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The Freeze Drying Process Freeze Drying (Lyophilization) is a process whereby a product is dried under low temperature and vacuum. The water in the sample is first frozen to a solid and then removed directly by turning the ice into vapor. This is done under vacuum and without having to pass through the liquid phase. The unique advantage of Freeze Drying is that the samples are kept at low temperatures and remain frozen during the entire drying process, thereby preserving thermo labile components (proteins, flavors, colors), all while maintaining the original shape and size.

The dried product can then be stored for long periods without the risk of changing composition or being infected by microorganisms, which is all made possible due to the lack of water. In other words, Freeze Drying is a dehydration technique. The aspect of the Freeze Drying process that makes it different from other dehydration techniques, is that dehydration takes place while the product is in a frozen state and under a vacuum. These conditions stabilize the product, minimizing the effects of oxidation and other degradation processes. Freeze Drying has become an accepted method of processing heat sensitive products that require long term storage at temperatures above freezing.

Freeze Drying is widely used in the pharmaceutical- as well as other industries and is one of the most expensive unit operations due to the high energy consumption. Conservative Freeze Drying cycles result in long processing times, which will increase the cost of production. Longer lyophilization cycles are not considered optimal, as they often turn out less robust and have an increased potential for equipment failure.

Freeze Drying cycles should be optimized to minimize drying time without adversely affecting product quality. The Freeze Drying process was developed as a commercial technique that enabled serum to be rendered chemically stable and viable without having to be refrigerated.

The process was applied to penicillin, and became recognized as an important scientific technique for the preservation of biologicals. Freeze Drying is also used as a preservation or processing technique for a wide variety of products such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits, restoration of water damaged documents, sludge from rivers prepared for hydrocarbon analysis, ceramics, viral or bacterial cultures, tissues prepared for analysis, production of synthetic skins and the restoration of historic/ reclaimed artifacts.

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The fruit is processed into dried fruit, which is carried on both sides and can be different from the flavor and taste of the fruit, and try to maintain the original nutrients. Let's take a look at how to process the dry process with the manufacturer of the Guanfeng Fruit Processing Machine .

First, the process

Raw materials → washing → peeling → slicing → immersion in syrup → drying → selection → packaging

Second, the operation points

1. Raw materials: The fruit is fresh and full, the quality is good, more than eight mature, the seeds are brown, the tissue does not shrink, no mold, deformity, frostbite, pests and diseases and serious mechanical injuries.

2. Washing: Rinse the raw materials with running water to rinse off the residues and impurities on the fruits.

3. Peeling: The raw materials are mechanically (also artificially) uniformly removed from the fruit skin, and the cracked and speckled parts are removed.

4. Slicing: The fruit that has been peeled is then punched into a circular hole along the center of the core by a nuclear machine, and then cut into annular pieces along the transverse direction of the fruit by a microtome.

5. Potion soaking: The fruit pieces are placed in the syrup for 30 to 40 minutes. When immersing, the liquid level of the syrup should be higher than that of the fruit slice. To prevent the fruit piece from floating on the syrup, it should be pressed on the fruit piece with the curtain weight to ensure that the fruit piece is completely immersed in the syrup.

6. Drying:

a drying chamber temperature: 60 ~ 80 ° C.

b drying time: 5 to 10 hours.

c Drainage: Always drain during the drying process.

d During the drying process, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from becoming unstable and fluctuating.

7. Selection: Dried fruit dried fruit should be manually selected and trimmed.

a trimming: trimming the fruit pieces with residual seed nests, peels, mechanical scars, spots, pests, and diseases.

b selection: remove the water pieces (not dried pieces), paste pieces, chips, and dirty pieces in the fruit pieces, and remove impurities.

8. Packing: Dehydrated fruits that have passed the test and inspection are packed into a composite packaging bag for packaging.

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Food Processing Machine :

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Freeze Dry Machine consists of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system, and an electrical instrument control system. The main components of the Freeze Dry Machine are divided into drying ovens, condensers, refrigeration units, vacuum pumps, heating/cooling devices, etc.

The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is depended on the temperature of the compressed air: Under the condition that the compressed air pressure is basically invariable, reducing the temperature of the compressed air will reduce the amount of water vapor in the compressed air, and the excess water vapor will condense into a liquid. The Freeze Dry Machine uses refrigeration technology to dry compressed air.

The refrigeration system of the Freeze Dry Machine is a compression type refrigeration system consisting of four basic components: a refrigeration compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and an expansion valve, which connected by a pipe connection to form a closed system in which the refrigerant circulates continuously in the system, undergoes a state change and exchanges heat with the compressed air and the cooling medium.

