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These quick books are cheaper to provide and often easier to revise. The younger ones are taken by means of a short educational film followed by instruction from skilled specialists. As a lot as possible, it also needs to include the name of the undertaking you might be engaged on, your identify or the identify of your band as an album artwork with textual content is healthier than a plain picture. It would be finest for you to have an album art that may stand out from the remaining at a first glance so that more users would take an interest in clicking the play button. Your substantial coming flatlands provide you with a picturesque take a trip throughout. Sunday tram providers began in could 1924. By 1928 after 21 years of service the trams had carried over 109 million passengers but their time was drawing to an in depth. You can expect pleasant service from the household run retailer, promoting the usual newspapers and groceries along with native meat and freshly baked bread. You can add as many tags as you need and whatever tag you favor so long as you still see to it that it is related to the type of music that you have produced.

If you end up uploading your monitor, you simply have to click “Metadata” and from there, you can add a hyperlink to where your music could be purchased from. It will be significant to note that the messages and even the portals themselves are established as open forums with minimal self serving or clearly business elements. The agenda of individuals in social media and social networking doesn't embrace commercial messages as it's primarily an on the net platform to assemble relationships and share details. Through tagging your music, you're permitting the opposite listeners on the stated platform to search out your music simpler. Click DJ is a platform that you should utilize in your music promotion. Perhaps, you are simply producing music as a interest or as a ardour however wouldn’t it's even higher if you can begin earning money from doing the factor that you just love doing probably the most?

When you're in to theatre, you then must undoubtedly go to the Alliance Theatre. For instance, for those who create RnB music, then be a part of groups created specifically for RnB artists. However, don’t just join any group and as a substitute, be part of teams based on the genre of music that you create or based on your geographical location. Both supply nice amount go prospects for making great music. Content Writer for BuyRealMarketing who understands the essence of creating glorious content material that suits the wants of each business, particularly when it comes to online advertising and marketing. Whether jewelry, pots, footwear or pans, craftsmen made a good dwelling producing objects they had been making since childhood. Creating good music is a very powerful thing for you to do as an artist. That is the album that made Usher one of the vital successful hip hop artist of all time. In fact, additionally it is important that it displays the music itself and you as an artist or a music producer. In any case, good music attracts performs and followers even with out the necessity so that you can do anything to put it up for sale.

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Nickel slag is a solid waste slag produced by smelting nickel-iron alloys. Nickel slag is divided into different types such as dry slag, water slag, high nickel slag, and low nickel slag. Dry iron slag contains higher nickel-iron alloys, while water slag contains lower nickel-iron alloys. High nickel slags have higher nickel content and almost no magnetism. The nickel-iron alloy in the low nickel slag has a low nickel content and a high magnetic permeability. A large amount of nickel slag is stacked, which poses a high risk of potential pollution to the soil and groundwater environment. According to relevant data, the annual output of nickel slag in our country is about 4 million tons, and the utilization rate is only 10%. Therefore, the reasonable and effective use of nickel slag, turning it into waste, and reducing environmental pollution is the primary problem in industry.
The SBM heavy-duty nickel slag vertical roller mill is built with leading domestic and foreign technologies. It integrates technology, innovation, quality and environmental protection. It is designed based on the use and suggestions of users of grinding mills and the guidance of domestic vertical roller mill experts. The new type of pulverizer is stable in operation and the quality of the finished product is good. It is suitable for grinding and processing of mineral materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines and so on. As a well-known comprehensive service provider of grinding systems in China, SBM Heavy Machinery continuously breaks through innovation, overcomes the problems of grinding machines, finds problems in development, solves problems technically, and becomes a vertical roller mill manufacturer trusted by users!
SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill technology is widely used in industrial solid waste treatment, not only can handle nickel slag, but also can be applied to the more difficult to handle slag, coal, gypsum and other mineral products. With the continuous development of science and technology, China's powder industry technology is also constantly innovated. The use of foreign advanced technology in technology has made the mill into various industries, and then promoted the development of China's powder industry technology. Introduction to the working principle of nickel slag vertical roller mill:
The material discharge tube falls to the center of the grinding disc. The grinding disc that rotates at a constant speed uses the centrifugal force to evenly spread and spread the raw materials outward to form a material bed of a certain thickness. The material is simultaneously crushed by multiple grinding rollers on the grinding disc. Crushed and crushed. Under the continuous driving of centrifugal force, the material continuously moves towards the outer edge of the grinding disc. When the material leaving the grinding disc encounters the hot gas entering the mill through the air ring and rises with it, it enters the separator through the middle casing of the mill. In this process The medium material and the hot gas have undergone sufficient heat exchange, and the water is quickly evaporated. The classifier controls the fineness of the finished product at the exit of the roller mill. Particles larger than the specified size are separated and fall back to the grinding disc. The materials that meet the fineness requirements enter the finished product bin through the sorting machine. After the finished product is collected, it is transported into the finished product bulk warehouse, and the exhaust gas is discharged after being silenced by the fan. Partially difficult-to-grind large-grain materials enter the external circulation system through the slag discharge port at the wind ring, and after being removed from the iron, they are fed into the mill by the elevator again for grinding.

