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Top 10 Bizarrely Named Streets in England

Britain is known for many things one of which is her strange street names. Whoever suggested these bizarrely named streets in England must have been either an extremely comical character or a crazy person in the sense of the word. If you have never been to England, here is your beginner guide to weird street names in Britain.

10. Hooker Rd, Norwich

Imagine the nightmare of living along this street. Not only will you always encounter potential “clients” who will stop at nothing to ask you if you are in business but selling your property may be a nightmare too. This is among England Street names bound to cause shame and embarrassment for those forced to use it on a daily basis.

9. Ha-Ha Road, Greenwich

Whoever named this street must have been in a great mood that day or something of the sort. Could it also be that this street aroused happy feelings for anyone passing or driving along it? Whatever the case, we still term it as one of the bizarrely named streets in England.

8. Needless Alley, Birmingham

This is also among weird street names in Britain as one wonders why the need for such a title. Is it that no one has any need in the alley or no one should ask for anything there? Stay tuned on this website for when we reveal the real motive behind naming an alley in such a strange and mysterious manner.

7. Swing Swang Lane, Basingstoke

Maybe not very bizarre but still strange in a special way! Does it translate to being swung in all directions once you visit the place? We wonder. Until we get the right answer, we cannot avoid placing this in the list of weird street names in Britain.

6. Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate, York

We sincerely have no idea what this sentence means as whole. We can only speculate and group it as one of the crazy England Street names. It is as mouthful as it is strange. Do people ever finish mentioning all the words before someone else bursts out laughing? Perhaps locals have gotten used to it since it has been in existence for a long time now.

5. Bow Wow, Gloucestershire

Fifth on our list of bizarrely named streets in England comes Bow Wow, a street located in Gloucestershire in England. Bow wow always amazes tourists and first time visitors because they just have a hard time accepting it as an official name for a street. Like the rest of the surprising England Street names, one warms up to it after staying there for a while.

4. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire

Could it be that Fanny Hands Lane had too many fanny pickpockets that it just had to be among the bizarrely named streets in England? You might want to live along this lane though because as it turns out, it is one of the best selling properties in the country. The name could have contributed to this fact, who knows? As much as this truth is painfully coincidental, nothing will make us change our minds about Fanny Hands Lane being one of the bizarre England Street names.

3. Minge Lane, Worcestershire

When you name a street after male or female genitalia or anything close to it, you end up with one of the weird street names in Britain. Residents of Worcestershire are well familiar with this lane especially those that live close by. Its popularity is mainly because of well, you guessed it, the name.

2. Bell End, Midlands

Bell End also finds its way home to bizarrely named streets in England basically because of the sexual nature of the name. Thankfully, a good number of people are blissfully unaware of the real meaning of the two words therefore it sounds good to them. Once you realize the meaning however, you may find it hard to even pronounce this. This can get worse if you just moved to Bell End and you have to say it, text it, email it and even sing about it everywhere you go.

1. Cock Lane, London

Who would ever imagine that the capital of one of the most powerful nations of the world would be categorized among weird street names in Britain? Maybe it is the spirit of appreciating the human body and not being embarrassed about any part of it. No matter the answer, this will always be among weird England Street names.

We sincerely hope you have read something fun or insightful on this article about Britain’s weird street names. We cannot wait to tour these streets and see some of these signs for ourselves. Well, thank you our reader for your time here. We look forward to having you here again. If you liked this article, browse this website for more reads.

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What a time to be alive. In the last decade, technology has changed our lives dramatically. And it will continue to do so. Let’s dive right into some of the new technologies – and some not so new – which are going to bring huge changes to our lives in the next couple of decades.

10. 3D Printing to Build Houses

3D printers are going to be one of the new technologies that will change the future. Additive manufacturing is the jargon for it. This tech is already printing up homes and offices in Russia, Dubai, China, Netherlands, complete with electricity, air conditioning, water and internet as well as energy saving blinds. What we have today is just a glimpse of future technology. In a few years, entire cities may be 3D printed. Dubai has set its sights on printing a fourth of its buildings by 2030!

