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Path of Exile: how to choose Suitable class

The first choice you make in The Path of Exile is which course you want to play. There are six courses to choose from at the beginning of the game, and you can unlock another category during the campaign. Before choosing a course, consider the fantasy role you want to play. You can hang a spell, shoot an arrow, or smash a zombie's head with a hammer-like any class, but some classes outperform others in one respect. Knowing which of the three play styles you want to be good at will help you choose your course.

Behind the third act, the player can unlock the opportunity to enter the maze, a random dungeon that unlocks advanced courses and enters professional abilities. All classes have 3 strength categories to choose from-except for scion, which has only one:

Marauder — Juggernaut, Berserker, Chieftain
Duelist — Slayer, Gladiator, Champion
Ranger — Deadeye, Raider, Pathfinder
Shadow — Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster
Witch — Necromancer, Occultist, Elementalist
Templar — Inquisitor, Hierophant, Guardian
Scion — Ascendant

Each category has its tree of advantages, and you can only invest a few points in it. These trees provide major game-style bonuses such as increasing all elemental damage, minion damage, or totem damage. The role of equipment in the same game should also attract players' attention. Buy POE Currency can bring players better equipment, higher combat effectiveness, and higher survival chances.

For example, if you plan to take part in a later game and know that you want a creep, you should choose a witch for the Rise of the Dead. Before choosing, be sure to consider what courses you can become with the Advantage.

The basic statistics of the class determine their ease of use on the Path of Exile, not the abilities they use. Rangers and witches are safe occupations, and their starting statistics can help you deal a lot of damage from a distance. But as a trade-off, if the enemy approaches you, you will soon die. They are good lessons, but only if you have confidence in the kite's ability (keep moving and pause for a short time to attack).

Classes that start with a lot of power-predators, Templars, and duels-must fight close-range enemies early in the game. However, despite getting closer and closer to danger, they are more survivable than the remote characters above. For beginners, we recommend: Marauders can deal with melee damage, and Templars can produce melee and magic, as they are all nirvana. It is also recommended that beginners can choose to Buy POE Orbs, which will be very helpful to improve the efficiency of the early game.

The course you choose should be more about the roles you most often recognize. If you are confused and worried about statistics, choose the course that looks the coolest. Regardless of which one you choose, even if you do well in the tough early games, it will eventually work.

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Tips on Making PoE Currency While Mapping

Let’s start this post off by saying PoE is at its best when you’re having fun. The clear speed meta exists for several reasons, and while its ticks in the pro column are very apparent, if you’re playing a build you don’t even enjoy just because its speedy, you’ll burn out in no time. The main point of this topic is quite simple, play what builds you enjoy.


Have you chosen to push through the relentless grind and level all the way to level 100 this race? If so, skip ahead to the next section.

If you plan on running a lot of maps, I can’t recommend % quantity items enough. If you’re pushing for level 100 they can be somewhat of a hindrance, but if you don’t particularly care about experience gain at the time, find a way to make IQ items work with your build.

Map Device and Vendor placement

Here we have a screenshot of what my placement looks like the very second I come out of a map. The placement of the map device, stash chest, and Navali are all in my immediate vicinity, I don’t need to move a single step because all interactions are as quick as a click away. Is this super important? Not really, but it helps maintain momentum if you’re in “the zone”. And why not be more efficient with your time if you don’t mind where these objects are placed in your hideout?

Map rolling

Rolling your maps as you do them is horribly inefficient. The solution to this is to roll large chunks at a time, in this scenario we’re rolling 35 Cell maps at once. Using the highlight search bar below the process is as follows:

search “magic”, if there are any Magic maps, ID/Scour them.

search “rare”, if there are any Rare maps, ID/Scour them.

search “20%”, if there are any maps with 20% quality, make them their own separate pile

use chisels on the remaining Common maps until the 20% search has them all highlighted.

search the word “rare” again, and use alchemy orbs on all the maps until the rare search has them all highlighted.

From this point onward you search for mods on maps your build cannot do, in my case its only Elemental Reflect, a simple “refl” will highlight all the maps that rolled the Reflect mod, and I then repeat the process of using Scours and Alchemys until all maps are ready to run.

It’s worth noting at this point that I’d never use chisels on a Tier 3 map, it’s just part of the general map rolling process and it had to be included. I personally wouldn’t use chisels on any map under Tier 10.

The almighty ‘Dump’ tab

A slightly controversial addition to the list, reason being is that it costs real $$. But it is a fact that cannot be dis proven – purchasing a Quad Stash Tab, or x4 Premium Stash Tabs, and using them to dump your map loot into for the sole purpose of sorting it all out later does WONDERS for your efficiency. The general idea is that you complete your map, portal out, immediately throw another map into the device and open it and then finish the rotation by CTRL + clicking everything in your inventory into the designated dump tab. By the time you’ve completed this, the 6 portals of your next map should be ready for you to go. While some people don’t particularly like this style of playing, it’s well known to be efficient due to the fact that your time spent playing is “pure” mapping, rather than dicking around in your hideout. Which is an easy habit to fall into.


