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Apple id backing to recoup or reset overlooked forgot apple id. We will guide well-ordered how to recoup apple id secret phrase in you lost your secret key. Clients need Apple ID Support for one of the most widely recognized purposes behind an incapacitated Apple id. Once in a while Apple id incapacitated on the grounds that clients may have entered the off-base secret word different occasions in succession.

If your apple id locked and looking for apple id password reset, then you need to two-step authentication for use your id again. Otherwise, you need to follow some steps for it. Contact our support team for in this situation or visit our website for change apple id password detail.

You can also change apple id password or apple id password reset with the help of our team member. Call us on our toll free number 1-855-626-0090 to get full support by us.

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How to Change AOL Password

The password of the mail plays an important role in keeping your emails under tight security. One has to be careful about passwords and the use of passwords while working on emails every day. Passwords are needed to change periodically to avoid hacking of your email account.
Steps to change AOL password using a web browser

●    You can log in in your AOL account using a web browser
●    Click on Account information
●    Select the option Account security
●    Choose the option Change Password
●    Enter a new password and confirm it
●    Password should be 8 characters long and it should be a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special symbols.
●    Once the new password is confirmed
●    Save the settings.

How to recover forgotten AOL password

In case, if you have forgotten your login details for the AOL Email and you needed to recover your forgotten password, the following steps will help you to Reset AOL forgotten password
●    Go to AOL mail account
●    Enter the username
●    Click on forgot my password
●    Click Next
●    To verify your identity,  AOL will either call you with verification code or sent you a code
●    Enter the verification code and verify
●    Link will be sent to enter new password
●    Enter the password and confirm
●    Save the settings

There are many users who are facing minor or major difficulties while working on AOL Desktop Gold software and also the AOL email services. We have discussed some of the most common and frequently asked queries regarding AOL and its software and mail services.  The users faced such situations while using the most popular and highly useful AOL services which has offered various advanced techniques and latest technologies that most users find very useful and highly supportive in everyday operations.

The set of solutions discussed above offers simple techniques while dealing with AOL desktop gold login issues and the AOL gold problems.  These are simple but effective techniques will help the users in understanding the procedures and are often helpful in overcoming the AOL related issues. While dealing with AOL software and the AOL mail account, some of the users couldn’t manage the situations. They get confused unnecessarily. But the explanations are given above in terms of systematic methods and practices discussed stepwise will have a positive impact on the users. 

The desktop gold problems may not remain a serious issue and the users will start dealing with such minor issues on their own which will make AOL Desktop Gold proud about their users and followers.

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How to fix Yahoo mail not receiving mail issue?


Yahoo mail is a popular email platform and it is used by millions of users across the globe.  There is no doubt that Yahoo offers a refined email experience to the users. But, at times, it failed to perform legitimately. In this post, we will guide you on how to resolve Yahoo mail not receiving mail.

 Try the following workarounds to get rid of the email transaction issues.

 Check the email filter

 Email filters are very good at managing the email. You can use them to categorize your incoming emails. But if email filters are configured incorrectly, you target emails may reach to the wrong folder. So it’s up to you to check the email filters thoroughly

 Check the block list

 There might be the slightest probability that you have added some of the senders in the block list mistakenly. Human errors are inevitable and they cannot be filtered completely. Taking human error into the perspective, we recommend you to recheck the block list and remove the recipients from whom you are expecting the emails

Examine the data speed

You won’t get the best out of your account unless you have a stable internet connection. Lethargic internet speed won’t allow you access email account efficiently and could cause countless technical issues

 Reach Yahoo Experts for more help

 If still facing any issue, feel free to contact our Yahoo experts at any time. The experts are available 24/7 for the help of users.

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How to Reset Comcast email Password

Reset Comcast Password

Comcast organization is an American international telecommunications conglomerate. This is the most important broadcasting and cable TV organization in the international by revenue. Comcast Cable (Xfinity) is the cable television department of Comcast agency, presenting cable television, broadband internet, and landline telephone under the Xfinity logo. It additionally gives connections to small-to-medium-sized business thru its Comcast business brand.Reset email Comcast Password by steps mentioned below.

To Reset Comcast Password (Xfinity) email by Website:

  1. If you can’t get access to your account only because of incorrect password. Then you can reset your password. If you are in the login page with this link then you will see “Forgot username or password?”
  2. The username and password texts will be blue colored. You need to click on password then you will held towards the resetting process.
  3. Or you can click on this link to direct entry to the resetting process.
  4. After you click on that, you will be opening a page where you need to enter your username or email. After entering you click on continue. This was the first step of resetting. Then you need to enter given Characters in the following box.
  5. The characters are very confusing. So, you need to type it very carefully. Then after continuing, you need to select any one way to reset you password. The ways are: Send reset link on given email or send code in given number.
  6. After choosing any one you can continue. You need to continue again, if you have choose code to be sent in mobile number. Then you need to enter the code in the blank space then continue.
  7. Or if you have chosen email, then you need to check your given email address for verification code. And you need to type that code in the process. After typing you need to continue.
  8. After that, you can now create a new password. While creating your new password you need to be careful in typing. According to the process, you need to type your new password two times. Second time you type, is for verification.
  9. After that, you can continue with new password and use your account.

