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A quick behind the scenes look at a collaborative photo shoot.

With Brianna Price, Ericka Lachea and Marcell Cassanova.

Photo shoot by C3 Creative Corner

Footage Shot by Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee

Music by Kizzo ft Billy Cook / Produced by Christyle Trakz

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It has become possible to increase milk production in buffaloes as well as cows by enhancing their living standards. Silageagro ensures to improve the productivity of the dairy farmers by offering them with the standard quality services as well as products. After taking help from our website, the farmers can increase the milk production in cows and can decrease their time in the barn.

How can silageagro help in increasing milk production in cows and buffaloes?

We have worked in lots of countries and provided the best services or the products to increase the yield in cows and buffaloes. It is easy to contact us for getting the helpful knowledge which can help to increase milk production, and you can ensure the following benefits:

  • Through the products offered by our site can quickly provide the well-being of cows as well as their comfort in the barn after taking help from our site.
  • We provide you with the most natural ways that help in increasing milk production in cows and buffaloes.
  • Through the help of our site, you can not only enhance the milk production in cows and buffaloes, but it becomes easy to increase their life span.
  • Along with the increased production, you can also reduce the savings after taking help from the products or the services offered by our company.
  • You do not have to get the new cows in the herd after a short time by contacting silageagro. Thus it is helpful to consider the points suggested by our site to increase milk production in cows and buffaloes.

What is the benefit of increasing milk production from the ideas suggested by silageagro?

Silageagro ensures that you can enhance the quality of the milk as well as the production by considering the points suggested by our site. Though there are several ways suggested by people to increase milk production but the tips suggested by our website are much more helpful. 

  • The increased yield among the cows and buffaloes helps them to remain in better shape so that they can fight with diseases correctly. The products provided by our service help enhance milk production efficiently.
  • With the help of increased milk production, the quality of the milk gets improved, which can make it beneficial for the dairy farmers. It can help the farmers to earn more by spending less time in their dairy farms in the care for cows and buffaloes.
  • It helps in enabling the cows and buffaloes to digest the food properly as well as making them live a better life. Through the services offered by our site, you can ensure that the cow and buffalo are living in comfort and healthy condition by giving more milk.
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#1. Video Testimonials | Meet Our Fans

Video Testimonials are a great way to build confidence in your customers. When prospects watch a testimonial video, it gives them the assurance that your product does what you say it does.

Video testimonials turbo-charge the experience for your prospects, whose sense of trust in your brand will skyrocket as a result. Video puts a face to the name and increases that brand confidence exponentially. Post your video on your site. If you can't do it yourself find a web design company to help.
Given the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, there’s really no reason not to ask a satisfied customer for a quick video and shoot it right there and then. It doesn’t have to be very long; even fifteen seconds can be used to great effect.

Don’t be afraid to ask — the worst they can do is turn you down!

#2. Educational Videos | Educate your audience

We never stop learning and there's always an opportunity to learn something new. When you teach your audience how to do something they were eager to learn, you empower them to share your insights with others.
 Showing that expertise enhances the customer’s trust in you and your brand much more powerfully than simply announcing it ever could.
One great way to start with educational videos is to create a video buyer’s guide related to your niche. Aim this video at customers who are just starting the “buyer’s journey” by evaluating various options.

A whiteboard animation video is another example of an educational video that can help demonstrate and expound on complex subjects. Use the whiteboard approach to explain difficult concepts visually.

#3. Thought Leadership Videos | Showcase your knowledge

A variation on the educational video, the thought leadership video is a way to boost your brand’s standing in your niche by demonstrating the ability to literally be a leader in your field. TED and TEDx talks videos is another example of thought leadership videos.

These videos are best aimed at conference keynote speeches, presentations, and seminars. You’re not limited to creating one style of video. You can use a live video recording or animation — though the later tends to be more cost effective. Another simple way to make a thought-leadership video for your brand is to pick one of your past, popular blog posts and then record yourself (or someone else) narrating that post. Pair that narration soundtrack with a screencast of images, screenshots, and graphics tied together into video format.

You can also repurpose an old slide-based presentation, or transform an existing data-filled blog post into a new slide presentation, then add a spoken narration over it.

Find animation studios to choose from and get your video produced professionally.

