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What Are the Benefits of Antivirus Software

Antivirus is a protection software for your system which controls and manages the network and system to manage its security.  Antivirus software makes sure that there is no malware present on your system. It helps you protect your personal information social networking password saved on your browser, bank transaction, cards details on any websites, etc.

There are so many software available which will help you to protect your whole system. You must have an antivirus on your computer. Let’s explore the advantages of having one.

Some Advantages of Antivirus Software are:

•    Malware Protection

As you store many essential files in the system, you need good protection software to make sure that your data will be in a safe mode. If these antiviruses are not there on your system, then there is a possibility that all the system data might get corrupted.

When you open any website and then click on its harmful content, the virus gets inserted in your system. In case you buy a new computer then the first thing you should do is to download anyone Antivirus software in your system.

Make sure if you already have antivirus software and you want to download another one also then this can’t be possible because you have to delete the older antivirus software in your system.

•    Intruder Protection

When you save password of any social networking site account, online transaction, buy any product by entering the details of your card, the intruders can steal all this information.

Through this software, you can stop the intruders from stealing your details. This software helps you to protect your whole data from the thieves; it identifies the cybercriminals and blocks them from your system.

•    Recover Corrupted Files

Antivirus Software finds and removes a particular section of the file which is damaged by the malware with no effect on the original file.

 You should not worry about your original file because this antivirus keeps your all the files in a safe place. Antivirus software only removes the damaging part of your file, and it will delete your original content.

•    No More Spam

Antivirus software doesn’t let your inbox to fill with spam messages. In case you receive a spam message from any invasive site then it will send this message into a deleted folder. If you open the link given on the message, then there will be the possibility that some malware gets inserted on your system.

This software will weed out all the viruses and decrease the number of spam emails you are receiving. The spam message will not appear on your email inbox because of the protection you are having from the antivirus software.

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network design engineer salary

The initial step to building a network infrastructure is to design it. The design process is at times a complex one including several designs to correctly determine the necessary capacity to house a company’s data traffic requests. The Network design is the combination of different network equipment to complete end-to-end message between network hosts. Specific requests are common in existing networks, which includes high levels of accessibility, performance, dependability and low dormancy, all of which are a necessity for excellent part of network designs by an engineer.

For more info: network design engineer salary

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Ekonty introduction Video

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support technician job description

The technician can enhance effectiveness on the job as well as their career prospects by continuously learning new skills and gaining new IT certifications. With many certifications present in the field, some of the more important ones are listed below:

  • CompTIA A+/ Network+, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications
  • ITIL Foundation
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)
  • MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
  • HDI-Support Technician certifications

For more info: support technician job description

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Apple Certified Mac Technician

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) services, fixes, and repairs Macintosh desktops/laptops and servers. They collect data which will be diagnosed from their organization’s database so that they can provide proof and extensive understanding to their clients so that it will help them strategize better and make informed decisions.

Technicians respond promptly to their customers’ requests by resolving their issues. They also coordinate with the other teams in their organization to improve its efficiency. Technicians communicate with customers through phones, emails or in person.

They need to be excellent team players. Technicians must have excellent skills in written and verbal communication to be able to explain issues lucidly to team members.

Moreover, technicians should possess strong analytical skills, in addition to excellent customer service skills. They must be prepared to do physical work like lifting and shifting items.

Job Description

Technicians analyze and perform repairs related to Mac systems, operating issues, and their peripherals. They install, configure, and fix macOS and interact with their users and guide them on queries and issues related to hardware and software. Professionals configure, install, and maintain Mac systems, their peripherals, and mobile devices.

Technicians should partner with IT help desk and network infrastructure teams, install, upgrade, and maintain equipment and the infrastructure required for them. They perform diagnostic tests to evaluate and isolate system problems and suggest suitable solutions. Technicians should assess system configuration and software so that hardware resources can be used effectively.

Know more: How to become apple certified mac technician

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Network Assurance System Technician jobs

Network Assurance System Technicians are trained professionals responsible for the optimal operation, installation and maintenance of network data communications as well as equipment connected to cellular switching centers.

Network Assurance System Technicians manage the execution and maintenance of operations, and they support both local area networks (LANs) and wide area network (WANs), whether they are located in-house or at other sites.

For more info: Network Assurance System Technician jobs

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PBX Technician

PBX (Telephone and Private Branch Exchange) Technicians are trained professionals who provide maintenance, installation, repair and setup of multi-line TDM- and IP-based business voice and computing systems.

