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Nature is considered a role model for the development of new materials or as a depot for numerous healing agents. So, it makes sense to combine natural materials and active ingredients in the cosmetics area as well. An example of this is the bio cellulose mask.

It is extremely hydrophobic and has an impressive water-binding capacity with a storage capacity of up to 100 times their weight. 

Despite its fine fibers, it is tear-resistant and at the same time elastic. It is also hygienic and biodegradable. These properties make them an ideal carrier for active ingredients in cosmetics. They get their special properties from the special manufacturing process.

What is Bio-cellulose mask and how does it work?

Bio cellulose mask is a 100% natural, fine, and flexible nanofiber. That like a second skin can adapt perfectly to the contours of the face. The natural substance has several properties that make it particularly attractive for skincare:

- Extremely hydrophilic
- Strong and compliant at the same time
- Sterile and toxin-free

The extremely fine fibers of the cellulose store moisture and the unique network structure enables additional active ingredients to be released evenly. In combination with the right active ingredients, beneficial synergy effects can be created depending on the customer's skin needs.

Active ingredients and auxiliaries:

The carrier cellulose is always the same, only the active ingredients differ according to the treatment and the complexion. For example, there is hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae, chamomile, aloe vera, etc. 

Hyaluronic acid: for dehydrated skin that needs regeneration:

What could be more obvious than combining the well-known master of moisture, hyaluronic acid, with the high storage capacity of bio-cellulose. Hyaluronic acid, a chain of sugar molecules, can bind up to 6,000 times more water per molecule than it weighs.

As the body's substance, it is part of the connective tissue and responsible for tensile strength and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is also important for cell proliferation and cell migration. With increasing age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissue decreases steadily, which increases the importance of the anti-aging area.

Bio-cellulose for dry facial skin:

The temperatures are slowly getting warmer and the skin stressed by winter needs an extra dose of care. With an individual qdel mask treatment, you pamper your dry facial skin with the moisturizing active ingredient cellulose.

Whether at home or in the cosmetic studio - a moisturizing face mask for the regeneration of extremely dry skin is a must at least once a week. 

However, if the care products are to penetrate the skin in a targeted and effective manner, professional treatment in the cosmetic studio is recommended.

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Qdel Bio Cellulose mask is a product of plant origin. Its interwoven fibers create a highly absorbent fabric that allows it to soak generously into your face.

Let us find out more about this magic Qdel Mask:

How does Qdel Mask work?

The raw material is Bio-cellulose which goes through a fermentation process. The result is a coherent fleece, the fibers of which are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. This extremely fine mesh structure stores moisture for an exceptionally long time and releases it to the skin constantly and evenly.

The tightly woven fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional structure. As a result, the qdel mask fits perfectly into every recess in the skin relief and nestles like a second skin.


Here we give you some of its main ingredients:

- Aqua
- Glycerine
- Butylene Glycol
- Sorbitol
- Betaine
- Sodium hyaluronate (Sodium hyaluronate is similar to the fluid found in human joints. It has been used to restore moisture to the skin)
- Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder and many other vital ingredients.

Fit on your face:

The Qdel Bio Cellulose material gives this Premium Repair mask a fit on your face that keeps the skin in close contact with the complex of beneficial ingredients for 20 to 30 minutes.

Qdel Bio cellulose Mask Results (Benefits):

Finally, after using the mask you will see the following results.

- Firstly, it increases skin moisture in 24 hours
- The skin is visibly more radiant, smooth, and silky.
- After two weeks of use the skin looks firmer and more stretched.
- The skin of the face looks younger.
- The skin looks brighter.
- Finally, after 4 weeks of use the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

The application of Qdel masks:

Qdelmask is always applied to clean skin. The exposure time is usually 15 to 20 minutes. The masks are designed for single-use and are therefore individually packed. This makes them perfect for on the go or traveling.

There are now Qdel masks for every skin type. Whether dry, sensitive, or impure skin, it is important that the ingredients are optimally matched to the skin type. However, regular use of the masks is recommended for long-term care.

If you want to order this Skin lightening and whitening Qdel Mask at the best prices, do not miss to order it through Qdel.co.

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