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Where is Ha Tinh Area located on PUBG?

PUBG is a revolutionary battle royale game that single-handedly brings a revolution in the gaming community. The graphics and the gameplay made the players addicted to this game. It’s been a few years since PUBG was newly released, but still, the craze for the game has gone down. If you love to play shooting games with teammates, then you probably should try it. There are multiple areas available in the game where players can play matches. In every map of the game, few areas are highly rushed, and those areas are mostly known by every player who plays PUBG. 

Ha Tinh is a well-known area of Sanhok map. This amazing area is packed with huge loot. Sanhok is the small map in PUBG, and finding the area will not be a tough task for any player. This small greenery location is filled with houses, bushes and huge loot. Sanhok map is loved by most of the PUBG players, and there are many great locations where players like to drop from an aeroplane. 


Locate of Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh in Sanhok is located at the northwest corner side where you can get a great number of supplies. It is located on the top side of a small island. There you can find numerous houses of big sizes where looting will be easy for you. While dropping on the location, you can see every house of the site, so if you notice any enemy while dropping down, you can change your location or take better cover in houses.

Places to loot in Ha Tinh

Now you know that you can get huge loot from this location; however, you should also know which area on this location will provide you with the highest supplies. Every building and hut on this location has gun availability, but you need to land probably on the double-storey building. Just look at the first floor of the building and then head to the second floor to get more items. There might be enemies near you as well because everyone needs supplies. If you hear footsteps approaching you, then you need to be careful. If you don’t take the cover of anything, you might end up dead instantly. 

There are a total of three warehouses in Ha Tinh, and those are also packed with supplies to loot. In those warehouses, you can have a great number of supplies easily. There is no multi-floor in the warehouse and everything is available on the floor of the warehouse. Avoiding enemies in these warehouses is not easy because these are open and clean with nothing to take cover. You need to loot as fast as you can and move to the area where you can take shelter.

There are also containers in the area which are packed with great loot. Most of the players don’t get to this location and mostly avoid it, but if you get here, then you can have guns, armours and more things. If you are looking for level 3 supplies items, then it is the best location to move into.

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PUBG Mobile Releases A New Look for Erangel

PUBG Mobile has been the most influential mobile game in the battle royale genre, and Tencent seems keen to keep it up. Only within a year of its release, PUBG has become such a phenomenon which was never expected. Google awarded the game the title of Best Game of the Year 2018. The game is a mobile version of the original Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which is for the PC platform. The PC version of the game does not stop with minor updates but also enhances the already existing features.


The game developers discussed several changes that are going to take place in the original map Erangel. The updates to Erangel has already taken place in the PC platform, and now the changes are coming to its mobile version.

Erangel is the oldest map in the game, as this was the map PUBG originally started with. It was only a year later that PUBG got its another map. Since then there have been a couple more addition like Vikendi and Sanhok to the game, but Erangel remains the one closest to fans’ hearts. Erangel is going to be reworked soon on the mobile platform just like it did on its parent platform.

Erangel 2.0 will come with enhanced visuals, terrain changes, and texture updates. The executive producer of PUBG Corporation, TS Jang, announced the updates for the mobile platform. These updates were added as an attempt to keep Erangel still as beloved as it is and to also build a bit of interest.

A tweet was released on official PUBG Twitter handle and also a video was posted on PUBG’s official YouTube channel, showcasing the latest changes to the map.

Erangel 2.0: The Changes

The areas that are shown in the video with significant changes are:

  1. Yasnaya Polyana
  2. Mylta Power
  3. Prison
  4. Lumberyard above Shelter area
  5. The ground between Mylta and Mylta Power

The video showed a before and after look of the terrain. The texture is the most easily noticeable change in the map. Grass around the ground is now greener and heavier. Buildings look less bulky as their surface looks smooth too. Also, a lot of hoardings are added to the premises along with several billboard stands for Tencent to use. This will provide Tencent more space to put ads on. The update will name the map Erangel 2.0. The video said coming soon at the end of it, but there is still no fixed date from Tencent as to when the update will be released.