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Know the Importance of Making Video

There was a time when people have to think a lot before they make a video, but these days Videography services melbourne technology has given you an opportunity to make your video easily. Lack of technology has stopped people from making good and innovative videos and a good talent was lost. But these days you can easily make your video, but you have to invest some money so that you can get what you want. There are many ways in which technology has helped people in this field of production of videos and once you the basics of making videos you are ready to go. One of the most important factors is creating innovative ideas, stories and creativity, and these are the things which will help you make a perfect video for you and your company. Being creative with making a video through Web streaming services Melbourne will allow you to make perfect characters and shoot a video which will speak for you being creative.

These three were the most important aspect which will help you make better videos and help you to understand basics of Video production services Melbourne. While, there are three stages in which you have to make your videos and all those stages mean a lot in making a good video for your company.


First stage

Here you will have to consider all those things which are totally pre-production that is before you start making your video. First and the most important thing in this stage is story or content of your video. Making a video with the help of Video Services Melbourne first starts with an idea and storyline which will include everything about the content. Other aspects at this stage are making a strategy of marketing, selecting crew, selecting equipment and making budget. To make a good and quality video, you will have to select a crew which is best in doing what they do, for example, you will have to select good actors for featuring in your video. Being innovative helps here with the makeup of the actors as you will need to select a different and unique makeup which will suit your video.

Second stage

Here you will have to shoot your video which involves all the things related to making a video such as setting up of a location, assuming the number of cameras to be used, etc. Shooting videos requires great skills so you have to select a Web video production Melbourne who can do his job without any glitch. Getting all the elements together is something which you will have to deal with in second stage.

Third stage

This is the most important stage in the production of videos as you will need to do a lot of things before you release your video. This stage is called post-production stage, and this deals with the editing of your videos which you are making. You can choose the services of Event video production Melbourne and get best results.


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An inventive Production affiliation orchestrated in London and Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. We need to engage you to construct an innovative crusade that has any kind of effect. Key, successful, essential contemplations that reverberate with your social event of spectators and will make the estimation of your image and business. We'll promise it's front line, raises the client experience and that it makes a racket, unmistakably. By then we cause it to go.

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A definitive goal for which we work is to accomplish most extreme client satisfaction. Egg manufacturers in Namakkal have utilized experienced client overhauling specialists in order to increase better lucidity on their correct requirements. Egg manufacturers in Namakkal are extremely specific about the item quality that we convey to the clients. The quality policies are planned by remembering the predominant market gauges. Besides, these policies are reexamined all the time in order to stay in a competitive market position. Our organization makes White Shell Eggs accessible with the imparted characteristics of freshness and great quality.


Egg manufacturers in Namakkal make its item accessible to clients situated in a few sections of the nation and different nations also. Egg manufacturers in Namakkal continue ahead with the expectation to give the greatest measure of satisfaction, through very much prepared and sterile White Shell Eggs. Since, its foundation, the organization has accumulated involvement in the field and is present, an exceptionally looked for after name. The shell quality being great, outside tainting of the egg is exceptionally insignificant. The color of the yolk is dark yellow. The level of breakage in our ranch is additionally unimportant.


Egg manufacturers in Namakkal participate in giving great White Shell Eggs. We make utilization of good warehousing offices to store the equivalent. The zone utilized by us is perfect, spacious and free of destructive components. Egg manufacturers in Namakkal ensure that the quality of merchandise achieving clients is high and that our item serves clients well. We make utilization of a decent round of testing for the way toward disposing of imperfections and deformities from our items. The eggs laid are gathered and are appropriately cleaned and evaluated. Eggs are put away in controlled temperature and freshness safeguarded.


Contact Info

Sri Selvalakshmi Feeds & Farms, 

Thengalpalayam (P.O), 

Rasipuram (TK), 

Namakkal - 636 301, 

+91 99443 20202 

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Why NuriMeal silage is best?

Are you worried for your animal? Are you confused about the food product to use?

Do not worry!! NutriMeal is here. We think for you, and keeping in mind about the benefits of corn silage, we have launched NutriMeal, India’s first ever packaged corn silage NutriMeal, is a best ever product with best energy fodder for dairy animals available in India today.

We, NutriMeal, is the first company in India to collaborate technically for silage producing and manufacturing with a a leading Global MNC,USA. Your animals are safe in our trusted hands. You can feel secured with us.

Talking about security, SAPL sources the best hybrids and tests locally to ensure top performing Corn Silage that suits your animals. Along with this, we provide the world class packaging solutions that makes your silage investment secure.

So, you are still thinking about this best resource, what will it provide to your animals and cattles!! Do not worry when we are here.

