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What Are The Types of Apps and Its Pros & Cons

Business Owners has to take good decision while developing an application for their business. Success of the application will be based on the decision that is taken by key persons of the company. If you are an entrepreneur and have an idea in your mind to develop an app which is related to your business. There is a question raised in your mind and it is the type of application need to develop. Taking a proper decision regarding the type of application will save cost and your efforts.

 What Are The Types of Apps and Its Pros & Cons

In this post, you are going to know about the different types of mobile applications and what are the advantage & disadvantages of those applications


1.Native Apps


This kind of apps is developed or build for a particular operating system(os) or platform. If you are thinking to develop an app to reach a huge audience base, then prefer android app and likewise ios, windows and etc are the other platforms which you can develop mobile apps.




Features and abilities of the device are considered while developing native apps. So it will run more efficiently than the other applications. Native device UI is used to provide better customer experience. User can easily access the native apps from app stores




If you decide to develop an application for different platforms. The development process will begin from scratch. Because you cannot utilise the same code for creating apps on multiple platforms. Each platform requires separate code and ultimately the cost will increase when you want to expand the platforms


2.Web Apps


These applications are similar to the native application, but it will run using a web browser in your device. Web apps work well on multiple platforms. There is no need to download the application and it will adjust its UI based on the user device. For Developing Web Applications, various programming languages used like Html5, Javascript, CSS & etc 




It doesn't require the huge space in the device and works well with little bit memory and an update will happen through the web.No need to customize the app based on the particular platform and it will reduce the development cost to the clients




Web applications completely depend on the device browser and browsers have various functionalities. They are not similar, user can feel different experiences. Without an internet connection, the user may not able to refresh the data or don't get fresh data on the screen


3.Hybrid Applications


Hybrid apps are a combination of both Native and Web Apps. It represents as a web app and works like a native app. User can download these hybrid apps from app stores. Responsive design and fastness are available with these apps and user can use it in offline mode. Native APIs and programming languages like HTML5, CSS & Ionic are the most used ones. Mobile App Development Company prefers these technologies for developing hybrid apps.




Mobile app development companies can develop hybrid apps faster than native apps. The development process won't need more money. Because of the code, we can use the same code for developing an android app or ios and windows apps. Hybrid apps work well also in a place where the internet connection is weak.




Of course, hybrids apps developed quicker than the web and native apps. But the user may feel frustration with Designs of the application. Hybrid apps are facing design issues and the design may vary from one platform to another one. These apps are lack in performance, speed and etc compared to native apps




Mobile app development company or app developers create robust apps for various purposes. Either it is for an individual or a company and etc. All types of apps are satisfying the needs of the end-users. It is common that every kind of apps has both pros and cons. So Choosing the type of apps is completely depends on the requirements of the clients.


Fusion Informatics is one of the best app development companies with global recognition. We Provide various kind of applications to the companies of various industries. We have branches in UAE, India, USA and etc across the globe. If you are searching for a company which can offer the best app solutions, then we will create apps as per your needs.

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React Native App Development Company

React Native app development, an incredible single technology to bring your product on Android & iOS app platforms simultaneously Build your Mobile App in 4 - 12 weeks by our smart Mobile App developer team. Release your product on multiple platforms, maintain them with affordable cost.

React Native is a Javascript Framework for building native mobile applications using ReactJS. React Native uses the same design as React with functionality to compose a rich mobile UI (User Interface) from declarative components. It was developed by the engineers at Facebook and has quickly gained a lot of popularity.

With React Native, We not only develop a mobile & web application, an HTML5 App or a hybrid app, but Mobiloitte also develops a real-time mobile application that’s indistinguishable from an app develop using Objective-C or Java.

We love using React Native to develop native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platform. So much so that even our internal company apps are built on React Native.

If you are looking to hire a React Native App Development Company, we should talk.

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Tips For Storing Your Winter Throws And Blankets

Once the warm season begins, it is time to put your Pendleton throw blanket away for a while. You don’t want to store your blankets and throws improperly to lead to a few unpleasant surprises such as musty odors, mildew and molds. You should instead store your blankets in breathable place and keep them fresh to be used next season.


Wash first

Before storing the blankets, you should wash them first to ensure that they are ready to use any time you need them. Also, you don’t want to put dirty blankets back on your bed in case you need it. Storing dirty blankets can also cause the whole house to stink.

Follow the instructions on the blanket when washing it to avoid damaging it. If the blanket doesn’t have a tag, wash it in cold water using a gentle detergent. Dry your blanket on a line avoiding direct sunlight or you can dry it in a dryer using low heat.

Bag based storage

After drying your Native American blankets, store them in bag based storage. Avoid storing the blanket in a plastic bag because plastic bags are airtight and this can hold moisture during humid weather. This can make the blanket damp and musty. Store the blanket in blanket-storage bags. These types of bags have cotton sides that are breathable to allow fresh air to flow through as they protect the blanket from insects and dust.

Store in drawers or trunks

You can also store your Pendleton throw blanket in a trunk in a spare drawer or in a trunk below your bed. You may also store it in your closet if you have enough space there. The blankets should be folded and placed in a cotton sheet. This will help to maintain their cleanliness within the drawer or the chest. Don’t store the blankets in a damp place.

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React Native is an open source platform launched by Facebook a while back. Certainly, it has many advantages over other hybrid app development platforms. Because it works on all the operating systems, it is the first choice of app developers overall. The technologist who wants to jump into the app development should definitely learn the basics of React Native as it is very easy to learn and implement.

  • Use of Diffing algorithms

React Native makes use of diffing algorithm which takes place in the background. It keeps the User Interface thread free. It is the default feature in the React Native.

Also, React Native reduces the time needed to observe any changes that take place when the programmer edits the code.

  • Frequent Releases

The evolution of React Native happens at a fast pace. The libraries are constantly updated. At this point, it becomes important for the app developers to keep up to date with the changing and improving React Native.

Mobile Java Script Framework

When a developer knows Java Script, it is easy for him to do React Native app development. If a frontend developer knows Java Script, it also helps him to transition to become an app developer. React Native is very easy to work with.

An Initiative of Facebook, The React Native framework has helped a large number of app developers to make and run smooth apps till date. React Native app development is better than using any other hybrid platform to develop apps.

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