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Pokemon trainers around the globe were expecting Pokémon Sword and Shield to be the next iteration for Pokemon gaming series; still Niantic has brought along an exciting new gaming title to the hugely famous Pokemon franchise.

Recently Pokemon Rumble Rush got revealed in Australia for iOS and Android players and soon is expected to launch worldwide for players around the world to experience a vast range of Pokemon from a different generation.

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Pokefans may have already experienced a number of previous Pokemon titles like Pokemon Go which is by now quite popular amongst Pokemon fans and community. Still, the new Pokemon Rumble Rush offers mobile gamers with an opportunity to enjoy a more traditional style of gaming with single player explorer style game.

Many may not prefer a single player style game that Pokemon Rumble Rush offers, still other players may enjoy interacting with various different pocket monsters in a new open world Pokemon game.

There have been plenty of collaborations between Pokemon Lets GO and Pokemon Go in the past, but as of now, it is not confirmed that the new Pokemon Rumble series would also be having some special crossover events similar to other Pokemon mobile games.

The mechanics of playing Pokemon Rumble Rush is quite simple, and players can easily get used to the controls for operating the game. In Pokemon Rumble Rush, trainers will be assigned the role of an adventure who will visit through a number of different islands in order to discover new Pokemon species.

https://sheryexpertblogscom.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/pokemon_rumble_rush.jpg?w=2200 2200w, https://sheryexpertblogscom.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/pokemon_rumble_rush.jpg?w=150 150w, https://sheryexpertblogscom.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/pokemon_rumble_rush.jpg?w=300 300w, https://sheryexpertblogscom.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/pokemon_rumble_rush.jpg?w=768 768w, https://sheryexpertblogscom.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/pokemon_rumble_rush.jpg?w=1024 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1100px) 100vw, 1100px" />Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble requires players to overcome groups of different Pokemon while exploring different areas to gather information regarding all the existing Pokemon. Players will be able to battle alongside with their companion Pokemon while visiting random places in the game. By tapping on their screens, gamers will direct their in-game companion Pokemon to attack the specific Pokemon to overcome with the wild Pokemon horde.

As players knock out different Pokemon in their path, there would be likely chances of some of the Pokemon willing to join your team. Eventually, players will be able to gather a number of Pokemon in the title. Evolving the caught Pokemon is also a very essential aspect of the game as players will have to face a new Boss in every island and eventually, the strength of the Raid Bosses would become quite challenging to overcome.

Players can explore a number of locations and complete side missions to gain rare items like candy which could help players in evolving their Pokemon. The Pokemon Rumble will allow players to interact with hundreds of different Pokemon, and in addition, the more players try to explore the islands, the more chances of encountering a mythical or legendary type Pokemon.

Let’s see how soon the studio decides to unveil their latest title worldwide as currently, the Pokemon Rumble Rush is only available for Australia players. It would be quite interesting to observe the feedback of Pokemon enthusiast as gamers already have a number of other options to choose from to enjoy the cute pocket creatures.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are set for the launch on Nintendo Switch gaming console and was expected to release somewhere down the end of 2019, but contradicting all odds, there’s still no confirmed date revealed for the said title until yet.

Still, various gaming experts and Pokemon community members are speculating the launch for the Pokemon Sword and Shield could be possibly occurring during the upcoming E3 event which is set for June 2019.

It is currently assured that Nintendo would be presenting a Switch Direct Presentation during 2019 E3 which is set for 11th June 2019 at 9 am PT. The said Nintendo Switch Direct Presentation would showcase some of the Switch gaming titles that would be published for 2019.

As Nintendo declared the existence of Pokemon Sword and Shield as early as in February which understandably hints on the launch of the said title during the upcoming E3 event in June. Nintendo presented the Pokemon Sword and Shield teaser in early February, and it is quite possible that the title has been completely developed and now is set to launch during the grand E3 event.

Many experts have also pointed towards the possibility of Nintendo revealing a lunch window for the anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield title and not actually launch the game during the E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation. 

Currently, it is really hard to undermine the precise launch date for the Pokemon Sword and Shield title due to insufficient details and information associated to the new Pokemon game still by reviewing the current theories and speculations it is quite possible that the Pokemon Sword and Shield may release somewhere around November 15th to November 20th.

A recent leak by a data miner has pointed out that the said Pokemon title is quite likely to release in the month of November and current excitement and hype amongst the fans suggest that the most likely launch date for Pokemon Sword and Shield would be November 15th.

Moreover, November 15th lies on Friday which Nintendo prefers to release their games on, so it also adds to the support for the floating theory. Even the Pokemon Let’s Go series was released on November 16th, 2018, so keeping this in mind Niantic may introduce the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15th, 2019 to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pokemon Let’s GO series.