Here is a short view throughout:

  • NutriMeal has ideal protein, fat, fiber, pH, dry matter and moisture content. It will make your animals stronger from inside and productive as well as healthy from outside.
  • NutriMeal is highly digestive, nutritive and delicious in taste and a product that is meant for well being of your animal.
  • NutriMeal has a long shelf life of upto 18 months, so do not worry about the storage.
  • NutriMeal is easy to handle and economical to use and it’s best quality is affordable.


Benefits that you can count NutriMeal for:

  1. It is the first ever Global Concept, now present in India at such an affordable price. And is India’s largest silage producer.
  2. It is India’s first Branded Baled Corn Silage along with it’s best quality.
  3. Instant and ready to use product. So, you need not to worry about it’s usage since it is handy and best at it’s quality.
  4. It is made up of pioneer Corn Hybrids- High Nutrition Content. We provide you the quality that is beneficial for your animal.
  5. We use the technology that is globally recognized. European Baling technology- For Superior Quality. So, your animals are in our safe and secured hands.
  6. Our packaging is not only of top quality but also UV protected- it will provide it’s shelf quality up to 18 months after the package is opened.
  7. Talking of packaging, our packaging is of Compact Bale Size for Efficient Space Management. So, it will not consume much space of your self and will provide the best quality of food to your dear pets and animals.
  8. Our product is supplied round the year. So, need not to worry, if you product got finished.
  9. Such a quality that is tested and recognized globally is available at a very affordable price. So, it reduced dependence on concentrated feed.
  10. Our product guarantees to increase the milk output of the dairy animals.
  11. It can also feed to cows, buffaloes and bulls. It is the best silage for cows and buffalows.


So!! Go and get your product today.

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Promotional Video Production Services

Are you looking for the best Video production services in Malaysia? Your search is over now! SCM Asia provides video creation services including advertisement, animation, documentary, corporate & event videos services. Lets SCM Asia helps you to craft your brand through powerful visual storytelling. For more information visit


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How to create an impressive explainer video?

Do you know explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing industry? All the top brands are tapping the potential of explainer videos to promote their brands. You will be able to get the best results if you know how to create an impressive explainer video. Here are some useful tips that will help you create explainer videos that would take your brand closer to your target audience.

Before you hire any Explainer Video Service agency decide clearly what you want to communicate to your target audience through your explainer video. Yes, deciding on the goal of your explainer video is the first step and this is what will give you the direction in which your video production should travel.

Once you have your goal set you should take into account the duration of the video. The explainer videos you create should talk about your services and what they offer. They should give answers to the questions your customers are likely to have regarding your services. So you should make sure these goals are met when you are creating your videos. Now at the same time you should understand that your online audience is impatient. They are not going to watch a 15 minute video. Your videos should be short and succinct. If you have too many details to be shared, create multiple videos. Why should you take such an approach? If you lose the interest of your audience half way, they are likely to leave the video before they reach the point where you present your call to action. If this should happen then the entire effort you have put in is going to be wasted. In order to avoid such risks you should make sure that the videos are short enough to retain the attention of the audience till the end so that they could respond to your call to action. If you choose an experienced company for Animated Explainer Video Production they will recommend you the right duration for the videos. So do not waste your time creating longer videos hoping to convey everything in a single video.

The next important factor to be taken into account is the storyline. The storyline should be created in such a way, it addresses the pain points of your target audience. Your target audience should get the confidence that you have the solution to the issues that they are facing in a specific area of their life. This is where creating powerful video scripts come into play.

The video should make use of good quality, high definition graphics to capture and retain the attention of the target audience. To go with this, they should also be accompanied by good quality background music and professional voiceover. Only when all these factors are taken care your entire video will have the impact you want to have on your audience. You need not have to individually be looking at each one of these factors but just hire a professional video production company and they will take care of everything.


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Starting a video production business whether video editing or full video production requires more skills, it requires thick mind and a plan to fulfil the vision. First is to do research first before starting a production company and for this you can get suggestions from Web streaming services Melbourne. Then you must take some things into consideration: How to setup your production? Whether running a company is going to affect you company and how will it affect? Where your company headquarter will be located? And so on. Before you think up company name for yourself and logo design you must know that starting a production company is similar to starting a business. You should start building your plan with a research.


First contact business administration before starting it out. They won't do any research or write some business plans rather they will provide the guidelines to start your own production company. Sources of information to learn are business periodicals. Some Magazines and websites will also provide some specific information related to start own Video production services Melbourne. And also there are many books which provide some guidelines for starting the production company.

