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These custom challenge coins might possibly be the funds or perhaps medallion and it's also given to the person will the most beautiful function during their give good results love, navy representatives, commandos, navy blue, air flow trigger, and a few different reports. These types of gold and silver coins are made if you are an give or perhaps for coupon motive towards the affiliate marketing online test owners. These kind of challenge coins are produce of so many different types and sizes comparable to, around dollars, serre gold, beautiful gold and silver coins and some other sorts of different types. Just about every single states earned their very own kind of a majority of these challenge coins regarding their practically all military articles or blog posts. This challenge coins are produced from decent tan, steel aluminum, zinc oxide alloy yet another substance. The very challenge coins are also known since the promotional items with logo. That challenge coins are commenced away from aged effort; the most important predicament income was designed by your roman empires with regards to solders and they usually gave the solders to the just about all popularity. Inside the longstanding effort all the challenge coins can also be used as any king’s upper class, royal family for another means. A variety of difficult task cash helping to make enterprises wherein various businesses create most of these coinage in a really large rate but they are still businesses just who causes it to be in reduced price they did not utilize superb component to create it.

What this means is very important to obtain a very best responsible web pages generates a challenge coins within a practical total price working with right product. For anybody who is trying to find this particular very best trusted information site as there was an ideal webpage and that is the challengecoins4u. The actual custom military challenge coins web site is the most impressive web-site all over the globe and there are lots of people that like in working order. There's so many fool web pages in case you give an investment to help make the very promotional items they assert to find compensate original and in case you have to pay any of them they did not post you an excellent challenge coins, a little extra time that they hardly ever ship almost any supplement and if they send an inaccurate solution there is not any any type of order value selection throughout these websites online. Nevertheless, the custom challenge coins web site is highest quality web site.

Several types of men and women who make use of this internet site to successfully sharing the order most typically associated with promotional items as well as military challenge coins and receive the most beneficial solution from this information site. Some person are really newer individuals and will not understand the website so intend numerous substantiation and if you would like a little research you may inspect the quite a few review articles here. This site is renowned for your beneficial custom challenge coins internationally. Discovered prefer and even understand regarding the challengecoins4u, head to on their website.

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Back to Basics with Promotional Keyrings


When choosing promotional products for your marketing campaigns, sometimes going back to basics with the items you pick can get you the outcome you desire.

Promotional keyrings have always been a firm favourite promotional item for businesses advertising campaigns but may be dismissed as popular branded merchandise these days.

Why promotional keyrings are still effective

There are many reasons why promotional keyrings are an effective branded item to use as giveaways:

  1. Firstly, they’re a cost effective. If you have a small marketing budget or are looking to buy in bulk, promotional keyrings don’t cost a great deal so you’re able to get your business branding out there to as many potential consumers as possible without spending a fortune.
  2. Promotional keyrings are small and portable. This is great in terms of distribution as the keyrings can be sent out in the mail for a postal campaign or, transported easily to trade shows to advertise your business. They can be given out to potential new customers and visitors to your exhibition stand and carried away with little effort.
  3. Promotional keyrings can be designed in an eye-catching way to grab people’s attention and draw their eyes to your company logo. We use metal, plastic, PVC and leather materials to produce our keyrings and your business logo can be printed, embossed or debossed onto the keyring.
  4. There are 2 in 1 keyrings which have a dual use. A keyring/torch, a keyring/bottle opener and a keyring/tape measure to name a few. With dual use, the keyrings are more likely to be used. This increases the possibility that someone will see your business brand and contact you if they need your products or services.

For further information on our promotional keyring range head to our website or contact us at

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Many business managers start the New Year with a fresh outlook and copious ideas of how they want the following 12 months to pan out.

Whatever their concepts, we have a range of promotional items that can help them put their ideas into practice and will help to advertise their business brand throughout the year.

Planning The Year

To get a clear vision and plan of what the next 12 months will look like, you will need a branded wall calendar where you can jot down important targets for your team and what dates they have to be completed by. The A2 Traditional Wall Calendar has 12 Monthly Sheets and a cover that is able to be branded. The calendar can be printed in full colour with images from our extensive range or you can supply your own images to advertise your business further.

