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Southern Germany, 1560 – 1570
As a typical representative of the Renaissance, this work with a wealth of selection and active color to explain the essence of the Renaissance jewelry. Parrots are a symbol of virgin Mary, and the rabbits and snails represent the virtues of women in Western values.
Period: Renaissance and replica Van Cleef jewelry Baroque Eenaissance and Saroque Splendour
Bright colors, rich themes, extensive raw materials and selection, a variety of shapes. It is these vitality of the key words of the Renaissance jewelry style. Luxury social life not only popular in the European court, but also in the rich middle class in the rise, more and more people began to choose to use jewelry to reflect their status and taste. Early Baroque style also continued to use the color and the choice of precious stones as the soul of jewelry, but at the same time the multi-faceted cut diamonds began to pop. Due to the expensive diamond, multi-faceted glass imitations are also widely used.
Biao Wei first, AD 1400 years
This pendant is a flying altar, open wings in the angels of the blessing down to heaven. The central part of the statue made of colorful enamel craft made of luxury artistic color has made the Renaissance style has begun to take shape.
In the age: Amulette de Cartier Earrings Outlet medieval jewelery Kewelry of the Middle Ages
Throughout the Middle Ages, nobles and churches were the main customers of gold craftsmen. Because jewelry is a very small number of people can wear scarce resources, this period handed down works very little. Until the post-Gothic period, the southern edge of the Alps began to appear the seeds of the Renaissance, France and the Burgundy region of the nobility and the Duke of the court began to rise out of the distinctive luxury culture. At this time the jewelry is full of rich moral, repeated leaves and plant shape has become the best proof.
Period: the Greek and Roman times, the 3rd century BC BC BC 2 century
As the ancient Greek and Roman period the most popular amulet shape, this snake-shaped bracelet not only show the superb jewelry craft, but also for the jewelry craftsmen to provide a natural totem to the abstract decoration of the perfect opportunity.
In the era of the original gold process of ancient Goldsmithery
Before and after 600 BC Etruria jewelry is the history of the first stone climax. The 5th century to the second century, the Greek gold industry began to rise and prosperity, complex theme, a variety of personalized elements, superb handmade skills, Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Bracelet skilled metal technology, all this put the original gold technology to the top. At this time the work is still gold as the main raw material, in addition to the ring rarely use rare gem. Only in the later period of the Greek period to the Roman period of transition, the gem became a more common element.
Carrera y Carrera is a Spanish royal royal jewelery brand, their design and production has always been adhering to the noble, luxurious image. And even can say that the brand design jewelry even not even as jewelry, this is a piece of exquisite works of art to the extreme.
Carrera y Trinity de Cartier Necklace Knockoff Carrera’s design inspiration is usually derived from nature, this show of Eden series of jewelry is also true More precisely, this series of design inspiration comes from the human body, Carrera y Carrera will be the beauty of the human body and sexy depiction of such exquisite, amazing!
In the world of jewelry, butterflies tend to represent the beautiful, gentle and full of vitality. Will be rare but pure platinum turned into a “butterfly”, with a soft line out of the butterfly’s wonderful man modeling, a symbol of women as platinum as long as the new beauty.
Will be rare but pure platinum at one go to outline the Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring two different sizes of chic heart-shaped, two hearts superimposed on each other, the woman is pure and lovely, tenderness of the feelings of the perfect show out.

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