9. Drones that Deliver

Drones are technologies that will change the future. Amazon delivering the latest Playstation at your rooftop is only one of the soon-to-be-possible uses for drones. These little bots can deliver emergency medical supplies 16 minutes faster than ambulances. The time saved could mean the difference between life and death for cardiac patients.

Since these drones are unmanned, they can reach places that vehicles can’t and even deliver organs. Drones in the future will have come a long way from shooting National Geographic shows!

8. Hyperloop will Shrink the World

San Francisco to LA in 35 minutes? In capsules inside a vacuum tube? Yes please! The Hyperloop could change the way we travel, and bring us closer to turning science fiction into non-fiction! The 800 engineers who are working on the Hyperloop around the world want it to deliver airplane speeds (760 mph) at the cost of a bus ticket. As long as you’re not claustrophobic, the first time you get into those futuristic capsules (by 2021, hopefully) will be the ride of your life.

7. Self-driving Vehicles Will be Everywhere

Driverless cars is one of the most useful future technology ideas. Elon Musk is already everywhere, singing the praises of a time in the future when traffic will be smooth, accidents due to distraction and error will be eliminated, the disabled and elderly will be able to move around easier in the back of a car that drives itself. Google is already test-driving such cars on its campus. One of the few things that are needed now is to develop an inexpensive battery to bring the costs of manufacturing these cars and to protect them against hackers.

6. Prosthetics that could give you skills

The future of prosthetics is mindblowing to imagine. So far, these artificial limbs have been heavy, getting gradually less clunky with new innovations. The future technology of bionic limbs are not only going to involve stylish limbs that you can completely customize to taste. Like something out of a superhero comic book, they may even grant the wearer special skills. Sophisticated modern prosthetics and i-limbs (fitted with chips) could make you faster or stronger. Reason enough to get a leg amputated, don’t you think?

5. Robots will help around the house

Robotics has created technologies that will change the future. There may come a time not too far away when you’ll have a robot helping you out with your chores at home. It could water your plants, make toast, wake you in time for work, lay out your clothes, cook and generally leave you with more time on your hands than you’d know what to do with. Robots will also make great care givers for the elderly, say Japanese researchers. Here’s to a future technology where humans actually become redundant!

4. Super tall buildings will function like mini-cities

With growing populations and space crunch in cities, builders will build vertically. Within 30 years, say experts, super tall cities will grow to become self-contained minicities. They say there are other fantastic future technology ideas that will go into these buildings. Like virtual windows, special solar-power generating spray-on coating, smart lighting following you around the house and other cool stuff.

3. Interplanetary travel will be a day trip

Is it our fate to eventually travel in space? Will we have to one day leave our gorgeous planet, with all its flaws? These are questions for you to ponder. Meanwhile, those who have their eyes on Mars are already planning the first interplanetary trip in six years. Will you be on board the SpaceX ship?

2. Renewable energy will be everywhere

At least, we hope the new US government will not be able to snuff out the sproutings of renewable energy around the world. Many carbon neutral energy sources are being developed today. Solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative energies, can actually provide 80 percent of the electricity we use in the US, by 2050.

Here’s an intriguing question. If things are going so well for the planet at the time, will we still want to leave for Mars?

1. We will use artificial intelligence to control our homes

We’re already in the age of the Internet of Things. We’re using AI in refrigerators to order fresh stock when stores are low. You can play music, control appliances, entertain your kid, and enjoy other future technology ideas. The future will only become more AI. We’re not sure how to feel about this, but we will of course have to adapt.

Do you think there are other future technology ideas and developing technologies that will change the future? What do you think about them? Will you, like the permaculturists, feel nostalgic for a time when we were close to the earth, when we fully participated in life rather than simply consuming the conveniences that technology brings us?

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Top 10 Funniest The Big Bang Theory Episodes

The Big Bang Theory has had us in splits since 2007. It’s already in its 10th season, and it doesn’t look like people around the world are going to give it up anytime soon. It’s the show that made nerds and geeks a part of mainstream culture. We love watching Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and others break-up and make-up over science, make it through socially awkward situations and enjoy some of the best chemistry we’ve seen in a sitcom.

Here’s a recap of some of the funniest Big Bang Theory episodes that make rainy days tolerable and fun again. Let’s raise a toast to the best Big Bang Theory episodes and hope this quirky group of friends stay with us for a long time.