To plan extensively, our promotional diaries are a great place to start. With day-to-a-page A4, A5 and pocket diaries you can write down meeting times, plans for the week and future strategies, all with your business logo on for a little extra advertising for your company.

Taking notes

When in meetings or at exhibitions you may want to jot down some notes and new ideas. Our branded notebooks are idyllic for this. Our notebooks are available in a range of colours with a coordinating coloured closure band and also feature a pen loop. Choose from either plain, ruled or graph paper on beautiful ivory coloured pages for a professional look when out with clients.

Healthier Staff

In 2020 we all want to be healthier. You can help your staff with an improved lifestyle by providing them with promotional water bottles that can be used at the gym, out running or, just to help with an increased water consumption.

The Base Sports Bottle is a proven bestseller for the promotional market, thanks to its ergonomic shape and large branding area. It is available in a range of stylish translucent colours, plus glossy white or black with a varied lid colour choice too.

Creating a good work-life balance for your employees

If you want your employees to love their jobs and work hard for you then creating the perfect work/life balance is paramount to this being a success.

Let your employees have extra days off, take an odd afternoon off with the family or work less hours some weeks. They will appreciate it and will work harder for you when they are in the office.

Provide some branded colouring pencils for kids, promotional backpacks for picnics and shopping trips and bespoke travel mugs for journeys so that when your employees are out of the office having fun, they are also promoting your business too.

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Promotional gloves are a fantastic cost-effective way to advertise your brand during the winter months. The space to embroider your business logo is large and we can pantone match to replicate your exact brand colours.

Promotional gloves are a great giveaway at winter exhibitions and outdoor events. They make great freebies when a customer makes a purchase in your shop, obtains some outdoor personal training sessions from you or when customers are buying gardening products at your store.

Promotional items leave a long-lasting, strong impression when they are given to people. They also help to build brand exposure and increase revenue by attracting new customers.

Our Beechfield glove range includes some of the following features:

Beechfield Suprafleece™ Thinsulate™ Gloves

  • Pill/bobble resistant
  • 100% polyester lining
  • Includes a Thinsulate™ layer. Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fibre thermal insulation used in clothing
  • Has an ultra-thermal fabric –which gives warmth without weight
  • Elasticated cuffs

Beechfield Suprafleece™ Alpine Gloves

Made with 100% polyester Suprafleece and coming in sizes small, medium and large these gloves have these features too:

  • Pill/bobble resistant
  • Ultra thermal fabric
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • Unisex styling

Beechfield Touchscreen Smart Gloves

The Touchscreen gloves are made of 95% acrylic, 4% polyester and 1% elastane and also include these features:

  • Soft-feel glove
  • Compatible with touch screen devices
  • Selected conductive fingers and thumb

Each of these pairs of gloves come in a variety of colours, so there will be some to support your business logo. Gloves are also a highly cost effective branded item, especially if you buy in bulk, so you can distribute a promotional pair to as many potential customers as you can and expand your advertising range.

For further information on promotional gloves, head to the bmt Promotions website or email us at

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How To Choose The Top SMS Reseller Company


An SMS reseller company usually offers the SMS gateway that might be utilized by its subscribers to send SMS messages. On the other hand, an SMS reseller in Jaipur is somebody that gets SMS messages in bulk from wireless providers to ensure that each SMS has an affordable price. They will after that sells these SMS messages at a higher expense to consumers. Thus, this is not a mobile network operator but a company entity that supplies SMS messaging services. There are a number of elements to consider when selecting an SMS reseller company in Jaipur.


The price of service is probably the most important aspect. Commonly, carriers of SMS messaging services may be separated into 2 groups relying on how clients are anticipated to pay. These are credit history based and also SMS based. In the first case, consumers get a number of credit ratings from the portal supplier. You are billed by the number of SMS sent as well as the expense is location reliant. In the second case, the bulk SMS message is acquired and the cost of sending them coincides no matter the location.

While determining the price, it is very important to figure out if there are any concealed expenses or costs. Some companies do not define all their costs on their prices web page. So, if an SMS solution appears really cheap, you might discover that you are expected to pay an added fee in one kind or the other.