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Louie Astrera Anquilo, MD, is a compassionate and skilled family medicine practitioner with more than eleven years of uniquely diversified experience in his field. He presently sees patients at Carolinas HealthCare System Urgent Care - Fort Mill in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Carolinas HealthCare System Urgent Care - Fort Mill is part of the larger Carolinas HealthCare Urgent Care network of urgent care clinics with a total of 28 locations.
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LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

Other equipments we need include belt conveyor, Vertical Mill Have Sequential Grinding, vibrating feeder, sand washing machine, etc. These equipments are mainly used to connect different machines and screen out the right size of crushed products. Feeding equipment, transportation equipment and screening equipment is basically not much difference. But we still have to take into account the characteristics of the material itself, the selection of equipment to pay attention to whether the material humidity, moisture large, how hardness, material size, especially when production requirements and other factors.

Raymond Gypsum Powder Grinding Mill

Raymond gypsum powder grinding mill, Improve Vertical Mill Output accommodate small private mines, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, refractories, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries highly efficient closed loop fine milling equipment, replace the ball mill is a new kind of powder processing mill, various technical indicators have reached the advanced level, much of the industry users. The product uses advanced structure of similar foreign products, and updated on the basis of large Raymond improvements designed. The device is more than a ball mill, high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, one-time investment. Roller under the effect of centrifugal force tightly compacted in the grinding ring, so when roller, grinding ring wear to a certain thickness does not affect the yield and fineness of the finished product. our production Raymond roller, grinding ring update cycle length, thus excluding the replacement of wearing parts centrifugal mill short cycle ills.

Raymond machine model is based on the number and size of the grinding rollers to points, five more than the roll and can be regarded as a large-scale equipment. Substantially common materials can be processed, such as calcium carbonate, coal, marble, calcite, iron, humic acid, kaolin, talc, etc . We sell a variety of milling equipment, such as R-type Raymond mill, super pressure trapezium mill, YGM high pressure hanging roller mill, LM vertical roller mill and MTW European version of the milling machine. Especially milling equipment series of raymond mill and crushing equipment series of jaw crusher sales in India and set up offices in India. If you want to know about different types of raymond mill related information, please contact our service personnel, welcome you to come to visit, negotiate and cooperate.

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Rice mill machinery / Rice milling method

There are two ways to mill rice, namely: chemical and mechanical methods. In the chemical method, the first is solvent extraction and rice milling. It starts with rice bran oil to soften the brown rice skin layer, and then it is lightly whitened. During the rolling process, it is sprayed with rice bran oil and n-hexane mixture continuously to form “fine rain”. Moisturizing, ultimately low-temperature white rice, by-product rice bran oil and edible defatted rice bran. Another method of chemical method is enzymatic hydrolysis, which uses the "biocutter" of fibrin, which cuts the cortical fiber into short and loose shelves, and can remove the brown rice cortex without grinding, and complete the task of rice making. However, the design ideas of chemical methods are expensive, costly, and economically inefficient, and have not been promoted and applied.


In China, the mechanical method has been widely used to produce rice, which is peeled and whitened by the mechanical force generated by the special Rice mill machinery(rice mills machines). If the force is mainly pressure, the form of peeling is regarded as rubbing off; if peeling is achieved at high speed, the form of peeling is converted into grinding. In general, the two characteristics co-exist in the device, but it seems to be weak in different models. The rubbing of the iron mill is stronger than the grinding, and the grinding of the rice mill machinery exceeds the rubbing.