Nowadays PBX technology has turned into one of the most extensively used telephony systems by Business Organizations. The market acceptance of PBX phone setup due to the flexibility of their usage and the significant improvement has gone up. It has made corporate communications much more comfortable for customers. Moreover, PBX technicians help in setting up the telephony technique as per business requirements.

Technicians resolve cabling issues, repair switch equipment, test and install VoIP networks and interchange analog phone systems with digital equipment. They also help to resolve customer issues, to provide better customer experiences systematically.

PBX Service Technicians are one of the prime categories of telephone company workforce. Technicians fixe and install telephone lines and small switchboard systems at customers' buildings and offices. Working from trucks that carry the tools they require, these technicians devote much of their time traveling from one place to another. Although many Service Technicians do a variety of work, most specialize in one type of work.

Technicians set up the telephone coordination in the office setup. The working duties for the PBX specialist are similar to the job of the telephone installer, however, needs additional training.

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Relay Adjuster Job Description

The Relay Adjuster has to take care of the machine shutdowns. They have to make sure a proper wash up of machines at the end of the shift. The professionals have to keep track of the cleaning and returning of all change components to parts cage. The professional should take the responsibility to return ink, skids, and cut blanks to their assigned areas upon completion of the order. They have to provide training and assistance to co-workers, including other adjusters.

For more info: actuator salary

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Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist

The Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS) is the trained professionals involved in the installation, configuration, validation, bootstrapping and troubleshoot the network system of an organization.

With the growing communication technologies, the demand for ACIS professionals has gone up worldwide. Certified professional look after the design solutions for customers, as well as deploy and maintain Avaya products and solutions.

Primarily the Avaya Certified Implementation specialist is to focus on maintaining the communication infrastructure of an organization. They maintain and update unified voice, video, and web conferencing communications infrastructure and services by delivering complete lifecycle engineering support resulting in solutions that are effective, safe, and responsive.

Job Description of Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS):

The Avaya implementation Specialist ensures that service and maintenance are provided to the clients on specified time at the designated field.

Implementation specialist is the great channels between the organization and their clients. The major objective of a specialist is to find out clients requirements and how they will use the system and software efficiently for their constant support for the communication system.

Know more: avaya certified implementation specialist skills

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VMware Certified Professional

A VMware Certified Professional (VCP) sets up, organizes, manages and supports data center virtualization using VMware's vSphere environment. This professional must have hands-on working experience with vSphere implementation. They should be conversant with VMware vSphere and related technologies.

The technician must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of network virtualization. This professional manages and configures various technologies to maximize the virtual infrastructure. They will address issues related to the Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating systems. These certified technicians possess expertise in VMware core components and their relation to storage and networking.

Job Description

A VMware Certified Professional is intended to help customers design, develop and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures. These technicians should understand and resolve issues related to virtualization. They will take care of installing, configuring, and monitoring of VMware vSphere and related technologies.

This technician will also manage and have a proper understanding of the functionality in VMware. They will be responsible for the executive setup and will arrange and monitor ESXi networking and storage as well as other vCenter Server components.

They also manage user access to the enterprise VMware infrastructure. They will play an active role in deploying, migrating and managing client virtual desktops, VM Clones, Templates, and vApps.

Know more: vmware certified associate salary details

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Certified Satellite Installer

Certified Satellite Installers help customers choose services, following which they install and maintain it for them, providing that they can avail uninterrupted satellite services. Following the arrangement, the installer mounts the dish, aims it, and connects it to the modem of the television or satellite within the client’s premises. The individual then tests it to see if it is functioning correctly.

As Satellite Installers will be working the majority of the time outdoors, they need to be physically active. It entails working in extreme weather conditions, and may, at times, be quite challenging.

They should have excellent customer service skills, besides technical expertise and ability to fix to link equipment and components of satellites.

Prospects for Certified Satellite Installers

As the technology in the satellite field is ever-changing, technicians need to learn about new equipment as long as they remain in the satellite industry. Individuals who know a broad range of hardware can go on to become manufacturing sales representatives.

For instance, in different applications, fiber optic cables have taken the place of coaxial cables, as they provide larger bandwidth and better performance. Moreover, fiber optic cables have better transmission rate when compared with coaxial cables.

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Outside Technician Line Worker Job Description

The Technician carries out building work, such as channeling holes, readjusting utility poles, placing cable, unreeling and dragging winding wire and cable from pole to pole. In the telecom arena, an Outside Line Tech plays a vital role in the completion of the assigned projects either in-house or at the designated field. They collaborate with government bodies as well as business clients in their ongoing telecom projects.

