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Bonding with your family including your children can be more fun and safer when you plan your activities. With your chosen yacht charter Phuket, you can achieve this and more, especially if you discuss important details when booking. You can even choose the most interesting activities that you and your kids will both enjoy doing together during your coming Phuket getaway.


Phuket Aquarium

A must-try activity to be added to your itinerary. Have fun exploring the Phuket Aquarium with its 30 tanks full of freshwater and sea creatures to gaze upon. View an array of marine life that includes cuttlefish, razorfish, stonefish and other fishes of various sizes and colors. For its main highlight, wonder at the stingrays and sharks swimming about at the large tank. Walk about and see these amazing creatures alive and very close to you! Learn from various trivia available to you and your family. This is surely an interesting activity for you and your children to remember.


Surf House Phuket

Do you want to try your hand at another interesting activity? Learn to surf at the Surf House Phuket, which is also famous for catering to kids and adults alike. You can enroll in their surfing lessons held in Bangtao, Layan, Surin or Nai Yang beaches lasting 1 and a half to two hours. You can choose your preferred surfboard and enjoy adding another hobby or interest. If you are interested, they also provide lessons in skateboarding and kite surfing. Both are equally fun to try as well! With experienced trainers to oversee your lessons, you and your kids are as safe as can be while doing any of these lessons, so it’s worth a try or two!


Bringing your children on vacation creates beautiful memories that you all can reminisce and cherish. With your trusted yacht charter Phuket service provider, you can squeeze as many activities as you want to do at the pace you want. For a well-planned vacation experience, book here now!


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Experience two of the most sought-after activities to cater to your adventurous escapade. With your booked boat hire Phuket, you can go about Phuket and its nearby tourist attractions that appeals most to you and your children. Explore and tick-off bucket list items as you go about doing them for the first time.


Zorbing At Rollerball

A famous adventure for those who have the guts to try it – Zorbing involves you rolling down an almost 200 meters hill overlooking the Kalim Beach within a huge plastic ball. Remember though that this is not for the faint-hearted so make sure you muster enough courage to try this adventure. Are you traveling with a group and some of you cannot participate? No to worry because the view over the Patong Bay is superb and will be more than enough to compensate them and you for going there.


Phuket GoKart Speedway

Located in Kathu, this boasts a 750 meters track that is available during the day and, if you should choose to race in the dark, at night under floodlights. This speedway has a wide seating of shaded seats for those who want to watch and a drink stall to buy drinks.


For your children who want to try this out, the two-seater karts that run 40 kilometers per hour is the recommended option. Note that kids who can reach the pedals, properly navigate the cart and follow directions can be allowed to take part in this activity. Competent instructors teach how to operate and navigate before taking the kids on a trial run to check their capability to handle the carts well. For safety purposes, the drivers must wear helmets but no seatbelts. Costs are computed on a per 15-minute basis so it can be expensive for a whole day activity. Group bookings can benefit though since the members can take turns to drive.


Exploring and doing adventures together as a family allows you to spend quality time and precious bonding moments with your children. With a qualified boat hire Phuket, you can ensure the safety of your whole family while exploring fun activities during your stay. Book here now for another fun adventure!


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Whether you are planning to spend some quality time with your friends or family, you can have a memorable and exciting time discovering the sites and activities within Phuket including visiting the Elephant Safari. Hiring an established boat charter Phuket allows you to do away with planning the trivial details as you can list all the activities and discuss the most interesting itinerary for you and your group.


Things To Do

  • Orientation with snacks. This happens upon arrival on the elephant safari. A refreshment or light snack is enjoyed while you are given a briefing on what is expected and done throughout the Elephant Safari adventure that you came to experience.


  • Assisting with elephant food preparation. After the orientation, you can accompany the staff in the preparation of the food of the elephants. You learn about the proper nutrition they need.


  • Feeding the elephants.Since you have prepared the food, you can also enjoy giving them their food and it gives you the perfect chance to get to see the elephants in their natural environment.