The effect of rubbing comes from the relative movement between the walls and between the grains. When the binding force between the cortex and the endosperm is less than the frictional force, the cortex will be pulled off and erased, and the brown rice will be white. However, when the friction is not greater than the structural strength of the endosperm, the rice is intact. In order to achieve the best of both worlds, it is suitable for the processing of brown rice with high strength and soft skin. For brown rice with weak strength, it is easy to cause broken rice. The force of milling mainly comes from the high-speed rotation between the inner roller and the outer cylinder and the sand blade of the surface diamond grains. The brown rice is continuously crushed as a sandwich in the chaotic travel, causing the cortex to rupture and fall off, and the brown rice is whitened. The characteristics of this whitening are: low pressure, high linear velocity; large centrifugal acceleration, which is suitable for the processing of brown rice with weak strength and hard surface. Although the broken rice is small, the beige color is dark, the light is not smooth, and the accuracy is not easy. Evenly.


The two kinds of whitening have their own advantages. In practice, most of them are used in two kinds of whitening, and they are used to avoid shortness to achieve better results. For example, the horizontal mill machinery used in China is a mixed whitening machine with high rice yield, less broken rice, large output and beautiful beige color.

For more information on Rice mill machinery please pay attention to our website:


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Mobile crushing station is the production line that consists of Raymond Mill, circle vibrating screen, sand maker and belt conveyor, which can move with the production sites. Mobile crushing station can realize automation production totally with the advantages of compact structure, strong adaptability; it can save a lot of manpower and resources.

Mobile crushing station is the powerful Vertical Roller Mill production line to mine fluorite ore with high efficiency and precision. It is the best production line of mining fluorite ore. Fluorite ore, also known as fluor, is the main source of industrial fluorine and one of the important raw materials of nonmetallic mineral in the world. The pure colorless transparent fluorite ore can be used as optical material, while the bright color fluorite ore can be used as the material of gems and Craft art sculpture. It is also the basic material of Fluorine chemical industry, and its processed products are widely uses in the field of Aerospace, aviation, refrigeration, pharmacy, Pesticide, Antisepsis, extinguishment, electron, electric power, machinery, atomic energy and etc. With the development of science and national economy, fluorite ore has become the important raw mineral materials of modern industry.

Many developed countries reserved fluorite ore as an important strategic material. China's fluorite ore is rich in resources, wide in distribution, various in deposit types and with the resources reserve volume, production capacity and export quantum all occupy the first place in the world. Fluorite was first be found by ancient Indian. There are many cobras in a little hill, they all pace up and down around big stones, which causes the exploring mystery interests of local people. When the night fall, the big stones in this place shone in the light of blue, insects with phototoxic danced over the stones, the frogs jumped out to episite, then the cobras hided nearby were came out to prey on frogs. So, people called these stones as Snake eyes stones, later, the people understood that the snake eyes stones were fluorite ores.

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Introduction and performance of marble ball mill

Marble is a metamorphic mineral formed by high temperature and high pressure metamorphism in the earth's crust. Marble has the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, beautiful appearance, long life, strong compressive and magnetic resistance, and is often used in building decoration, household appliances, alkali-resistant materials, coatings and rubber industries.
The barrel of the marble ball mill is designed with high strength sliding bearing, which is made from the manufacturer for grinding marble. It can greatly reduce the problems of cylinder movement, bearing wear and poor sealing of marble ball mill. To ensure the efficient and stable operation of marble mill, it can work continuously for a long time. So that users can maximize the benefits and reduce maintenance time.
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SAP BUSINESS ONE for Dhall solution ERP for food processing solutions- SAP Business One in Chennai Offering business answers for worldwide customers, spreading over a scope of industry verticals including Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Insurance, Education, Legal Services and Electricity Utility and so forth.

We coordinate best-in-class items and administrations to make altered answers for empowering innovation driven manageable development of customer’s organizations. Built right within SAP Business One are best practices in stock administration. With the product, you can accomplish a Good and Better procedure for tending to your stock supervision necessities.