For more info: outside technician line worker jobs

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Network Infrastructure Engineer

A Network Infrastructure Engineer is responsible for designing, deploying, and securing the network of an organization. The individual performs site surveys and audits to ensure that the organization’s network site has the proper specifications.

Network infrastructure entails using the software and hardware assets of a network that facilitates the communication of the organization’s entire network, besides communications, network connectivity, management, and operations. It enables the interface between users, applications, services and the Internet and more.

The various components of network infrastructure include switching, routers, firewalls, servers, personnel, equipment, and infrastructure software, among others.

Engineers have to ensure further that their networks operate with minimal downtime. They also have to ensure that their organizations are complying with the network architecture policies and procedures.

Engineers have to come up with approaches to reduce operational costs and improve their growing infrastructure’s efficiency and to ensure their organization’s information security. Importantly, they have to work flexible hours.

Know more: Freelance network infrastructure engineer jobs

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Palo Alto Engineer

A Palo Alto Engineer provides support, evaluation, and research into the deployed Palo Alto Networks equipment’s processes and problems. The technician will assume responsibility as the subject matter expert (SME) of the Palo Alto Networks products, such as firewalls, IPS/IDS, and VPN, among others.

The engineer is responsible for deploying, designing, configuring, maintaining, and fixing most of the network security implementations of Palo Alto Networks. This individual must be ready to work flexible hours and be able to lift equipment of up to 60 lbs, besides moving, racking and installing them.

Engineers need to be excellent communicators (written and verbal) and team players. They prioritize, adhere to timelines, and manage projects. Engineers must be ready to work flexible hours and need to adjust to changing environments. They must have adept customer-service skills.

Palo Alto Engineer Job Description

Palo Alto Engineers install, configure, manage, and fix Palo Alto Firewalls. They maintain and manage border security systems, such as intrusion detection systems and firewalls. They support, monitor, and take care of existing configuration changes for Palo Alto Networks. The technicians are conversant with procedures, such as change management, automation, and revision control. They need to configure and deploy security operating platform and maintain it.

They aid in fixing network security issues of clients, suggest recommendations after researching best industry practices, creating documents for its configuration and installation. Engineers are also responsible for installing and maintaining Palo Alto firewall technologies. Freelance Palo Alto Network Engineers must know MPLS, VRF, VPN, and network routing. They should possess expertise in TCP/IP. Engineers must have had experience in working with Internet technologies.

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Master Console Operator

Master console operators are trained professionals who perform a variety of computer-related services. In addition directly operating them, such personnel is responsible for coordinating local (LAN) and wide (WAN) area networks, mainframe networks and the hardware, software, and devices used in computers.

These operators are the administrative users of the system console which has complete control. They have access to all the system defined in the IT environment and the right to create and manage different console operators. Any master operator can generate, assign, and cancel management rights that permit operators to install actions in the form of software or hardware.

These experts help set up and operate intranet systems, internet sites, web-server hardware, and software, and they are also responsible for monitoring and optimizing connectivity and performance issues. The console operators employed in both the private and public sectors of the information technology (IT) industry, master console operators are often referred to as the supervisors of computer network technicians.

Freelancing has become one of the known facts all over the world for its flexibility and that too at your location. Just sign up, and Field Engineer will get you moving.

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Freelance ISP Technician Jobs

An ISP Technician can handle a variety of jobs relating to telecommunications equipment. They’re an essential part of every enterprise, as there’s no telling when issues may crop up. The sooner a problem is fixed, the sooner your business can get back to working efficiently.

As the world is now heavily dependent on telecommunications technologies, there’s almost no way of preventing a fault from happening at some point. The main issue is that this can be potentially catastrophic for a business organization. If something as simple as a data cable becomes faulty, this could shut down the entire business network, making it impossible to do any work.

For more info: Freelance ISP Technician Jobs

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Hire Freelance Server Engineers

The World’s First Freelance-Powered Talent Marketplace for Server Engineers

With over 40,000 freelance IT engineers working together with Field Engineer, we can safely say that we’re the world's first and largest network of IT specialists for hire. Whether you’re looking to deploy a new networking solution in another country or want to test the waters by seeing how a professional server engineer could help you scale your business, Field Engineer is the perfect service for you.

Whether you’re looking for a Windows server engineer or someone that can help you repair hardware issues on the other side of the world, our AI-powered marketplace will instantly match you with a suitable engineer that is qualified to carry out the job.

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