With the creation of Filterblade making your own filter at the start of a new league has never been easier. The steps are concise and easy to follow and I highly recommend taking the hour or two to make your own specialized filter. The one and only rule a filter should abide by is “if it drops, I will pick that up”, everything else should be hidden so your mind and screen doesn’t become cluttered. As the league goes on and you need to tweak it to become stricter and stricter, it’s an easy fix in notepad, changing certain lines of code from “Show” to “Hide”, for example.

Offhand Gem Leveling

Leveling (at least 6) skill/support gems in 1 or 2 weapons in your offhand (seen by pressing ‘x’ in-game), granted that you don’t choose stupidly niche or flat-out never used gems (for instance Chance To Flee/Blind Support who’re gonna buy those?), is basically the definition of passive income. It is incredibly easy, “free” exalts if you: 1) level them, 2) learn league/patch metas and what skills and supports will be sought-after and 3) are lucky when using a Vaal Orb on them. To make it even more efficient you can add a factor of RNG to it and buy other people’s pre-leveled gems and take a risk it’ll corrupt into a profit (for example buy a 19/20 Cyclone, leveling it to 20/20, and corrupting it to 21/20 and then selling for a much higher price than what you bought it for. Which is what I did more than once in Incursion League).

Buy Orders

Something a fair few players don’t seem to realize is that they’re gimping their returns by buying chaos for their currency, rather than selling their currency for chaos. As much as it doesn’t sound like it – there absolutely is a difference here. This is the paradigm that currency flipping is based off. Player One buys 10 chaos for 23 Alchemy. Player Two has a “buy order” in place, selling his 10 chaos for 20 Alchemy, not only are Player Two’s rates more profitable, they don’t even have to leave their hideout, the player comes to them. You can set up your own buy orders in the “Manage your shop” part of poe.trade. Lots of time saving involved here.


Not a whole lot to say here, I feel Prophecies are severely overlooked and underrated, often due to the potential of proccing the tedious ones. Despite it being anecdotal evidence I can say that I have never lost chaos on Prophecies. It’s always been a net gain every single time. Pick up every single Silver Coin and use them. Seal and complete the basic, easy ones (use an Armorer Scrap/Whetstone/Chisel/Transmute), Seal and chuck in a random premium tab the ones you don’t wish to pursue, and Seal and sell the ones worth selling. It won’t be long before you see the worthwhile ones, Jewellers Touch, Twice Enchanted, Monstrous Treasure, etc. They all sell quite easy.

Chaos Tabs

The most unethical and pay-to-win idea of them all. This involves having (at least) several premium tabs you can dump rares into and never look at again. Said premium tabs have a designated price (a price decided by you, a price you raise as the league goes on), ranging from 5-20c. This is vaguely similar to the dump tab idea however this really shines when you’re at a stage of the league where your loot filter still shows rare items. Players tend to fill out their required resists on rings, therefore rings are what sell the easiest this way. However impatience is a factor too, here’s proof.


Do what you will with the Master grind, here is what I do:

Vorici– Accept all missions, fail or not – it’s a free exile in the map.

Elreon– Kill the surrounding totems mission, skip any others.

Zana– Accept all.

Haku– Accept all ’til Level 7, don’t bother leveling further.

Catarina– Accept all, if the minion/monster number isn’t 6 or 9 – skip.

Vagan– Accept all, he’s always my first level 8. If it’s the boring training dummy one, hit one dummy and run off and finish the map, come back and kill all dummies at once. Easy stuff.

Tora– Accept all, free monsters.

Leo– This is no time for jokes.

The Chaos Recipe

There are a lot of divided opinions on this tactic. I’m not here to change your mind about it, rather show you the most efficient way possible to do it, if you already take part:

Here we have 2 stash tabs. In the Quad tab there is 8 rows of space for the following: belt x2, helm x2, glove x2, boot x2, chest x2, weapon (one-handed, size 1×3) x4. The random coins are in place so you can CTRL + click the rares and they will automatically go to their assigned place. The other stash tab is for rings+amulets. The random coin placement is a ROUGHestimate of how many you should have before selling the full quad tab. If you don’t get my explanation of it, thi3n has a youtube video you can search that will help you understand better. It’s midnight here and I’m getting more and more distracted as the night goes on. That's all in this guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. And if you want to enhance your Path of Exile experience - You can come to the Best gaming store: https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency to Buy Exalted Orb to enjoy the game

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Now that all games are playable, PlayStation Blog reminds me that Path of Exile is waiting to be returned to my game list as soon as the game has just released its latest update. The conquerors of Atlas changed the endgame in some substantial way and provided long-term players with some much-needed changes and challenges. The addition of five exiles who successfully defeated Atlas expanded the world but did not lose a bit of humanity in the process. They continue to get stronger, and now that they are back, they become a new threat, and for players, they also mean loot (Path of Exile Currency, POE Orbs), Brings a lot of wealth and challenges to players.

To stay fresh, you can sample from the enemies found in the Transformers Challenge Alliance. You can take these samples and build your nightmare boss. Each sample will cause the boss to change form and use the enemy's ability, and if the ability to create exceeds your ability to bear, it may cause you many difficulties. This is a good idea, it further strengthens the concept of player choice, which is at the core of the Path of Exile player experience.

