used. This is also for the environmental protection and energy saving of the traffic line.

In China, a woman tells an inflatable doll to be tied to a tree on her front door to distract the driver and slow down traffic. She put on a red dress for the inflatable doll, hoping to slow down the high-speed car in this way, and in fact her practice does work, the accident has been reduced since the woman made a compelling solution.

4. Scarecrow
In order to prevent the radish in the ground from being eaten by the deer, the farmer David Gray from the United Kingdom used the inflatable love sex doll as a scarecrow. And said that this method is more effective than the traditional Scarecrow.

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Guide to your sex doll's wig

If you have bought a realistic sex doll, you must have a tough story with her wig. The doll needs us to maintain it,and the wig is no exception.You want less trouble from the wig, then you can tie all your doll's hair, but this is not once and for all. We still have to clean the wig regularly. I mean no one can stand the hair without washing for two months.

Generally, the wigs we receive are given at random, so it is conceivable that if you do not plan to change, please take good care of her. Don't touch the high temperature, try to comb the wig as little as possible, then it won't lose hair all the time. She can't grow hair like you.

When cleaning the sex doll wig, be careful not to be as rude as you wash your hair, because the general wig is not the material of the real hair, and you will be confused if you accidentally. It is necessary to pay attention to the slightest wigs. What do you want to know is more important to ensure the wig's suppleness?


Want to make the wig easier to handle? You can try using fabric softener, soak the wig in the middle of the fabric softener's aqueous solution for half an hour. For the wig's suppleness, remember not to use a hair dryer,just let it dry naturally. Then you can feel the silky and supple hair.
The follow-up method can also be used to keep her clean and tidy hairstyle by braid and ponytail.

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Will you accept Interactive Sex Dolls?

As people's needs increase, the variety of AI has gradually increased. Scientists
have developed realistic sex dolls with AI. It can even have the emotions of people.

Whether you like the combination of AI and the sex toy market, the era of sex robots
is coming to us.

It has 12 personality traits, including innocence, kindness, sexiness, friendliness,
shyness and more.

An artificial intelligence doll with such a personality is expected to sell for
£12,000, after which the user must pay an annual fee to keep the database up to

With the development of virtual reality technology, the immersion of experiencing
users will become stronger and stronger. Robots can imitate and even surpass the
experience of people.
The“communicating” with robots may be addictive and may even completely replace
the relationship between people in the future. These vigilant arguments have been
used by many people to blame sex robots: sex and love, in fact, just a bunch of
"scrap iron."

But the sex robot is smart, and it is also the property of the robot. On the level
of sex life partner, will you accept  real doll sex robots?


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What have changed your sex habit

In the long river of human life, sex comes from human instinct. We always desire to love ,sex but without response. While in nowadays, we own everything , wife, suites, work, but we still get less satisfaction and being freaking out easily. We do have so much lust. But how does it comes. Life may be lonely.

According to surveys online, celebration of festivals is still the main driving force to sex toys. Especially on love days and some other traditional festivals.

Sex dolls

Besides , sexual emergencies it also causes people to change their sexual habits. For example, Fifty Shades of Gray has swept the world at 2015, and sales of sex toys growth followed rapidly. Searches for related words also made the list. The original novel of it sales abroad. It comes from people's emotional perception and touch of the world around them. And It is hard not to be influenced by primitive desires and pursuits.


It is a step forward , man is supposed to fight for his own pleasure all his life. But we should follow the moral and stay safe. Don't be shame at choosing TPE sex dolls when you have to.

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What can a sex doll bring you?

It can make the elderly living alone in the daily life have a spiritual sustenance. It can also make up for the regrets in people's hearts.

 It can replace a character in your heart and can satisfy all the illusions you have in your heart, even your illusions come true, of course, making your life happier is the mission of its birth.

Sex doll customized as original services of sex doll producers, they were made to provide convenient services to a small group of indoors man and otaku.

  1. companionship

 Nowadays depressive disorder occurred frequently, it comes from a variety of emotional repression , and no release for emotions.

 After a long period of accumulation, tiny emotional ups and downs can be the last straw.

 And the relationship between human are complicated. Just because sex dolls cannot talk, they can accept all your outbreak emotion, besides, it's a good way to get pleasure of self indulgence, self forgiveness unneeded.

 Especially for single man or the disabled.


2.replicas of dead lovers

According to the news of the love doll official(a company offering rent of sex robot) , Recently a man put a order for a real person replica .That because of her dead wife. Approaching the age of 60, some people like him are not considering of remarriage. He provided all the desirable details of his dead love , includes hair color, breast size ,weight and skin color.

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Benefits of Sex you never known

Increase sexual desire
More sex life can better enhance libido.As an old saying goes, practise makes perfect.I guess the same goes here.Sex doll may help sometimes.

Relieve stress to help sleep
Nowadays people's work and life pressures are getting bigger and bigger, and the variety of ways to increase pressure has gradually made people pay more attention to sexual experience. At the same time, more and more people feel the pleasure of sex. Adding a pleasant feeling to the intense work and life.


Mini sex doll

Reduce disease and pain
Less chance of heart disease orgasm can produce a hormone that increases pain tolerance to reduce pain. Studies have shown that men who ejaculate often have a lower chance of prostate cancer, sexual intercourse, night urination, masturbation, etc. The purpose of the species, although the factors affecting these diseases are not limited to this aspect, but it is worth noting that enjoying more sex will not hurt you. ’

Enhance immunity
According to reports, health experts have said that people with active sexual life will have stronger body resistance and disease immunity. It is said that in the process of sex, human cells produce a specific antibody that acts in the body's protective mechanisms to improve the body's ability to resist germs. Although the specific medical principles have yet to be studied, doing things that make our bodies and minds happy must be helpful to a good mood. It is as if we value physical health in our daily lives, there are many ways to improve our body and mind.

3819235003?profile=originalLifelike sex doll

Benefit women's pelvis
It is not difficult to imagine how important the pelvis is to women, and many women have diseases caused by the pelvis. Sexual life can exercise the muscle groups around the pelvis of women, especially when they have orgasm. Conversely, having a strong pelvis is also beneficial to the increase in sexual pleasure.

Increase exercise and lower blood pressure
According to the relevant investigation, there is an inseparable relationship between sex and the regulation of blood pressure. It is also the effect of regulating blood pressure by exercising the corresponding muscle tissue.

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How to remove staining on sex dolls?

Most of the adult sex dolls are now based on silicone or TPE dolls. But these two materials are easy to be dyed. Maybe one day, when you sleep with a doll, and find that you are seriously stained, next morning. Whether it's the clothes you wear for your dolls or the clothes you wear, it's very possible to dye the body surface of the doll.

So, is there any good way to make the sex dolls look better in a short time? Maybe you have tried shower gel, shampoo, olive oil, all the common detergents you have tried. But it still has no effect.
But next, I will introduce you to a magical method. Oily markers, clothes dyeing, etc. are not a problem.

In fact, you can easily find them on the shopping website of the real dolls - fade cream or mineral oil. But in addition to paying attention to the effects, the safety of using these chemicals for our human body cannot be ignored. So are these two things harmful to the human body? After all, the doll is something that our skin touches directly.

TPE sex dolls use olive oil is not effective, TPE generally uses a fading cream, and the principle of fading cream is to etch a layer of raw material on the surface of TPE to dissolve the dyed part. It is destructive, so it is necessary to confirm whether it is toxic. After all, it is a doll that comes into contact with the body. Avoid using toxic substances. However, mineral oil does not corrode.


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