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How to prepare for CBSE board exams


Board assessments are the definitive factor for the majority of the future undertakings. The understudies, seeking after for the tenth board assessment this year need to get ready hard for their examination. Till now you had confronted some ground rivalry with your cohorts however this time you will confront an incredible challenge with various understudies over India. Class exercises are the most ideal approach to comprehend your schedule efficiently. Class exercises are the best presentation of the themes of your prospectus. Continuously be available in your group and focus on the class examines. Subsequent to getting back home, reexamine the themes that you have contemplated in the class. If there should arise an occurrence of any disarray, explain these subjects with your educator on the following day.

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Coaching Classes have advanced toward getting to be as noteworthy and essential as schools these days. You will now and again watch a youngster taking up something without the help of teaching — be it mulling over, learning a melodic instrument or playing sports. Teaching classes are an example in India and especially with respect to the field of preparing. Normally we relate the advancement of the instructive cost structure in India with the reliably extending test. As the test is extending, understudies don't have to leave any stone unturned. Besides this, seeing various understudies going for instructive cost, watchmen furthermore control their youngsters for the proportional, paying little respect to whether they need this or not. In schools, especially the ones in remote towns, there is an absence of instructors, along with these lines’ understudies, are left with no other option anyway to go for instructive expenses if their people can hold up under its expense. Be it any need, the instructive cost system in India is a mind-boggling backed off to the entire guidance structure similarly as coaching. Understudies and gatekeepers find going for instructive cost a commonplace bit of their curricular activity. You can take training classes from the best focuses Pandav Nagar for Maths Classes in Pandav Nagar and Science subjects. By and large, PCM Classes in Pandav Nagar East Delhi give the best learning to the understudies.

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Coaching Institute is a knowledgeable training foundation in East Delhi Pandav Nagar Argives instructing classes to every one of expressions of the human experience stream subjects including History, Political Science, Geography, English, Hindi, Economics and furthermore of Computers. Regardless of whether you are searching for History educational cost in Delhi or Political Science Tuition in Delhi, Pandav Nagar Point will give you answers for all your instructing needs.  They offer quality and institutionalized instructing and give the understudies the way whereby they can without much of a stretch clear the tests and can likewise score over 80% of imprints in their separate subjects including History, Political Science, Geography, English, Hindi, Economics and furthermore of Computers. There is much best training focuses in Delhi. Pick the correct one to overhaul your insight and abilities. Generally, Laxmi Nagar gives all the training of subjects in east Delhi. Particularly, science the most significant subject. You can take the best Science Classes in Pandav Nagar and Laxmi Nagar with all notes and functional encounters. Second Pandav Nagar is additionally considering as best for instructing focus in East Delhi. Training focus in Science Classes in Pandav Nagar Delhi. Indeed, even PCM Classes in Pandav Nagar likewise accessible.

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Today students have a couple of normal purposes behind going to instructing classes. The most well-known one is a suspicion that all is well and good. Understudies feel that by going to these classes, they pick a superior arrangement of educators from their schools since they charge an excellent expense. Understudies feel that they have better-encouraging systems and that they will get singular consideration by joining these classes. Additionally, here and there understudies likewise have a pursue the crowd attitude, and join these classes since every other person is. Choose the Best Coaching Centre Near Me to enhance your knowledge.

There are many Best Coaching Center in East Delhi. Choose the right one to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Science Classes in Laxmi Nagar. Especially, science the most important subject. You can take the best science classes in Laxmi Nagar with all notes and practical experiences. Second Pandav Nagar is also considering a Best Coaching Center in Pandav Nagar. Chemistry Classes In Pandav Nagar. Even Physics Classes In Pandav Nagar. 

