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How to Stay Motivated When you’re Plateauing

Staying motivated to continue your exercise regime is a struggle in itself. Almost on a daily basis, you need to remind yourself that whatever you are doing is going to have a visible impact on your body. However, remaining motivated becomes a lot harder when you hit a plateau. In such circumstances, you would find yourself doing everything in your power without getting any results in return. It might feel as if all the hard work you are putting in the gym is going to waste. This feeling can be a real downer and can easily demotivate you from going back to the gym.


Focus on the Now

When you are plateauing, your mind starts to wander away from the present. You begin to think that this plateau will become a constant and you will never get out of this phase. This kind of thinking is harmful to your weight loss prospects. So instead, the best way to repel such thoughts is by focusing on the now and not too far into the future. Just take each day as it comes and put in your hardest effort. If possible, start adding a few reps to your exercise regime. These additions can help in keeping your chin up and you will soon break through the plateau.

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Even when you have not hit a plateau, receiving proper sleep is an important component of any exercise regime. However, when you have hit a plateau, getting a full night’s sleep becomes even more crucial. The reason for this is that it helps keep your mind and body fresh. When you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, you have a clear head and a spring in your step. Your motivation levels remain high as you are able to think straight and not worry too much about the stagnating results of your workout. Did you know that going without sleep for three days straight can result in hallucinations? Therefore, in addition to exercise it is important to maintain a good sleep regime to stay in control of your mind and body.

Try Something Else

One of the reasons people hit a plateau in their weight loss efforts is monotony. Doing the same exercises and workout routines over and over again can become too monotonous, allowing the body and mind to get used to it. Because of this, achieving higher results becomes all the more challenging. Trying something else can be a good option in such circumstances to remain motivated. Going for a new workout routine or adding some cardio to your strength-training exercises can be just what you need to break through the plateau. 

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What to Look For When Comparing Gyms

Everyone dreams of living a long, happy and healthy life. One of the ways in which you can accomplish this is by doing regular exercise. Exercise can help you remain in shape and not gain excess weight. In order to ensure that you don’t skip your exercise, you should consider joining a gym. This is especially necessary if you aren’t strong-willed and tend to lose motivation for doing exercise at home. Although, there are so many options and deals that it can be hard to decide which gym you should sign up to. You can make this decision easier by comparing various gyms in your area. The following are some aspects that you need to keep in mind when comparing gyms.



The location of the gym plays a very important role in whether you will be going there regularly or not. So, when comparing multiple gyms, make sure that you compare the distances of each from your home. The gym that is located closest to you should be given preference as you can reach it in the shortest possible time. However, the gym’s location shouldn’t be the only factor that you consider when comparing gyms.

Fitness Equipment

Gyms have fitness equipment available that can help you in reaching your fitness goals. So, when comparing two or more gyms, you should pay special attention to the fitness equipment they have in store for you. Gyms that have better equipment will encourage you to continue coming back to them. Thus, compare the fitness equipment when deciding which gym’s membership you should be buying.

Fitness Trainers

The fitness equipment at a gym is only worth anything if the trainers there can help you in making proper use of them. If a gym only has good equipment but don’t have experienced trainers then those machines won’t do much good. Therefore, it is important to compare the qualification and experience of the fitness trainers at each gym before coming to a final decision.


Money is always a big factor when comparing two different service providers. The same is true in the case of gyms. If a gym is offering good trainers and equipment and is located near your location then even if its membership fee is high, you should join it. However, if the membership fee doesn’t equate to the benefits you are gaining from the gym then it is not worth signing up for a membership

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Burning Calories – Cardio vs Weights

Physical fitness has come a long way. Advancements in physical health have meant that new exercises and workout routines have been identified that can help achieve specific fitness goals. For weight loss too, various specialized workouts have been formulated. The main idea behind a workout routine, which aims at shedding extra weight is to burn as many calories as possible. Thus, exercises that help burn the most calories are ideally suited for people battling obesity. Cardio and weight training are considered to be the two most popular kinds of exercise routines. So, which of them can burn more calories? Let’s find out. Gym Membership Prices



Cardio involves any kind of activity that is done for a prolonged period of time. It can be simply a brisk walk in the park or running on a treadmill. The activities that come under the umbrella of cardio are of a relatively low intensity and tend to raise your heart rate. These activities are designed to burn calories. For instance, you can burn up to 300 calories simply by going on a 3-mile run. Thus, cardio is an ideal workout for losing weight. Moreover, it is one of the easiest forms of exercise as well. It doesn’t need any special equipment or even training. You just need your running shoes and that’s about it. Cardio isn’t just good for burning calories but can also keep your heart healthy too.

Weight Training

Weight training is concerned with lifting weights. It targets your muscle growth and helps you increase your body’s muscle mass. Although the primary goal of weight training isn’t weight loss or burning calories, it can help you accomplish them both. Whenever you lift weights, you breakdown your muscles in order for them to be rebuilt. Lifting weights requirean immense amount of energy, which comes from burning calories. Now, after the workout is finished and you are in the recovery mode, your metabolism takes over and continues burning calories to rebuild the broken muscles. So, weight training helps you burn calories both during and after the workout. However, weight training can’t be done at home. You would need to join a gym to do it properly. Deal Fitness

In short, both cardio and weight training can help you in burning calories. Weight training does have the edge when it comes to burning more calories but it is slightly difficult to do and will probably need you to get a gym membership. Cardio, on the other hand, is easier to do but burns fewer calories per workout.

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Accor Vacation Club Complaints


Over the years, Accor Vacation Club has been satisfying the vacation needs of its thousands of members. Most of them have rave about their experience and about how Accor Vacation Club goes over and beyond their duties to please them.