It is very important to discover whether an SMS reseller has any kind of purchase needs. For instance, some services might want you to acquire a minimal variety of credit scores monthly. If you are just beginning, it is much better to select a company that does not have any minimal acquisition demand. If your business grows, you constantly have the flexibility to buy more.

Service life

In many cases, SMS resellers make it necessary for customers to consume the debt within a stipulated period. After the duration, you cannot use the SMS messages anymore as these would have ended. Such limitations might also be limiting in the case of little firms as well as companies that have simply started.

Network coverage

You must choose a bulk SMS reseller company that can supply messages to your target destination. Network coverage is necessary as well as some service providers use a small number of complementary messages so you can test network coverage.

Network top quality

Some SMS service providers use cheap solutions but their network quality is very inadequate. Sometimes, messages reach the destination after a lengthy hold-up. Such a company needs to be avoided.

Account management

Finally, your SMS provider must supply you with an internet-based management system that allows you to examine your usage conveniently, promptly and successfully. The user interface has to be very easy also. It should likewise offer exceptional customer support as and when you need it.


Parken Solution Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur is one of the best SMS reseller companies in Jaipur providing the bulk SMS services at a very cheap and economical cost. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime directly through our official website

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Soft to Touch Promotional Items


The texture of the promotional items you giveaway can make all the difference when it comes to how much the product is handled and in turn, how much your business logo is viewed. As sight of your business branding is what the aim of your promotional item is, the material and texture is what you want to focus on.

With soft to touch promotional products, items are likely to be handled more, whether it be fiddling with a stress ball at your desk, placing a t-shirt on as uniform daily or picking up a branded bag when you venture out shopping. When these items are handled often, your business logo will be viewed and could remind the person using the product to use your service/order your product. If the item is seen by other members of the public it could prompt them to use your service/order your product too.

Here are some of bmt Promotions soft to touch items:

  • Lanyards – You will find a range of promotional lanyards that can be printed with your logo, brand or message. We offer polyester, ribbon and woven lanyards. If your business logo is one or two colours, we would advise screen printing onto a flat ribbed polyester lanyard. If your logo consists of shades, tints or many colours or images, then we would advise printing your promotional lanyard as a dye sublimation lanyard. Alternatively, we can embroider your logo into the lanyard and these are woven lanyards.
  • Cotton bags – Our promotional cotton bags serve as a long-term advertisement product. Each time an individual leaves their home with your custom promotional bag, your brand will have unlimited exposure. Your business branding can be added with a screen print or transfer.
  • Stress Toys – Do you want an effective way to keep stress under control and blood circulation normal? bmt Promotions stress balls are made from top-quality material and are found to give effective results. You can get your promotional stress balls from us. Depending on the client requirement we can manufacture foam balls in different sizes and vibrant colours with your business logo printed on.
  • T-shirts – Promotional t-shirts are great for advertising a business, a charity event or a new product or service. In many shapes, sizes and styles these soft to touch promotional t-shirts can be printed with your business branding for a walking advertisement.

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With our telescopic, walking and golf umbrellas to choose from there are many ways in which you can promote your brand in the rain. Promotional umbrellas can also be printed in a variety of ways to help your business branding truly stand out from the crowd.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a well-established print method for our promotional umbrellas. This print method is long-lasting with a super vibrant outcome. The process of screen printing is as follows:

  • An image is transferred to the umbrella surface by ink
  • This is then pressed through a stencilled (or silk) screen.
  • Next, the image is treated with a light-sensitive emulsion.
  • A separate screen is required for each colour to be printed.

There are many advantages to using screen printing including Exceptional imitation of colour logos, Economical printing method and lower cost origination fees.

With our custom made umbrellas we are able to screen print your business logo all over the panels before they are attached whereas our ready-made umbrellas have a restriction of printing on them. Screen printing cannot go up to the seams and the size of your business logo cannot be over A4.

Four Colour Printing

Umbrellas are a high-value promotional gift and a reminder of your company, so why not invest some more of your marketing budget into top-quality golf umbrellas with a high-end print process?