SAP BUSINESS ONE for Rice mill solution delivers incorporated accounting/finance, sales quotes/orders, CRM, item/inventory  management, purchasing, MRP, warehouse administration, and pick and pack right out of the box. This solution associates,  business and assembling forms  and can enable you to enhance everything from generation time and expenses for stock administration.  Click here to know more about SAP BUSINESS ONE for masala solution, ERP for Rice mill solution.


19, TS Towers, Navaneethammal st,

Ayyavoo Colony, Aminjikarai, Chennai – 600 029

Mobile: 044- 48577447, (+91) 9600116050

Visit Us:

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Prospects for the development of micro-grinding

Ultrafine Mill is also a kind of ore crushing machinery. Its technology is a new crushing engineering technology developed in recent years along with modern high technology and new materials industry. It has become the most important industrial mineral and other raw materials. One of the deep processing technologies is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industries. However, at present, there is still a certain gap between our domestic micro-grinding and foreign relatives. Therefore, the future development direction of micro-grinding is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

It is necessary to improve the existing SCM Ultrafine Mill structure, improve the crushing ability of the micro-grinding to medium-hard ore and the convenience of equipment maintenance, and mainly focus on the improvement of the plate hammer and rotor structure to facilitate the replacement and loading of the hammer; the counter-attack Structural optimization of the (broken cavity shape) improves the primary crushing rate and energy utilization of the ore. Research and development of new plate hammer materials with high wear resistance and high toughness to improve the service life of the plate hammer and improve productivity.

The application of modern mechatronics technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), continuously improve the automation of micro-grinding, reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase productivity. For example, the application of modern computer-aided design optimizes the structural parameters of the counter-attack frame to improve the energy utilization rate and the primary crushing rate of the ore. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, ultrafine mill is being serialized and standardized.

Adhere to technological innovation and gradually get rid of the single introduction and imitation of products. The ultra-fine grinding powder produced by our company has the advantages of small floor space, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and cleanliness, high reliability, etc., and is highly praised by users. After the ore materials are ground, they are applied in many industrial fields. For example, calcite, dolomite, limestone, mica stone and other ore are used in the industrial application. There is a lot of knowledge about the application of grinding ore materials after grinding.

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With the fast development of the economy in our country, the control strength of our government for scarce resources has been gradually increasing, and the Ultrafine Mill fluorite is one of the national strategic resources. Because our government steps up efforts in the integration and protection of the fluorite resources, the fluorite resources will be integrated by some large-sized company with huge scope and technological advantages in the future. As the most important fluorine source, the reserve and production ratio has been continuously decreasing.
In recent years, a lot of resources have been wasted, and the Ultrafine Mill application of the fluorite is very wide, for this reason, the application value of fluorite is higher and higher. The previous scattered and mussy mining resources exploitation has been gradually developing toward integration of large-sized mineral resources companies. Large-sized machines and professional types of configuration are the focus of the integration, and they will improve the exploitation efficiency of the mineral resources and improve the safety performance in the mineral exploitation process.At present, the devices of the fluorite production companies in our country is relatively small in production capacity, and it has not any scale advantages, and in addition, the over-exploitation to the fluorite in our country causes serious waste of the resources so that the resources utilization rate is very low. For this reason, the fluorite industry in our country has inner requirement for resources integration.
Compared with common powder collector, the bypass powder collector has little pressure loss and high collecting efficiency, so that it is beneficial to collect the super-fine particles that are difficult for the common powder collector to collect and the machine is environmentally friendly. The fluorite ultrafine mill adopts the same resistance devices in the machine in order to avoid the different contribution of the two powder collector, so that it will improve the powder collecting efficiency, reduce internal cycle and improve the production capacity of the ultrafine mill. We have many years of production experience in grinding mill, and our country have wide customers resources, and the equipment researched and developed by our country enjoy wide popularity among the customers after they are put into use.

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Fine grinding air volume and fineness adjustment

vertical roller mill production process, we are not only demanding its capacity, as well as the quality of finished products, because these two points is the most intuitive aspects of the impact of production engineering two aspects, and the quality of finished products The more factors, mainly introduced here is the impact of air volume on it.