  • Mudding and bathing with the elephants. Done feeding? Why its time to get dirty! Play with these friendly giants while mudding and bathing latter. Have a great time frolicking with them!


  • Farewell to the elephants. Had fun with your new-found friends? Well, you can come again on your next trip, but say goodbye to them for now. You can take your own shower and prepare to go to your next tourist destination or hotel accommodation. Remember to take lots of photos or send your email so the photographer or the management can send you copies of your photos later.


With the right boat charter Phuket, you can have a fun-filled adventure with your loved ones while ensuring a hassle-free journey to and from other tourist destinations and/or your lodging. Call for a reservation today!

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Three Reasons To Hire A Bareboat Charter Phuket

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand has become very popular with new and returning tourists. From its breath-taking beaches to various activities that you can do, it has become one of the prime destinations for Bareboat charter Phuket itineraries.


Not only does it offer sand as well as sea, but it also affords you lively nightlife if you so wish to do so. However, the best answer to why you should hire a bareboat is:


  1. It has beautiful white beaches.


If you heard that Phuket beaches are so perfect, then you are bound to agree once you experienced itfirst hand. Their dreamy white sand beaches are always an exciting source of lazy and pleasurable time plus you can explore further and do some of the water sport activities available such as diving and water jumping. Other stress reliever activities that you can join are also possible in some nearby island including Thai massages and yoga classes. Check out Karon Beach, Kata Noi, Kata Beach, and Nai Han to name a few along the western coastline.

  1. Kayaking and Exploration in Phang Nga


PhangNga is famous for beautiful landscapes including caves and emerald green lagoons. Kayaking is the ideal mode of transportation when going to these sites especially the secluded areas. Be sure to include the famous James Bond Island and see the famous backdrops done on the movie it was named after. Laze about and unwind during the 3-hour boat ride going there!

  1. Diving and swimming in the beautifulSimilan Islands


Similan Islands is composed of a few smaller islands that are famous for being prime diving sites. Depending on your level of diving and swimming skills plus the guts to dive, you can choose to be taken to the island having that level of diving difficulty! There’s a perfect site for beginners and professional divers alike to dive and swim about. If you’re lucky, you can even see whales and manta rays during your swimming or plunging within the northern section of the Islands.


For the reasons listed above, hiring an established bareboat charter Phuket helps you experience doing all the fun activities you want during your stay. Call now for booking today!


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5 Things to Know About Buying Off-Plan Property

Buying property pre-construction is referred to as off-plan and is a common practice in Thailand. It is also common for a property developer to start construction of the project and continue to sell units of the property while still referring to it as “off-plan”. In this sense, the term off-plan is used in a general sense to refer to properties that are not yet completed by the developer.

Point #1

When buyingan off-plan property it is essential in purchasing from a reputable developer. This will minimize your risks. Off-plan property is basically buying the rights to a “property” that has yet to be built. A good realtor can help shorten the process of finding these reputable developers. You will want to know about prior projects and the financial health of the developer. Most developers secure funding before they start but you will want to make sure to know that if all units are not sold they still complete the development.


Point #2

When buying a condominium off-plan choose to work with only “condominium registered” developments. The developer will have to obtain a condominium title which can be quite cumbersome. This also means that they will be governed by legislation contained in The Condominium Act and provides a degree of consumer protection for buyers.

Point #3

When purchasing an off-plan property, it’s important to understand that the developer is assuming responsibility for purchasing land, subdivision and all issues relating to access and utilities and full accountability for construction and project management. By passing responsibility to a property developer for these tasks, you are largely or wholly giving up control over their implementation. Make sure that the developer is qualified.

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 Point #4

It does, however, come with its benefits. Buying off-plan is a great way to save money. On average, you can save anywhere between 10% to 40% off market prices. Some developers refer to this as early bird marketing but most developers call it off-plan pricing. You can watch as your unit increases in value as each phase is released.