For intricate printing, onto our promotional umbrellas, we have the ability to printing to extraordinary quality using a four-colour print process. This is used specifically for the reproduction of detailed artwork where vivid colour and shading is required. Because of this the four-colour print process is a more expensive option but, it does allow immense depth of colour and detail.

Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation

This is a technique of printing umbrellas digitally and permits full panel print. This type of printing is also called edge-to-edge printing using vibrant colour and patterns. As technology has advanced, digital and dye sublimation printing has been made more available.

Sublimation printing is the application of sublimation inks onto the material using a heat press which provides the vital combination of heat, pressure and time. This combination causes the inks to be transformed from a solid to a gaseous state allowing them to penetrate the material so that a long-lasting, full colour image is formed. The colour infiltrates the surface of the umbrella canopy so that the result is vivid, long-lasting and resilient to scratching unlike some other printing methods that simply print onto the surface of the item. Benefits of digital print on umbrellas and dye sublimation of umbrellas.

You can pantone match your business logo using dye-sublimations printing on to umbrellas as well as:

  • Achieving full panel designs for a bold look
  • You can use many colours – there are no limits
  • Colours stay vibrant as there is a lack of deterioration after prolonged use.

Look us up on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

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Online shopping initially came up around 25 years ago, but it wasn’t until the early 2010’s that it really picked up the pace and attained popularity. Today, almost everyone in the world has at least once bought something online.


There are multiple reasons why shopping online is more popular these days: You have access to way more choices on the internet than offline shopping. Since online stores aren’t restricted by space constraints, you have a lot more choices available. You can mix and match a world of choices and come up with unique styles. You can stand out in the crowd by your clothing choices This naturally pulls people more towards online shopping.

No sales pressure:
You won’t have to deal with incessant sale’s representatives who may sometimes pressure you into a purchase, that you may regret later. When you shop online, you won’t have this additional pressure. You can buy things at your own pace and then only things that you truly want to buy. This immediately increases the shopping experience.

Better prices and discounts:
This is perhaps the biggest plus of shopping online. Online stores are able to give you better deals and more offers than a physical store. Also available at your disposal are many coupons and promo codes, which will fetch you an even better price. Big sporting goods stores like Sun and Sand in Sports the middle east are bringing to you better deals through coupon websites like, which is specialised for sun and Sand Sports Discount Codes. They have a sea of sssports coupons that you can use while shopping online to get the best offers for your sporting goods. This gives you an altogether better shopping experience, combined with the joy of more savings.


It’s extremely convenient to buy your wares online. You don't have to move a muscle, you can buy things from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your doorstep. With one-day delivery also available, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your products delivered to you either. This is a great advantage for people who often don't find themselves with enough time to go to shops.

Easy to compare prices
Its extremely helpful when on the screen, you're able to compare two products. This is especially true when we’re talking about high-priced goods like phones and televisions. You can easily compare specifications for different gadgets which makes buying decisions so much easier, especially for indecisive people.

You don’t have to tough the crowds
On the online platform, you won’t have to face the crush of holiday crowds or stand in long lines to complete your purchase. A click is all it takes to get your purchased item from the warehouse to your house. For people who hate being in crowds, or waiting for a long time, this is a huge advantage.

The world of Big Savings – In the second half of 2018, was launched.
It began with a simple thought of saving ‘Big’ and a dream to go beyond. Barakatalan was founded in the year 2018 with a vision to provide coupons, big discounts, and best deals when it comes to shopping online in the Middle –East. The Middle East-based E-commerce platforms and is well versed with what is the upgrade that people are looking for when it comes to online shopping in the Middle -East.


Barakatalan taps into this 66 percent of shoppers who love to shop online. The website is growing 2x and not only promoting deals for luxury brands but generating best deals for Airlines, curating top online brands in the Middle –East and much more.