Benefits of taking Coaching classes in Pandav Nagar:

  1. Right Direction – Coaching Institutes give understudies right direction as class 9 to class 12 understudies should be set up for board tests, focused tests, placement tests and so on. In instructing foundations, the understudies get scholastic direction as well as they become acquainted with about vocation choices and right objectives according to their advantage and scholarly record. Training foundations are extremely useful in affirmations and vocation direction.
  2. The personalization of studies – Student gets singular consideration at instructing establishments in light of the fact that in teachers need to manage 40-60 understudies in each class and their emphasis as a rule on simply covering their prospectus for subjects in the time assigned for every period. This makes it hard for educators to concentrate on every understudy and henceforth, understudies are not ready to get legitimate direction. Be that as it may, in training foundations, the attention is on learning and improvement of understudies according to their necessity.
  3. New learning styles and tips for getting an upper hand – Coaching foundations create distinctive learning strategies for an alternate sort of understudies that enables understudies in understanding their subjects to well. Where in school, all understudies in a similar class get the opportunity to become familiar with the ideas in a similar example; here in training foundations, the learning example can be created in the wake of completing an investigation of how an understudy adjusts the ideas. At the point when an understudy gets the opportunity to learn in their own particular manner, their comprehension and grasp on subject grow rapidly and thus, they show improved outcomes.
  4. The usage of additional time/Disciplines understudies' day by day schedule – Class 9 to Class 12 understudies need to plan their day with the fundamental spotlight on scholastics in light of the fact that these are the most significant classes of their scholarly life. The instructing classes are useful in training the understudies by aiding in fixing they're everyday schedule. Understudies for the most part, in their spare time after school, mess around, watch films or utilize web-based life applications which lead to wastage of their time. It is fundamental for understudies to take part in extra-curricular or reviving exercises to loosen up their brain after school, yet on the off chance that understudies participate in non-scholarly exercises for more than should be expected time than it will influence their examinations. What's more, with instructing classes, understudies can get enough time for refreshment just as they can concentrate on their investigations in the training classes.



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How to choose a connector wisely

Connectors are basically electro-mechanical devices which are used to easily connect or disconnect electrical circuits paths. Depending on your needs you can choose from their various shapes, sizes, complexities and quality levels. To provide resistance against various outside factors like friction, water, varying temperature, dirt and other contaminants there is a wide variety of connectors that you can choose from! Some of the connectors are Pogo pin, waterproof connectors, pcb connectors, power connectors, space connectors, etc. Some of the factors to consider for a good connector are:

1.Ease of connection

2.Mating type(male and female plugs)

3.Durability- How long the connector will last and the overall robustness of the connector.

4.Proper insulation- In order to avoid the release of any electrical noise in the environment the connectors are shielded.

5.Polarity- Most of the connectors can only be connected in one orientation. So to prevent their wrong connections in another direction, polarization is performed.

While looking for a company that provides good quality connectors and ease of custom cable assemblies you can consider Adam Tech company which boasts of having distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Middle east. The services that it provides are of high quality material and at a very reasonable price.

They also believe in saving the environment by manufacturing such materials which are lead free and free of any hazardous materials. 

Types of connectors and their uses

Pogo pin connector: This device is used in electronic devices like mobile phones, communication devices, smart watches, DSLR cameras, medical devices, automotive and aerospace devices. It is mainly used as a connection provider between electrical circuit boards. It contains spring loaded pins and is cylindrical in shape.

Some types of pogo pins are: 

1.SMT/SMD type

2.Though Hole type

3.Right angle

4.Double head type

Pcb connector: A PCB connector(Printed circuit connector) will utilize multiple pins to carry electrical signals. PCB connectors are mounted on PCB and use a PCB’s power to carry signals from one PCB to another or another device connected to the unit. They are used in various applications ranging from mobile phone’s internal circuit to the car’s electrical signal flow.

In pcb mostly board-to-board connection is used and is oriented in the following ways:

1. Parallel- where both the connectors are kept vertically

2.90 degree- Here one connector is kept vertical and another is kept vertical

3.180 degree or coplanar- Here both connectors are kept in horizontal position

Waterproof Connector: They are IP67 rated waterproof connectors. They contain a seal ring which protects them from moisture, dirt, scratches and cracks! They are applicable for supreme moisture conditions and underwater/submersive conditions like waterproof camera, automotive and other moisture prone devices! 

Waterproof connectors are also used to minimize installation costs and thus economical.

All these connectors and many more types are provided by Adam Tech company.

They provide industry solutions for vast network area like medical, lighting, wireless services, telecom, testing and measurement, climate control, home automation and much more!

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Benefits & Advantages of Pogo Pins

Pogo pins are spring-loaded probes are pressed into a hole to connect two PCB boards together. It allows an electrical connection to any component with a copper pad. There are different types of Pogo pins to allow for different connection policies, as well as different signal types and voltages. They are mostly used for testing electrical signals on printed circuit boards.

