panthere (1)

Atrayente pendant in a single net weight 5.3 carats, 120 crystal surface drill for spindle, compose with small buckle point line, the design of contracted evergreen like charm gracefuls attractive women, a hand up a cast sufficient appeal is taken. Brillante pendant for the single net weight 3.88 carats, 120 surface crystal diamond inlay, coils of sterling silver rhodium plated material were the main stone and surrounded by the small white real 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Bracelet crystal diamond firmly around the package, copy is like Ming yan as women, sends out the warm like the sun light.
Esplendido pendant in a single crystal white circular drill for the main shaft, the top in a round brilliant diamond ornament, refraction dazzling light, like a gorgeous women, taking other people’s eye. Ingenioso necklace with agile, the lines of different surface on both sides of the crystal diamond ornament, with a white circle at the end like the brave and intelligent woman, to carry out own position. Femenino necklace with white small crystal diamond pave set ovalisation periphery, the center a white round crystal drill wrapped into a. Arc line like graceful women, gentle and elegant.
Animal style, has been one of the jewelry design inspiration. The nature of all living beings come to dazzling jewelry works, also added a reiki for jewelry. Lion, cheetah, butterflies, python, etc., they all became the jewelry  creation has been applied to the elements, even is the hallmark of the brand. Exquisite craftsmanship combined with the gem is bright is dazzing, wind to create lifelike animals jewelry.
In 2015, treasure, Orlando will brand colour aesthetic into deep Tango series new inspiration. Pink sapphire set off orange blue, green and blue sapphire sand fry stone – very different new gradient design makes Tango series of the famous “irregular gem shop with” skill look brand new. Much appearance elegant brushwork highlights the “knot” type winding “size” of the new ring, and the knot is one of the family representative design for jewelry. Another string has “pumpkin seeds” form orb bracelet of temptation that restore ancient ways, its inspiration is derived from the brand on the classic 70 s archives work. Novel ideas into the – ice make each new bright light of the vast Milky Way: the perfect details for this series of exquisite treasure more add a thrilling pleasures of the charm.
Knot, is a treasure, Orlando file element “link” creative evolution, in Chinese culture, the symbol also has a good moral “wishful auspicious”. Tango series 2015 new rings and earrings with composed of simple lines to build “knot” achievement of tradition and modern, in the form of the west and the east in the jewelry to meet new, guanghua bright contains the accommodation between Chinese and western classical implicative beauty, captured the hearts of men. Treasure, Orlando enduring stone setting technique is realized on jewelry color and texture of bold collision: rose gold and diamond, pink blue and orange ice blue, green, sapphire, blue sapphire to mix build, fry and sand stone is rich in gentle breath and capable women brave, bright is elegant, intelligent decision.
Classical and modern fusion
Inspired by the brand in the 1970 s classic archives work, Tango series 2017 new “pumpkin seeds” form spherical pearl bracelet temperament of restoring ancient ways is extremely. Hidden in “pumpkin seeds” invisible clasp will bracelets close hide among them, make the appearance of presents one integrated mass of perfect beauty. Treasure, Orlando master craftsman to hollow out more valuable.real 18k gold Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring such handiwork of excellence goldsmith art makes the inside the pattern texture, delicate original, the beauty of the details reveal brand design essence. Also applied to the design with ring and earrings.
Neutral and feminine
Tango series in 2015, the new long necklace is retro and modern decorative design feeling. This necklace will spanning turn soft piece of traditional aesthetic elements to “lean”, make a necklace on the whole more compact convergence. Design reference for the oval swing link, in the form of the abstract meaning of geometry instead of the be clear at a glance the fancy of the classical style, give the necklace with different speed of feeling and sense of rhythm, agile altogether. Straight line and the regularity of geometric pattern arrangement and to the overall sense of symmetry.
Treasure, Orlando selected high real 18k gold Panthere de Cartier Necklace quality beauty, with classic white and brown color diamond depict contemporary female colorful life attitude: white diamond is contracted, pure interpretation the charm of women wen wan in accordance with the people in the family; Brown heavy fact drill is calm, foil the kokang acquire the career women. Cixin necklace application reduce gently beautiful curve in the design, add hale line draw the outline of, would be a women express the life attitude, establish the new language of lifestyle. Treasure, Orlando is especially designed for a chic long necklace hung movable ring, the wearer can depend on the demand of mood and circumstance any ideas to change the necklace length, follow one’s inclinations of uncommon style

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