How to set up Comcast email on mac

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AOL Customer Care Number USA

AOL Customer Get answers to your AOL Mail, login, Desktop Gold, AOL app, password and subscription issues related solution and questions help with Customer Support.Contacting AOL by Phone Number to resolve your queries regarding AOL mail login, Desktop Gold, Mail Apps and Password Change or reset Dial the Customer Service Number 1800-608-2315 best way to talk to their customer support team.

How to Get Live Chat :

1. Go to the AOL Help site.
2. On the left, click Support Options.
3. In the "Chat With Us" section, click Chat Now.
4. Enter your info and click Start Live Chat.

If NO Any Online Customer Care available for Help Dial Directly Customer Service Phone Number: 1800-608-2315.

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AOL or America Online is a well-known telecommunication service provider in the American market. AOL is also counted as one of the pioneers of the internet. Currently, it is working in the province of mobile service, fixed telephone service, and internet service as well.

AOL internet service became popular among the market people due to its eligible service. It provides an online payment gateway, web portal service, email communication service, etc. AOL is also famous for providing easily available and easy-to-use internet service. Due to its eligible service, it has gained more than a hundred million monthly visitors.  

AOL's strong firewall system keeps online threats such as hackers and virus attack away. For many reasons, people picked AOL to do official works. It will create trouble when someone forgot the AOL password and lose access to the email account. However, if this is the case, you don't have to stress out. You can navigate a way out of this trouble easily. To know how to change AOL password easily, keep reading this article.

How to change AOL password

  • At first, go to the login page of AOL.
  • After you land on the login page, type your email ID in the appropriate place and then click on the ‘next’ label.
  • On this page, AOL will ask you to type your password. If you forgot the AOL password, find the ‘forgot password’ option and click on it. You will find the option right under the password space.
  • Now, you will get to see a new page. Here, once again you have to type your email ID in the appeared box.
  • Click on the ‘next’ button.
  • Here, you will have to type the mobile number you synced with your AOL account when you created it. To verify your identity, AOL will send you a pin to your mobile.
  • If you don’t have access to the number anymore, you can try another method. You have to provide AOL your secondary email address. AOL will send you an email to verify your identity.
  • Now, log in to your secondary email address and open the mail from AOL. Click on the link in the email.
  • You can now get into your AOL email account. Lastly, you have to generate a new password for your AOL email account.
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Changing password on a regular basis can enhance the security and protection of your Hulu account because it contains your private card details. Anyone who gets access to your Hulu password can easily fetch your personal data. In this article, we are going to tell you how to change the password on your Hulu account.

Password of Your Hulu Account 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 677px) 100vw, 677px" />

Changing Password on iOS or Web

If you have an Apple device, then this step is for just you. In the iOS device, the app doesn’t allow the user to change the password within it. You have to open your browser to perform that step. Follow the below instructions to change the password in your Apple device.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your Hulu account using your account credentials.
  3. Now navigate to your user profile.
  4. Click on the name once more in the up-right corner.
  5. Now you have to select the Account option from the menu.
  6. After that, go to the “Change Password.”
  7. Now it will ask to enter your current password. Give it the old password.
  8. Then, you need to provide a new password of your choice. Enter the new password once more in the next field.
  9. Now hit the black color Save Changes option.

Congrats you have successfully changed your password. If you are using a computer to watch Hulu, then the process will remain the same as mentioned in this tutorial.

How to Change Hulu Password on Your Android Device?

On Android devices, you can change the password within the app. So if you are using an Android device to watch Hulu, then you don’t require to open the internet browser.

  1. First of all, go to the Hulu app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. After logging in, go to the account owner’s name.
  3. Now click the Account from the bottom right of your screen.
  4. After that, press the account option again.
  5. Scroll downwards, and then you will see “Your Account” settings in a box.
  6. Now press the Change Password button.
  7. Firstly enter your old password that is you are using now, and after that enter your new password.
  8. Now to confirm the new password enter it again.
  9. After entering both new and old passwords, hit the Save Changes button.

We recommend you to change your password every month if possible and to remember the new password you can use any trusted password manager apps for your device. These passwords manager apps are built in such a way that it is almost impossible to crack or break the passwords generated by them.