In addition to new monsters, a new currency has been added to the new version that can be used to enhance rings and amulets. There are modifications to new equipment and old projects. As always, there is always something to attract you to re-create a new character. Of course, the new loot has certain challenges for players. If you feel difficult, you may wish to Buy Exalted Orb to quickly improve your strength, get a better game experience, and also get more loot.

Path of Exile became my game of the year. This is a truly free game and has many systems that allow you to build and adjust characters in very interesting ways. New and old content is updated every three months, so there is always something new to see or do. If you need a patch for the "n" mugger and your wallet is empty, The Path of Exile is scarred and offers far more than you expected.

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The latest extension of Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile, announced at ExileCon last month, has been released today, bringing countless content and changes to ARPG. "Atlas Conqueror" brings new high-end content to players, changes in bows and new POE Orbs.

The Atlas Conqueror tells the story of an exile who defeated the exiles, who were trapped in the World Atlas and constantly fighting their inhabitants to accumulate more and more power-with actual PoE endgame players are different. They went crazy and were on the verge of getting rid of Atlas, spreading their malice throughout Wraeclast, so players had to step in and confront them. As players progress in the league, they can find different catalysts to improve the quality of orbs, and even fight against bosses in Atlas to create some truly terrible encounters.

The expansion also adds the Metamorph Challenge alliance, where players incorporate the essence of monsters into Frankenstein-like chimeras that can then be defeated for special rewards. Grinding Gear Games calls it a "Boss Build Workshop", but we bet you don't want to bring your kids to the lab. To commemorate the establishment of the alliance, GGG partnered with streaming media Zizaran to host the Awakener Kill Challenge Event with a prize of up to $ 30,000. If you are interested in bonuses, you may need to Buy POE Orbs to help you gain an advantage in the new extension.

Atlas's Conqueror also offers huge changes to bow and arrow skills, new item influence types, and new Awakening Aid Gems. The Metamorph League on the Path of Exile will launch with PC at 12:00 pm PST today with Atlas's Conqueror-Xbox One and PS4 next week. For more information on extensions, check out the Path of Exile website.

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Both Path of Exile 2 and Diablo 4 are highly anticipated games, but which one is better? Although both games have excellent performance by themselves, when you compare the two, it seems that certain systems and features are missing. "Path of Exile" supports huge character depth and deep customization, while "Diablo" is more involved in civil war and fantastic world-building. However, as a professional operator of POE Currency and POE Orbs, poecurrency.com thinks that Path of Exile is better than Diablo in at least two aspects.

Path of Exile 2: Frequent Updates

The Developer of the Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, has updated the game for more than 6 years and continues to increase its content. New skills, props, and behaviors make this RPG even more powerful and can compete with Blizzard's expected games.

The release of Path of Exile 2 will not stop content updates. For new leagues, time-limited events with special mechanisms are added with the updated schedule. When players get tired of the current league, they can leave and come back for new content one or two months later.

Path of Exile 2: Endgame

PoE 2 will share the ultimate gaming system owned by PoE, and due to the superior foundation of PoE, PoE 2 will be even better. Players will be able to play with one of more than a hundred dungeon bricks filled with unique monsters and bosses.

Players can use the currency they found throughout the adventure to modify these maps, turning them into death traps full of treasures that can only be defeated with the best construction. The map process finally reaches the final boss battle, thus providing the most powerful loot in the game. And the Path of Exile does not prohibit players from micro-transactions, players can freely choose to Buy POE Orbs or sell loot, with more freedom to choose. If you feel tired, players can also enter an infinite dungeon called Delve to observe how far they can go underground without dying. Hope Blizzard can bring such a comprehensive terminal game system or system set.

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Grinding Gear Games believes that the upcoming Path of Exile 2 is likely to compete with Blizzard's own Diablo 4. Follow the best quality POE Currency suppliers to learn more and more detailed content.

The studio's founder, Chris Wilson, described the sequel as a "next-generation" action RPG in an interview with ExileCon in New Zealand. For him, although Diablo 4 has a much larger development budget, it can be compared to Diablo 4. When asked if Path of Exile 2 could compete with Diablo 4, Wilson said: "Yes, Path of Exile 2 is one of the next-generation action role-playing games, and we think its positioning well."

Wilson also acknowledged that Blizzard was the largest and even the most well-funded studio there. Which has greatly helped the development of Diablo 4. However, Wilson believes that Path of Exile 2 also has what it takes to compete, especially due to its long history and contact with the first game. Wilson said: "Any company with a lot of money can make very beautiful graphics, etc. They also have amazing graphics and excellent storylines, etc." "But, [Path of Exile 2] has The content is six to seven years old, including all the balances and ecosystems. If you make a new game, it may not be fun? You do n’t know until you finish the game. We know that the road to exile is good, many people like it. "

Of course, Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 will not disappear soon. After all, these two titles are still far from being released. Neither Blizzard nor Grinding Gear Games has promised an official release date (although there are rumors that Diablo 4 may be released around 2021).

As for "Path of Exile 2", Wilson gave a small hint on the release window, especially when he mentioned that the title may be released on the timeline where PS5 and the next Xbox will be released on the market. Both next-generation consoles will launch in the 2020 holidays, and the game is said to be available on these new devices. For more information, please pay attention to more dynamics of POE. You can pay attention to our website POECurrency.com. At the same time, you will be able to Buy Chaos Orb at a discounted price, which will quickly improve your combat power and allow you to get a better gaming experience.