Buying off-plan typically gives you more choices. You can choose a high floor in a condominium development or a corner unit. You can choose the best plot in a villa development. Many developers will offer choices of tiles and layouts. These preferences are personal choices that are made easier buying off-plan.

Point #5

Mortgages and financing for expats (foreigners) in Thailand are extremely limited. Typically Thai Banks will only lend to foreigners who live and work here and qualify. However, purchasing off-plan provides buyers a payment plan that corresponds to the construction progress. In many cases, the purchase can be spread over 2-3 years and additional terms can be negotiated.

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Phuket diving is surely an amazing thought to relish the getaways far more exciting. The real reason for the large popularity of Phuket island is it is the largest also packed with the best rainforests and also mountain ranges in conjunction with incredible seashores of Thailand. Phuket is the ideal spot for both novice as well as experienced diverto experience the scuba diving sport. You will find a huge crowd of travellers is originating on this particular island from all over the entire world. Phuket isn't just greatest island of Thailand and also progressed and highly traveled to the island of Thailand. Diving is definitely a wonderful sport because people may experience marine life and even observe the existence of stunning creatures under the sea just like little fish, sharks, whales and many more.

Most of us have a dream to experience scuba diving in Phuket at least in their life time. The best phuket scuba diving greatest number of scuba enthusiastic individuals visited Phuketas it's an inexpensive destination as compared with others all over the world. Scuba diving belongs to the adventurous and thrilling activities. Phuket is not merely offers diving sports activity and supplies various activities which make the excursion remarkable for lifelong for example boating, jet skiing, fishing, scuba diving, and others. There are several assistance service as well as vacationer businesses exist that really help the tourists to enjoy the escape pleasantly and also carefully and sirolodive is one of them. This is the primary dive center which fulfills the dream about folks of experiencing scuba diving securely.

Sirolodive center in addition delivers different classes for folks who desire to be a skilled diver for example rescue course, PADI master scuba diver, PADI open water course along with PADI digital photography course and many others. PADI open water course is definitely the basic training curriculum when folks thrilledto understand complete explanation of dive. An individual might experience a vast marine universe along with PADI open water course Phuket and sirolodive assists you in this particular expertise. The PADI open water course is done by sirolodive in just 3 days wherein theory, pool or even four certifies open water dives are incorporated. But sirolodive offers 6 dives to people as 2 further dives are provided to boost up their level of confidence of diving additionally take pleasure in the ocean. Diving is that sports activity which contains enjoyment, escapade,buzz, and all fascinating aspects.

Therefore start out your vacation in the " new world " of scuba diving Thailand by reserving on sirolodive centre and go through the wonderful marine life. If you'd like to be aware of much more information regarding Phuket scuba diving well then check this and also visit on the webpage.
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Do you have any plan of traveling and visiting a place that seems brand new to you? If you have not tried visiting Thailand yet then this is the best time for you to have it included in your itineraries this summer.

Why Thailand and not the other countries in Asia or around the world? Well, there are so many good reasons that make Thailand a popular choice among many travel enthusiasts. This is especially true to those people who simply love staying close to nature. A vacation spent in this country simply makes you a winner!

So, what are the things that you will most likely expect when you visit Thailand today? Apart from the warm and friendly people, there are many other things that will surely make your Thailand vacation extra enjoyable: clear blue waters, welcoming resorts, bars and other nightlife spots, restaurants, marketplace and many more. Not to mention of course the bountiful and spectacular places that you cannot find in other countries around the world.

With the aid of a Phuket boat charter, you can have the opportunity to realize a Thailand vacation that’s simply just like no other. In many cases, tourists often stay in hotels and other accommodations situated on the land. However, your vacation will definitely become an absolute and one of a kind stay because you will simply spend your days and nights on the waters of Phuket.

With a Phuket boat charter, you can have the chance to enjoy different kinds of water activities while cruising. You can also go ashore if you like to see and enjoy what the land has to offer. And by simply cruising with the use of a boat charter, you can have the chance to make quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. Book one today!