Advantages of Pogo Pins:

  • Easy to maintain: If an electronic component failure occurs while implemented with connectors can quickly replace the failed component parts.
  • High Life Span: The pogo pins have a great life span as compared to other connectors. 
  • Improves the production process: Pogo pin Connector not only simplify parts of electronic products but also simplifies the production process.
  • Strong Durability: When reduced, the pogo pin connector contact point position unchanged can maintain a stable connection point. Pogo pin connectors are common in our daily lives and are widely used.

Like pogo pins, waterproof connectors have a thin body that is easy to carry for the user. It is used in a wet, areas where water pipes are used or raining climate for connecting purposes due to its double-layered metal body. And A PCB Connector connects electrical components on a conductive track or between pads on the board. Some devices hold more than one PCB and will utilize a type of equipment to build a connection between the boards. PCB is typically used to transfer signals or power from one PCB to another or to transfer to or from the PCB from another source within the unit.

Adam-tech is the custom connectors and waterproof connector service providers. Their ability is to provide all types of connecting cable assembly at a convincing and fair price. We promise you to provide you with the best connectors of great quality. For us, customer satisfaction is the first promise.

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Do you want to find a company to take care of your PCB fabrication needs? Many companies think that finding a PCB fabricator should not be a problem because there are so many companies out there. Most of the companies get their PCB manufactured from China because of the technology they possess and because of the cost advantages. Even though China is one of the most popular hub for PCB fabrication you cannot be selecting your fabricators randomly without adequate screening. You need to make sure certain basic requirements are met by the company that is likely to take care of your PCB production needs.

Does the company you are selecting come with adequate experience in completing PCBs for various categories of products? It is not enough to find a company that has completed large number of PCB manufacturing assignments but it is even more important that the company you are choosing has worked with assorted products in the past. Such vast experience is required to work with your PCB prototype successfully.

Do they make use of all the latest manufacturing equipment in the fabrication process? The quality of the final work will depend on the quality of the equipment used. There are many new technologically advanced equipment in the PCB manufacturing industry, the company you choose should continually be upgrading its technology to deliver you the best quality PCBs.

Will the manufacturing facility be able to meet your PCB fabrication specifications effectively and accurately? What are the customers who have used the services of the company have to say? Are they happy with the quality of the PCBs delivered to them? You should check the customer feedbacks and ratings so that you make the right choices without having to take the risk of dealing with dubious service providers.

If in case if you are going for small batch productions will the company be taking up your requirements or do they only take up mass productions in the range of hundreds and thousands? At times during the research and testing phase you may need small batch productions. You cannot work with multiple companies one for prototype development, another for small batch test production and another for mass production. The company you choose should support you fully offering end to end solutions that meet your requirements.

Most importantly does the manufacturing unit make use of lead free process? Before you sign up it is important to find out whether you are working with a company that manufactures your PCBs in a lead free environment. If you are manufacturing electronic products for the EU market it is important that your products comply with the European Union directives on hazardous materials. If your products do not comply with the directives your license could be revoked. So working with a company that manufacturers PCBs in lead free environment is a prerequisite. This is where selecting highly reputed companies is important because you could trust their compliance claims.

Intel,GE Healthcare,EMERSON,Rice University is the author of this article on PCB fabrication. Find more information, about PCB prototype.

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We live in a world populated with electronics. Everywhere you go, you will find all sorts of electronic devices such as computers, phones, medical equipment......... the list goes on. However, all of these electronics have one thing in common called PCBs. To put it simply a PCB is an electrical component shaped like a flat board able to house multiple electric components such as diodes, transistors and manages the electrical flow throughout the circuit board. On a macro level, the PCB is the life force of every electronic device on Earth. Without it, they would cease to function.

This is why the manufacturing of these PCBs is a significant process. We call this PCB fabrication. This procedure has multiple industry-standard processes that are followed by most PCB manufacturer. This is especially the case when it comes to creating electronics as they serve a purpose in functioning and maintaining an electronic device.

Below are just a few examples of these:

#1. Design blueprint and design printing:
This is the first procedure in the fabrication process and involves planning of the overall layout of the PCB. This will include circuit diagrams and copper patterns which dictate the current flow direction. Fortunately, the process of PCB fabrication incentivizes neat placements of wires, labeling and spacing of the component places. This, in turn, promotes a circuit with wires in the form of conducting lines that move over the plane board and connect individual points in a circuit.