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Path of Exile 3.9.0 Expansion Preview

For the players on Path of Exile, this may be exciting news. Recently, the official exile road revealed the main content of 3.9.0 expansion of Path of Exile in the forum, POECurrency.com brings you the latest news. Let you get a glimpse of this upcoming new expansion, want to learn more about Path of Exile, Buy POE Currency Xbox, you can follow POECurrency.com.

This new expansion is larger than any expansions released before 2019. It includes not only the distribution of the regular Path of Exile, but also the game expansion of the league-independent range. Worth expecting countless players. The official has always hoped to be able to make a complete challenge league, but the technology and resources can not meet this idea. In this expansion update, the official success in improving the challenge league, a better balance between risk and return. The server Karton problem that appeared in the previous version was also solved in this version, and the game content is smoother.

In the 3.9.0 expansion, some new item rewards have been added, which brings interesting new character-building options and fresh game elements to the player. Besides, what needs to be paid attention to is the official balance improvement of bows and arrows. The official hopes that this will enhance the ability of some less used bow and arrow skills (such as "split arrows", "explosive arrows", "sharpshooting" and "siege ball guns"). The expansion also includes all the ordinary cards, unique items, new skills, etc. that you are used to in the exile. If you can't adapt to this version change, you can Buy POE Items from POECurrency.com, which is the most efficient option and save you a lot of time.

The current official release time is the PC version released on December 7th at 3.9.0. The final date and other content of the specific expansion will be announced at ExileCon. At the same time, ExileCon participants can play 3.9.0 at the conference demonstration.

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In this new version, you will get a completely new gaming experience. This time, the developer Grinding Gear boldly Combine RPG and tower defense to a popular dark theme RPG game. Path of Exile is completely free, including its updates, and developers have not reduced the quality of the game because the game is free, or reduce the update, developers have been trying hard, bold innovation, hoping to bring better works to Players. As a loyal fan, we will always support the road to exile! Also, if you need POE PS4 Orbs, I recommend POECurrency.com to you. My friend recommended this website, I think it is perfect.

In the upcoming epidemic alliance, players can find a small tower defense mission in each area. After completing these missions, players will receive a generous reward. This mission comes from a plague recently popular in the mainland. Fungal infections, and the solution is to attach a large siphon to the fungus to squeeze out their mushroom oil, during which the blight will command the monster along a specific path to attack these, your task is to protect these tool.

NPC-Cassia sisters can help you build some defensive towers. These towers have different effects and can help you deal with those monsters. When you successfully defend once, you will get a generous reward for you.

This version update also includes some adjustments to the original content, the balance of the three heroes has been balanced, and a series of new adjustments, the new version has been updated, the specific update details you can go to the game Experience. Buy POE Currency at POECurrency.com may be more helpful for your exploration.

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In September, Path of Exile updated a new version called blight, which added a new game mode in the form of tower defense for players, which is more interesting when combined with the original game mode of Path of Exile. In the new update, the original two old alliances were merged into the core of the game, and several categories were also changed.

In the new version, the main task that the player needs to accomplish is to help the emerging NPC Cassia resist the spread of blight. Blight is a plant-like organism that controls the monster's mind. When the monster is controlled, the monster will change. More powerful, but they will only follow the blight's tendrils. You need to build a defensive tower with the help of Cassia to defend against these monsters and select the appropriate combat method to respond to the monster's specific weaknesses. When you are struggling with new challenges, you can come to POECurrency.com, buy POE Currency, a very affordable POE store.

When you successfully block the monster's attack, you will get a generous reward, and the monster will also drop an oil, and cassia can help you enchant your equipment with this oil, which is a kind of power. Powerful items. The new version of blight offers a wide range of weapon options, and the tower's attack features include cold, shock, stun, burning, petrochemical and debilitating, providing a rich extension for your choice. Get rich loot, online POE Orbs trading, POECurrency.com is your best choice.

Grinding Gears once said that in blight, if you can chase the end of the road to exile and win through battle, you will get the biggest reward in the game. In the new version, the prototypes of the three characters have been balanced, including Necromancer, Assassin and Destroyer. For the new version, if you want to know more, you can go to the official website to view.

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Path of Exile: Mega-Update 4.0 Put On The Schedule

Path of Exile: Blight has announced that it has been half a month, when the players are still cheering for the new tower defense mode, the developers are already considering the next year update, some employees of the Grinding Gear Games team are updating for the new version Some of the bugs were fixed, and the feedback from the players was collected to adjust the game mechanics. The current main task of more developers is the next update this year. According to the announcement, the next update of 3.9.0 will be announced in December.

Mega-Update 4.0 needs to wait until the end of next year, the official is currently discussing the future and direction of the game with the players in the community. In the newly updated Path of Exile: Blight, the developers bring a new tower defense mode to the players, which is an interesting The idea is to combine the fighting style of the exile road with the game mode of the tower defense and prepare a generous reward for each tower defense level. If you can't win, or you can't pass the tower defense level, POECurrency.com can help you improve the strength of the character, Buy POE Currency can help you quickly improve, to get better loot, This is a good start.