The Deals- The website features the best shop online sites for Saudi Arabia which includes. Apart from this, coupons, deals, discounts are available, on categories like travel- Almosafer, Shein, Tajawal, Rehlat, 6thStreet & more for hotel and flight booking. Elabelz, & Lacoste for fashion and clothing. Golden Scent for perfumes. Tavolashop for home & kitchen. Plenty of sites for food and restaurants & home and furniture. The website is accessible in Arabic for the convenience of the local public in Saudi Arabia.

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It may seem a little premature to be writing about Christmas gifts in August but, in the promotional products industry it’s a good idea to plan your present ideas a few months in advance.

Each promotional gift is bespoke and produced to your specific requirements. This process can take a little while to complete.

The stages of creating a promotional gift:

  1. Choosing your gift

This year we have some exciting new products that make great giveaways. We have hampers that can include a card with your business information, Bluetooth speakers with your company details printed onto it and new calendar and diary designs for an up-to-date fresh look for 2020.

  1. Creating your bespoke design to be printed onto the gift (including your business branding!)

Once you have decided on the product you would like to order, it’s time to create your design which could include your own images and any message you would like to include. Your business logo will also be incorporated into the design.

  1. Design proof and acceptance

Once a design has been decided upon we will create a proof of your product and email this over to you. You can choose to accept or make changes to your design proof before we go ahead and start production on your order.

  1. Producing your branded gift

Then the real fun for us begins, we start making your product. Whether it be a corporate advent calendar, branded Christmas chocolate or Promotional Parker pens, we will use top-quality printing methods to create your bespoke gifts.

  1. Delivery to yourself or your customers.

Once the production is finished and our quality control checks have been completed your bespoke order will be sent out to you or wherever you require your delivery to go to.

As you can see, this process can take a few weeks and if you want to get your gifts sent out in time for the festive period, now is the perfect time to order.

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promotional products.pngSome Marketing Managers choose not to use promotional products to promote their business. This is because they feel that the idea of gifting items to potential customers will not work as well as other advertising methods.

With social media as an effective and inexpensive way of showing a business’s latest products or advertising an offer or a service, it’s easy to think that those promotional products could become redundant. Why pay money to send out promotional gifts when a social media post will do the same job?

Well, a social media post can be glanced at, taken note of, or dismissed. If you have a promotional product that you can hold in your hand, one that sits on your desk (promotional pens), hangs on your wall (promotional calendar) or is useful daily (promotional power bank) then your business logo will be seen more regularly. This creates a potential for people to come and visit your website, call you or come to your store in the future.

Promotional products have been effectively generating business for many years and will be for many more. Some statistics have been captured by interviewing numerous businesses across the globe on their thoughts on what promotional products mean to them and what they can do for marketing your company.

  • 88% of people claim that they can remember the advertisers better if they have been given a promotional product from them.

  • 80% of people say that they can remember the branded logo and message that was on the promotional items they received.

  • When giving out promotional merchandise, you increase your chances of gaining new customers by 83%.

  • 70% of brands and businesses think that promotional items are still relevant, effective, and a great way to reach marketing goals.

  • 85% of people claim that the promotional products encouraged them to go into business with the advertiser.

With these statistics swaying positively in promotional products favour, I can’t see the promotional marketing industry going anywhere but up.

For a look at bmt Promotions vast range of products head to the website or give a call on 01933 409489 to discuss some promotional products ideas that you would like for advertising your business.

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Creating new and exciting ways to get your business name and message out to potential new customers, those that haven’t bought from you in a while and your loyal clients can prove tricky.

Using promotional products as your tool, you can gain new customers and get more people talking about your business than ever before.

Here are 10 ideas to get your company in the forefront of people minds using promotional products:

  1. Target clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Send out a promotional pen or a t-shirt with your new logo on to clients that you haven’t heard from since the beginning of the year. It may re-jig their memory of your business and get them buying from you again.
  2. Supply items to a target audience. Get to know what your customers like and would want in a promotional product. Giveaway some promotional t-shirts but first think about who you are gifting them too. Is it mainly women you will be handing them out to as they might want a more fitted t-shirt? Are you selling on a stall for a charity event? Then pick items such as balloons and keyrings in the custom charity colours.
  3. Re-establish contact with a client after a customer service issue. If there has been some minor problems with an order that has gone to a customer or, a service has not been up to scratch for some reason, reach out. Speak to your customer, resolve the issue and offer a small promotional gift. A promotional pen and notepad would be great here. It will leave the customer with a better feeling about you and your business rather than the error that was made.
  4. Send out some useful goodies to potential new customers. Promotional pens, paper, mugs and keyrings are fantastic to send out for people to use. The items will act as a regular reminder of your business to budding new clients. Pick some people you would like to work with or sell to and send out some information on your business with some goodies to help them remember you.
  5. Hand out goodies at an exhibition. Exhibitions are a great way to meet new people and trade information on your business. Leave the attendees with little reminders about your business by giving away a promotional leaflet and a gift that they will see regularly such as a promotional umbrella, pens or drinkware.
  6. Send items in the post to new clients. We all love to receive post, at home and within our businesses. Unfortunately the main post tends to be bills or invoices. How nice would it be to receive a promotional gift through your letterbox? If you’re looking to sell to new clients send some information about your business alongside a promotional gift. Items such as sticky notes and a branded pen will go a long way in helping to keep your business name remembered if they need your services in the future.
  7. Treat your loyal customers to a branded gift. Make sure you say thank you to your trusty clientele for all there custom in 2019 with an attractive promotional gift. We have luxury chocolate boxes, wireless power banks and bespoke golf umbrellas that can be branded with your business details so they won’t forget where the gift has come from.
  8. Hold a social media competition to get more people interacting with your business. It could be to design a promotional t-shirt and the winner receives some promotional goodies. The community nature of social media can spread awareness beyond your main audience. Use this to your advantage and hold a successful challenge to keep your community connected to your business.
  9. Give out items at business meetings and luncheons. If you’re off to a meeting about a project, take some promotional pens and notepads with you to leave at your meeting place. People always need to jot down notes and if they do so with your promotional items they are more likely to remember your business next time some work comes up.
  10. Sponsor an event and give out some merchandise. If you’re sponsoring a golf event or a charity fair, get in there with some promotional items that could help your business along too. Get permission from the event manager to print custom caps, keyrings and confectionary that include your business branding. Most people like to keep souvenirs from events they attend and it could lead to future business.

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Promotional mugs are the original promotional gift and still one of the most popular branded giveaways.

Here’s why:

  • Branded mugs are useful – we all love a cuppa when we get to our desk in the morning, don’t we?
  • They are a cost effective promotional item to buy and give out to potential or loyal clients. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your promotional giveaways to make a big impact.
  • Promotional mugs have a large area for your business logo, image and tagline. This means eye-catching designs of your choice, vibrant colours to stand out from the crowd and the space to portray your business message to your prospective customers.

There are many reasons to choose mugs in your next promotional giveaway campaign but, which material do you want your mug made from – enamel or ceramic?

Enamel Mugs

Enamelware has become increasingly popular over the past year or so, especially in the promotional products industry. Predominantly used for outdoor activities such as camping and picnics due to its lightweight feel enamelware is developing into popular indoor kitchenware.

Here are a few reasons why we think this is so:

  • The variety of colours. Traditionally speckled, enamel mugs can come in an assortment of colours; pastel, bright and shiny. We can even Pantone match the custom colours of your business logo.
  • Having lightweight mugs is great for outdoor activities when you’re carrying items in backpack for long periods of time. Lightweight enamel mugs are also fantastic for children to use in nurseries and preschool when they’re learning to drink from different types of cups.
  • They can handle the heat. Enamel mugs can hold a boiling hot cup of coffee as well as any ceramic mug. This will help your employees first thing in the morning when they get their caffeine fix out of a business branded mug.
  • It’s long lasting. As enamel is glass-coated steel, it can chip around the edges if you love it aggressively but that adds to its charm. It’s has longevity and vintage enamelware is even a collector’s item.

Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are the most popular promotional mug material. There are a large variety of shapes and styles including latte mugs, espresso cups, tall, small, skinny and mini. So many types.