In addition, the date of release for other Nintendo Switch games is also pointing towards the November as the optimal launch window for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If undermining the leaked information to be true Animal Crossing title could be launched during the coming September, Luigi’s Mansion 3 title could be introduced in October and the Pokemon Sword and Shield title could be added in the month of November.

As Nintendo has a past record of revealing a new game each month, it could be entirely possible that the leaked information could be accurate and the new Pokemon game could be accessed in the upcoming November. Let’s see what Nintendo has planned for its users as it is believed that Nintendo may introduce some fresh new titles and hardware for its users in the coming E3 2019.

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It has been quite a thrill for various Pokemon trainers when they suddenly got to experience cute little Pikachu with a detective hat on top in the wild. A new Detective Pikachu event has been included to the Pokemon GO title from May 7th, Tuesday at 1:00 PM which features a brand new avatar of Pikachu with a Detective hat on top.


The said Detective Pikachu event would be available for players until May 17th, Friday 1:00 PM which allows ample of opening for Pokemon fans to capture an exciting new avatar for Pikachu with a Detective hat on his head.

Capturing the new Detective Pikachu to Pokedex requires players use the photobombing feature which players recently used to capture Smeargle in the Pokemon title. To further know about the tricks and tips mentioned below to capture Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO title.

 Those trainers who are not quite sure of how the in-game Photobombing feature works should not worry as it is very easy to grasp. Getting a Detective Pikachu requires players to take pictures with their caught Pokemon.

To obtain a Detective Pikachu, players will first have to select the Pokemon list and choose any of the previously caught Pokemon. Now players will have to click on the small camera logo on their screen which would initialize the AR camera of your device. Trainers will have to drag and drop their selected Pokemon on the main screen to click pictures and images of the selected Pokemon.

Now click as many pictures as you please with the selected Pokemon and review it after the Photobombing session. Amongst the clicked picture any one of them would be featuring a detective Pikachu instead of your chosen Pokemon. Trainers can select the picture with Detective Pikachu on it to bring it out on the map and through Pokeballs and Rare Candy to the Detective Pikachu to capture it to your Pokedex.

It is not the first time that the Pokemon GO trainers have experienced a Pikachu with a cap on top as previously Niantic have even introduced Santa Hat Pikachu, Ash Hat Pikachu, Pikachu with a birthday hat and even a Pikachu with a witch hat.

Although all such previous Pikachu hats have been reintroduced in the title many times, still it is not sure that the Detective Pikachu avatar would appear anytime soon in the game. So players should make sure to at least capture one Detective Hat Pikachu to ensure this unique creature registered in your Pokedex.

Pokemon trainers can easily capture a Detective Pikachu for their team by going through the steps mentioned above. Moreover, the latest data leak has hinted that Niantic is planning to introduce three different types of lure, Raid Bosses and Research Tasks in the future. So players should make sure to complete the Detective Pikachu event as soon as possible to enjoy the future events.

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Source : Pokemon GO: New Pikachu In Wild With Detective Hat!

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Niantic has finally introduced the Lake Trio event in its hit Pokemon GO title and trainers around the globe are battling out with their regions one-third legendary from the trio.

 As currently three generation 4 legendary type Pokemon Azelf, Uxie, and Merpit are spawning at different regions. This time around the three legendary type Pokemon are set according to different regions and not for all the players which is quite exciting to witness.

As per the current reviews and social media posts, the Uxie legendary type Pokemon is prominently found in the Asian region. Players across the Asian region have been reporting for an increased spawn rate for the Uxie pocket monster.

Trainers around the Asia region will require to assemble a reliable team of Pokemon while trying to defeat the Legendary Uxie Pokemon. As Uxie is a Psychic-type Pokemon, players will have to choose from Dark, Ghost or Bug Type Pokemon which would help them in countering the Legendary gen 4 Uxie with ease.

 Players can evolve their suited Pokemon types to amplify the winning possibility so that players can capture an awesome Legendary for themselves. Pokemon trainers can use various resources available in the game to evolve their Pokemon and make them much more stronger and capable of fighting the Legendary Uxie.

In addition to Uxie being a Psychic-type Pokemon, there’s also a wind boost added to its Raid Battle which helps this Pokemon to gain an additional increase in its stats. The windy weather would surely create hurdles for the trainers to win during the Raid Battle, so it is viable to ensure a reliable and robust team to catch this beast Pokemon.

Below is a list of Pokemon that players can select for their team while fighting against Uxie Pokemon.

  • Mewtwo: Shadow Ball, Psycho Cut, and Legacy Move.
  • Giratina: Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw
  • Gengar: Hex attack works fine, but the Lick and Shadow Claw are much more effective.
  • Weavile: Feint Attack and Foul Play will be effective.
  • Tyranitar: Bite and Crunch would deal with significant damage.
  • Absol: Snarl and Dark Pulse moves can be quite helpful against Uxie.
  • Houndoom: Snarl, Foul Play moves can put some impact on the foe.

