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How Can I Prevent Vision Loss From Diabetes?

Control Your Blood Sugar
Keep your blood sugar in the target range by eating a diet low in sugar and other simple carbohydrates, exercising regularly, and checking your blood sugar often. Make sure to work with your primary care physician, an endocrinologist, and perhaps even a nutritionist. Reliably take insulin or other medications as prescribed by your physician.


Maintain a Healthy Diet
Cook at home using fresh ingredients. Avoid excessive consumption of red meat, and eat your vegetables! Avoid fried foods, refined carbohydrate
s, and sugary beverages

Control Your Blood Pressure
Controlling your blood pressure may protect your eyes from diabetic retinopathy.

Get an Annual Dilated Eye Exam
Visit an ophthalmologist  yearly, or more often if needed. Early detection a
nd treatment can save you from irreversible vision loss.If you have vision problems such as ‘floaters’ in your vision or blurry vision, see an ophthalmologist immediately.


Neera Eye Centre & LASER Vision is fully equipped to diagnose Retinal Disease and have state of art technology to treat   with Retinal LASER , Intravitreal  Injection & Vitreo Retina Surgery 

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Is surgery must for cataract surgery?

Cataract is a common vision issue with ageing and most of us are already well aware about the problems it brings. People often find themselves in a state of confusion as to when it's needed and when it should be avoided.

There's no clear cut answer to this, it depends on your case and the one sure way of telling is to consult with experienced Eye doctor. At our centre, Dr Neera having more than 25 years of experience. With this experience, there is collection of skills and its safe to say that in her long career she has accumulated a very specific set of skills, skills that will serve you well.


When faced with the issue of cataract you will also need a Centre that has a large portfolio when it comes to types of treatments and has sufficient experience in using them, at our Eye Centre , you will find a healthy blend of both.

Our objective is not to just do the surgery and send you on your way, the reason we've emerged as one of the leading Eye Centre in Delhi because of our relentless pursuit of total care for our patients. We ensure that we are with you during the whole process, not just the surgery part.


Lastly, the most important thing when it comes to the healthcare industry is honesty, we are extremely careful in giving out an honest diagnosis on our patients, we recommend a surgery only when it needed , we recommend no extra medications or tests than those that are required for your continued health and well-being.

Decades of experience, a range of treatments, care for our patients and a pursuit of truth and honesty is what sets us apart from the rest. If you or anyone you know is suffering from Cataract, please do reach out to us and we'll help recommend an appropriate treatment.

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