Here are a few more reasons why promotional ceramic mugs might be the choice for you:

  • They are tried and tested. Ceramic mugs have been a popular promotional mug material for a long time, and it works. Why go with any other option?
  • They might just be the cheaper option. If you have a tight budget then ceramic mugs could be the better choice for you. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big impact.
  • With varying styles, colour options and different ways to display your brand there is more diversity with a ceramic mug and you can really show what your brand represents.

Head to bmt Promotions website to have a look at our drinkware products to see which of our mug options would suit your business and get in touch with any queries.

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Promotional sweets are enjoyed by many customers, around the world at numerous business events. It’s always nice to be handed a delicious chocolate or boiled sweet when you’re walking around an exhibition, talking to potential business partners.

Handing out promotional sweets to consumers and visitors is also great for the business, especially if the sweet treat has your branding on the packaging or the piece of confectionary itself.

What type of confectionary suits your business?

There are many types of confectionary that can be used as branded merchandise at your next exhibition, as giveaways at a shop counter or a charity summer event:

Promotional Mints

Promotional mints can come in many packaging types including tins, packets, tubes and even a quirky credit card style packaging made from recyclable plastic. Our promotional mints aresugar free and a vegan product. We can also produce branded chewing gum products too.

Your business branding can be printed onto the packaging in full colour print producing a vibrant item that is sure to catch the eye of any potential customers.

Promotional Chocolates

There are so many variations of promotional chocolates that is hard to know where to start. We have:

  • Small Neapolitan chocolates that are fantastic promotional items to have as giveaways on your store counter, or bar.
  • We have promotional chocolate bars that can have your business branding engraved into the chocolate itself as well as full colour printing on the packaging. These bars come in a huge variety of flavours including, chilli, salted caramel and cherry. These have made fabulous giveaways alongside a leaflet about a company’s new product in the past.
  • There are chocolate boxes that could be given as a luxury branded giveaway to a client to say “thank-you” for their custom.
  • There are also some seasonal promotional chocolates that can be printed with your logo for Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Promotional Sweets

Packaged in promotional jars to sit on a casino counter, or in small branded packets to giveaway at a children’s charity event, there’s promotional sweet idea for every business. We have vegan options in a variety of flavours, colours and design styles – there will definitely be something for you. We can also liaise with you and create a bespoke packaging for your sweets to get the optimum eye-catching product.

Whichever confectionary item you decide to go for to advertise your business, you can be sure to receive a high-quality food item with top standard printing so your brand really stands out.

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A charity is a non-profit organisation set up to help and raise money for those in need. Many charities, especially smaller ones, are run by volunteers alone so they do not have big budgets, if any, for advertising and creating ways to promote their charity and raise much needed funds.

Promotional merchandise is a great, fun way to raise money at charity events. Some promotional items can be given away at fundraisers to increase awareness about the charity or, some can be sold to obtain important funds for the charity’s cause.

Here are some great giveaways that won’t cost a charity an arm and a leg but, will raise a lot of awareness for those in need.

  • Promotional Wristbands

It’s rare to see a person say no to receiving a wristband, especially if it’s free. Wristbands are a popular accessory around the world and at bmt Promotions we have taken the opportunity to create our own custom imprinted rubber bracelets. These wristbands feature your charity’s name, colours, and logo, giving you unparalleled exposure to your target audience.

  • Branded Balloons

Branded balloons at events are extremely popular, especially with the kids. Using either latex or foil material, we can use your charity’s colours to create a bespoke balloon that will create awareness whenever someone lays eyes on it. Promotional balloons are also one of the more cost-effective promotional products so you don’t need to break the bank to invest in some of these.

  • Bespoke Keyrings

Keyrings are a promotional products that has great longevity. Once a keyring is placed on a set of keys, it rarely comes off but, will move around with you wherever you go. Promotional keyrings can be seen by a huge array of different people on a daily basis and could make people aware of your charity that haven’t heard of it before.

  • Promotional Pens

Promotional pens will always be one of the most popular branded merchandise items that a company or charity can giveaway. Pens always come in handy and useful promotional products are a winner. With so many bespoke choices of pen to choose from, there will be one to suit your charity colours and logo design.

For further information on promotional products for your charity or business, head to the website and get in touch.