Aurora is an engineer by day and writer by night. Previously, Aurora worked as a certified technicians for a tech hardware startup. In her free time, she likes to write about printers, routers, web browsers, and other technical stuff. She majorly writes for canon, brother, Epson Printer Supportetc.
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Before I’ll share any directions concerning the way to modification AOL mail password, I would like to inform you, you ought to have access to a minimum of one recovery choice. thus you’ll be able to plow ahead and Reset AOL Password.

Open web browser on your pc like- internet person, google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Go to
  • currently, click on register.
  • Below the username and password box, you may see forget password choice. thus click on that.
  • currently, this may raise you for your email address. thus you wish to sort your email address and click on on the continue button.
  • Here you wish to prove that you simply don’t seem to be a robot. thus merely settle for the captcha code and click on continue once more.
  • once proving you’re not the golem, you may reach the future screen. Here it’ll arouse account verification.

For verificatory the account possession, you’ll be able to plow ahead and opt for anyone verification methodology, like- phone, security queries, etc. and verify the account possession.

Be careful after you are verificatory your account. One wrong step may block your account.

Phone Verification – if you may opt for phone verification for verificatory the account possession, you may get a code on your phone via decision or SMS. that you simply need to enter into your pc.

Security questions- this is often the terribly straightforward methodology, to verify the account possession. All you wish to try to simply answer the protection queries. no matter you have got created.

  • If you may verify the account possession with success, then you may reach the new password window.

So you’ll be able to produce your password currently. however, whenever you’re making the password, ensure you’re creating a posh password.

After resetting the password, you’ll be able to plow ahead and check out to login to AOL account with a brand new password.

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How to Change a Snapchat password ?

How to change a Snapchat password?

How to Snapchat Password ? follow Given Steps or Contact at -(1 866 235 4333 ) if you are Unable to Fix to Get Solution.

Via using the green button below.

2. Now Enter your User Name & Password .


and the new password that you want twice. Now Click on Change password and you’re done.

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About MSN Service:-

MSN (adapted as msn) is a web-based interface and related accumulation of Internet administrations and applications for Windows and cell phones, given by Microsoft and propelled on August 24, 1995, a similar discharge date as Windows 95.

The Microsoft Network was at first a membership-based dial-up online administration that later turned into an Internet specialist organization named MSN Dial-up. In the meantime, the organization propelled another web-based interface named Microsoft Internet Start and set it as the primary default landing page of Internet Explorer, its internet browser. In 1998, Microsoft renamed and moved this web-based interface to the area name, where it has remained.


Recover MSN email account:-

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Select the alternative 'I forgot my secret Password'.
  3. Select 'Reset your secret word'.
  4. Enter the Windows Live ID that requires the secret word reset.
  5. Enter the characters appeared select 'Next'.
  6. The alternatives you see here are the choices accessible to reset secret phrase for your record.

PROS, Cons and Decision of MSN mail Service:-

PROS: - Outlook gives you a chance to append vast records up to 50MB.


CONS: - There are additional means required to add a connection to your email.


Decision: - Outlook is a magnificent free email administration since it gives you a chance to incorporate your web based life and accesses your other email accounts across the board place.


While you may consider Outlook part of the paid Microsoft Office suite, there is a free email alternative. Standpoint handles huge connections, has 1TB of inbox extra room and has the least demanding versatile application we've attempted. Include the extraordinary help highlights, excellent security and additional comfort capacities, and Outlook effectively wins our Top Ten Reviews Bronze honor for best free email supplier.


Note: - If you've chosen to recover interface by means of SMS or substitute email, you should trust that the connection will be sent.

On the off chance that you've chosen to answer SQ/SA, you will probably reset secret key after affirmation of answer.

In case you're unfit to reset the secret key alone (depleted all choices recorded above) you should contact MSN Customer Support. Snap here for contact subtleties.


Note: - The process of resetting your password is not guaranteed by calling MSN Password Recovery Support unless we can verify ownership of your account. Simply dial 1-877-637-1326 (USA/Canada) and +44-1507823510 (UK) and get support at your doorstep. Un-interrupted MSN email services are not far away, just pick up your phone immediately and call us. We are always available for user help.


Source URL: -


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How to Reset Your Yahoo Password

Here are Step by step process for How to reset Yahoo password in easily – go here for help & support at - 1 866 235 4333

How to Reset Yahoo Password

If you cannot find the password then you will have no option but to reset it.

To Reset your Yahoo password, go to the Yahoo email login page and Now select the option I cannot access my account.

Select the problem from the list – I have a problem with my password

You will need to enter your Yahoo ID (email address)

Next you must select a reset method.

The choices you have here depend on what options you have configured for your account.

In the screen shot below you can see I have several options, and I chose the send email to address option.

You get notification that an email has been sent.

You then need to go to the recovery mailbox.

The email comes from Yahoo member services.

Open the email and click the Reset my password link

You can then enter your new password

You get a confirmation screen and an option to update your Mobile Contact number.

An email is also sent to your recovery email account(s).