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Hello Every One This Is Techchotu Here We Are Back With Pubg Lite An Another One That Can Be The Most Popular Game In The World Sensational Pubg Lite Mobile So Lets Gets Started In To The Pubg Lite For Mobile.As Back With Previous Version Beta Pubg Lite Apk Has Been Released Months Ago But Now It Become As Stable Version Pubg Lite Pc.Now Availabe In Any Country Pubg Lite For Pc With Same Game Same As Pubg.
Pubg Lite Pc Free Download That Is Already Availbale In But Named As Pubg Project Hi


Low Hardware Congigurations.
No Need Grafix Card To Run This Game.
4gb Ram.
The Reason For That Is That The Pubg Emulator Takes Most Of The Computer Resourcwes And When You Play The Game It Doesnot Perfome Well In The Low Hardware Configuration System.

But In The Pubg Lite Emulator There Is No Such Hardware Pre Requirements To Be Needed.


Click The Link Below And Go To The Page And Download It From Pc.
Https://Lite.Pubg.Com/Download/ Pubg Lite
Create Id.
Register With Your Details.
Login With The Given Username And Passweord.
It Will Ask You To Install The Game.
1.9 Gb It On Pc.
Once Downloaded , Before Opening The Game There Is One More Thing You Have To Do You Will Bee Seen As Free Version For Pc.


Similar Contros As In Pubg Pc.
It Doesnt Support Auto Pickup Items,You Need To Frag And Drop An Item To Pick Or Press F2.
Low Ping.
Arcade Mode.
Classic Mode.
Training Mode.

So If You Are In Pubg Mobile Version You Know That It Shows You Foot Steps And Gunshots Marks On The Map Here Doesnt Show You Foot Steps But You Can See The Gun Shot Direction Like Mobile Verisn.
I Have Tried Playing Pubg Pc Version And I Couldnt Even Kill 1 So Difficulty For Me But In This Lite Version Most Of The Players Swere Playing Tihs Game Are Switching Over The Mobile Or Emulator Versipn And Its Completely Easier Than The Pc Version.

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Busy server issue causes severe trouble in PUBG. As PUBG is one of the most famous battle royale games, gamers from all over the world are crazy about it. So, you are not alone who is encountering the server busy issue. If you’re getting “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message, try these fixes.


Fix 1: Try the ‘Reconnect’ button.

Undoubtedly, you’ve pressed the “Reconnect’ button when the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message displays on your screen. Sometimes, pressing the ‘Reconnect’ button works and connects you to the server. If you haven’t tried this, then restart the game and see if the server busy error message appears or not. When “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error message displays again, press the ‘Reconnect’ button several times.

Fix 2: Restart your internet

If the ‘Reconnect’ button doesn’t connect you to the server, then check your internet connection. Turn off the internet of your device and then turn back it on. After reconnecting the internet, start the game if it is not. Now, when the error message prompts, touch the ‘Reconnect’ button. Most of the time this trick will work. If still, you’re getting the same error message, try using next solutions.

Fix 3: Reset your modem

Server busy problem mostly happens when the internet connection or strength is not good. Maybe you see the error because of a poor connection. Resetting the modem will rectify the issue if the weak connection is the reason behind. Turn off your modem and turn back it on by pressing the ‘Power’ button. This will fix the connection issue as well as your PUBG’s busy server problem.

Fix 4: Disable Proxy settings in Windows 10

If you’re playing the PUBG on a device with Windows 10, then proxy settings can be the reason for creating the issue. Try turning off proxy settings in your Windows 10. If you’re not using the Windows 10, then skip this solution and check the next one.

1.    Open the ‘Windows Search’ tool by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left corner of the desktop.

2.    Type in ‘Proxy’ into the field. You’ll see several results under the best match.

3.    Find and press ‘Enter’ on the “Change proxy settings” option. This opens the proxy settings window on your screen.

4.    Click and turn off the switch of ‘Automatically detect settings.’ This option is under the Automatic proxy setup.

5.    Now, look under the Manual proxy setup and turn off the switch of ‘Use a proxy server.’

You’ve done it! Now, restart the PUBG and wait for it to connect with the servers.

Fix 5: Deactivate Firewall

Firewall program could be preventing your game from connecting to the servers. You can try deactivating the firewall on your computer. Check the below steps for disabling the firewall on your operating system.