In the process of ultrafine mill, what we demand is not only its capacity, but also the quality of finished products, as these two points are two more intuitive aspects that affect the production engineering benefits. The factors related to finished product quality More, here is the main impact of the air volume on it.

Mainly refers to the amount of air circulation mill vertical roller mill mill wind, can be used to separate the processed material, the fineness of the smaller take away the fineness of the need to re-processing, the air volume is from Fan generated, the control part of the air flow in the fan intake pipe on a flow control valve, vertical roller mill operation, under normal circumstances are open to greater, at the same time according to production requirements, the fineness requirements, the appropriate adjust. At the same time in the exhaust fan outlet fan control valve, adjusted to the inlet without dust spray can be. Small air volume corresponding to the fineness of the high and low fineness, but the air volume is too small Host below the duct easily sediment material, according to the specific requirements of the use of regulation.

vertical roller mill in use, the size of the air flow directly affects the fineness and yield, fineness adjustment according to the proportion of material, water content, size, hardness to adjust, under normal circumstances, different materials need to be processed Fineness is also different, at this time can adjust the top of the analyzer, low speed, low fineness, high speed, high fineness. If you increase the fineness, the corresponding output will be reduced, when the fineness of the higher requirements, you can adjust the fan speed, more flexible use of independent regulation.
The article introduces the vertical roller mill in the production process, the air volume and the fineness of the adjustment problem, for these two aspects of the article is more clear, according to production needs to be adjusted.

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development of the ultrafine mill industry

Moreover, has also launched a perfect ultrafine mill dry production line based on the ultrafine mill, all adopting more advanced new processes, new technologies and new equipment.

Moreover, the environmental protection technology of the new ultrafine mill also provides an opportunity for the development of the ultrafine mill industry. Cement grinding equipment that meets sustainable development must have a better future.

Then there is the market advantage. We know that the direct downstream company of the ultrafine mill industry is the building materials industry, and the development of the building materials industry in China in recent years is obvious to all. As a pillar industry in the building materials industry, the ultrafine mill industry can be imagined with its market development prospects.

In addition, with the increasing market competition for ultrafine mill ultrafine mill grinding equipment manufacturers, the ultrafine mill equipment industry will promote technological innovation and speed up product replaultrafine mill, which in turn will promote efficient ultrafine mill production. High-yield, high-tech content.

Based on the national industrial policy, taking structural optimization and industrial upgrading as the main line, taking energy-saving emission reduction and resource recycling as the goal, and taking advantage of the advantages of raw material resources to strengthen the technological innovation of ultrafine mill process equipment, vigorously develop high-tech ultrafine mill products. In order to achieve a healthy and rapid development of the ultrafine mill industry in China.

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Raymond Mill Production Line

Raymond Mill Production Line is unit operations designed to powder or pulverize solid materials into smaller pieces. Raymond is the required process when size reduction of below 5-20 mm is needed, raymond mill history Series reach the fineness up to 5-1500 micron. There are many different types of raymond mills and many types of materials processed in them. Company can design complete system layout for a wide variety of raymond industries, and supply the right raymond solution to every method and application.

The whole raymond mill production line is of a standard structure, which is collocated with main unit, power classifier, cyclone collector, decelerator, dust catcher, blower, motor, pipes, and the optional accessories include jaw crusher, elevator, feeder and control cabinet. Raymond Mill production line features easy adjustment, small dimension, light weight, lower oil and power consumption, no pollution and easy maintenance.

Raymond Mill Maintenance

Raymond Mill repair and maintenance are crucial for assuring manufacture efficiency. If not maintained properly, raymond mill run-time will be reduced causing substantial economic losses. 1. The operators must be qualified with the required technical knowledge, receive technical training and fully understand the operating principle, performance a regulations of the raymond mill. 2. The operators should follow the operate principle and lubricate the requirement parts marked in lubrication picture. Untreated waste oil may not be used and keep lubrication points clean. 3. Pay attention to check the temperature of bearing not to exceed 60 ℃ and make sure every bolt not loose, no abnormal sound, uniform mining feed, steady water feed, normal current, voltage of motor. 4. To keep surroundings clean where the raymond mill run. Every party should be clean unless it's running.