Although there are plenty of other characters to choose from during while trying to beat the Lake Trio Legendaries as a number of different in-game Pokemon are quite capable of defeating this cute little Legendary.

Players can formulate different Pokemon architect type to cluster a number of different moves to weaken the Pokemon and ultimately deal a devastating blow to Uxie in Raid Battle.

Currently, different regions are restored with varying types of Pokemon, but if you by any chance encounter the Uxie in your region then you can go through the steps as mentioned above to defeat this Legendary Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO trainers are undergoing with its April Community Day Event and Raid Battles. Still, fans and community members are excited to know about the upcoming new Pokemon to the title and what more content would be available in the near future.

And to a surprise the developers behind the origin of this mobile AR game, Niantic has also assured that the new event is just down the road and players will be able to enjoy an exclusive new shiny type pocket creature, and it will indeed be a unique flying type.

The said Pokemon is the Latios, and it is an extraordinary creature in the Pokemon universe. Players will be able to grab on to a shiny Latios for themselves in the upcoming week, and they will be able to do so by accomplishing specific battles and challenges.

Although Lation is not amongst the top damage dealing Pokemon type still, this beast is gifted with some special move sets which allow it to make a significant impact during a battle. So ensuring the capture of this pocket creature becomes essential to bring depth to your Pokemon team.

Surely enough the next week’s Legendary Raid Event would excite many hardcore fans, and many community members are already formulating certain tricks and tactics to ensure the capturing of this fascinating new shiny monster.

One of the most significant advantages that the Lation Pokemon consist of is the ability to fly, which allows this Pokemon to achieve an extra edge in a battle conducted on any type of terrain.

 Possibly many players would already capture this Legendary type Pokemon in previous Raid events, but this time around players can get their hands on to an exclusive shiny variant of this cute Pokemon.

The set date for the new Lation Shiny Raid Battle is fixed to release on April 15th from 1 PM, and it would last until the April 22nd. So players will have ample time period to grab on to as many Lation as possible.

Players will have to make sure to have certain types of Pokemon in hand while battling against the Lation Pokemon. As this Pokemon is a Dragon-type, so having a Dragon-type Pokemon in your deck could prove to be very helpful and players can ensure to defeat the rival Pokemon with ease.

Having Pokemon like Salamence, Palkia, Rayquaza, Dialga could be great counters against the Lation Pokemon so having a higher level of Pokemon can be very beneficial to secure victory.

 Players will be able to grab on to the shiny form of Lation with ease if the at least up-holds three of the Pokemon mentioned above but if a player carries a Fire or Ghost-type Pokemon they can also help tremendously to ensure the grabbing of the new shiny Latios.

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Source: http://uk-norton.com/blog/pokemon-go-new-latios-raid-week-confirmed-for-upcoming-week/

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Download >> Download Pokemon shiny gold sigma walkthrough pdf

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View Notes - Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma1.3.2.pdf from IT 311 at INTI International University. By Alex Snchez Update December 24/17 If you find any spelling trouble or issue, please reply me to the P a g e 2 | 101 POKEMON SHINY GOLD SIGMA WALKTHROUGH To my beloved friends and trainers A,N. Open VBA and load Pokemon Shiny Gold SIGMA GBA. Use Save State to save your game. Remember to save your progress before ALWAYS you insert Cheat Codes because some codes can harm and make your game unstable. Choose "Cheats" menu and click "Cheat list". Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokemon encyclopedia. Silver Version; This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color. These pages detail the original iteration, not Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The guide The latest Tweets from Shiny Gold Sigma (@PokemonSGS). Pokemon remake Crystal, HGSS style complete! Click Like & Play to donwload! Avaliable on VBA & MyBoy for Cellphones! Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma ROM Download Well, the guide seems to cover most of the Pokemon locations so maybe it is completable (I'm not sure at all though). Then rename the rom from "ultra-shiny-gold-sigma-v1.3.6" to something else like "sgs". Then, open it first with MyBoy and see Haunter does not evolve when he reaches level 42 in any other "Pokemon" game. This is a unique requirement of the "Pokemon: ShinyGold" mod. You can use Haunter to directly defeat opponents, but this is usually a less practical approach. Haunter's damage abilities are, by default, very limited until he evolves into Gengar. Play more games like Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma in the Action, Adventure, Emulator, GBA, Pokemon, RPG, and Strategy gaming categories. This game has a rating of 87 out of 100 based on 168 user ratings. This game has a rating of 87 out of 100 based on 168 user ratings. Pokemon Shiny Gold Walkthrough : This walkthrough for Pokemon Shiny Gold [Game Boy Advance] ha

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Pokemon GO trainers have plenty of challenges to in act round the clock with a series of different Raid Battles, Limited Time Events, Community Day challenges and various other tasks to enjoy unique interactions with new Pokemon.