To deactivate Windows Firewall on Windows 10:

1.    Open the ‘Control Panel.’

2.    Then go to ‘System and Security.’

3.    Click on the ‘Windows Defender Firewall.’

4.    Now, click on ‘Turn Windows firewall on or off’ option in the left-hand side menu.

5.    Select ‘Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)’ option in both Public network settings and private network settings.

6.    After that, click ‘OK.’

To deactivate firewall on a Mac:

1.    Enter into the ‘System Preferences.’

2.    Then open ‘Security & Privacy’.

3.    Open the ‘Firewall’ tab in the Security & Privacy window.

4.    Click the ‘Turn Off Firewall’ button near the upper left side of the screen.

The firewall has been disabled in your computer, now launch the PUBG and wait for it to connect to the servers.

One of these solutions will surely fix busy servers issue in PUBG. If still, you’re getting the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” message, then wait for an update or check your Antivirus or VPN settings.

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7 Best Guns Available in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, well known as PUBG Mobile, is one of the most loved and intense Battle Royale games in recent times. The number of players in the game keeps decreasing from time to time, and the squad or individual with the best weapons and gameplay make it to the end. You can find a variety of guns in the game such as pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and many others. Though, not all weapons provide the same damage to the enemy and helpful in getting the renowned ‘chicken dinner.’

These are the best PUBG Mobile guns that are destined to provide plenty of kills and wins in the game.

1. AWM

AWM is one of the best sniper rifles in the game for taking headshots. It has the capability of damaging level three helmets in one shot and killing your enemy. But, you can get only the gun and its bullets in airdrop exclusively.

2. Groza

If we talk about a weapon with outstanding firing rate, Groza is the one. It supports 7.62mm bullets and found only in airdrops. Eliminating enemies in the game becomes comfortable with this assault rifle gun. 

3. M24

M24 is another deadly sniper rifle available in the game. It uses 7.62mm ammo, which are easily found everywhere in the game and offers damage of 79. You can quickly eliminate an enemy wearing level 2 helmet with only one headshot using this gun.

4. Kar98K

If you enjoy long distance firefights in the game, Karabiner 98 Kurz or the Kar98K is an ideal solution for you. You can easily find this spawning sniper rifle and take the best headshots. The damage of this gun is 75, and it acquires 7.62mm ammo.

5. AKM

With the damage of 49, AKM is one of the most commonly found close-range weapons. It demands 7.62 ammo and works best with a 2x scope or holographic sight for close fights. However, the recoil of this gun doesn’t let you indulge in mid and long-range fights properly.

6. M416

The M416 works perfect for both long range and short range combats. This assault rifle supports 5.56 bullets, which are not hard to find in the game. Its impressive damage of 43 and low recoil makes it easy to use and one of the most decent weapons.

7. Scar-L

The Scar-L is one of the most stable guns in the game. Its hit damage is 43, and 5.56 bullets fit inside this assault rifle gun. With an extended quickdraw magazine and 4x scope, it is great for close and medium range fights.  Keep your rank higher and mark your presence in the game by choosing these best weapons available in PUBG Mobile!

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Miramar Map is the earliest update of the PUBG. PUBG added a new stage Miramar with a whole new appearance, weapons and vehicles. If you want to get a grip on this new deserted Miramar map, then here is everything you’ll need to be a pro player of Miramar.


Here you’ll know about:

•    More about Miramar Map

•    Best landing and starting locations

•    Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

•    Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

More about Miramar map

Just like the other previous PUBG locations, in the beginning, you’ll feel like a prison on the Miramar map. If you land first time on this map, you’ll find yourself on a deserted prison. However, the map is not entirely of desert sand, at the south of Miramar map, you’ll see water also. There is also an island at the southern side desert with a town located there. The southern side is connected with two bridges to the mainland. And at the Middle East side area of the Miramar desert, you’ll get a massive area of Los Leones town. There are also Military camps in this Map at the top right corner. The middle area of Miramar desert looks like a Cemetery area. Where the Miramar is a desert area, it has Desert Mountain and small rocks throughout the map.

Best landing and starting locations

•    Cemetery (Middle) area- As the cemetery area is on the middle of the map. Then it is always the security that you’re in the first circle. And in the shacks of the cemetery, you can search for Weapons and other equipment. So, it is actually an excellent place to land.