The process is simple and straightforward, But you need to have set up some password recovery options in Advance

Setting or Changing Yahoo Password Recovery Options

You can change your recovery options by going to the Yahoo account info settings.

Select the Update Password reset option.

I recommend you setup two recovery email addresses if possible.

If you do not have that many addresses yourself you can use the email address of a trusted source e.g. your wife.


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SBCGlobal is the fundamental email expert association which offers organizations through AT&T account. It has been brought by Yahoo. It gives various features as it has been organized by user needs. This email application gives such a noteworthy number of organizations related to systems administration and cabling. It has security settings that can be changed depends upon the essential. Because of these whole part, it has been used by various customers in wherever all through the world.


SBCGlobal Email Password Reset Steps -


Despite the way that SBCGlobal gives emotional features yet it doesn't mean it is free to structure uncommon situation when the user gets to SBCGlobal account then sometimes, an individual may worry over the password of email account since someone can get to the record. Around at that point, the user is required to reset the password of SBCGlobal email account. Here are a couple of stages given underneath for SBCGlobal secret phrase reset. You need a look at these methods:


  • At first, individual are required to visit the Official locales of Yahoo.


  • Here click on the main image.


  • Now, the user required to login with SBCGlobal mail address and password.


  • After login email account, go to the Yahoo account information and fill all of the nuances.


  • Here every individual is incorporated for the secret key, anyway in case user are starting at now log in, by then select the "regulate secret key and security elective".


  • From that point ahead, individual will move to the AT&T account online record the board page.


  • User needs to enter the present secret phrase in the given field.


  • From there on you ought to enter the new secret phrase obviously type your secret key for attestation.


  • Now, you click on the extra changes.


  • After that, you need to log out your record and open with a new secret phrase.


In any case, if you would lean toward not to encounter the security questions and answers, by then there is another methodology through which you can reset SBCGlobal secret phrase. The nuances are recorded underneath.


Reset via Temporary SBCGlobal Password -


  • Visit the secret phrase reset page of SBCGlobal by tapping on the association.


  • Select "Secret phrase" elective and after that enter your User ID and Last Name. In the wake of finishing the proportionate, click Continue.


  • Thereafter you will be facilitated to another page and here; you can pick secret phrase reset choices; select 'Send me a short secret key' and a while later enters the assistant email address to get the secret phrase and snap Continue.


  • Now, open the email address which you have given in the above development and look down for the fleeting password sent by the SBCGlobal. In the wake of getting proportionate, enter the brief secret key in the SBCGlobal secret phrase reset page. This will manage you to the record page. By and by changing your secret phrase with the fleeting one.


Directions to reach SBCGlobal Password Reset Number:-


If any user is standing up to any specific glitches while using above steps to reset SBCGlobal password by then need to approach SBCGlobal secret phrase reset number. This number would be continuously valuable even more every individual. SBCGlobal accounts holders may call at whatever point on SBCGlobal reinforce number. The administrators of SBCGlobal will give the best and adequate help to discard the impressive number of issues. The user reinforces gathering of SBCGlobal is available relentless.


What Is Unique About SBCGlobal Email Account:-


An SBCGlobal email account is a champion among the most acclaimed and conventionally used email account that urges the customers to send and get fundamental messages and mail. The customers may use the distinctive moved features of SBCGlobal email record to send basic and basic messages starting with one email record then onto the next email account.


Get Instant Ways To Know For How To Reset Password Of SBCGlobal Mail Account:-


The user may seek after the methods communicated underneath to acknowledge how to recuperate the password of SBCGlobal email account. For this, the user needs to seek after these short and basic advances so they can recover the secret key of SBCGlobal email account adequately without defying any issue.


  • As a matter of first significance, the user needs to "sign in" to their email account using the "username".


  • At that point, the user may tap on the option of overlooked the password.


  • After this, the customer needs to enter the reaction to all the security questions being asked.


  • When the user has tended to successfully to these security questions, by then the user may in all likelihood sign in to the SBCGlobal email record and in this manner the customers will in all likelihood recover the secret phrase of the SBCGlobal email account.


  • The user may begin to enter the recuperation email id or the recuperation phone number for recovering the secret phrase of SBCGlobal email account.


  • The user may enter the check code which the user gets as a text on the predefined recuperation phone number or sent as an email on the recuperation email address referenced by the customer.


  • By in a brief instant using this recuperation code, the user can without quite a bit of a stretch reset password email account.


Take Instant Help from the Experts:-


These are a bit of the implies that urges the user to recuperate the password of the SBCGlobal email account. The user may contact SBCGlobal password recuperation for help.


The user may dial SBCGlobal Mail recuperation phone number (+1-877-637-1326 USA/Canada) for bantering with the particular masters for fixing the issues of  SBCGlobal Mail. The pros are especially qualified and arranged moreover.