The refrigeration compressor draws the low-pressure (low-temperature) refrigerant in the evaporator into the cylinder of the compressor, and the refrigerant vapor is compressed, and the pressure and temperature are simultaneously increased; the high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant vapor is pressed to the condenser. In the condenser, the higher temperature refrigerant vapor exchanges heat with the cooler water or air, so the heat of the refrigerant is taken away by water or air to condense, and the refrigerant vapor becomes a liquid.

This part of the liquid is sent to the expansion valve, which is throttled into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid through the expansion valve and enters the evaporator; in the evaporator, the low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant liquid absorbs the heat of the compressed air and vaporizes (commonly called "evaporation") The compressed air is cooled to condense a large amount of liquid water; the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator is sucked away by the compressor, so that the refrigerant undergoes four processes of compression, condensation, throttling, and evaporation in the system, completing a loop.


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Pre Processing Equipment :

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Freeze Dry Machine (that from the professional Freeze Dry Machine Supplier - GuanFeng) uses a drying technique by the principle of sublimation. It freezes the dried material at a low temperature and then directly sublimates the frozen water molecules into water vapor under a suitable vacuum environment. The process of escaping. The product obtained by lyophilization is called a lyophilizer, and the process is called lyophilization.

The substance is always in a low temperature (freezing state) before drying, and the ice crystals are evenly distributed in the substance, and the sublimation process does not cause concentration due to dehydration to avoid side effects such as foaming and oxidation caused by water vapor. The dry material is porous in the shape of a dry sponge, and the volume is basically unchanged, so it is easily soluble in water and restored to its original state. Physical and biological denaturation of dry matter is prevented to the greatest extent.

The Freeze Dry Machine is composed of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system, and an electrical instrument control system. The main components of the lyophilizer are a drying oven, a condenser, a refrigeration unit, a vacuum pump, and a heating/cooling device. The lyophilizer works by freezing the dried object to below the triple point temperature and then sublimating the solid water (ice) in the article to water vapor under vacuum conditions, removing it from the products, and drying the products.

After the material is pre-treated, it is sent to the quick-freezing bin for freezing, and then sent to the drying bin for sublimation dehydration, and then packaged in the post-treatment workshop. The vacuum system establishes a low-pressure condition for the sublimation drying chamber. The heating system provides sublimation latent heat to the material, and the refrigeration system provides the required cooling capacity to the cold trap and the drying chamber.

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The color and quality of products after drying does not change, which is the biggest feature of this equipment. Some experts said that a large number of vegetables are on the market during the harvest season, and many local markets are oversupplied. Fresh vegetables have high water content, strong postpartum respiratory metabolism, and extremely perishable characteristics, which bring considerable difficulties to the storage, transportation and circulation of agricultural products. Therefore, in order to reduce the huge losses of vegetables after the birth, in addition to extensive use of pre-cooling, preservation methods, etc., dried vegetables is also an effective way to regulate supply and demand, digest seasonal surplus, reduce post-natal decay losses, and it is also an effective supplement for fresh vegetables; The drying of vegetables can effectively increase the added value of products as an effective way to increase farmers' income and promote local economic development.

Rural flue-cured tobacco growing areas in China, tobacco farmers are single-family households to build roasting tobacco houses to dry their own harvested tobacco leaves. For a large number of flue-cured tobacco families, the quality and color of tobacco leaves should not be underestimated. Therefore, the application of tobacco farmers to Vegetable Drying Machine is of great practical significance. The emergence and application of Vegetable Drying Machine have reduced the huge losses of tobacco farmers after production, and the characteristics of non-discoloration and quality have become the biggest advantage of fruit and vegetable dryers.

In summary, because the fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine has national policy support, with low cost, high efficiency, simple operation, and complete functions, the application in rural areas is becoming more and more popular. The application of vegetable dryers has essentially developed the production level of rural agriculture, liberated and improved the productivity of local rural areas, and greatly guaranteed production efficiency. Vegetable drying machine are increasingly becoming the new choice for rural vegetable drying.

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Tips For Finding The Best Credit Card Processor

Businesses that sell goods and services on the internet should partner with the best credit card processing company to ensure fast and secure transactions. This will ensure good customer experience and more sales for the company. We have a few tips for you if you are looking for a good credit card processor.


Consider how you want to accept credit cards

You may want either a mobile card reader or a terminal for a checkout station if you have a brick and mortar location. This will allow you to check out your customers anywhere in your restaurant or store. If you want to accept payments both on the go and online then you may need a processor that will support both the two methods. It is easier to manage one processor instead of two. You need to check out with your credit card processing company to know the types of cards your processor is compatible with.

Buy processing equipment

You can save yourself from the hassle of a leasing contract by buying your own processing equipment. Most EMV mobile credit card readers will cost you less than a hundred dollars. It is not a good idea to lease because in the long run, you will have to pay more money than the worth of the new equipment. The worst thing is that you don't own the equipment at the end of the lease. Also, you won’t be able to cancel the contract. You will be forced to pay for it until the end of the lease.