•    Los Leones- area with the largest town of the map is guaranteed to get various biggest weapons.  This area is always the focus of the circle.

•    San Marcos- the location of the San Marcos is near the centre of the desert. The region has a sufficient amount of tall buildings where you can search for the weapons and equipment and get ready before the circle has come.

•    Military base- as like the other previous map’s Military camp, Miramar’s Military base is obviously the best place to get some best weapons such as snipers, shotguns, and many more. But it is at the NE corner of the map so reaching there and surviving through the shrinking circle is challenging.

•    Crater Fields and Chumacera both are also the best starting locations.

Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

If you’re looking for high powered weapons, then Military camp is a good place for them. The area of the north-west border of Miramar Petro Glyphs and Studio and El Pozo south-east area holds many amazing assets, and the area is also warzone. Chumacera town is filled with partially constructed towers so they are a good place for snipers and long ranged weapons. Miramar desert doesn’t have many trees to cover you. So, you can use the Desert Mountains and rocks to cover you. If you want to be out in the open area, then it is better to use a single shot or long-range weapons like Win-94, M16, and SCAR-L.

Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

Even the Map is more massive or different but similar to the other previous Maps the basic rule is also followed in Miramar. Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles are always found within the buildings area like Military area, Cemetery area, Los Leones, etc. They are never outside of this.

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PUBG 150w, 300w, 768w, 800w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

Tencent Gaming has been well known for introducing new content in regular updates.

With the ongoing season fans of PUBG got a chance to avail new winter theme cosmetics and gun skins and various new weapons like MK Mutant and QBU.

Also with the inclusion of latest Vikendi map gamers got an opportunity to experiences winter feel in the game.

And according to the latest Tweet by PUBG’s Creative Director, It is hinted that an upcoming patch would feature a new Night Mode for the Vikendi map.

With this Tweet by the creative director of Tencent Gaming, players and community members of PUBG have constantly been speculating for this upcoming patch.

Various data miners and streamers have also indicated that this new Night Mode would be a completely different experience.

As in the past Erangle Map has also featured a Night Mode event, which brought a whole new dynamics to the game.

The Night mode in Erangle provided players to experience the combat action in pitch black night, and players were required to loot the Night Vision goggles in order to see in the dark.

This challenge event was available for a limited duration, but still, players went nuts to experience in this mode.

In succession to the previous Night Mode in the Erangle Map this time PUBG would be including a New Night Mode for the latest Vikendi Map.

And the floating speculations came to an end when the Community Manager at Tencent Gaming confirmed about the inclusion of this upcoming Mode.

He clarified that Yes a new Mode would be included in the upcoming patch for Vikendi and would be called the Moonlight Mode.

This New Moonlight Mode would be an updated addition to the past Night Mode, as this mode would feature whole new dynamics to the game.

In the upcoming Moonlight Mode fans of PUBG would get a chance to experience a feeling of twilight, with the snow underneath the feats and clear dark skies.

With a little green haze surrounding the atmosphere, and bright moon above the head, this mode would be completely unique, and something players would really enjoy.

When this new mode becomes a part of the game players would have whole new dynamics in the game and would require similar item like the night vision goggles.

It is still not known that, will this new Moonlight Mode feature similar night vision or something new, also with the new guided laser players can target enemies much more easily.

With this Tweet, PUBG developers have successfully teased the fans of this intense game, and it will be quite interesting to undermine the reviews and reactions of gamers and streamers to better know about the game mode.

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6 Ways to Fix PUBG Mobile lagging problem

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) Mobile is one of the most trending games. Its graphics quality and controls are impressive and that is the one reason why gamers love PUBG. If you’re also a PUBG lover and find your game lagging, then you can fix it easily by doing some little modification in graphics configuration, internet connection, etc.


Lets’ explore the ways to troubleshoot PUBG Mobile lagging issue


Reasons for PUBG Mobile lagging problem


  • Battery low:When the battery of your Mobile device goes down it will cause the frame rate will also slow down, this may result in lagging the game. Charge your Mobile battery and try again.


  • Device Temperature:Continue running game makes your device hot as well as drain battery, the high temperature of the Mobile slow down the frame and this will cause the game lag. Give rest to your phone and play later after a break.