Source URL:-

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Yahoo Customer Service Number

Solve Yahoo Mail account problems: Contact Yahoo phone number
We, as Yahoo's most reliable and reliable group, are making efforts to support our customers who are having problems in their shipping stages. Because we need to access these interfaces daily to share data and exchange information, an error may occur at any time. After that, dialing the Yahoo contact number will be the best thing you can do.


Fix your Yahoo Mail Account Issues Get in touch with Yahoo Mail Customer Care Experts By Phone Number/Yahoo Contact Number/yahoo customer support,yahoo phone number.

  • Unable to sign in to Yahoo's email account
  • Find non-permanent error codes.
  • How to recover the forgotten password or lost mail
  • You can not send and receive an email account.
  • Get help for problems related to IMAP and POP
  • How do you set up Yahoo Mail with other customers?
  • How to deal with the location problems in the email of Yahoo, iOS or Android devices
  • Obtaining mail synchronization problems.
  • How to identify my account is pirated or harmless.
  • Get guidance to recover the pirated account.
  • Resolve the relevant concern of spam
  • How can you lose yourself better? Contact the list.
  • Cyber ??attack
  • The configurations have already been disabled.
  • Retrieve the compromised email account
  • How to improve the stability of the account.
  • The best way to configure or eliminate the verification of two actions.
  • Yahoo account suspended / blocked
  • The settings are really disabled.
  • Going through the attachment or download concern and so on
  • Actions to strengthen the email account Security in YAHOO?
  1. Currently, the malicious method and people will try to realize the use of their email account. Therefore, it is essential to increase the stability of the account with the Yahoo support team. To keep the account safe, in fact, many mail panels are offered that provide several additional security companies and users can improve the security of their account with the help of a professional.
  2. You can get help from the Yahoo customer service helpline number / Yahoo contact number / yahoo customer support / Yahoo phone number for the following problems:
  3. Protect your privacy
  4. It protects you when you are using shared computers
  5. Some security measures if you work with community networks.
  6. Save your laptop against a malicious software program
  7. Get the best protection guidelines.
  8. Do you know how you will avoid identity theft?
  9. Ways to make backup copies Back to top
  10. Get support if you're thinking you've been Phishing
  11. Ways to eliminate pop-ups, adware, viruses or spyware
  12. Report stability or error problems in Yahoo
  13. Get strong password recommendations
  14. The best way to detect a phishing email or a web page
  15. Actions to go to the YAHOO ACCOUNT Make use of the VITAL ACCOUNT
  16. Access online to the style of the Yahoo account with the user name or email address of Yahoo.
  17. To work with the vital account click on continue.
  18. Now on your cell phone open the Yahoo mail application.
  19. Now, just browse the details of the check-in
  20. Click on "Insurance" for your details.
  21. With the help of the Yahoo Mail / yahoo phone number, you can obtain the following: -
  22. Premium account recovery assistance or password
  23. Treatment of the buyer 24/7 or free technical assistance
  24. Secure remote access
  25. There are no long lines waiting or waiting
  26. Free on the web Yahoo mail Keep the chat guide

If you're looking for information on how to receive Yahoo's quick technical support every time you encounter a problem in your email, you can sign in with us. We offer quick assistance and quick response to gurus.

Our special system to fix Yahoo's email account problems: call yahoo's phone number
The most reliable and reliable technical support equipment providers are easy to obtain for users facing problems within their messaging platforms. Since we really need to get these interfaces every day for business interactions and details, disputes can arise at any time. As a result, contacting Complex Assist for Yahoo will surely be ideal.

Contact our Yahoo Mail Customer Support Team / Yahoo Contact Number / yahoo Customer Support / yahoo Phone Number
Our most experienced experts and experts have methods for their international clients. You can talk to them via mobile phones, laptops, online gateways and more.

  • Contact our Yahoo Mail phone number / Yahoo phone number / yahoo phone number -
  • Quick reaction help and useful services
  • Support for client processing for immediate help in correcting spam or spam.
  • Comprehensive help to change the Yahoo Mail password effortlessly.
  • Arrangements more comfortable and much easier.
  • Realistic and effective specialized guide of Yahoo. Via the toll-free telephone line of the help line.
  • 24/7 accessibility to Yahoo Customer Service.
  • End of Yahoo Mail account restore support
  • Excellent Yahoo guide to sign up for a new email account.
  • All password-related issues will be resolved by specialized assistance from the Yahoo Hotline
  • and the help-line number is usually helpful. A person does not have to come back later with
  • difficulty after reaching our resolution. As far as our authorities are concerned, these are
  • particularly talented, younger and licensed specialists. Each of these retains several years of
  • knowledge to solve all problems and provide a complete bonus.
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How to Reset AOL Mail Password?

