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College students are usually new to living outside their parents’ homes — and therefore are not used to being responsible for all the housekeeping chores. When you put a number of students together in an apartment, things can get messy fast. As a result, tensions can build up fast. To maintain a comfortable living environment, you need to have a strategy to keep your Niagara College student housing clean.

Take Advantage of Storage Space

To prevent clutter from building up, keep items stored when you’re not using them. If your closets and cabinets have too few shelves and dividers, create more yourself using wood paneling. If you have insufficient storage, invest in some basic furniture that will allow you to take full advantage of vertical space.

Another way to make the most of your entire apartment is to find hidden areas, like the space under the couch or your bed. Plastic containers and bags will help you keep everything organized.

Declutter Regularly

When you’re rushing to class in the mornings and then spending your time in the evenings either studying or socializing, it is easy for clutter to start building up, despite all your best efforts to avoid it. Allocate some time each week to declutter places like your desk and countertops. If drawers are starting to become messy, empty them and reorganize the contents.

As you are decluttering, think about whether you really need an object. It is easy to start accumulating things you don’t even want. Always have a donate box on hand for you and your roommates to get rid of belongings that are just adding to the clutter. It’s a good idea to also have a box for things you may want to throw out, but you’re not sure yet.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

At least once a week, you need to clean your home thoroughly. Split the duties for cleaning common rooms with your roommates to ensure everyone does their fair share. Plus, make sure you focus on your own room every week, whether it’s your turn to clean or not.

When you live at an off-campus Niagara College residence like Regent Student Living, keeping your home clean is that much easier. You are only responsible for your bedroom and can share the cleaning of the living room and kitchen with your roommates. The remaining common areas, including the lounge, study rooms, and fitness centre, are maintained by the staff — who keep these facilities spotless.

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