#2. Creation of substrate:
This is made from an insulating material like fiberglass that holds the structure of the PCB. It acts as the backbone of the PCB, holding the copper layers together. A benefit of using a substrate such as this, is the rigidity it offers and protects the circuit board from breaking making the circuit more stable and immune to movement. Less moving parts means fewer loose parts and fewer inconveniences for the user.

#3. Solder mask:
This is like the protective layer of the layered PCB. It's usually in green color but it is not limited to other color choices such as red or yellow. The main purpose of the solder masks is to protect the copper traces underneath from dust, corrosion and other impurities that can disrupt current flow.

#4. Silk screening:
This process involves the printing of information that is critical to the circuit board. This information includes things like logos, part numbers, symbols and markings. One advantage of this is that it makes repairing of damaged PCBs convenient. Since most symbols are standard across all circuit boards and part numbers make it easy to find the parts needed for repair, making it less complicated for technicians.

With all that said, it is worth knowing that there are other variations of PCB fabrications such as rigid-flex PCBs that incorporates both Rigid board and Flex technologies to create a very flexible version of PCBs. They are heavily used in devices such as pacemakers due to their very compact size and flexibility. With more and more demanding electronics being introduced in the market, this only extends the possibilities of more complex and compact PCBs to support such technologies.

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Custom cable assemblies are the most widely used wiring options in healthcare and medical industry. These assemblies can handle the complex applications of the medical devices. Compared to other electronic devices and machinery, the wiring needs in the medical industry are much sensitive. Custom cable assemblies are used to handle operations related to patients’ bodies and they need to withstand the sterilization process. So, the assemblies are manufactured from various important materials as per the requirements. Let us look into the importance of custom cable assemblies in the medical industry.

custom cable assemblies

Custom cable assemblies are Durable

Medical devices are used in the devices that have intense strain regularly. They perform heavy-use and high- exposure devices and operations. These cables are designed to be durable for enduring this high stress.

Custom cable assemblies are Flexible in Operations

These cables are flexible to work with various types of operations in different medical devices. Different cables are manufactured as required for specific types of medical devices.

Custom cable assemblies are High-Performing

These assemblies are used to work under various pressures and sensitive devices. So, they are manufactured under stringent processes and tested for delivering high performance.

Custom cable assemblies Provide Multiple Functions and Accuracy

These are used for specialized applications like security and surveillance and hence they have many functions incorporated in them like signal, power, video, coax, optical fibre, etc. Hence, they have accurate results in their operations.

Custom cable assemblies save time

These save a lot of time which could have resulted in a lot of struggle instead. These come in a huge variety, for meeting different applications and difficult heavy duty operations.

Thus, you may now be convinced with how advantageous these assemblies can be. They are used in many other industries other than medical. Well, Adam tech is a manufacturer and supplier of such cables and connectors required in different devices, machinery, and equipment. They provide China custom connector, customized outdoor waterproof cable connector, dc waterproof connector, flexible circuit connector, DVI connector, harsh environment connectors and PCB connectors etc. with the best quality in different areas of the world. They supply these products in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. They are a trusted brand of many big manufacturing companies.

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Custom cable assemblies and Connectors like PCB, harsh environment, waterproof, pogo pin, etc are the driving forces behind manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment. Most of the manufacturing industries like automotive, electrical and electronics, entertainment, computers, television, aerospace, medical, etc. need custom cable assemblies, PCB connectors, harsh environment connectors, pogo pin connectors on a regular basis. Let us see in details about these parts.

 Custom cable assemblies

custom cable assemblies

Custom cable assemblies are mainly used for data or power flow. As today is the age where customers want fast speed and less size, the custom cable assemblies are constantly recreated and modified. The automobiles need numerous cables of the best quality on regular basis. Computers as well need custom cable assemblies for transferring data, signal, and power on a large scale. Electrical and electronics industry also needs these cables for wiring in many parts. The demand for these cables is high and will always be there until the technology is developing.