AOL is the abbreviated name for America Online Inc., which is additionally one of the most established email service that keep on existing till date. This service used to be a paid feature, yet because of a few contenders offering their administrations for free, AOL too made its email services allowed to all. 

Regardless of having strong challenge from all others, AOL email services are as yet utilized by millions, a number that keeps on becoming significantly further. Its unmistakable arrangement of features make AOL email service a joy to use for a wide range of individual just as expert needs. There is a devoted AOL support page too, which can be utilized by any individual who looks for goals for any kind of issue with his/her account.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that can occur with an email account is identified with AOL password reset. This could be required in light of a few reasons, for example, 
• Forgot email password
• Email account's security has been compromised
• Need for resetting password due to some other need

Automatic password recovery is a standout amongst the most widely recognized strategies that can be executed in the event that you have lost access to your record. For this situation, a notice will be sent to your enlisted PC, which incorporates a connection that can be clicked upon to get back your email record's entrance and even reset password for the equivalent. This element can be enacted on various PCs also, thus you can reset your password from anyplace, home office or even while you are on a get-away! 

AOL password reset should likewise be possible by clicking on the connection in the email that will be sent to some other email address of yours. Thusly, you will be approached to choose another password. This is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized choice among all the rest as it doesn't limit you to a confined number of frameworks just like the case with the Automatic password recovery method. 

At that point there is "AOL password" instrument that permits you access to a couple of characters of your password and not the whole one, which may now and again be not useful to a couple, however then it will be superior to nothing by any means. 

In case, that you have not found both of the previously mentioned strategies to be valuable, or have not had the capacity to utilize them by any means, you can consider profiting help from some free available to come back to work specialized help supplier who can assist you with AOL Password Reset in kind for a specific measure of charge. There are very numerous accessible as needs be technical support suppliers today, which gives you as a client to think about their value plans and furthermore their help bundle substance, before concluding the most fitting one for you.


How to Recover or Reset AOL Password

How to Create AOL Account

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How to Protect PDF Documents with Password

PDFs are not a paper document, but they can be equally or even more important. PDF is the most common file format of documents and can be opened in most of the applications and devices. So, if you also have important PDF files and want to secure them, then here are some ways to protect them. You can lock your PDF documents with a password so that no one can open it without entering the password. There are a couple of programs and services available for free that you can use to lock your document. If you concern about the privacy of free services, there are paid services like Adobe Acrobat Pro. Here are some well-known programs you can use to protect your PDF document.

Microsoft Word

Mostly, everyone has Microsoft Word installed in their system. Here is how to protect a PDF document with Microsoft Word.

1.    Open the ‘Microsoft Word.’

2.    Go to ‘File.’

3.    Go to ‘Open.’

4.    Click ‘Browse.’

5.    Locate to the PDF you want to protect with a password.

6.    Select the PDF file.

7.    Click ‘Open.’

8.    Read the popup window and click ‘OK.’

9.    Now, go to File > Save As and then ‘Browse.’

10.    Enter the ‘Filename’.

11.    Open ‘Save as type’ dropdown and select ‘PDF.’

12.    Open ‘Options’ window, and check the ‘Encrypt the document with a password’ box.

13.    Click ‘OK.’

14.    Enter a password and verify it.

15.    Click ‘OK.’

16.    Select a location to save the PDF.

17.    Click ‘Save.’

That’s it! The PDF file is now protected with a password, and now no one can open it without entering the password.


With the Small PDF you can set a password to your PDF files, to protect it from unauthorized access. Here is how.

1.    Go to ‘’

2.    Click ‘Choose file’ icon in the middle of the page.

3.    In the browsing window, locate to the PDF you want to protect with a password.

4.    Select the PDF file.

5.    Click ‘Open.’ This will upload your PDF document to the website.

6.    Enter a password and verify it.

7.    Click ‘ENCRYPT PDF’ button.

8.    Once the password is applied to the PDF, the downloading option will appear.

9.    Click the ‘Download File Now’ button on the left side of the page.

That’s it! The PDF file is now protected with a password, and now no one can open it without entering the password.


Just like SmallPDF, PDF2Go also password protects your PDFs. Here is how to lock your PDF file.

1.    Go to

2.    Click ‘Choose file’ button.

3.    Browse and select the PDF document you want to protect or lock with password.

4.    Click ‘Open.’

5.    Now, go to the ‘Settings’ section in the middle of the page.

6.    Enter the user’s password. This password is used to open your PDF.

7.    Re-enter the user’s password.

8.    Select the restrictions.

9.    Set and verify the password for restrictions.

10.    Click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button.

11.    Once the password is applied to the PDF, a green downloading button will appear at the top.

12.    Click the ‘Download’ or ‘Download ZIP file’ button.

That’s it! The PDF file is now protected with a password, and now no one can open or edit it without entering the passwords.

