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Which Is The Best Dental Mouth Guard?

While talking about dental MouthGuards, it is known that these are considered to be the coverings that the people wear over their teeth. Often, these mouthguards are also used to provide protection to the teeth from specific injury during sports and also teeth grinding. Apart from that, you can again find the availability of Custom Mouthguards Melbourne.

Different Types Of Mouthguards

Here are given three different mouth guards types such as:

1. Stock Mouth Protectors

Usually, these are ready to wear as well as performed. They are also reasonably priced and so, it can be easily found at department stores as well as other sporting goods stores.

Apart from that, they are also large, and also, it can make both talking and breathing difficult. But, they failed to provide protection or they only provide a little protection. This is the main reason, why these are not recommended to be used by the dentists.

2. Boil And Bite Mouth Protectors

There are again many of the sporting good stores where you can easily found these mouth protectors. But, it can be a good option rather than the stock mouth protectors. This kind of mouthguard is specifically made from thermoplastic material.

So, it is placed in hot water to soften and after that, it is shaped around the teeth after placing it in the mouth by using the tongue as well as finger pressure.

3. Custom-Fitted Mouth Protectors

These are designed properly and also made in a professional laboratory or a dental office on the basis of the instruction of your dentist. First of all, the impression of your teeth should be taken by your dentist and just after that, a mouth guard is molded in it by making use of special material.

Also, this custom made mouthguard is known to be costly than the other types because of the presence of specific material and also much of the work and time involved.

This kind of mouthguards can provide the most comfort along with protection.

Additional Information Regarding This

Only, the upper teeth are covered by the mouth guards. But, in some of the instances, a mouth guard will be made by the dentist just for your lower teeth. In this regard, the best mouthguard will be suggested by your dentist.

An efficient mouth guard should resist tears, easy to clean and also be durable. They should possibly not restrict your speech or breathing. Apart from that, there is another mouth guard called nocturnal bite plate bite splint in case you grind your teeth at night. This helps to prevent tooth damage.

Do You Need A Mouth Guard?

Anyone can use these mouth guards including the adults as well as children who are involved in playing contact sports like football, boxing, lacrosse, ice hockey, soccer, basketball and also field hockey.

People participating in some non-contact sports like gymnastics as well as any of the recreational activities such as mountain biking and skateboarding can use this. This is because they might pose a risk of mouth injury which would be benefitted by wearing this kind of defensive mouthguard.

On the other hand, both the children and adults who are involved in grinding their teeth at night time should possibly have a nocturnal bite splint or bite plate which helps in the prevention of tooth damage.

Final Words

Not only that, but you can also find the Australian Mouthguards that you can consider using from protecting your teeth from a sports injury and also teeth grinding.

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Mouthguards and bite guards are devices made up of durable plastic, which are designed to protect your teeth from any damage while you sleep or from injuries while you play. They are also a great aid to relieve obstructive sleep apnea and reduce snoring. If you have just got new mouthguard or bite guard, you need to know, what are the best ways to keep them clean? Below, we have discussed some of the tips you need to know for optimal bite guard care.

Clean your mouthguard properly — Each day, when you take off your mouthguard or bite guard, take your toothbrush and mouthwash to clean it. Scrubbing your mouthguard will remove all the germs and keep it fresh till you use it again. From time to time soak your mouthguard in Polident or Efferdent.

Keep your mouthguards away from the reach of pets — When you’re not using your mouthguard, keep it safe in the case. If you have small kids and pets, keep the case away from their reach in a cabinet or drawer.

Don’t keep your mouthguard in the hot car — As already mentioned above, mouthguards are made up of plastic, when they are subjected to extreme heat condition, the shape of the mouthguard changes. In case, you’re traveling to a warm place, keep your mouthguard in your briefcase, purse, or backpack.

Don’t chew — Most of the sports people have the habit of chewing gum in the field to increase brain activity. But, chewing mouthguard can result in the damaged mouthguard, and reduce its protective ability.Besides this, chewing mouthguard also makes it less comfortable as it creates tears and rips.

Don’t lose your sleep — Generally, people can easily get used to their new mouthguard in a few days. However, if your mouthguard doesn’t allow you to sleep, remove it and use it again the next night.

Get medical assistance if you find changes in your bite — For some people, mouthguards could result in changes in a bite. On removing mouthguard in the morning, they may feel that their bite is bit unusual than normal for 10–20 minutes. If you’re noticing changes in bite pattern for than an hour, don’t wear your mouthguard and fix an appointment with the doctor for help.

Regardless of the type and quality of your mouthguard, always remember that mouthguards or bite-guards don’t last forever. You need to replace your mouthguard every two or three years. Want to buy one? Contact Esthetic Dental Group of Westport. They offer the best quality mouthguards in Westport.

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