As can be seen from the official update announcement, in the future, every 13 weeks, players will be greeted with an update until Mega-Update 4.0. And, the latest game show about mega will be released in November. If players are concerned about the latest updates, please pay attention to POECurrency.com, to provide you with the latest POE news, Path of Exile Orbs.

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F: Ist das Spiel sehr teuer? Wie viel Geld braucht man, um zu spielen?
A: Nein. Erstens ist das Spiel selbst völlig kostenlos, ähnlich wie DOTA. Der Inhalt der Spielgebühr hat keinerlei Einfluss auf die Kampfdaten des Spiels. Es besteht auch die Notwendigkeit, etwas zu kaufen, um Ihre Grundbedürfnisse zu erfüllen, ähnlich wie auf der Runenseite von DOTA. Wenn Sie nichts kaufen, werden Ihre Kampfdaten nicht beeinflusst.
Und was Sie kaufen, ist vollständig permanent, wie z. B. die Warehouse-Seite, die für alle Jahreszeiten (einschließlich der temporären Herausforderungssaison) synchronisiert ist und keine zeitliche Begrenzung hat. Was die teuren betrifft, muss dies nicht berücksichtigt werden, die Exilroute ist grundsätzlich in allen Ländern und Regionen gleich, es wird nicht zu viele Preisunterschiede geben.

F: Ist es schwierig, loszulegen?
A: Der Einstieg ist nicht schwierig. Die Schwierigkeit liegt im gründlichen Verständnis des Spiels.
Aufgrund der Vielfalt des Gameplays wird es schwierig sein. Einige Leute werden sagen, dass es im alten Jahrhundert ziemlich viele Spiele gibt, aber es ist nicht schwierig. Warum ist das schwierig. Da dieses Spiel zu viel wissen muss, gibt es zu viele Mechanismen. Zum Beispiel gibt es auf der Homepage der offiziellen Website 261 Fähigkeitssteine, 1384 Talentpunkte und 23 Währungen.
Der Kampf gegen Monster erfordert Geschicklichkeit. Die meisten BDs wählen 6 Fertigkeitssteine ​​aus 261 Fertigkeitssteinen als Hauptausgabe aus, anstatt feste Fertigkeiten für jeden Beruf.
Bei den meisten Upgrade-Talenten werden 123 Talentpunkte aus 1384 Talentpunkten ausgewählt. Unterschiedliche BDs haben unterschiedliche Bewegungen anstatt festgelegter Methoden.
Der Handel erfordert Geld, und es gibt 23 Währungen, die für den Handel verwendet werden können, anstatt einer einzelnen Gold-, Silber- und Kupfermünze oder eines festen Verhältnisses.
Charaktere brauchen Ausrüstung, Ausrüstung muss Anhänge haben, jede Ausrüstung hat Anhänge, jede hat fast Dutzende, eine ist in zwei unterteilt, Unterpräfix-Suffix, Ausrüstungsbasis und Basis-Affix, Val-Affix, Verzauberung mit Verzauberungs-Affix, Meister-Handwerk Es gibt Meister Bastelzubehör usw., unter denen 7 ausgewählt sind. Klicken Sie auf POE Currency Kaufen, um 23 Währungen zu prüfen. Jede Währung wird verkauft, und Sie können diese Währungen zum niedrigsten Preis kaufen.

F: Wie ist das Gleichgewicht des Spiels? Wird es eine professionelle Besetzung der Bestenliste sein, wie einige Spiele?
A: Nein. Balance wurde bereits gesagt, der Ladeinhalt des Spiels beeinflusst keine Kampfdaten des Spielcharakters (besser werden, keine Kampfdaten).
Andererseits war der Großteil der Sublimationsintensität nach der Sublimation in dieser Saison ungefähr gleich, es ist jedoch nicht garantiert, dass sie vollständig ausgeglichen ist. Genau wie der Held in LOL, egal wie Sie es ändern, wird es stärker sein, aber es wird immer Zurückhaltung geben. Der Held, Aufstellung, lässt ihn nicht das Spiel beherrschen. Exalted Orb kann dem Charakter helfen, das Set zu kopieren oder die Set-Eigenschaften zu ändern. Spieler können es versuchen.

F: Gibt es in dieser Saison einen wunderbaren Ort?
A: Alle 19 Sublimationen in dieser Saison wurden geändert, die meisten wurden verbessert und einige haben einen neuen Mechanismus hinzugefügt, und jede Karriere ist einen Versuch wert.

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The new version of Path of Exile has serious flaws

Since the Path of Exile: blight update, the action role-playing game "Path of Exile" has been plagued by many technical problems. This has even affected the number of players. Developers are desperately looking for solutions. However, it still cannot be solved.

What is blight? The latest Path of Exile was launched on September 6th and introduced a pattern similar to Tower Defense, in which you must fight the fungus monster. The main tasks of the day, the second skill bar, etc. also brought updates. However, there are a lot of technical problems with this update. A large number of players have suffered frequent crashes including hidden error messages, complaints about FPS burglary, and servers are very unstable. At the same time, Grinding Gear Games proposed and confirmed these. problem. Unfortunately, developers also believe that they have not found the cause of many problems. Get the latest development, pay attention to POECurrency.com/, buy cheap Path of Exile Currency.