  • Programs running:Too many programs or process running on a device at a time will slow down the device and lag the game. Close all the programs and restart your phone.


  • High Graphics Settings:Setting higher graphics settings on a low capacity device will cause the game to lag. Try to play the game with lower graphics settings or hardware capacity of your device.


  • Network connection:A slow internet also lags the game, check the signal at the bottom left corner during match or server selection screen. When it shows a yellow/red signal, it means bad connection. Try to use a good Wi-Fi or network connection.


How to fix PUBG Mobile lagging problem?

  1. Choose a server with the lowest ping


  • Open ‘Select Mode’.  The selection mode button is just below to the Start button in the Lobby screen.
  • Touch the ‘Server button’. It is near the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • And, Prefer a server with the lowest ping.
  1. Change Graphics Settings


  • Go to the ‘Lobby’ screen.
  • Open ‘Settings’ from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Open ‘Graphics Settings Menu’.
  • And select the ‘Graphic Settings’ compatible with your device.
  1. Run game with a good signal


  • Use a good internet connection or Wi-Fi network.
  • Move to a location where signal quality is excellent.
  1. Free up some space of your device


  • Log out from the game. Remember if you’re a guest player then you may lose your progress after logging out.
  • Quit from ‘Game’.
  • Free up space of your device.
  • Open ‘Game’.
  • And login again.


  1. Try to Repair your PUBG MOBILE game


  • Go to the Login screen.
  • Touch on the ‘Repair’ button on the right side of the Screen.
  • And repair your game.
  1. Reinstall your PUBG Game.


  • Uninstall your game.
  • And Reinstall it from App Store/Play Store.

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Are you ready to face-off 99 more players on a shrinking map? The last man standing in the shrinking circle is the winner of the game.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game which addicts you when you play it for the first time. The game’s graphics controls are really impressive. The game is an online multiplayer player game so you can also invite and play with your friends. One more interesting feature about the PUBG is that you can talk with your squad while playing the battle. There are many more amazing features you’re going to experience in the game. If you also want to experience this amazing viral game first download it on your device.

Here is everything about downloading, sign In and playing with friends,

How to Download PUBG

The good news is that the game PUBG Mobile is free, and it can be easily downloaded from App Store. But the only concern is that your device should support it.

•    Your device should be on iOS 9.0 or later.

•    The game is compatible with iPhone 5S and later.

•    All versions of iPad Pro, iPad Air 1 and 2, and iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4 is also fit for PUBG Mobile.

•    Go to your device’s ‘App Store’.

•    Search ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ and download it.

How to Sign up and Play PUBG Mobile as a Guest

Playing as a guest does not require any account connection such as Facebook or other.

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Touch on ‘GUEST’.

3.    Hit ‘Accept’.

4.    Customize ‘Your Player’ as you like.

5.    Give a ‘Name’ to your player.

6.    Hit ‘Done’.

7.    And then tap ‘Create’.

That’s it! Your player is ready to play as a guest. Alternatively, you can also link your Facebook account to the game and invite and play with your Facebook friends.

How to Sign up and Play PUBG Mobile with the Facebook account

Linking PUBG Mobile with your Facebook account means allowing the game to access your Facebook profile’s information. Your player’s name displays your Facebook name.

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Touch on ‘FACEBOOK’.

3.    Tap on ‘Log in with the Facebook app’ or enter your Facebook account’s login details.

4.    Follow the instructions and permit the game to access your account.

To Add Friends to your PUBG Mobile game

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Tap on the ‘Friends’ tab at the lower left corner of the screen.

3.    Now, tap on ‘Add Friends’ button.

4.    Type the ‘Player’s name’ of the friend you want to add.

5.    And hit ‘Search’.

6.    Tap on the ‘Person’ to add. You can also communicate with the person, just type your message and hit ‘Send’.

Friend request will be sent to the person. Once your friend request is accepted you both can play together.

To Accept a Friend request in PUBG

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Tap on the ‘Friends’ tab at the lower left corner of the screen.

3.    Now, tap on ‘Request’.

4.    Then tap on ‘Accept’.

To send a message to a Friend in PUBG

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Tap on the ‘Friend list’ from the bottom of the screen.