You can also use Adobe Acrobat Pro, PDFMATE, Open Office Draw, and some other programs and services to secure your PDF documents.

Enne garcia is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at


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How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Did you send en email by mistake? Do you want to recall an email sent from Gmail? Well, the good news is that you can easily do it. Follow the steps mentioned below and unsend Gmail messages.

Email in Gmail

Steps to Recall an Email in Gmail on Desktop

•    Go to the “Gmail” on the computer. Click on the site link in the default browsing application. You will get the inbox page of your Gmail account on the screen in case you are already signed in. In case you are not signed in into Gmail account, then type the email ID and password.

•    In case you are using the updated Gmail version, then you have to enable the “Undo Send” option by going through the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on the “Settings” option located in the pull-down list.
  • Go through the “Enable Undo Send” checkbox located in the “General” option.
  • Choose the time of recalling a message in Gmail which you are already sent by going to the “Send cancellation period” pull-down list.
  • Go down and after that, press on the “Save Changes” option.

•    Tap on the “Compose Email” button. You will get this in the top left-hand column of the inbox by Gmail. You have to press on the “Compose” button in case you are using the Old Classic Gmail.

•    Type the subject and recipient headers. Now, you have to enter the email ID of the recipient’s in “To” text field,  tap on the “Tab” button and after that, enter the text which you wish to send to anyone.

•    Write professional email messages. Type the text which you wish to add on the email.

•    Press on the “Send” button. It resembles an azure color option located at the end of the screen. By clicking on this button, you can send the email in Gmail.

•    Tap on the “Undo” button appears on the screen.

•    Go through the email which is not sent yet.

•    Recall or replace an email message that you sent.

Steps to Recall an Email in Gmail on iPhone

•    Go to the “Gmail” application on the system you are currently using.

•    Press on the “Compose” button.

•    Type the email ID of the recipient’s.

•    Set a subject or content of the email.

•    Press on the “Send” symbol.

•    Click on the “Undo” option appears on the screen.

•    Go through the email which you have not sent yet.

Steps to Confirm before Sending Text on Android

•    Launch the Gmail application.

•    Press on the “Three horizontal lines” symbol.

•    Go down and after that, press on the “Settings” option.

•    Click on the “General settings” option.

•    Go down and after that click on the “Confirm before sending” option.

Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for AOI Tech Solutions on NortonWebrootMcAfeeMicrosoft Office and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider, just dial 8888754666.

SOURCE- How to Recall an Email in Gmail

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If you wish to connect the GoPro Hero action camera with Android and iPhone, then first you have to find the Wi-Fi password of GoPro Hero. In case you have forgotten the GoPro Wi-Fi password, then go through the resetting process to get a new password, the camera saves the created password automatically for further use. The users can also adjust the GoPro camera name so that they do not get confused with all the available Wi-Fi connection.

How to Reset GoPro Hero7 Wi-Fi Password?

There are three models in GoPro Hero7, and each model had various functions, the procedure to reset the GoPro Wi-Fi password is the same for all the models. Follow the steps given below to start the reset procedure of GoPro Hero7:

•    Open the home screen.

•    You need to open the pull down.

•    Click the “Preferences” option.

•    Then, press on the “Connections” option.

•    After that, click on the “Reset Connections” option.

•    Now, the GoPro Hero7 camera will start creating the name and Wi-Fi password and start showing them on display.

How to Change Camera Name on GoPro Hero7?

After resetting the connections on the GoPro Hero7, you can adjust the name of the Hero7 camera. Follow the steps given below to change camera name on GoPro Hero7:

•    Go to the “GoPro.”

•    Open the “Preferences” option.

•    Then, click on the “Connections” button.

•    After that, tap on the “Connect New” button.

•    Open the GoPro application on the Android and iPhone.

•    Click on the “Find My Camera” option.

•    The application starts auto detecting the GoPro Hero7 camera.

•    In case it does not start automatically, then click on the “Add Manually” button and after that, select the GoPro Hero7 model by going to the drop-down list.

•    After you had connected the GoPro Hero7 camera with the GoPro application, you can adjust the camera name now.

How to Reset Wi-Fi Password on Hero6 and Hero5?

The procedure to reset the Hero6 and Hero5 Wi-Fi password are not the same as other models. The Hero6 and Hero5 name cannot be changed, but you can change the Wi-Fi password. Follow the steps given below to reset Wi-Fi password on Hero6 and Hero7:

•    Open the home screen.

•    You have to pull down.

•    Click on the “Connect” option.

•    Then, press on the “Reset Connections” button.

•    After that, click on the “Reset” option.

•    Now, the GoPro Hero7 camera will start creating the new password and showing the password on display.

How to Reset Wi-Fi Password on GoPro Fusion?

Here are the steps are given below to reset the Wi-Fi password on GoPro Fusion:

•    Click on the “Mode” option located on the corner of the camera for enabling it.