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Granite is not easy to be weathered, its beautiful appearance and color can keep more than a century; it is widely used in the construction of road, railway, high level buildings, housing construction and other fields. Currently, granite sand gradually occupies a very important place in the development of construction industry in China, seek targeted ultrafine mill to make sand has also become a demand of the times.
To meet infrastructure construction demand on gravel sand, mining machinery enterprises launch different varieties of hard rock crushing machines for choice; advanced hard rock crushing machines currently include ultrafine mill, impact rotary crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. In the configuration of sand production line, Shanghai Zenith is with more than 10 years of experience, favored and praised by the majority of users.
When configure the granite sand production line, we should first select suitable ultrafine mill according to features of materials; we all know that granite is a hard rock, in order to process it into stone of construction specifications, cone crusher is appreciate.
ultrafine mill produced by Zenith Company is new type mineral impact crusher absorbing the world's advanced technology and combining the world’s most stable and most advanced stone impact or, with characteristics of high output, low energy consumption. Under the same diameter of crushing wall, the ultrafine mill has longer crushing stroke and larger reduction ratio.
Shanghai Zenith Machinery Company develops new hard rock crushing machine to meet the different needs of the market, which brings big profits to our investors and be welcomed by investors.

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ultrafine mill is suitable for the rough, fine and reverse flotation of lead, copper, zinc, molybdenum, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic minerals, etc. It has large inspiratory capacity and low power consumption. The flotation tank has gas suction, pulp suction and flotation functions, which has self-flotation circuit without any auxiliary equipment. The machine has horizontal configuration, which is easy for process changes. The pulp is recycled reasonably, which can minimize sand sediments. In addition, its pulp surface is equipped with automatic control device, which has convenient adjustment. The impeller has backward upper and lower leaves, the upper leaf leads to the upper cycle of the pulp, the lower one leads to the lower cycle of the pulp.
The ultrafine mill produced by our company, dual air inlet mode and double umbrella impeller structure, which has large inflatable volume, low energy consumption. It is easy to adjust the volume and separate the stator structure, so as to ensure the installation precision and working stability. SBM ultrafine mill can automatically adjust the slurry level to make the level bubble separation zone become flat and long service life of the impeller stator. SBM Machinery has up to more than 10 years manufacturing experience, which has produced ultrafine mill with convenient loading and unloading. SBM ultrafine mill can meet different production requirements according to the needs of customers, which adopts collectors with strong collecting ability and reasonable concentrations. It aims to enhance the fixation strength of mineral and bubble and accelerate the floating velocity as well as to fill non polar oils. Such as diesel, kerosene and other auxiliary collector, they can consolidate the' three phase' to contact the surrounding environment and enhance the fixation strength of minerals and bubble.
SBM Machinery is an experienced manufacture of ultrafine mill, in addition to agitation ultrafine mill and mechanical ultrafine mill, we also produce froth ultrafine mill and copper ore ultrafine mill. The ultrafine mill of our company has favorable price, high performance and complete after-sales service. Customers are welcomed to pay a visit to our company!

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Modification of ultrafine mill System

Ultrafine mill feeding system will be based on the different materials, feeding effect is also different, if the material is too large water may cause blocking material situation, especially the slag milling machine. Therefore, invested a lot of manpower and resources in Shanghai, ultrafine mill system to transform the material, and achieved good results.
Let's take a look at the working condition of the unloading system before the slag ultrafine mill.
We interviewed that the king of slag processing plant owners, Wang boss ultrafine mill slag is an ordinary mill. When asked about the production of equipment, Wang boss moan sighed: 'Do not mention, I bought this device two months ago, is simply to Tim Tim! Often blockage problems, ranging from three days once, more often three to five times, every time I spend at least two hours to deal with blocking material, longer time is six hours. Many times to contact the mill manufacturer, and used a lot of ways to transform, the effect is not satisfactory. Now I am ready to change the slag milling equipment. \u0026 rdquo;
According to the above situation, we interviewed a large equipment R \u0026 D and manufacturing experts \u0026 md; It is reported that the factory closer to the transformation of ultrafine mill system has been very successful, and has been successfully used. In order to help the boss to solve the problem of ultrafine mill material of LM220K slag mentioned above, we specially interview Qin technician of Research and Development Department, hoping he can help Wang boss to solve his worries.

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