Although many patches are currently officially released, these patches only provide minimal improvements. Most problems still exist. The team promised to work hard on the patch. But there is no specific time to solve the problem. Crashes, performance degradation, and server instability are all common on all platforms. Grinding Gear Games explained that they are more violent on consoles than on PCs. However, after a long three weeks, the player gradually lost patience, and many people could not open the game at all. For others, the problem is not so serious. But they are annoying. The items in your account are also valuable assets. When you are sure to quit, you can choose POECurrency.com/ to trade, professional Exalted Orb dealers, you can use with confidence.

In any case, let us bless Path of Exile, I hope the official can solve these problems faster.

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Einstellungen für das Path of Exile

Einstellungen für das Path of Exile

Wenn Sie zu POE kommen, werden Sie verwirrt sein. Viele Dinge sind nicht so einfach zu verstehen, da die Einstellung von poe an einigen Stellen möglicherweise nicht leicht zu verstehen ist und es schwierig ist, mit poe zu beginnen, um die Grundlagen des Spiels zu verstehen. Es sollte für Sie hilfreich sein, Mengxin! Hier habe ich einige Grundeinstellungen im Spiel zusammengestellt. Es kann eine Weile dauern, bis die Anfänger die Absorption verstanden haben, aber der beste Weg ist, im Spiel zu üben.

Wie viele Arten von Geräten gibt es?
Hände: Zweihandschwert, Zweihandaxt, Zweihandhammer, langer Stock, Pfeil und Bogen.
Einhändig: Einhandschwert, Einhandaxt, Einhandhammer, Krallen, Dolch, Stab und Zepter.
Rüstungskategorien: Rüstung, Schilde, Schuhe, Handschuhe, Helme.

Was ist das Loch in der Ausrüstung?

Es wird verwendet, um Fähigkeitssteine ​​zu setzen, das gleiche Farbloch kann die gleiche Farbe von Fähigkeitsstein setzen.
Der Fertigkeitsstein kann nach Belieben entfernt und ersetzt werden, muss jedoch dieselbe Farbe haben, um ihn zu tragen.
Der Vertreter der Linie zwischen dem Loch und dem Loch ermöglicht, dass der Hauptfertigkeitsstein und der Hilfsfertigkeitsstein miteinander übereinstimmen. (Ein weiterer Skill-Effekt wird angezeigt)
Rotes Loch = Kraftfertigkeitsstein, blaues Loch = intellektueller Fertigkeitsstein, grünes Loch = agiler Fertigkeitsstein.

Was ist die maximale Anzahl von Ausrüstungslöchern?

Die Hände und die Rüstung sind mit den oberen 6 Löchern von 6 Löchern verbunden.
Helme, Handschuhe, Schuhe bis 4 Löcher und 4 Anschlüsse.
Einhand und geschirmt bis zu 3 Löcher und 3 Anschlüsse.
Die hohe Leistung der Geräte beeinflusst die Farbe des Lochs. (Wenn die Nachfrage beispielsweise nach Strom besteht, ist es einfach, eine Verbindung zum roten Loch herzustellen.)

Die Ausrüstungsstufe wirkt sich auf die maximale Anzahl von Löchern aus:
01-14 Bewertung: bis zu 2 Löcher, 15-27 Level: bis zu 3 Löcher, 28-34 Level: bis zu 4 Löcher, 35-49 Level: bis zu 5 Löcher, über 50 Level: bis zu 6 Löcher.

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Was sind die Farben der Ausrüstung?
Vier Farben: Weiß (normal), Blau (magisch), Gold (selten), Dunkelgold (einzigartig).
Dunkles Gold hat nur einen einzigartigen Effekt und die Wahrscheinlichkeit zu fallen ist gering, aber nicht unbedingt besser als der goldene Anzug.

Wenn Sie den 15. warten, finden Sie 3 Löcher im Boden oder im Laden, egal was es ist, weiß blau, solange es drei verschiedene Löcher in rot, blau und grün hat und miteinander verbunden ist. Die Ausrüstung kann gegen eine ausgetauscht werden [POE Trade]
Währung verdienen:
Wenn Sie die Ausrüstungsstufe in der Karte nach 60 fallen lassen, usw. alle über 60 sind, können diese Ausrüstungen mit einem Laden eingerichtet werden, um eine [POE Items] zu ändern, beispielsweise eine Reihe von nicht identifizierten und können gegen ausgetauscht werden 2 [Chaosstein]
Wenn Sie die Ausrüstungsstufe in der Karte nach 75 usw. auf über 75 senken, können diese Ausrüstungsgegenstände mit einem Laden eingerichtet werden, in dem ein [Chaos Orb], z. B. ein Satz nicht identifizierter, ausgetauscht werden kann. Fuhao Stein
Die in den Karten von 60 oder weniger angegebenen Ausrüstungsgrade liegen alle unter 60. Diese Ausrüstungsgegenstände können mit einem Satz [Exalted Orb] gefüllt werden. Wenn das gesamte Set nicht identifiziert wurde, kann es gegen 2 [Exalted Orb] ausgetauscht werden.