10. The Middle Earth Paradigm, S1e6

This is one of the best episodes of Big Bang Theory, in which there’s a costume party. Penny kisses Leonard in a Frodo costume, Raj manages to make it through the evening despite being unable to talk to women, and Sheldon turns up looking like the Doppler effect hoping there will be judging and prizes for ‘the most accurate representation of a scientific principle’! On a side note, this is also the episode where Leonard and Penny kiss for the first time.

9. The Troll Manifestation, S8e14

This is the episode in which Amy writes an erotic fan fiction story called Little House on the Prairie. It is a thinly veiled story of her and Sheldon. Only, it’s set in the eighteenth century and the hero is a time-traveler who, according to Bernadette, is just as exhausting in fantasy as Sheldon.

‘What is time travel?’ asks the eighteenth century Amelia.

‘What part don’t you understand? ‘Time’ or ‘Travel’?” says Cooper/Sheldon.

If the ladies reading the story is funny, stay tuned for the enactment that Amy and Sheldon do in the end of the episode.

8. The Barbarian Sublimation, S2e3

This gem among Big Bang Theory episodes is where Penny gets hooked to World of Warcraft. She’s hit rock bottom in work and love, and keeps pestering Sheldon to show her how to play, going so far as to wake him in the middle of the night to ask advise about a quest. A great comic-duo is born and Leonard tries to advise Penny on her addiction, turning up as a WoW character and having his head sliced off. This is one of the funniest Big Bang Theory episodes in which Penny plays a huge role.

7. The Proton Transmogrification, S7e22

Bob Newhart’s Professor Proton waving around a Jedi stick and Sheldon’s conviction that he’s there to give him advice a la Obi Wan Kenobi makes for consistently funny moments in one of the best episodes of Big Bang Theory. The sitcom is best when it focuses on geek culture. This episode is about Star Wars, Sheldon coming to terms with the loss of a mentor and Bob Newhart dressed in Jedi robes advising Sheldon about getting a prenup.

6. The Euclid Alternative, S2e5

In this episode, Sheldon learns to drive, with disastrous consequences. This is one of the first episodes of Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon becomes a stand-out character and takes some of the focus from Leonard. He keeps bugging his friends to drive him around on errands, until they recommend he gets a driver’s license (which he didn’t get at sixteen because he was ‘otherwise engaged’).

There is a hilarious scene in which he irritates the DMV with questions about the questions on the application, until she hands him the Learner’s License to get rid of him. Another standout moment is Sheldon at the driving simulator.

5. The Table Polarization, S7, e16

This is one of the funniest Big Bang Theory episodes in which Leonard tries to get the gang to sit around an actual dining table. There’s a battle of wills between Sheldon and Leonard. Penny tries to get Leonard to stand up to Sheldon. Sheldon is made to realize that just like Penny is changing Leonard, Amy has changed him too into an ‘affection, open-minded’ individual, and that it won’t do. He decides to break up with Amy. Hilarity follows.

4. The Panty Pinata Polarization, S2e7

A Penny versus Sheldon battle of wills makes for hilarious television. Sheldon blocks Penny from freeloading on the WiFi, hangs her laundry on a telephone wire so she can play panty pinata and retrieve it, and Penny gets revenge by telling on him to his mother. Meanwhile, Raj and Howard try to figure out where America’s Next Top Model lives.

3. The Love Spell Potential, S6e23

The girls’ can’t make it to Vegas on a planned trip, so they play Dungeons and Dragons with the boys. Howard does some fantastic impressions as Dungeon Master. But the gang tease Amy and Sheldon for their lack of intimacy, and Bernadette casts a love spell on them in the game. This hits too close to home for Amy, and she goes off to mope. Sheldon follows to comfort her, and hilarity happens. This is one of the funniest Big Bang Theory episodes in which Sheldon and Amy literally play at intimacy, in his bedroom, with dice.

2. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis, S2, e11

It’s Christmas gift-giving season. This is the episode where Penny gives Sheldon a gift with the autograph and saliva of Leonard Nimoy. Sheldon has been wondering all episode what to give Penny in return, without under- or over- reciprocating. Meanwhile, Leonard is unhappy to learn that Penny’s new boyfriend is just as smart as he is good-looking. This is one of the best Christmas episodes from the show, with a heartwarming hug from Sheldon to Penny!