 As currently, all the pocket monster lovers are trying to grab onto a Legendary Dialga Pokemon which is an exceptional Steel cum Dragon type. But the fascinating new information revealed that the upcoming new Raid Battles would include a special Ghost cum dragon type Giratina.

Giratina has been previously also introduced for Pokemon trainers to grab on, but this time this unique creature has been presented in an absolutely new iteration. Moreover, players will be able to interact with a stronger variant for this Pokemon which would be revealed shortly after.

The special Raid Battle would begin from March 27th and fans of Pokemon GO can start to catch the new iteration of Giratina from 1 PM PDT. Moreover, later the original figure of Giratina would be included in the title which would be available in the separate event.

The two avatars of Giratina are almost similar but in addition to their separate appearances both have opposite sets of stamina. The original avatar of Giratina has a higher attacking power as compared to the new avatar, but this is compensated by boosting the defense of the new avatar.

Trainers can make sure to grab on to the new variant of Giratina by spotting this legendary dragon type during the set event duration of March 27th to April 2nd from 1 PM PDT.  Once this new iteration for Giratina wraps up with its Raid event, then the retro avatar of Giratina would also be available for trainers to include it to their Pokedex.

 Both the available options are very unique as one avatar has very hefty attacking strength, and the other has a very tanky defense. If trainers succeed to catch both the variants of the legendary dragon type Giratina, then players can set up a very reliable team of top six Pokemon to face any of the Pokemon battles and win against them.

This second opportunity to grab on to this unique Pokemon is provided by Niantic to avail all the trainers with a chance to complete their Pokedex.  And if they failed to catch this beast during the past event, then this reintroduction event will be a fascinating chance for players to find this Pokemon and keep their Pokedex updated with every in-game character available.

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Niantic has finally confirmed that Pokemon GO fans would have a chance to grab on to the Rayquaza again. All those trainers who missed the opportunity of catching a Rayquaza and those who want to complete their Pokedex have a special event to look for.

Niantic has announced that with the upcoming weekend trainers of Pokemon GO will exclusively have a chance to catch the Rayquaza for themselves. This weekend event is going to feature the Legendary type Rayquaza which was previously introduced in the Limited Time Event.

A tweet posted on the official Twitter account for Pokemon GO stated the details of the upcoming Raid Battle event. The post confirmed that the Raid Event would begin on the 15th of March from 1 PM PT and the event would end at 4 PM ET.

Moreover, this event would continue till Monday 18th March, so players have a total of four days to grab on to this legendary Pokemon. This beast Pokemon is quite hard to defeat and will require a well-planned attempt to beat.

 Prior to the special Rayquaza Raid event, Pokemon GO will feature an exciting event namely Battle Showdown 2019. This Battle Showdown event will be available for a complete week and players can participate in this event to earn interring rewards.

In the Battle Showdown 2019 event trainers can interact with the recently introduced shiny Mankey and Machop. Pokemon GO fans can try to catch these fighting type Pokemon by using a ghost or fairy type, as fighting type Pokemon are weak against ghost types.

  The Battle Showdown event will also allow trainers to obtain a new Fighting move namely Power-Up Punch. This move was first introduced in generation 6 Pokemon series and was called as TM98.

Finally, Niantic has decided to introduce this jaw-breaking punching move and allow trainers to teach this powerful move set to their fighter type Pokemon. In addition to the shiny Pokemon and unique moves, this Battle Showdown event will also grant players with double bonuses like XP, Rare Candy, Eggs and increased chance of spotting fighting type Pokemon.

The Battle Showdown event is currently live and set to end on March 12th. After the end of this Battle Showdown event, players will be able to access the unique Raid battle challenge featuring Legendary Rayquaza.

Rayquaza is not the only Pokemon which is benign featured in the Raid battle for the second time, as Latias has also appeared twice in the Special Raid event in the February month. Moreover, Niantic has even hinted that Latios who is a twin of Latias would also experience its own special Raid event for trainers to grab on to it.

 Rayquaza is a Legendary type Pokemon which can fly and has the strength of a dragon. It comes with a unique hidden ability namely Delta Stream which can wind of any of its opponents.

So the best strategy to defeat this beast is to face this Pokemon with your friends and try to eliminate the Legendary Pokemon before trying to catch it. The best team to counter this pocket monster should have a Rock or Ice-type Pokemon, and a Fairy-type Pokemon could also help trainers to combat this beast.

Still, if you have cached any of the Dragon-type Pokemon then make sure to include him in your team to make sure of defeating this Legendary Pokemon. Fans of Pokemon GO are excited to garb this mesmerizing Legendary type and make it a part of their squad as this Pokemon is very unique and has an immersive control over wind.

 Let’s see how the fans and community members review these ongoing events, and hopefully, they grab on to the existing content available during these challenge events. With the exclusive raid, battle players will also have a chance to complete various Field Research Tasks for the month of March.