3.    Select a ‘Friend’ to send the message.

4.    Type your message.

5.    Hit ‘Send’.

To play with Friends in PUBG

If you want to play a Duo or Squad game with your friend, then you need to invite them to the lobby.

Here is how to invite and play the game with friends.

1.    Start ‘PUBG Mobile’ from your device screen.

2.    Tap on the ‘Friend list’ from the bottom of the screen.

3.    Now, tap the ‘+’ button of the Friend’s Player name to invite and play with them. All done, now play PUBG Mobile game with your friend. Don’t forget to use PUBG’s voice chat feature to plan your attacks.

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It is possible that the long wait of players of PUBG to indulge with zombies is over as it is expected that Ten Cent is going to introduce Zombie mode map in the upcoming 0.10.5.

Speculations are floating all across the PUBG community that in the upcoming 0.10.5 update a new Zombie Mode would be included which would feature new game style to hunt enemies on an entirely new map which would be dedicated for zombie hunting.

While currently, players playing beta version can spot zombies in the waiting area before the match, although it is not yet possible to interact or hunt them.

Recently Capcom and Ten Cent joined hands to assure the community to bring a new indulging experience of PUBG and Resident Evil 2, combined in one platform.

By this exclusive merger of two well-known franchises it is creating a huge buzz and excitement amongst the PUBG community as fans eagerly want to experiences apocalyptic in-game interactions, and with the upcoming update, they can receive a new playing style in PUBG.

The speculations are somewhat coming into reality as various YouTubers like Mr Ghost Gaming, and Power Bang Gaming also confirmed about the inclusion of Zombie Mode in PUBG and with the upcoming update it becomes much more interesting as new season pass will also be introduced.

In addition to Zombie Mode, this 0.10.5 update is also expected to feature in MK 47 Mutant, which is an upgraded version of MK 47 but it has an additional laser sight attachment to it.

The Laser Sight is going to be predominantly featured first time in PUBG, and it is not an individual attachment that could be mounted on any weapon, but instead, it is only usable on MK 47 Mutant.

Such a weapon can help in targeting enemies during night mode as it could assure better-guided aim at the enemy.

The general overview of 0.10.5 update can consist of a variety of new content, and you can refer below the list of some of the expected and unexpected consents that could feature the upcoming update.

  • New Zombie Map.
  • Snow covered area in the Erangel map.
  • Uncertain weather conditions in Erangel and Miramar maps.
  • New feature to replay how you get killed in the match.
  • New Rifle type MK 47 Mutant.
  • A new vehicle type “Riksah” in Zombie Mode.
  • A new payment system for BP and UC.
  • New Zombie Mode to hunt Zombies.
  • New gun skins and emotes.

It is quite thrilling to observe how the new Zombie Mode will perform amongst the vast PUBG fan base as the expectation bar is quite high amongst the PUBG community and forums.

With this new upcoming game mode type retro players of PUBG can experience a whole new dynamics of apocalyptic Zombie type gameplay. It would be quite crucial to receive the reviews of various streamers and gamers are they can create a significant impact on the game’s reputation.

Sofia Martine is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security.She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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PUBG Makes Dead Player Accounts Count Comeback

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a real-time shooter game which has proven to be one of the most hyped games of all times. No one would have believed that an initial user mod can bloom into such an immense full-fledged game.

Due to such a massive success that created a new demand for Battlegrounds type games, PUBG faced huge competition from new developers coming out with similar variants and rip-offs of the game. Fortnite also created a massive leap of players by releasing new emotes and variants in a weapon type, which created a shift of regular PUBG players towards new and different options.

PUBG Makes Dead Player Accounts Count Comeback

Although seeing such downwards players trends was not at all motivating for PUBG as their regular players demographic spiralled down from 3 million marks to just under 900,000 users mark. But still, Tencent Gaming did not lose hope and introduced new maps, emotes, weapons and their refined skins to make the in-game experience more enjoyable and exciting.

Players who switched to various new games like Call of Duty, Brawl stars and Nintendo switch also started to revisit PUBG to explore the latest updates and gradually now we can see an upward trend in PUBG daily users.

The new Vikendi map became a triggering factor for numerous dead player accounts to revive back. When the new winter update went live, a number of players returned back to explore the new snowfall feature and ride the latest snowmobile.