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Summer Event Bundle Offer – June only!


What better way to advertise a new product line, open a new store or show off your latest service than with an outdoor summer party over the next few months.

To get your party in full swing we have created the perfect summer event bundle for your business! Included in this exclusive offer is some furniture to make your business gathering a professional, comfortable and stylish place to be.

The equipment comprises of:

  • A parasol reaching 2m in height.
  • A 3m x 3m gazebo
  • 2 deckchairs.

All of this for £995 (including logo set up fees) can be branded using full colour printing to create an eye-catching design of your business logo.

Promotional Parasol

The gorgeous promotional parasol can be branded on the canopy over six panels using full colour print. The canopy comes in 11 standard colour or, it can be pantone matched to your company’s customer colours. Further information on this product:

  • Stem and rib material – wood
  • Unit weight – 4.4kg
  • Diameter when opened – 1.98cm
  • Panel material – cotton


Bespoke Gazebo

The bundle includes a 3m x 3m gazebo that has a strong and reliable aluminium frame with PVC canopy. The gazebo can also have numerous interchangeable side wall options available to create a bespoke gazebo perfectly suited to your needs. Further product information:

  • Unit weight – 39kg
  • Panel material – PVC
  • Colour – Pantone matched to your customer colours


Branded Deckchairs

Made with 100% beechwood frame and 260gsm polyester fabric, these bespoke deckchairs are perfect for a business summer event, beer garden or fete. Full colour printing is available over the whole panel and you can choose from a spectrum of colours or your company customer colours. Further information on these dazzling deckchairs:

  • Unit weight – 3.45kg
  • Length (closed) -1310mm


If this bundle sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch. If you order throughout June you’ll save £200 on the bundle that’s normally £1195.

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Promotional Video Production Services

Are you looking for the best Video production services in Malaysia? Your search is over now! SCM Asia provides video creation services including advertisement, animation, documentary, corporate & event videos services. Lets SCM Asia helps you to craft your brand through powerful visual storytelling. For more information visit


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Paper promotional products are some of the most cost-effective items to advertise your business, charity, product or service. They can be ready for your business needs in a matter of days (sometimes even hours!) and they’re easily recycled when a recipient no longer needs the product.

Why else should I choose promotional paper products?

Promotional paper products can advertise an abundance of things in many ways – new business venture on a banner, a new product or service on a poster, a discount code on a leaflet or even new contact details on a business card.

Promotional paper items can be easily distributed to many addresses, via hand delivery for local businesses or post if you need to send out promotional materials nationally.

Types of promotional paper products that can advertise your business:

1. Leaflets

Promotional leaflets can contain a wealth of information about your business. Your address, telephone number, website and email address as well as details on what your business does and the products or services you’re selling. Leaflets can be printed in full colour print so your design, including business logo, looks vibrant and your message stands out.

2. Business cards

Your business card could be the first item that someone sees relating to your company. This is why they need to be printed clearly, with vivid text and/or images and display exactly what your business does and who you are. We design and print many business cards in full colour full of eye-catching detail.

3. Posters

A promotional poster can advertise a new business venture, an event or a new product launch in numerous shop windows, on advertising boards in schools and colleges, and dotted around on lamp posts and walls across the country. A promotional poster has the ability to hold so much information about your chosen subject and can contain vibrant images and text in full colour print. Come up with your best ideas and bmt Promotions will be able to implement them for you.

4. Cut-outs and Banners

Are you holding an event and need some large and small signs to decorate the venue? Look no further than our paper and card cut-outs and banners. Together we can design a banner that’s going to be so eye-catching that no-one is going to turn away from your event. You can include many cut-outs of your business logo or company mascot throughout an event to keep your name fresh in people’s minds.

5. Calendars

A fabulous paper product that will keep your business name getting some attention is promotional calendars. Each month can have an image of your choice. Some people choose images related to your business or the beautiful UK countryside or historic buildings, completely your choice, your business logo can feature heavily too. Full colour printing is available on a variety of calendars including, wall and easel calendars. These come in a variety of sizes and make a great promotional gift to your customers at the end of each year.

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