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Pokemon GO: New Shiny Characters Revealed

In the first week of March, Niantic re-introduced the gone Battle Showdown event for the Pokemon GO title. As Battle Showdown focuses on Fighting-type Pokemon, Niantic has planned to introduce two new shiny fighting type Pokemon for trainers to interact with.


With the latest Battle Showdown re-introduced, players have an excellent chance to grab a shiny Machop and shiny Mankey for themselves. With the inclusion of these two new Pokemon, the list of available pocket monsters in the Pokemon GO title is on a constant rise.

Although shiny Pokemon don’t have any special moves or raised stats, still shiny Pokemon provides players with a new look for a Pokemon and improves in-game experience.  Moreover, many pro trainers prefer these shiny variants of retro Pokemon to have a unique look for their pocket monsters.

Many players feel pleased to catch a shiny variant of a Pokemon as it improves the overall appearance of the Pokedex. So all the players who wish to have a shiny Machop or Mankey for their team should try to grab on to participate in this Battle Showdown and try to catch as many Mankey and Machop as possible.

During this event the spawn rate for fighter type Pokemon will be boosted, so players have a greater chance of facing a Mankey and Machop during the Battle event, so players should try to grab on to as many shiny Pokemon as possible to improve your team and have an exclusive shiny fighter type for yourself.

Still, it is not a simple task to grab on to these fighter type as they have extremely powerful move types which include Double Kick, Cross Chop and Final Gambit and Aura Sphere. So trainers should plan before initiating the Battle and chose a Ghost or Fairy type Pokemon to counter the Fighting-type Pokemon effectively.

 This re-introduction of Battle Showdown event has not only introduced these two little cute monster to Pokemon GO title, but this new event has also included double XP for obtaining gym batches, double stardust for every new catch and fighting Raid Battles. Also, players can get a Rare Candy item by taking part in PvP Trainer Battles.

Pokemon trainers have an excellent opportunity until March 12th to grab on to exiting shiny monsters and loads of other content in the Pokemon GO title, so trainers should make a full effort to interact and catch the shiny Machop and Mankey for themselves and make their top six lineup very useful by including these Pokemon.

Source url:-  http://mskeyoffice.com/pokemon-go-new-shiny-characters-revealed/

Ava Williams  is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.

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The long wait of Pokemon fans has finally come to an end as the Pokemon Company revealed a first look at the official trailer for Pokemon Swards and Pokemon Shield.Nintendo Switch users are quite excited with this latest update and are looking forward to experiencing the eighth generation of Pokemon on their Switch devices. Moreover, players are hyped to explore the new Galar region which would reflect some essence of the United Kingdom.This new Galar region would have beautiful landscapes with mesmerizing hills and open industrial city. The new map for the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was revealed in the official trailer, and the developers personally introduced the map for players to undermine what adventures are hidden for players in the map.The map showcased appears to be a peninsula or an island which resembles various old school RPG games but with very high end detailed graphics. Also, the map resembles a sword within a shield and complements the title very well.In the initial stage of the game, players will start from the south point of the map which consists of minor township and houses, and eventually, as the trainer’s progress in the game, they will have to head to the north of the map.While heading towards the north players will experience bigger towns and various mysterious locations which have high possibilities of finding rare Pokemon.In comparison to Alola islands in Pokemon Sun and Moon which was quite beautiful but was very congested for players to explore, Pokemon Sword and Shield is very open and provides plenty of locations for players to explore.Also, the vast countryside will rejuvenate trainers with memories of previous generations of the Pokemon series with resembling forest cover and open fields.Although no such official confirmation is made by the developers to include UK touch to the game, still by reviewing the locations and various map places it seems to resemble the real places in the United Kingdom.The city at the north resembles a lot with the actual city of London as there is also a Big Ben clock tower and the Eye of London Ferris wheel so it would not be wrong to consider the theme to be related to the United Kingdom.Also, the red and white color of the watchtower also confirms this theory, so let’s see what more similarities will the trainers spot in this upcoming title which is expected to be launched late in 2019.Source By : https://accountsupport697459633.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/pokemon-uk-inspired-galar-region-introduced/
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Niantic is introducing new Raid Battles and Limited Research events on a weekly basis, and Pokemon GO is all set to feature a cute gen three monster with a Limited Research event.

Similar to the Community Day event, trainers will have three hours to accomplish this Limited Time event. This February 23rd player will get the first glimpse of Clamperl, which is a cute water type monster.

Trainers will have to spin the photo discs at the PokeStops, which would assign trainers with special field research tasks during the Limited Time event.

Various another water type Pokemon like Krabby and Wailmer would also spawn often during the event and trainers will have an excellent opportunity of receiving double the amount of Stardust for every additional water-type Pokemon they successfully catch.

Mainly trainers can complete the Field Research task at any point in time, even after the Limited time event ends. But the Field Research tasks will be assigned only during the event hours, so players should make sure to receive the tasks during the designated time.