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If there is one country that fascinates the senses of many tourists, that has to be Thailand. This Asian country is not only known as the ‘country of smiles’ but the home to a great deal of attractions as well – attractions that will simply remind you of Mother Nature’s splendor. It is here where you can find beautiful beaches, world class resorts, magnificent islands and a whole lot more. And with such things in mind you can’t help but think about doing a great deal of water activities as well. All of these you can enjoy when you visit Phuket, Thailand.

The moment you have arranged your tour to Phuket, another important thing that you should consider is to book a yacht rental Phuket. With this kind of service you will surely be in the way towards realizing a tour that’s truly unique and one of a kind. Why? It is because you will be going places on the cool and clear water of the sea, allowing you to visit one island after another. This is something that you cannot do when you choose touring by land. It also allows you to go to the shore and experience life in any of the bars, restaurants, markets, and food areas that dot the city.

Hiring a yacht rental Phuket service is not that difficult too. In fact, you can include this kind of service when you visit your travel service provider. You can also find yacht services on the ads of travel magazines that feature Phuket as a travel destination. And if you want your search to be more personalized then you can go searching on your own. Online searching is an effective, quick and reliable way to help you find what you are exactly looking for such as a trusted and reliable provider of yacht nd boat charter services.

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Perhaps you must be dreaming of spending a great vacation this summer. And when it comes to this season, you must be thinking of cool places such as beaches and resorts. There are many of these but how about trying to spend a couple of days or longer in one of the breathtaking beaches or resorts in Thailand?

If beaches and resorts are what you want, the best place to be is in Thailand, specifically in the city of Phuket. Here, you will have to see and experience dozens of tropical beaches which are indeed very pristine and relaxing. They’re such good places wherein you can release all the stress that you have accumulated before your vacation.

You may also want to visit the island of Similan where you can find some of the best diving sites in the whole wide world. To be able to see these places conveniently, a Phuket yacht charter is what you exactly need. Why hire and use a yacht charter? The following are some of the best reasons as to why you should get one for your upcoming Phuket vacation:

  • Riding on a yacht charter gives you the privilege to tour privately. Hence, this means you will be able to avoid thick crowds of tourists by simply hiring one.
  • Take the pleasure to ride on a yacht and hop on to different islands under optimal weather conditions.
  • Want cool and sheltered waters? You can have these by riding on a yacht charter and going to sheltered bays such as those in Andaman Shore.
  • Hiring a Phuket yacht charter allows you to get a custom itinerary that considers your preferences and wishes.
  • Get the opportunity to explore the underwater world. This allows you to see and marvel on different sea creatures such as whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, colorful fish, corals and a lot more.

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Many travelers and tourists who have been to Phuket, Thailand say that if you want to realize your Thailand vacation the enjoyable, thrilling, exciting and different way you need to make sure that it should be enhanced with a Phuket boat charter ride. Yes, with this kind of transport service, you can have the chance to explore the greatness of the Phuket Island the unique way. And perhaps, this is going to be your very first vacation in the island via a boat charter. Well, this is going to be a very exciting experience, indeed.

Since it is your first time to go traveling and exploring the city of Phuket, it is important to have a little knowledge, at least, about where and how you can find the right provider of a boat charter. Keep in mind that due to the popularity of boat charters in the country, more and more companies are being established. And if there are plenty of choices around choosing the right if not the best one simply become even more difficult. This is especially true when each company or provider claims to be the best among their competitors.

The following are some important points that you need to consider when looking forward to finding the right provider of boat charter for your upcoming Phuket vacation:

  • Find the time to ask your travel agent about a good and reliable boat charter company in Phuket.
  • Go searching online to find potential companies that offer and provide boat charter services in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Make it a point to compare one company after another in order to determine their similarities and differences.
  • Once you are done comparing, take the time to eliminate one after another from your list.

Obviously, the one that remains on your list is simply the right if not the best provider of Phuket boat charter for you.

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