•    Again, click on the “Mode” option till you get the “Settings” symbol which is appearing on display.

•    Tap on the “Shutter” option provided on the front-facing camera to open the “Settings” option.

•    Tap on the “Shutter” option thrice for getting the “Connection settings” button.

•    Again, click on the “Mode” option till the “Reset” option starts showing on the screen.

•    After that, tap on the “Shutter” option to verify.

•    This procedure will reset the connections of the GoPro Fusion camera.

How to Reset Wi-Fi Password for GoPro Hero5 Session?

Go through the steps given below to reset Wi-Fi password for GoPro Hero5 Session:

•    Turn on the GoPro Hero5 camera.

•    Click on the “Menu” option for getting the “Status” display.

•    Tap on the “Shutter” option for choosing “Connections settings” option.

•    Again, click on the “Menu” option till the “Reset Connections” start appearing on display.

•    Click on the “Shutter” button to choose the “Reset Connections” option.

•    Tap on the “Menu” option to go to the “Yes” button.

•    Click on the “Shutter” button to choose the “Yes” option.

•    The window will show the Reset Wi-Fi password for GoPro Hero5 Session.

Source By : GoPro Wi-Fi Password, QuickBooks Support

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How to Change Cox WiFi password

Solution for How to Change or reset Cox wifi password then follow the following steps or Dial -1 866 235 4333

Step 1: First you have to press on Sign In My Account at the highest point of the landing page.
Step 2: Then you have to Sign in with your User ID and your password.
Note: If you can't recall your secret word, then you can tap the” Forgot User ID/Password”interface by the Sign In catch.

Step 3: Snap View My Profile option on the screen,to view your profile
Step 4: Under My Profile option when you scroll down you will find the option Password and Security then you have to click that.
Step 5: In the Password area you have to click Edit Preferences.
My Account >My Profile>Password area featuring the Edit Preferences interface.

Note: If you are exchanging your administrations, you will get a blunder message and will be not able to change your secret word until the point the exchange is finished.

Step 6: Then you have to Enter your present Password.Then you have to enter your new password , try to make it strong
Step 7: Then finally you have to Snap on Save Changes option on the screen.

if you are Looking for emergency then fix here for your service related to your query as soon as possible .

See Also -  How to Change Cox WiFi password

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Dashlane Review A Free Password Manager


Security is a noteworthy concern when you are running a site that has various information and imperative data. That is the reason you need an apparatus like Dashlane to enable you to deal with security matters in your WordPress site. This Dashlane Review will concentrate on the highlights that make the instrument emerge. Dashlane is one of the amazing Free Password Manager available and offers something other than secret key administration. It additionally has two structure feeling highlights that can for all intents and purposes store any information. One of its highlights is the Password changer which enables clients to in a flash change various passwords with s basic snap of a catch. This spares you a great deal of time. Another fascinating element of this brilliant instrument is that the security apparatus is receptive to all gadgets including hand held gadget making it simple to see with any screen estimate. It additionally has various reconciliations and can coordinate with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


The base framework prerequisites are Mac Os X 10-11 El Capitan, Windows 7, iOS 10 and Android 4.0. This secret word director device functions admirably as a Stand Alone application on Dashlane site. Dashlane login expansion can consequently introduce any good program amid the establishment procedure. Amid the setup procedure of Dashlane, you will be required to enter your email address and ace secret word. The ace secret word is vital and you need to recollections it when you are done introducing Dashlane. It must have no less than 8 characters, a capitalized letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. These days secret key specialists will reveal to you that the most grounded secret phrase ought to have 12 characters to make it invulnerable. On the off chance that you can't recollect the secret key, you should begin the whole procedure once more.


For a two-way verification, you should make a six digit code produced by a one-time-secret word portable authenticator of your gadget. The magnificence of utilizing Dashlane is that you can use through a program augmentation as an independent application which highlight rich experience. What I like most about Dashlane is that it has an instinctive interface which anybody can ace effectively and you don't need to be a tech master to work it. Despite the fact that the security apparatus has free and paid variants, the two alternatives offer security checking, break cautions, and you can make and spare boundless passwords to your record. On Dashlane Pricing, the paid adaptation will cost you $40 every year.


The purpose behind this is Dashlane Password Manager won't enable you to o reset your lord secret key which is a piece of its security precautionary measure. Dashlane application will enable you to direct introductory setup on your cell phone, however it's suggested that you utilize a work area application particularly when utilizing a secret phrase director or program secret word saver. You can import qualifications from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, I secret phrase, Last pass, Robo structure, Password Wallet, and CSV document utilizing Dashlane. Nonetheless, the import choice can be utilized later if need to begin utilizing your cell phones. You should enter one of a kind security code paying little mind to your first set up gadget, which will be gotten to on the clients email.

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