As PUBG was initially a PC based game, it considerably had a small user base but eventually when its Android and iOS variants came through the number of user base drastically rose, and PUBG became the top-grossing app-based game in the Google Play store.

But gradually it faced a sink through as new games like Walking dead, Brawl stars and Clash royal took over Playstore and PUBG spiralled down. As PUBG is now also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one the eventual uprising is expected in the number of users.

As PUBG also has one of the most highly streamed and shared gameplays on Twitch and Youtube, it is entirely possible that PUBG will survive in the future and remain one of the highest grossing games of all times.

Although the future of PUBG looks bright and is expected to make an intensive comeback, how will they achieve it is yet to be seen. Hopefully, new updates make the gameplay much more interactive.

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1.Figure out how to Land and Fly, and Note the Plane’s Trajectory 

The principal thing you do in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds can likewise be a standout amongst the most essential choices you'll make. In the event that you need to drop some place specifically in the plane's direction, hold up until the point that the plane is straightforwardly over best of it. On the off chance that you point your camera straight down, your character will jump to a best speed of 234 kph, and when you hit the programmed chute discharge zone, you'll plunge profound into it. You'll invest less energy gliding down, sparing important seconds that could be the distinction among life and passing.


2.Keep in mind the Path that the Play Took as You Progress Through the Game 

On the off chance that you need to get in a battle right on time, there's no preferred alternative over plunging into a thickly populated region straightforwardly under the plane's flight way. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you favor to a greater extent an ease back form to the activity, it very well may be a shrewd technique to make tracks in an opposite direction from the plane as could reasonably be expected. This is the place parachute coasting can prove to be useful. On the off chance that you pull your chute at a higher height, you can travel incredible separations by swinging your character. Quickly hold W until the point when you stretch around 35-40 kph, at that point let off the way to enable yourself to swing back until the point that it drops to 25-30 kph. This will enable you to remain up high over any longer separations to the detriment of time. It can take any longer to get to the ground, yet the separation you can put among you and the greater part of players can be well justified, despite all the trouble.

At last, it's an extraordinary move to recollect the way that the plane took as you advance through the amusement. On the off chance that the plane flies over the eastern outskirt of the guide, all things considered, the west will be more open. Later in the diversion, it might be profitable to approach the hover from the west, acting under the supposition that you'll have less adversaries to battle with in that area of the guide.


3.Comprehend the Circles 

Nothing channels the enjoyment out of the amusement more than hoofing it the whole guide, endeavoring to achieve wellbeing, and kicking the bucket at last to the blue. When you see the main white circle show up, build up a methodology for arriving.

On the off chance that you've handled the distance over the guide, this may mean finding a vehicle early. On the off chance that it's only a short trip, you'll effectively have the capacity to pursue the blue circle begins shutting in. The underlying circle has an immense separation to travel, moves gradually and doesn't do much harm, yet it can divert from your whole diversion on the off chance that you don't have a system.

A typical technique is to play close to the edge of the blue circle. This diminishes the region you should know about, since it's substantially less likely that somebody will sneak up on you from outside the hover, as anybody coming up on you from outside the blue circle will be taking playzone harm. In the event that you play along these lines, be mindful so as to not get captured straight up against the blue when it begins coming in.

In situations where the new, littler white circle is balanced from the focal point of the bygone one, the blue circle will infringe all the more gradually on the little side, since the bigger side has much more separation to close. Utilize this further bolstering your advantage and position yourself in a place where you can surpass the blue circle.

Picture exhibiting the PUBG delineate a disproportionate circle, demonstrating which parts move quick and which parts move moderate.

The restricted side of the blue circle will move slower than the wide side.

The late-amusement blue circle does extensively more harm than the mid ones, so it's imperative to scout your best course of action when you can.

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PUBG WhatsApp Group Join Link List

3746285396?profile=original3746285422?profile=originalPUBG WhatsApp Group Join Link List

Hi Folks, here we come back with new and updated WhatsApp groups in our Whatsapp Group Join Link List. The most famous game in a short span of time i.e, PUBG WhatsApp Groups. Join these groups and win rewards, and know the tips and cheats of this pubg game. Read all the group descriptions and you may get rewards and prize money if you won the tournament. So guys join these groups and won many more rewards and share with your pubg lovers then can also join. If you like our links then share with your friends. Mandatory follow all the group rules otherwise you are kicked out from the group.