Some guidelines to start a company are:

*First one is to do a Market Research to make sure there’s enough business in your to support and grow your Video Services Melbourne business.

*Once got the basic information on how to start a successful Web video production Melbourne business, then decide on business tax. To ensure legal protection and financial purposes choose a good tax structure which best suites your company.

*The easy way to get profit is to write a good script and get a professional rate for it.

*In the beginning learn how to Hire and Work with the professionals and Actors. Having one or two professional sounding narrators is good.

* Must know how to work with freelancers and in picking up the right freelancers for the company.

*Fifth one is writing the correct Budget. Learn how to mention the correct budget before starting the work.

Learn to develop a Professional Event video production Melbourne Business by using a telephone and Email. And Master the Skills which required running a profitable video production business. They don’t require any ordinary skills it requires a strong and experienced skills. Prepare to listens to what your client requirements. Producers who don’t have much experience don’t know when to shut up and listen carefully. If you learn to listen carefully, then the client will exactly tell what he or she needs to hear to buy from your company.

Starting an own production company is not for weeks. You need to be knowledgeable about the service which and whom you intend to provide. You must be resourceful to overcome the funding for your company, Build your alliance with other professionals. Research regularly to keep both the company and customers updated. Make use of resources as much as possible.

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The charcoal making machine production line is the equipment that uses the agricultural and forestry waste production machine-made charcoal, and the economic benefit brought by the charcoal making machine production line on the production machine-made charcoal is a problem that is very concerned by the users, so the charcoal making machine production line has low cost and high profit. How should it be achieved?

The charcoal production line allows you to use high cost for high yields. _ You only have this step. The charcoal production line is to use some of the waste tree bark sawdust and other materials that people produce in their lives and dry them to 8%. Up to 12%, and then through the rod machine using a screw propeller high temperature into a semi-finished salary bar, and then placed in a carbonization furnace to ignite, to be burning it, avoiding the fire to seal the door to make it anaerobic and extinguish the fire, carbonization into charcoal.

The raw materials used in the above process are wastes, and the energy required for production is also very small. It is an excellent project in the new energy project products, and more and more people in China are aware of the rich profits contained therein. The characteristics of low investment, quick effect, and high profit make more people like this project.

more about charcoal  machine

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There are many people who love to spend their time on the internet doing all kinds of work such as social networking, chatting, reading, watching videos, etc. In fact watching videos and sharing them is one of the latest trends. And there are many people making their videos through 360 VR Video Melbourne service, posting them on YouTube and other social networking. So that they get as many likes and shares as possible. It is important for you to know that these videos also need proper Animation production melbourne just like movies, and if you are interested in producing them, you can earn a good profit from them. Once you are recognized, you will get many contracts which will feature many different things such as TV commercials, ads for different companies, short movies, training videos, etc. We all know that making ads costs money and if your ads are good. You will get a very good profit from real estate video melbourne, but you have to be careful about the content of your video.



Just like any other business, you have to make an estimate or budget which will help you keep track of your money so that you can invest it wisely. But in case of Video Editing Melbourne, if you think that you can do it in a limited amount of money, you are wrong. The amount which you will have to spend will totally depend on the type of your video and some other factors. It is wise to get a record of money which you are spending, and you have to do it yourself. If you are spending money on something like Video Editing Melbourne, you have to maintain a tracking book which will include how much money you are spending and on what.


Success in any field is on your hands, and you have to think before you do if want to succeed in any field. Quality is something which will make you successful, and thinking can help you get the quality that you want. Quality here means the content of the video, innovative thinking is and service of Video Production Melbourne appreciated by each and every person in this world, so you have to be innovative. Making a video which doesn’t have a good content is nothing but a waste of time and valuable money.

Where you have to invest

In the business of videos creation, you will need to invest a lot of money, but you should remember it will be profitable. There are a lot of things which you need to buy to make a good video. You will have to pay all those people who are working in your team that is your on camera and off camera crew. It is advised to feature a model or a good actor in the video, but you have to invest more to hire them, this will increase your budget. It is sure that if you will have good quality video then you can cover all of your expense.

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Different companies or organizations use different material for communications. The basic concept is the use of audio and visual data to communicate effectively and make it easy for the audience to understand. Different companies might be using CDs, DVDs, etc. for this. For different organizations, the purposes for making such stuff differ on the basis of their needs and goals. For example, some firms, instead of training their employees by hiring people just give the new employees, manuals and media products to get trained.


