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3819382703?profile=originalREDMI K20 PRO

Hey guys this is chotu from today the article gonna be a massive killer in mobiles so lets get started with Redmi K20 Pro killer finally arrived to india this one id the best price that you are waiting. SUPER AMOLED SCREEN Redmi k20 Pro comes with the 6.39 SUPER AMOLED display with FHD+(2340X1080P) GORILLA GLASS 5 ITS bezel less with new notch puch hole display and you gonna loved it.The dark theme on UI looks stunning when it comes to out door visibility.And the REDMI K20 PRO has wide vine elven lisence availabe to watch in NETFLIX & AMAZON PRIME. INDEFINITE FINGER PRINT SCANNER Indisplay fingerprint Scanner on the front and it has been fast and fair consistent. Speaker is pretty decent in gets loud and doest not disorted mass volume so yeah its decent.It doesnt have a microSD slot.Its modern and more importantly it feels amazing in the hands over the cameras with triple camera setup 48mp f/1.8 + 8mp f/2.4+13mp f/2.4.

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Oneplus 6 Vs Asus Zenfone 5Z - XiteTech


The OnePlus 6 is the fastest mid-range Android phone on the market and is hands down the best OnePlus phone ever launched.The OnePlus 6 is the fastest mid-range Android phone on the market and is hands down the best OnePlus phone ever launched.

Once common names in the world of mobile phones, LG and ASUS have been surprisingly absent for the past few months in India. On the other hand, since its inception in 2014, China’s OnePlus has successfully upset the flagship applecart (no pun intended). The company’s recently launched OnePlus 6, also called the ‘Kingslayer’, has once again managed to win hearts with its competitive pricing and monstrous power. But while it’s a great value, it still has the same old problems. The OnePlus 6 fails to compete with Samsung, Apple, Google or at times even with LG in terms of cameras.

The recent appearance of the LG’s G7+ThinQ and the ASUS’s ZenFone 5Z in the mid-range segment can possibly be another cause of worries for OnePlus. So, will these new entrants be able to give OnePlus a run for cover. Let’s find out.


The most attracting feature of the OnePlus 6 is its new design, which replaces the old aluminium chassis with glass panels on both the front and the back. According to OnePlus, an all-glass design allows for better wireless reception. While that may be true, glass is glass. And even though the OnePlus 6 has Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides, it’s not scratch proof, and if you happen to drop it from a certain, it will shatter.

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OnePlus 7 features, price, and release

Oneplus, is a company that has launched some good equipment to the market, currently seeking to position itself again in the smartphone market, we plan to bring the , which is a device with possible very interesting features, such as 5G connectivity, as the owner of this company has made some statements, where he says that Oneplus, may be the first company to run a 5G network, technology that will come to stay and give greater connectivity to all its users.

OnePlus 7 Features

The characteristics of this equipment are not fully confirmed, but taking into account the previous equipment and the need to be able to put on a par with large brands of intelligent equipment, this is what the OnePlus 7

should bring us.5G connectivity

One of the main features of this equipment is the 5g connection, which offers great advantages such as: Will increase the number of objects or gadgets that we can have connected to our networkStart to see vehicles connected to automatic driving in cities. navigation through the 5G network translates into an Internet connection 100 times faster, with average speeds of 20GB per minute Robotics will settle in the industry.Better stability in the connection of devices.5G technology is the latest in mobile equipment, which is why in the very near future, we will be able to enjoy intelligent equipment with this type of technology, which will make a further step in communication technology.


The most likely is to contain a screen of 6.4 "(16.26 cm) with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels As we well know the fall and accidents of intelligent equipment is inevitable, that is why the OnePlus 7, should include Gorilla Glass5, which is one of the most resistant materials as far as touch screens are concerned, in addition that it would not be anything new, since this material was included in the previous equipment of this company.

Wireless charging

The Oneplus company should leave the wires in the past with the OnePlus 7, since the charging of this device must be wireless, or at least it is what we all expect, as this company always looks for the best in technology.

A microSD card slot.

The previous model of Oneplus, does not have a microSD card slot, and although it has a capacity of 256 Gb, not all users were enough with this, because if you use telephone equipment for business or photography purposes, in a short time you will be looking for ways to gain space in the telephone equipment.What is expected of OnePlus 7, is that you can add a microSD slot, which allows you to handle better with everything.


The battery of this device contains 3500 mah, which is less than many current devices and are to go to market.


At a minimum, must have a processor of 8 cores, this to be able to give more power to the equipment, and must be accompanied by at least 6 GB of RAM.Stereo


The Oneplus 6, has mono speakers, and although for some this is irrelevant, for others who make use of their phone for almost everything, even see series, a stereo speaker can help quite a bit.

Fingerprint Sensor

This sensor is very common in the latest smart phones, and those that will be released by 2019, so we do not believe that the OnePlus 7 leaves out this technology.We can summarize then:As far as the battery is concerned, it has 3500 mah.It works with the Octa core paired with 6 GB of RAM.It works with the Android v8.0 operating system.As far as the rear camera is concerned, this mobile must have at least 16 MP.Its sensors include:a. Accelerometer.b. Compass.c. Gyroscope.d. A screen of 6.4 "(16.26 cm) with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels

OnePlus 7 price

With the specifications mentioned above, we can calculate that the price of this device should not be greater than $600, and is that at first it was rumored that this device should be at $530, but over time, and following the pattern of this company, the telephone equipment, should not increase so much.This price is really good, since you will be able to enjoy a mid-range phone, with an appropriate price, since it does not compare with high-end phones already released as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, or those that are about to be released, as the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus.

OnePlus 7 launch

The launch date is still kept incognito, however, by how they have launched the equipment previously, we can think that this equipment will be put on the market by mid-May 2019.We draw this conclusion due to the launch of OnePlus 6, which was released for mid-May this year, however, the equipment prior to OnePlus 6 were released in June, so these 2 months are made attempts to launch the equipment.

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