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On the top left of this display is PUBG Skins

On the top left of this display is PUBG Skins your feed, your squad feed as well as the latency in ms.

Now for the gameplay. Aforementioned gripes with the controls aside, the game does work well the majority of the time. The cellular version also has some niceties, for example aim aid and automatically picks up items for you when you walk over them. Aiming by sliding around on the touchscreen is not super precise; it requires time getting used to and even then it is not excellent. But your opponents are stuck with the same controls so you are on a level playing field here. There are some vehicles which you can push in the game but there's about five of them in complete and they are not super fun to drive but they do their job of getting you across the map fast and you can even run someone over across the way and find an easy kill.

Like I mentioned before, you aren't really required to kill. The map is so large you might get through the entire game without killing anybody. In fact, it's often better not to engage with somebody, especially if you're at a place where you know the PUBG Skins for sale probability of being found are few and you could easily see somebody coming. And of course, if you're in the right zone so you don't have to be out the play area anytime soon. In such circumstances, you can simply lie down and never do anything.

In one game, I had no weapons at all and just drove around for many minutes, running over a few men and women, and managed to get into top 20. This will make the game feel dull at times, particularly in the beginning when the map is enormous and you also do not see someone for several minutes depending upon where you landed. Nonetheless, if you manage to make into the top 10, things do become significantly more exciting, since you start hearing gun fire around you and understand people are closing in.

1 issue using the mobile version is it can be a bit hard to see enemies on the phone's screen. That thing in the space could be an enemy pointing their sniper rifle in you or only a harmless plant. Half the time you don't even notice enemies until they are within shotgun shooting space of you.

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PUBG Mobile Online Generator Features:

✓ Generate Unlimited BP

✓ Easy to use friendly interface

✓ No root or jailbreak required.

✓ Works on Android phones and tablets, and on iOS Devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

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1. Click any of the Mirror links below.
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My original article said that the difficulties

The problem for these players is actually twofold: they believe that in-game advertising for any game that isn't free-to-play is a problem in itself; and that Bluehole could do more to aid their servers as opposed to promoting the advertisement of tools used to better access foreign ones. Well that's a bit embarrassing, isn't it? My original article said that the difficulties plaguing the game over the past few days had been fixed. But as soon as the article went out players contacted PC Gamer on Twitter to say they were still having trouble. After that, shortly after, the programmers put out this tweet: So , it appears the problems persist for some, although it's working good for me now. This is the error message which players are getting, and it's really the same one I had been getting on Thursday and Friday (hat suggestion to Twitter consumer @designmechanic): I attempted again yesterday,

and I could reach the actual menu screen if I refreshed enough times, but after that I couldn't pair up with a friend to play a Duo or Squads game. In the end, I had formed to give up. It appears to have worked for everyone: Tweet was awash with frustrated players the other day and the day prior to, but there's been no angry tweets concerning the servers so far today. Pubg items Let's hope keep in mind that happen again. If there's one thing which could turn players away from PUBG it's problems like this. And with competitors coming out of the woodwork (I'm looking at you, Fortnite), keeping the gamer base happy is currently more important than ever. Programmer Bluehole announced today that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now being managed by PUBG Corp, a Bluehole part "focused entirely within the development and worldwide business opportunities" for your battle royale present shooter.

PUBG development business lead Chang Han Betty is now CEO associated with PUBG Corp, and Woonghee Cho, previous CEO of Boasts Games and mind of business advancement for Neowiz, will join as COO of the new company to focus on "accelerating overall business development and managing global procedures. " "This brand new structure allows us to become nimble as we appear towards the expansion associated with strategic business opportunities which include the game’s possible in the esports field and the growth associated with PUBG as a correct global IP business, " said Betty by way of a press release. Concerning the global part, PUBG Corp has already set up an office in the US, and plans to open up offices in Europe and Japan, as well. PUBG recently broke the record for concurrent users on Steam, and according to Bluehole it has offered over 13 mil copies. Expansion was inevitable

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