Competition between the organizations:

Today in every field, a lot of competition is seen everywhere in the world; both on a large scale or a small scale, competition is found everywhere and everybody tries to compete with others. Same is the case when organizations and companies are under consideration. When two or more firms sell similar products, they try to show that their products are better than the others. For this reason, they make use of the communications media and advertise their company. They try to promote their things by making use of social media, televisions and Video Production Company Melbourne.

The commercials, advertisements and all the Corporate Video Melbourne is also done by a company. This company deals with its client organization and the script or story is written in the beginning. The date on which the client requires the work to be done is also decided in the start and the budget and payment of course.  The quality improves with the increased payment. If the budget is good enough, good directors and actors from Corporate Video Production Melbourne are hired. After the video is made, editing is done to make it more presentable.

Some of the videos are made about a new product launched. The demonstration about the working of the product and everything is shown clearly. The design material of Video Production Melbourne is also shown to the audience. A good demonstration helps a lot in marketing the product.


There are many benefits of using different ways for promotion. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Grabbing attention of the audience: Audiences are attracted towards the things that impress them and you can’t deny the importance of Videographer Melbourne. So a good promotional audio or video helps in attaining the attention of more people. If there are two things; one is really good, but most of the people don’t know about it and the other is also good, but it is well advertised as well. Then obviously the second one would be more popular.
  • Earning more money: The more people attracted, the more money is earned. You can take benefits from Videography Melbourne.
  • Improved reputation: Overall the reputation of the thing is enhanced if it is commercialized nicely.
  • Getting more contracts: The Company gets more contracts if its articles are popular among the people.
  • Increased market value: Market value also increases with the increase in customers and clients. You can also improve your customer base.
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Digital Signage for Retail

In today’s connected world, fusing digital and physical shopping to create a cohesive multichannel experience is essential. Digital signage allows marketers to develop attractive content to catch attention, push sales, reimagine the in-store experience and drive people traffic into stores.

 Benefits of Digital Signage

 Various surveys conclude that effective digital signage can have a considerable impact on consumers:

  • 68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products (Mood Media)
  • 44% of customers state that digital signage can influence them to buy an advertised product instead of the product they had planned to purchase (Mood Media)
  • Tracking 120 grocers who utilise digital signage found that 80% of these companies saw sales uplift of up to 33% (Nielsen)


Therefore, it comes as no surprise that digital signage installations are growing by c. 40% year-on-year with retail accounting for 25% of the market (Mood Media).

Digital signage helps bring in customers by creating a powerful, engaging window display.  These displays have the potential to offer personalised experiences for consumers, offering tailored promotions and deals, through a programmatic platform, treating the display like a media platform. The latest digital signage software also offers retailers complete adaptability; there are no costs or delays in setting prices, listing features or changing content. Digital signage also helps to take the drudge out of the shopping experience, aiding the customer buying decision as various retailers are now using displays to offer robust product comparisons for customers.

 Digital Signage Apparatus


There are a whole host of applications relating to digital signage that are suitable for retailers:

  • Indoor LED: Offer high quality imagery and colour reproduction; particularly useful in cosmetics and clothing displays. These are also incredibly versatile and can be placed within virtually any part of the store from the floor to the ceiling
  • Window Displays: Proven way to draw more visitors inside the store, particularly through the use of animations
  • Advertising Displays: Proven to increase sales by up to 33%, footfall by 24% and impulse purchases by 20%
  • Product Information Points: provide on-the-fly product information on offers
  • Staff Communication Displays: helps to engage, motivate and set targets by giving staff boosts throughout the day

 Digital Signage in Practice


As the use of digital signage continues to increase, here are a small number of examples, where digital signage has been successful……

  • Nordstrom, a leading American fashion retailer, has developed a “Digital Denim Doctor” which recommends the best jeans for the user after assessing the user’s body type, lifestyle and fabric preferences
  • Sephora, a French-based cosmetics beauty retailer, has created a ModiFace digital display which allows customers to virtually try on Sephora products. These displays have reduced the number of product returns and exchanges, whilst also drawing greater attention to Sephora’s pop-in stores which now have larger retail space
  • Rebecca Minkoff, a global American fashion brand, has introduced “smart” mirrors which bring an entire catalogue into the dressing room. These dressing rooms allow customers to order additional clothes or sizes from the fitting rooms, and also allow users to adjust the lighting to help them in the buying decision


To find out how Amnet can support, scale and deliver your advertising and digital projects, please contact us at

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