Players who complete these tasks will get a chance to catch Clamperl a generation 3 water type Pokemon which has a hard shell to protect it from any significant threat. This Pokemon can prove to be a great addition to any trainer’s team.

Clamperl is one of the few generations three Pokemon, which have not been included in the Pokemon GO title. This cute little monster can be evolved to Huntrail or Gorebyss depending on what item it is holding while trading it.

Still, Niantic has not stated any specific evolution type for this Pokemon, and instead, they suggested that the evolution for this Pokemon would be completely random and players will not get to know about which form it will take until it is evolved.

If you are a dedicated Pokemon trainer and you are looking forward to “Catch Them All!”, then try to grab on to as many Clamperl as possible to make sure that you get both the evolutions for this Pokemon and register both of them in your Pokedex.

Also currently players are indulged with the ongoing Meltan Event, through which players can grab onto a shiny Meltan until the March 4 by opening up a Mystery Box. Also, the time for re-opening of the Mystery Box is also reduced to three days which allows players to have plenty of opportunities to receive a shiny Meltan.

Let’s see what more is under ways for Pokemon trainers to enjoy as Niantic is coming up with new and old Pokemon for players to experience the title.

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Source: https://ennegarciacom.wordpress.com/2019/02/28/pokemon-go-new-limited-research-event-features-clamperl/

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Pokemon GO: Guide for Regional Exclusive

Completing Pokedex is one of the critical aspects of the long going Pokemon franchise, but completing the Pokedex in Pokemon GO mobile game is not that of an easy task.

Niantic introduces new Limited time challenges and various events and raid battle for players, but it makes it very hard to capture every new Pokemon during all the new events. Especially during the Limited time events, many players fail to participate or catch the dedicated Pokemon of that event.

And once the event ends players have no means to spot that Pokemon ever again. Completing the Pokedex is much more challenging in Pokemon GO as there are many regional Pokemon, which are only available at specific regions.

Regional exclusives are those pocket monsters that are locatable at a specific region of the globe. Since recently trading is also included to Pokemon GO and many regional Pokemon have been introduced in raid battles, completing Pokedex is turning out to be a hard to accomplish but doable task.

With the introduction of new generation Pokemon, a new set of regional’s is also added, which players have to make sure of if they wish to complete their Pokedex.

With the introduction of generation four Pokemon, till date players have a total 18 regional Pokemon to look for, which are spread across various countries. You can refer to the list mentioned below to undermine all the regional Pokemon and there designated habitat countries where they are found.

  • Kangaskhan (Australia).
  • Tauros (North America).
  • Heracross (South America and Central America).
  • Farfetch’d (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Japan).
  • Mr. Mime (Europe).
  • Volbeat (Asia, Australia, and America).
  • Carnivine (South-East, U.S.A).
  • Pachirisu (Russia, Alaska, and Canada).
  • Tropius (Middle-East and Africa).
  • Lunatone (Africa and America).
  • Zangoose (Europe, Australia, and Asia).
  • Seviper (Africa and America).
  • Torkoal (Western Asia, South-East Asia)
  • Solrock (Europe, Asia, and Australia).
  • Relicanth (New-Zealand).
  • Chatot (Southern Hemisphere).
  • Corsola (Near the Equator).
  • Illumise (Americas Africa).

You may find it quite simple to determine the exact locations for such regional types, but players have experienced a lot of exceptions in the placement of these Pokemon.

Many trainers have observed spawning of these Pokemon in other locations during special events, receiving them as an egg or adding it as a raid boss. Such exceptions are made so that players across the world can have an opportunity to catch such regional Pokemon.

Interestingly recently added trading feature is helping dedicated trainers to complete their Pokedex and regular events and challenges also play a vital role in achieving their goal of fully completing their Pokedex.

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Pokemon Go Plans to Include New Meltan Avatar Items

Niantic is featuring new research events and Raid battles for Pokémon trainers to explore new and existing Pokémon. 

Trainers are currently preparing for the upcoming Clamperl Limited Time Research events and the Team Change Medallion. Still, it seems like Niantic is also planning to include new avatar items to the in-game store for players to enjoy Pokémon 891.

 Pokémon 891 is the newly introduced Meltan, which was initially named as Kecleon or Pokémon 891 in the program files for the title. Data miners were the first to discover this new creature in the resource files of the game.

Initially, many fans were confused with the Kecleon and Pokémon 891 and were unable to a certain as to which new Pokémon is going to be featured for the title. Many also nicknamed Meltan as Nutto but later with the official release, players got to know about the Meltan Pokémon.

This confusion created a lot of discussion amongst fans and community members which proved to be excellent marketing and introduction for Meltan to Pokémon GO and made this cute monster quite famous amongst the trainers.