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Path of Exile: Inheritance and Breakthrough

Grinding Gears relies on the Path of Exile to gain countless praises, the same type of game as Diablo, it's excellent, so that players generally feel that this is what Diablo 3 should look like, then what makes countless dark Fans are so fascinated? The Path of Exile combines dark themes, outstanding plot design, Gothic scenes, and complex equipment items and character skills. More importantly, developers and players frequently communicate closely, allowing the game to move in a better direction.

Path of Exile does not evade the strong dark theme in the design of the storyline. At the same time, it also has an interesting extension. People don't like the overly flat plot. The foreseeable plot makes the players feel bored, Path of Exile had More turning points and breakthroughs, in-depth communication between developers and players and constant adjustment. The excellent trophy system is the most attractive feature of the Path of Exile. The core of the game is to get the spoils, the players are constantly facing new challenges, and the new equipment and new skills will enable players to cope better and better. These challenges, Path of Exile has a unique currency system, along with the game, players need to obtain treasures for currency trading, POE Orbs, Chaos Orb, etc., are very useful items, These POECurrency.com are available.

The trophy system of the entire Path of Exile is undoubtedly complex, which provides a wealth of choice and fun, players will not feel boring quickly, players can have a rich path to get Poe currency, of course, Buy POE Currency at POECurrency.com/ also is way, the entire player trading is like a matrix. The ultimate goal is to make the player's character more powerful. The huge skill tree system has more choices than Diablo. The official also encourages players to explore and combine continuously. Even helping the players in the community, this is very beneficial behavior, and more friendly, while the game of the entire exile is not monotonous, the latest update launched the tower defense mode, the developer Grinding Gears is also constantly Conduct self-breakthrough and improvement.

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Path of Exile: Blight Game Experience Report

Path of Exile: The new version of blight has been released for some time. Here is my personal experience with the new version of the game. The new version brings us a new tower defense mode, a new skill transformation. As well as a new balance of attributes, the following is a detailed experience report.

First of all, what needs to be discussed is the newly added tower defense mode. This is essentially a tower defense game. You can choose the center position to activate. When you activate, those monsters will flock to you. You need to be in the center. The tower is built nearby to resist these monsters. Of course, the specific game provides a tower defense for you to choose from, which makes the whole game very interesting. When you successfully resist the impact of the monster, you will get belonging Your rich rewards are enough to make you feel good. Of course, the POE Orbs provided by POECurrency.com is much easier. If your time is not sufficient, this is a good choice. If you encounter these activation devices in the game, don't hesitate to activate it immediately.

Surprisingly, the re-balancing of the three characters, the summoner, the poisonous assassin and the miners, the current summoner is the most popular, this version of the soldier is better than ever, the adjusted ai And more rapid speed, let you experience more fun, the poisonous assassin can now use the skills to deal with all the content, the mine strengthen may be the most expected of all miners, the new miners are very powerful, icicle mine It is a very popular choice at present, not only has great destructive power and control, but also can be used with ice spears, it should be the next hot choice. If you want to get started with new miners quickly, then I suggest you buy some POE Trade Currency at POECurrency.com/, which will be very helpful.

Finally, I feel very deeply about the stability of the server. This should be the best version of all seasons. The team members' chances of disconnection are greatly reduced, which makes the whole game experience very smooth. This is which let me The most amazing change, if you want to know more, to experience the new version, will be your best choice.

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The latest Path of Exile: the withered update has been around for a while, I don't know if you like the new tower defense mode, this is the biggest change in this version. According to Grinding Gear Games, the addition of the tower defense mode is not a very simple operation, they need to consider the fun of the whole game, know that the original game rhythm of Path of Exile is combined with the tower defense game mode, this Not a very easy thing. In the entire new map, each area will arrange for players to experience such an encounter. The appearance of the tower gives the player more space to choose and operate, allowing you to exert endless imagination.

In the Path of Exile: blight, players will need an important NPC partner, Cassia Sisters, who can help the player build the defensive tower, while also helping the player to synthesize some special oils, which makes the game full of fun, Cassia Sisters The defensive tower is provided with a variety of different attributes, including sluggishness, freezing, burning, etc., which requires the player to choose according to his own needs and tactics, and also requires detailed information on the location of the entire tower. Thinking, after each encounter, the player successfully resists the attack of the monster, then you will get a huge reward. I recommend POECurrency.com to you, you can buy POE Orbs safe and reliable, better to help you experience the game.

In the new reward, the player will get a special kind of oil, mix them and apply them on your ring and amulet, they will enchant your equipment, and the enchantment of the ring can affect your tower, reduce Defensive tower construction time may cause more damage, but I still recommend that you use oil to enchant your amulet, Cassia can use a mixture of three oils to smear your amulet, your amulet will gain a strong passive skill, while Other parts of the amulet can also be smeared, you will have more than 500 combinations, If you don't have enough POE Xbox Currency, buy it at POECurrency.com, it's quick and easy. this is an exciting thing, you can enjoy your imagination.

In November of this year, maybe you can see a demonstration of Path of Exile 4.0, let us bless this great game.