1. The Transporter Malfunction, S5e20

This is one of the best Star Trek-related Big Bang Theory episodes. Penny gifts Leonard and Sheldon Star Trek transporter collectible toys. Sheldon can’t bear to play with his, but Leonard Nimoy in a dream tells him to. The toy breaks. Sheldon switches his with Leonard’s. Watch the episode to see the fun!

There are so many other Big Bang Theory episodes that we wish we could include here. What about you? What are your favorite episodes of Big Bang Theory? Maybe now is a good time to go and revisit them.

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Top 10 Ways Aliens Can Get Found on Earth

There have been rumors of aliens visiting Earth from another planet or body of the universe. While we may not know the origin of these species, the real question is usually, “how do aliens arrive on earth?” Travelling from one star to the next is anything but easy. The fastest rocket can take 73,000 years to journey from earth to the nearest star. So what are the best ways for aliens to get on earth? Take a look at these ten ways.

Einstein’s loophole:

After a number of experiments and equations, Albert Einstein discovered that nothing could travel faster than light. He also said that the shortest distance between any two given distances is via a straight line joining them. Real aliens on earth proof have led other scientists to believe in the theory of a wormhole. This analogy resembles a hole poked between a folded sheet of paper. Aliens could be travelling here through such a wormhole therefore taking a shorter period of time than normal journey through straight lines.

Aliens may be living closer to home:

Aliens on earth proof have also caused many scientists to believe that aliens are far advanced in the issues of technology. This advancement in technology allows them to travel faster through space. Apart from good tech, aliens may be living within our solar system so that coming here takes a shorter time. This too, is one of the best ways for aliens to get on earth.

Inter-dimensional beings:

This is yet another famous theory concerning real aliens on earth proof. It speculates that aliens are some sort of beings from a totally different dimension. The famous UFO researcher Jacque Vallee brought forth this theory saying aliens tend to appear and disappear during abduction cases here on earth.

Aliens have always been with us:

While we are busy looking for some of the best ways for aliens to get on earth, could it be that these foreign beings have been amongst us since forever? Aliens on earth proof have caused us to ask this question because once in a while, we hear reports of jets chasing after aliens only for them to disappear under water never to be seen again. There may be an undiscovered world here in our planet inhabited by aliens.

Better technology:

As mentioned earlier, aliens have been rumored to have better tech than humans on earth. The fastest equipment here cannot travel faster than light. Real aliens on earth proof make us to believe the truth of this theory.

Hitched rides:

Carl Sagan, a science writer advocated aliens could have travelled here via interstellar comets that orbit the sun from time to time. According to him, aliens hold on to these big balls of ice and rock as they move along towards earth. As expected, before they reach here to colonize earth, it will be another millions of years. This too adds on the list of the best ways for aliens to get on earth.

There is no distance between space and earth but rather time difference:

Some people have speculated that space between galaxies doesn’t exist physically but rather based on time difference. If one needed to travel from space to earth, distance was not really at play but time instead. Since time could be speeded or dragged, aliens on earth proof have estimated that aliens have the power to come here anytime they please.

Aliens belonged to earth before we did:

A few people have also pointed out another interesting theory based on real aliens on earth proof. They advocate that aliens were here long before we ever existed. They are hence from the future while we are the present owners of the planet.

Earth is linked to other domes:

Aliens on earth proof speculate that our planet could be interlinked to a number of others inhabited by aliens. The link may be undiscovered by now using the technology we have. Aliens could be easily travelling through the domes as they desire, of course using their high tech travelling gadgets.

Black hole technology:

This is without doubt the top entry on our list of best ways for aliens to get on earth. This theory states that aliens have been in the universe for a really long time that they have devised a way to create black holes and use them to get from one point to the other. These real aliens on earth proof almost come close to explaining this mysterious topic of aliens travel.

So there you have it- a detailed article based on aliens on earth proof. We hope one of these days the facts will be laid out bare for the world. As we wait for that moment, we will educate ourselves with the available theories. Well, thank you for staying with us to the end. Browse this website for more interesting reads.

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