Seemingly seeing the popularity of Meltan amongst the trainers, Niantic introduced a special Research quest for Pokémon Lets GO and Pokémon GO which rewarded players with an evolution of Meltan known as Melmetal.

 With such reputation and attractiveness for the Meltan, developers at Niantic are planning to release different cosmetics and wearable’s for the Meltan Pokémon.  The new wearable’s for Meltan includes a long-sleeve shirt, a winter hat and a pair of earrings exclusively for female players.

The in-game store has provided a range of appeals for players to have an additional touch to their in-game characters like skins for Misty or Brock also many unique apparels for team Aqua and Magma have also featured in the shop.

The inclusion of these appeals is confirmed from the renowned Pokémon leaker Chrales who twitted a post on Twitter claiming new Meltan avatar items are coming soon to Pokémon GO.

Although it is not clear as to when the Niantic is planning to include these unique content to the game still it would be quite fun to upgrade Pokémon appearance with cosmetic items giving players another reason to stick with the title.

Prices are not known yet, but trainers are hocked up on saving all the funds to purchase exclusive wearable’s for the Meltan, let’s see if Pokémon GO introduces more such cosmetics for other in-game creatures and what new ideas they will come up to improve on the player’s in-game experience.

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Pokemon GO: Niantic Teases Missing Gen 2 Pokemon

Niantic is regularly introducing new Pokémon in its hit title Pokémon GO. With the ongoing trend of revealing a Pokémon for every new event and raid battles, trainers can now even hunt for gen 4 Pokemon.

Although Pokémon GO has featured almost all the gen 2 Pokémon for trainers to catch, still developers at Niantic are now teasing a left out Pokémon from generation 2.

Currently, players are in speculation for this teased Pokémon as no such direct information is given away, but few images posted by Niantic on Twitter and Facebook suggests that this hinted Pokémon could be Smeargle.

Smeargle is a dog like Pokémon with a long tail, which it uses as a paintbrush. This Pokémon does not really learn move types or skills instead it has a special ability to copy the foe’s attacks and use it against them.

It is entirely possible that developers at Niantic choose to not include this generation 2 Pokémon with other gen 2 pocket monsters, as this particular ability was something unique.

And the battle archetype of Pokémon GO is relatively simple and does not allow trainers with such creative move set. Possibly this could be the reason behind Nintendo did not include Smeargle with other generation 2 Pokémon.

Still, looking at the teaser images posted by Niantic, a few spots of paint can be observed which directly does not showcase at any Pokémon.  But as only a few gen 2 and 3 Pokemon are left from being included, many players seemingly suggest that it could be an indication of incorporating Smeargle into the game.

Some community members are not quite sure for the inclusion of Smeargle, as previously when the Shedinja was included in the game, players expected it to add some new dynamics to the game.

But instead it ultimately failed in pleasing the trainers, and gamers are quite fearful that Smeargle would also lead to disappointment if Niantic were unable to justify its unique Sketch ability.

Players, just don’t want another new Pokémon to add to their Pokedex, but instead, want to avail new move sets and dynamics to the title. Pokémon GO recently celebrated Lunar New Year with various tasks and features to explore in the game.

Maybe this new hinted Pokémon could turn out to be Smeargle indeed and provide trainers with some new in-game interactions and much more features. But still it is not yet sure that the hinted character is Smeargle, so let’s wait until some more information is known for it.

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Niantic has been introducing new content with every new challenge events and raid battles for trainers and this time Pokémon GO is celebrating the Lunar New Year Event.


With the latest update, Pokémon GO players can experience an entirely new theme to the game with celebratory artifacts all around the map which surely provides players with a complete new in-game experience.

As developers at Niantic have recently introduced much-awaited generation 4 Pokémon and evolution to the game, they have continued this trail of new gen 4 Pokémon by adding a new Shiny Spoink with this Lunar New Year Event.

This Lunar New Year Event will be accessible for trainers from February 4th and will last until the February 13th and during this period players will experiences an increase in the spawn rate of Pokémon.

Trainers have a very high probability of spotting a number of Chinese zodiacs related Pokémon like the Spoink, Poochyena, Torchic, Mareep, Dratini, Mankey, Rattata, Ekans, Mareep,  Electabuzz, Buneary, and Ponyta.

Lunar New Year event would not only increase the spawn rate of the Pokémon in-game, but it would also provide trainers with double catch XP and massive boost in XP gain by evolving a Pokémon.

Also, Niantic has recently introduced new Luck Pokémon feature for players who trade their Pokémon. As with the Lunar New Year celebration on the go, players will also receive increased chances of attaining a lucky Pokémon by trading.

In this new update, trainers have an opportunity to catch a shiny Spoink for themselves which is a Psychic-type Pokémon.

 As many trainers have already spotted this upcoming Pokémon to the title, fans have got some hints of the appetence of this shiny skin.