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After the new version of Path of Exile: blight, the development team is already preparing for the next expansion. In the latest community communication, the development team will express their ideas for future expansion and seek the opinions of the players. This shows that A positive attitude makes the players happy. The game theme of the road to exile is a black fantasy world where players can control their characters to explore in large maps, find NPC, accept tasks and complete missions, and monsters. In combat, these activities will give players a rich reward. POECurrency.com can provide a richer selection of POE Currency Buy, I recommend it to you. Maybe you might think that this is Diablo, but it has a richer system that allows you to experience different fun. The game has been successfully launched into the most popular ARPG game since its launch in 2013. The huge skill system and gemstone system make the game full of fun, players can get different abilities and show their unique personality and ideas through the combination.

The team behind is willing to communicate with the players. In the expected future expansion 4.0, the team describes the plans for future expansion in the community of the website. Want to get better results in future expansion, Buy POE Currency at POECurrency.com can help you very well. They hope that players can understand their behavior and be able to present their opinions. They can also more easily understand the player's comments and make changes in the game. The expansion time of the entire exile road is 13 weeks. This schedule will be maintained for a predictable period. The future update plan is as follows:

On the ExileCon in November will announce: 3.9.0 extension

And in February 2020, you can get an extended message of 3.10.0

An extension of 3.11.0 will be announced on May 2020

An extension of 3.12.0 will be announced on August 2020

The team said in the community that although the arrival of 4.0.0 will take a long time, in November of this year, ExileCon in New Zealand will have announcements and playable demos of 4.0.0 and 3.9.0.

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Great ARPG Game - Path of Exile

Just updated the new version of Path of Exile is undoubtedly the greatest ARPG game, everyone can find fun in this game, although many people compare it with Diablo, the compactness of the story and the exquisite picture The extent of the gap but the rich content is enough to make up for these shortcomings, and most importantly, this is a freely updated free game, and Nothing is better than this.

In October 2013, the developer Grinding Gear Games released this excellent game, you can play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs in POECurrency.com, this game has already run 7 Years, and continue to enrich and expand their content, making Path of Exile highly playable, maybe you have 500 hours of game time, you can master most of the game, but in Path of Exile, maybe you still have no mastery of the game Complexity, and some new things that are constantly being updated.

Path of Exile has a huge passive skill book system. These skills provide passive skill rewards for characters. You have a wealth of choices, giving players unlimited space to show their personality. You may even need to spend hours to arrange your passive skills tree. When you need help, maybe you can go to the Path of Exile community for help. Of course, you can also have a better choice, POECurrency.com can help you provide a variety of POE Chaos Orb.

The Path of Exile community is a kind of mutual help atmosphere. Experienced players are willing to provide some opinions and suggestions for new players. The open environment will be very good for the community environment. Grinding Gear Games has the potential to become a great developer. They are willing to communicate with the players and reflect the player's requirements into the game's updates, actively dealing with various issues, they are really concerned about the players, its great.

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The Path of Exile is a free action game launched by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. It has been updated many times and has been strongly loved by players. It is currently the hottest action RPG game. This year, the developer announced the launch. The new version of blight's update plan, just past the days, the new version has been officially updated, and every expected player can experience the new version in the game.

Path of Exile: The biggest feature of this version of blight is the addition of a new tower defense game mode, which makes everything more interesting. Path of Exile Currency provided by POECurrency.com can help you to experience the fun of the new version. The new NPC cassia in the game can be made to contain cold, shock, dizziness, burning, Petrochemical and debilitating attack towers, through which the player can defend against monsters that are controlled and enhanced by blight. These monsters will follow the extension of blight, and all you have to do is choose according to different monsters. The defensive towers will defend against these monsters, and after successfully resisting the attack of these monsters, the reward you will get will be huge.

The new version not only includes new models, but also adds 18 new divination cards, 16 new skills and support gems, and 16 new unique items. Rebalance 24 pre-existing unique items. Path of Exile is a free game, but also supports paid support packages, but it is very expensive, and you can find the POE Exalted Orb in POECurrency.com, and it is more affordable.

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Path of Exile Has Been Released New Version

Path of Exile is the triumph of the developer Grinding Gear Games, which has achieved great success. Recently, this game has been updated with a new version on the 9th and 6th. This game will once again be hot. This game was released in 2013. In the year, when it was released, it gets a great affirmation. It became the medal of the best PC game of the year in Gamespot. With the constant update, Path of Exile also gathered a large number of fans. At present, the number of players in the global community has exceeded. 20 million, and covers a variety of mainstream languages, in 2018, Path of Exile became the best-selling game of the year.

At present, Path of Exile is still one of the biggest action RPG games. The number of players is also growing steadily. Path of Exile is a deep type of RPG with the theme of darkness. The theme and update of the game are all are free to run, players need to explore in the 3D world, create different battle strategies through different combinations of gems, almost unlimited character combinations and complete skill trees. In the game, players can make their own weapons. Including some magic items, players can also compete with different players during the game, which means endless possibilities. POECurrency.com offers you a wide selection of POE Currency, POE Orbs, and POE Trade. Go and experience the game of exile in person, you will be more interested in it.

In the latest version of the disease, the developer has innovatively integrated the classic battle mode of the exile with the tower defense game mode. If you need Cheap POE Items, you can choose POECurrency.com, my friends and I recommend. In the game, the new NPC-Cassia will help players build various towers. Players need to rely on these towers to destroy monsters that appear on fixed paths. In addition to these, the new version adds new skills and re-adjusts the model adjustments of the three heroes. These changes can now be experienced in the game.

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