Interchange plus rates

When you call the best credit card processing company for quotes, you will request for interchange plus rates. Industry experts recommend this model because it is cost effective. The rate is comprised of a percentage and a per-transaction fee, the processor’s markup which is added to the interchange rates that are set by the card networks. 

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Seafood processing equipment is used for the processing of seafood.
Europe is the largeast consumption region of Seafood Processing Equipment in 2017
The Seafood Processing Equipment market was valued at xx Million US$ in 2017 and is projected to reach xx Million US$ by 2025, at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period. In this study, 2017 has been considered as the base year and 2018 to 2025 as the forecast period to estimate the market size for Seafood Processing Equipment.

Download Free Sample Report @

This report presents the worldwide Seafood Processing Equipment market size (value, production and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2013-2018 and forecast to 2025), by manufacturers, region, type and application.
This study also analyzes the market status, market share, growth rate, future trends, market drivers, opportunities and challenges, risks and entry barriers, sales channels, distributors and Porter's Five Forces Analysis.

The following manufacturers are covered in this report:
• Marel
• Skaginn 3X
• Haarslev
• Handtmann
• Middleby
• Laitram Machinery

Seafood Processing Equipment Breakdown Data by Type
• Crustaceans Processing Equipment
• Fish Processing Equipment
• Molluscs Processing Equipment
• Others

Seafood Processing Equipment Breakdown Data by Application
• Frozen Seafood
• Smoked Seafood
• Canned Seafood
• Dried Seafood
• Surimi Seafood
• Others

Browse Full Research Report with TOC @

Seafood Processing Equipment Production by Region
• United States
• Europe
• China
• Japan
• Other Regions

Seafood Processing Equipment Consumption by Region
• North America
• United States
• Canada
• Mexico
• Asia-Pacific
• China
• India
• Japan
• South Korea
• Australia
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• Europe
• Germany
• France
• UK
• Italy
• Russia
• Rest of Europe
• Central & South America
• Brazil
• Rest of South America
• Middle East & Africa
• GCC Countries
• Turkey
• Egypt
• South Africa
• Rest of Middle East & Africa

The study objectives are:
• To analyze and research the global Seafood Processing Equipment status and future forecast?involving, production, revenue, consumption, historical and forecast.
• To present the key Seafood Processing Equipment manufacturers, production, revenue, market share, and recent development.
• To split the breakdown data by regions, type, manufacturers and applications.
• To analyze the global and key regions market potential and advantage, opportunity and challenge, restraints and risks.
• To identify significant trends, drivers, influence factors in global and regions.
• To analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market.

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Radiant Insights is a platform for companies looking to meet their market research and business intelligence requirements. It assists and facilitate organizations and individuals procure market research reports, helping them in the decisions making process. The Organization has a comprehensive collection of reports, covering over 40 key industries and a host of micro markets. In addition to over extensive database of reports, experienced research coordinators also offer a host of ancillary services such as, research partnerships/ tie-ups and customized research solutions.

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The world’s population is growing, but fertile lands for the cultivation f quality produce is declining. Food science conferences 2018 say that technology is advancing, luxury is becoming more accessible, but there are people who, even today, go to bed hungry. But humans, like every other living being, have a nutrient requirement that healthy food alone can fulfill. And this is why food security is important.

Food security is said to exist when every individual inhabiting this planet has physical and economic access to food that is sufficient, safe for consumption and nutritious enough to meet their dietary needs. In a world that has progressed so far on the path of development, why is food security still a point of concern?

The UN has set 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) for achievement by 2030. Among which, SDG 2 aims for zero hunger. It is shocking that despite the availability of high-quality intellectual resource in the current day, people over the world do not have equal access to the basic necessity, food! International conferences on food processing claim the main underlying causes of food insecurity as natural disasters and conflicts in food production and distribution.

The environment is now only a collection of fragile ecosystems. Raised climate change concerns along with a quick paced surge of the population count have exacerbated the situation. A balance between demand and supply doesn’t exist. Foods that are scarce are being priced high making the rich richer and the poor, poorer. How can this situation be normalized?

The four main pillars of food security have been determined as availability, access, utilization, and stability.