Although Spoink has a grayish skin color with a pink ball balanced at the top of his head, still instead it is believed to have pink hue skin and a gray ball over its head for the shiny variant of this Pokemon.

Spoink is a pig style Psychic-type Pokémon and can prove to be a great addition to the game, providing trainers with new gen 4 Pokémon for their team.

With fans eagerly waiting to catch new and exclusive Pokémon with attractive new skins have an optimal opportunity to catch Spoink in the Lunar New Year Event celebrations as it is not very challenging to catch this cute little pocket monster.

Trainers have ample time to grab onto this Pokémon until 13th February as a new valentine’s day event is scheduled for the 14th February, so trainers out there should catch as many Spoink as possible and enjoy the celebratory experience in Pokémon GO.

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With the past Hoenn region, event players got an opportunity to catch generation four Legendary Kyogre and Groudon Pokémon with shiny skins.

But as this event came to an end, fans of Pokémon were eager to know about the new upcoming Pokémon to the game. Finally, Niantic has confirmed that the Hoenn region Pokémon will be removed from the game and a new Legendary Pokémon will be included for trainers to interact with.

This new Palkia Pokémon is a water and dragon type, and will be available for trainers to catch from the 29th of January and will be present in the game till the February 28th.

Although community members and fans have been requesting Niantic to include all the generation four Pokémon in the game, still we can see that developers at Pokémon GO are gradual including one Pokémon at a time.

Palkia is considerably one of the deadliest available Pokémon in generation four, and trainers should try to catch this Pokémon, by all means, possible as the inclusion of this Pokémon can assure you with a very powerful team.

This Pokémon is a dragon and water type. Also, it comes with a unique hidden ability of Telepathy, which is very effective against the grass and fire type opponents.

Also, this Pokémon can learn Razor Claw and Earthquake moves which can create devastation in any gym and make you win the matches. But most importantly this Pokemon has a meager catch ratio, so it would turn out to be quite challenging for players to obtain this Pokémon.

If you are determined to catch this Pokémon, using the Ultra Ball or Mega Ball is your best bet as this Pokémon does not stay in a regular Pokeball.

Pokémon GO posted on their Twitter account that all the trainers around the globe should prepare themselves for catching a new dragon and water type Pokémon. This Spatial Pokémon is going to join the Pokémon GO universe on the January 29th at 1:00 PM PST.

It’s speculated that the next Pokémon that could join the Pokémon GO game could be the Dialga, which is also one of the strongest Pokemon in gen four. Both the Palkia and the Dialga were introduced in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond video games, and it is not farfetched to expect Dialga as the next upcoming Pokémon to the title.

It is yet to be seen, that will the Palkia Pokémon would also include shiny skin or not, but many gamers have confirmed that this new Pokémon would also appear in new shiny skin. Lookout for this amazing Pokémon on January 29th and explore the unconditional possibilities waiting ahead of you.

Try to catch as many of Palkia as possible, as this Pokémon can’t be hatched from the eggs, so make sure to grab on this Legendary Pokémon as soon as possible.

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As we enter 2019 the previous winter event of Pokemon Go is about to end. Players of Pokemon Go were delighted with the winter event as they got an opportunity to explore new bonus rewards and got a chance to catch various rare seasonal Pokemon.

Niantic is all set to uplift the New Year vibes amongst its users and to do so they have introduced a new event for their users. This unique event namely Hatchathon requires players to hatch their Pokemon eggs into a baby Pokemon.

 If the Pokemon trainers are successful in hatching their Pokemon eggs before 4 pm EST, then they would receive mega rewards like double hatch stardust and double hatch candy.

The event is due on January 15th and is expected to create a massive buzz for Pokemon GO as it has been speculated that various rare Pokemons can be availed during this event.

In order to hatch the egg for accomplishing the Hatchathon event players require walking for few kilometre distances.

It is not yet revealed that all the eggs would require a similar amount of walking distance to hatch them or there would be a variety of eggs which requires different distances for hatching them.

Most of the speculations roll around 5 or 10 km distance to hatch each egg, but there is a much more probability of covering 5 km to hatch your egg successfully.

As suggested by various online communities on Reddit and other portals players require the minimum amount of time to hatch the eggs as they want to hatch more than one egg in the challenge to obtain as many Pokemons as possible.

Trainers are also looking for some rare or epic type Pokemons and not only the common once. To obtain eggs in Pokemon GO players require searching for a Pokemon stop or a Pokemon gym where they can receive an egg for the event.

Previously trainers were motivated to travel for 7 km to hatch their eggs which also didn’t assure a prominent hatch rate. Maybe Niantic is stepping up and trying to revive the urge in players to use multiple incubators to increase the chances of receiving more pocket monsters in one go.

Pokemon GO has faced a lot of competition since its launch, and they are planning to sustain much longer by introducing new and exciting events. If you are not looking forward to participating in Hatchathon, you can still take part in new field research activity.

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