 Harsh environment connectors

As their name suggests, the harsh environment connectors are used in demanding or harsh environments where physical and environmental conditions like shocks, dust, water, extreme temperatures, salinity, rough handling, sound, pressures, vibrations, etc. are high for similar applications. The heavy-duty applications use harsh environment connectors for data transfer. They are made very strong and resistant to harsh physical or environmental conditions.

 PCB connectors

 PCB connectors

PCB connectors are used for connecting the signals and power between printed circuit boards (PCBs.) Almost all electronic and electrical industries need the PCB connectors of different types. They help in simplification of PCB designs and act as a connection between different PCBs. Complex circuits use these connectors which provide support to such circuits.

All these instruments are extremely important in the technological world. Quality instruments are the need of growing technology. If you want to buy such quality products for your business, then you must visit Adam Tech- http://adam-tech.com/. Here, you get the best quality world-class products required for manufacturing purposes. They have been manufacturing and supplying these products in most parts of the world like Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America. Their products are safe, durable, certified and recognized. So, why not visit them once and have a look?

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Grab the best HDI PCB to develop your projects

High density interconnects PCBs square measure how of creating additional space on your computer circuit board to create them additional economical and permit for quicker transmission. It's comparatively straightforward for many enterprising firms that square measure victimization computer circuit boards to visualize however this may profit them.

If you are during a fast-moving trade, you wish to grasp concerning high density interconnect computer circuit boards. If your company is not victimization them currently, they most likely are going to be before long. If they are not, you'll be able to make sure your competitors square measure victimization them, therefore you wish to find out concerning HDI PCBs and their advantages quick.



  • HDI PCB is wide wont to cut back the load and overall dimensions of merchandise, likewise on enhance the electrical performance of the device.
  • The high-density PCB is frequently found in mobile phones, touch-screen devices, laptop computer computers, digital cameras, and 4G network communications.
  • The HDI PCB is additionally conspicuously featured in medical devices, likewise as numerous electronic craft components and elements.
  • The possibilities for high-density interconnect PCB technology appear virtually limitless.
  • The evolution of high-density PCB technology has given engineers larger style freedom and suppleness than ever before.

Why settle on HDI PCBs?

If we have a tendency to square measure progressing to opt for HDI PCB it suggests that we have a correct plan concerning our product. you've got to grasp concerning style Flexibility, tiny Footprint, reliableness, Ideal for Dense and sophisticated Packages, Increasing Demand for little computer circuit Boards, and Signal Integrity. HDI PCBs provide many technical benefits over Surface Mounted (SMT) and through-hole boards. And everyone this benefits given by Ray PCB. RayMing as a result of they provide individuals one-stop resolution from PCB producing to PCB assembly

Must understand HDI

Do you still keep in mind, IBM Simon? It’s the "father" of sensible phones. It came out around 1995 and was the foremost artistic electronic product at that point. However, it did not appear as if what a sensible phone appearance nowadays and it weighed 510g with a thickness of 38mm. are you able to believe it? It’s very not possible for you to place it in your pocket. With the development of functions and people's aesthetic angle towards cell phones, sensible phones have intimate with a series of changes in terms of size and figure. High-Density PCBs of Impeccable


Over the course of a decade in business, PCBCart has established a hard-earned name for producing PCBs of the very best quality. Ray pcb custom PCB producing capabilities change you to urge the best quality HDI PCBs at competitive costs while not min order amount demand. Ray pcb team run style for manufacture check on your custom PCB file and check with you to make sure it's prepared for producing which your boards can meet your performance necessities. They even have associate on-the-scene internal control department to verify the finished product meet your top quality standards. RayMing's PCB Fabrication capabilities offer you with all you wish to supply top quality computer circuit boards - simply specify your board order as you wish it.

Keep in Mind whereas planning an HDI PCB

As with the other PCB technology, HDI PCB demands some specific considerations such as:

  • Material: though all PCB producing takes material into consideration, HDI PCB takes them seriously, thanks to many producing constraints obligatory. The electrical performance of signal traces can rely on the kind of fabric elite. The selection of fabric is additionally a number one consider price call.
  • Every Layer Interconnection (ELIC): this method is currently used within the construction of smartphones. It helps cut back mechanical holes and creates smaller pitches within the circuit card.
  • Track Uniformity and Minimum Line Width: This Square Measure the necessary concerns to create to avoid short or open connections.
  • Component Layout: The HDI technology emphasizes on correct part placement. This placement helps guarantee viability in installation, soldering, and maintaining boards.
  • Distribution of Buried and Blind Holes: uneven stack styles might generate superfluous pressure, thereby inflicting warpage of boards.
  • Skill Sets: The layer counts, high-density part placements, and producing quality square measure a number of the factors that require to be thought-about before causing your PCB to a storyteller. Any variety of style issues encountered throughout the producing is also expensive and will need a complete plan or scrapping.
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Skill Every PCB Design Engineer Must Know


PCB is the abbreviation for Printed Circuit Board, usually a thin, flat, green, square, fiberglass pieces that have electrical parts attached on them. These boards are part of nearly all the electronics we use, for instance, if you open a cell phone or remote or any other device you’ll notice a green plate with some silver electronic parts, and some linings drawn on them. These are the wires that are "printed" on green glass plate. They connect the electrical components by creating some circuits, hence called as "printed circuit board."


A PCB Designer is the person who owns designing skills with electrical knowledge. They are the chief person in research and development (R&D), Printed Circuit Board industry, and in electronics production units. The PCB designer has many responsibilities as the work is intense and needs accuracy and attention. The work is not only about interconnecting some electronic parts but also acknowledging the functioning of the circuits.

The PCB industries are growing quickly as the consumers seeking more handy, attractive and innovative products, the excellent technology is not enough for them. The user always looks charming yet powerful devices to replace the old one. To get such kind of technology PCB revolution is essential which increase the career opportunity and growth of the PCB designers. Thus, joining PCB Training in Noida is essential for you.



  • Understanding of fundamentals in basic electronics
  • Essential understanding of electronic components and their package information
  • Basic understanding of PCB
  • Continuous learning drive
  • Good aptitude
  • Communication skills

The future of this industry is obvious to anyone who takes a close look at the future of electronics and one who has opt for PCB Training Institute in Noida has a great career ahead.


Performing circuit analysis

From creating simple resistor circuits to examining the frequency response of complex networks, engineers will need to know how to write and solve the equations of node and loop analysis to figure out how component clusters are operating.

Understanding analog filters

While the design of active analog filters may not be required in all product development, understanding the impact that elements have on analog signals is still a crucial skill to have. The inductance, capacitance, and impedance of both components and circuit traces can change even digital signals in ways that, if not known and compensated for, may cause systems to fail.

Designing feedback control

Air conditioning, Robots, autonomous vehicles, and many other systems depend on feedback control loops for their proper operation. Designers should know how to handle loops function, how to manage their effectiveness, and how to assure that they are stable in their behavior.

Working with RF

Not a long time back, design in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum was a specialty discipline that most developers never had to be concerned about. But with the IOT needing wireless connectivity and increasing clock speeds turning PCB circuit traces into RF waveguides, a basic knowledge of how RF signals propagate and transfer energy is proving crucial.

Using statistics for manufacturability

Getting a prototype to work in the lab is only the first step in creating a product for the market. The design must be strong enough to contain all of the changes in component value that will occur throughout mass production. Statistical analysis is the tool that developers will require to guarantee that their design will work in the face of this uncertainty.

Managing the career

Along with their technical awareness, PCB Design engineers should have some essential business and career management skills. Landing and keeping a job, improving their access to opportunities and compensation, rising in the hierarchy or launching an entrepreneurial effort, and managing long-term satisfaction in the work effort all require conscious effort as well as interpersonal and team interactions.

Source Content:- https://www.mytechlogy.com/IT-blogs/24555/skill-every-pcb-design-engineer-must-know/#.XBy1w1wzbIU

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SDY Electronic is a one stop PCB manufacturer. The factory has ISO, TS16949 and UL certificates. We supply various kinds RoHS compliant PCBs, multilayer PCB, single layer PCB, double layer PCB, FR-4 PCB, high TG PCB, middle TG PCB, heavy copper PCB, impedance control PCB, gold finger PCB, plating gold PCB. The PCB products are widely applied in different electronic industries, industrial control, industrial automation, water pumps, gas pumps, LCD display, digital lock, electronic bidet, telecommunication, home automation. The customers are mainly from domestic China, Asia, Europe and north America. The factory is featured by high quality products, short lead time, quick turn service, and responsible after sell service.

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