  • For an improved availability, the existing lands and space for production must be utilized optimally. Vertical farming is being adopted in a number of regions and has shown to increase the productivity of the small space that it has occupied. Technology can be employed to minimize waste. The crops must be protected from harms and their quality must be improved. Many hybrid varieties exist that have been manipulated to be more resistant to adverse conditions and having a higher amount of specific nutrients.
  • Access can be improved by bettering the logistics and supply chain. The areas of production are far from that of demand and this gap must be bridged
  • Wastage of food must be reduced and people must be made aware of the scarcity that is emerging. All commercial food chains and usual household are equally responsible to curb wastage and to utilize the available produce carefully. A Food Processing conference in Czech Republic 2018 is expected to encourage discussions on food waste and recycling. Such initiative must be supported
  • And lastly, a stability can be ensured through more stringent regulations and a continued cooperation from the citizens of the globe.
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Best Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Are you running a small company? Time tracking software is essential for small businesses. Our software is designed specifically to suit a variety of needs. Acrotime provides time tracking, payments, and detailed personalized financial reports over an online dashboard. Contact us today for demo.

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For over 45 years, we have manufactured and distributed innovative and reliable time and attendance solutions for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. 

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Finding great credit cards for people with bad credit can be difficult. If you have no credit history or a bad credit profile — in general, that means a FICO score of 600 or lower, though this can vary depending on the lender — getting credit may not be as simple as instant approval.

But cards for folks with bad credit aren’t impossible to obtain; the process just takes a little more work.

And as you do your homework, be aware that these cards come with more restrictions — such as lower credit limits — and often charge high fees in addition to having high-interest rates.

What you’ll find is that not all cards for people with poor credit are bad. Some cards, like the Secured MasterCard from Capital One, can be a good tool to build or rebuild your credit.


How to Get a Credit Card If You Have Bad Credit

The easiest credit cards to get if you have poor credit are so-called secured cards, which require consumers to put up money upfront as a security deposit.

That security deposit is generally your credit limit or at least helps determine your charging limit.

But be careful: If a card issuer tells someone with bad credit that there’s no deposit needed, it’s probably a marketing hook. Carefully read the fine print on any unsecured credit cards for bad credit; they are likely to carry very high fees in addition to having high-interest rates.

Provided you pay on time and keep your account in good standing, you will eventually get your deposit back when you close the card or switch to an unsecured card once you qualify.

While secured credit cards for bad credit may seem restrictive, they can be a good way for people with no credit history or past problems to help build or repair their credit.

Better issuers of credit cards for poor credit will let you know in advance how you can get a higher limit or transition to an unsecured card — for instance, by making a certain number of consecutive on-time monthly payments.

The Case for Capital One Secured MasterCard

Why It’s a Winner: Among credit cards for people with bad credit, this Capital One card stands out as the best available.

It charges no annual fee and comes with some helpful features aimed at getting people with poor credit back on their financial feet.

For instance, a good card for people with bad credit will report their activity to at least one of the three major credit bureaus, which will help them build or reestablish good credit. Capital One Secured MasterCard will report your activity to all three of the major credit bureaus.

Moreover, Capital One offers incentives for cardholders to act responsibly. You can obtain access to a higher credit line, for example, by making your first five monthly payments on time — and without having to increase the amount of your deposit.

In addition, this card will help you keep track of your credit score by giving you access to Capital One’s CreditWise suite of credit-management tools.

The Catch: This card offers no rewards or cash back. By contrast, rival Discover it Secured offers 2% cash back for spending at restaurants or gas stations and 1% on other purchases.

Of course, if you’re starting off with a $200 spending limit, even a 2% cash back offer probably won’t move the needle.

Another caveat: Capital One requires that you have a bank account to fund this card, so you won’t be approved if you don’t have a traditional checking or savings account.

The Key Stats:

Annual fee: $0, but Capital One requires a $49, $99, or $200 refundable deposit — the amount will depend on your creditworthiness.

APR: 24.99%

Rewards: This card has no rewards.

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Milk Production Line are narrowed from a ample

By allegory the product, the ideal accouterment Milk Production Line are narrowed from a ample basin of accessories to a few options that will crave other analysis.

The other allotment of the assay will focus on the amalgamation that is captivation the product, be it a artificial bottle, pouch, canteen alembic or other blazon of vessel. The material, actualization and admeasurement of the alembic will accept altered affects on altered types of packaging machines.

For example, ample bottles may crave an acclimation to the ample bar on a accustomed filling machine. The aforementioned bottles may accomplish bifold gripper belts a alarm on a accustomed arbor capping machine. But it is not just the canteen or alembic that can could cause modification. The blazon of cease will advice actuate the blazon of capping apparatus to be used.

If the amalgamation includes alter affidavit elements such as a abutting bandage or an consecration seal, accessories to accomplish these tasks will aswell charge to be other to the packaging line. Some articles will not address out as alone items, instead accepting arranged together, which would aswell crave a compress blanket machine.

After anaylzing both Milk Processing Plant Manufacturer and the package, a clearer annual should be arising of the ideal accouterment for the accustomed packaging project. However, there is one endure assay to consider.

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