While grateful for the positive feedback from long-time members, Accor Vacation Club continues to address the complaints they sometimes get. Most of the complaints boil down to the failure to understand how vacation clubs operate. This can be expected because most buyers do not read the fine print when they buy a product. Not knowing what they’re getting into usually leads to misunderstanding.

Here are some of the complaints about Accor Vacation Club which we will try to address in simple terms:


Points schemes are complex

A common complaint about vacation clubs, not just Accor, is that the points schemes are complicated to follow. It would be better off if the consumer books his holidays by himself. The fact is, members of Accor Vacation Club are happy with the points-based scheme.

Members are given an annual allocation of Premiere Points, the Club’s currency, which they can use to stay at holiday locations.

  • The amount of points a member receives depends on their level of membership. The level of membership determines the length of the booking window for full-week reservations and the validity period (two years) of the points earned from the time of issue.
  • At the end of the validity period, unused points expire.
  • If you do not have enough points for the holiday you wish to take, you may borrow your points from your next year’s allocation.
  • Members who are friends or family may pool their points together and go on a holiday together.
  • Members may book for their guests and bring visitors at no additional charge.


It can be boring because you’d end up going to the same place every time.

Accor Vacation Club has individual club apartments in 24 different club resorts across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. You will find a resort that will suit whatever type of holiday you want. There are beach resorts if you want to go diving, snorkeling, surfing and other beach activities. If your preference is mountain trekking, Accor Vacation Club has a resort for that. During winter, if you want a ski vacation, there is a resort where that is the main attraction. Urbanites can also go on a holiday and still do urban activities in a venue that has a city vibe.

On top of the exiting club resorts, members can look forward to future club apartments. The developers of Accor Vacation Club continue to locate and procure club apartments to meet the needs of the members.


On top of the membership fee, there are other fees, so it really comes out as too expensive.

Signing up for a vacation club membership, but it is an investment in your lifestyle. If you consider going on a regular vacation a necessity for your well-being, then a membership is a worthwhile investment because it assures you of a top-notch vacation destination for life.

A club fee is charged to members and this ensures that the quality of the club property is maintained. This fee pays for ongoing operating expenses like management fee, landscaping costs, cleaning costs, repairs and other administrative expenses.

If you own a vacation home, maintaining it will be more expensive. You may also need to hire caretakers for its upkeep.


Members cannot discontinue their membership.

It’s true that membership continues up to the end of the club and cannot be canceled except during the cooling off period, which is seven days from the commencement of membership. Members have no right to withdraw from the club, but they can transfer their membership. Membership may be canceled following the death of the member.

Membership may be transferred by sale, gift or interstate disposition upon approval by the management of Accor Vacation Club. The member will shoulder fees incurred during the transfer.

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3741677762?profile=originalMake a customer, not a sale.”

Are you tired to hear cold responses from the peoples whom you try to sale gym membership???

Don’t worry you landed in the right place.People who are searching for Gym Membership Management Software can buy our awesome product . In this software we solve all day today problems which gym owener face. In this software we use Interactive user interface dashboard .

Today, I am going to tell you the step by step actionable formula of How to Sell More Gym Memberships. Check out each step I am listing below.

Create Buyer’s Persona:

Before pitching the peoples for joining your gym you need to create right buyer’s persona. If you will know your customers well then it will be easy to sale. Once you will have right buyer’s persona and pitch them in a right way, you will find a tremendous increment in sales.

You need to create a different type of buyer’s persona according to your target audience. A buyer’s persona will help you to know your customers in a more better way.


What is their interest?

what issues are they facing?

what are their pain points?

Check out the sample of buyer’s persona.

Age: 20-25

Location: Delhi

Gender: Male

Interest: Dancing, Modeling, Clubbing

Problem They are facing: Obesity, Skinny Body, Health issues.

Once you have buyer’s persona, you are ready to move on to the second step.

Providing a Demo Class & Collect The Data:

Provide a free or paid demo class to the people and provide them better service and environment. Promote your demo class session in your targeted area. A free session is a good way to collect leads for your gym.

Before pitching we should listen to the problems of the people.

Like, If they wanna lose body fat or need a muscular body which is a dream of everyone.

Ask the visitors for their feedback. Gather their contact details for further communication.

Identifying The Pain Point:

For a successful pitch, you need to hit on the pain point of your targeted customers. Enlist the problems your target customers are facing.

It can be anything.


Loosing body fat, Gaining Muscles, Getting ride of health disease.

Once you will know their pain points. It will be way easy for you to pitch them in a write way. You need to emphasis on their pain point. Tell them how you can benefit  them and help them in getting rid of  their issue.

Pitch Your Customers in a Smarter Way:

Now, you have buyer’s persona and you know the pain point of your target audience. The next step for you is to pitch them.

But, pitching the peoples one by one is hectic and time-consuming. So, how you going to do that? Well, here comes the Igym software. It’s an online software through which you can manage your gym like a pro. Check out the demo of igym software here.

Head over to the and get this software.Once this software will integrate on your gym website. You will be able to use this amazing software.

The second step is to go to the dashboard of Igymsoft.

Click on the Information Broadcast Button.

Then you will see the option of “SMS/Email” on drop down menu.

After that, you will be able to add the data of the peoples you want to pitch.

Once you will be done with adding the data of the customers.

Send a mail one by one or you can many people in the mail. That’s all depends on you.

That’s it.

You are done with pitching. Make sure you will emphasis on the pain point of those peoples.

Don’t Forget To Take Follow-Ups:

If you will not get enough response, then don’t be hopeless. It happens because people take time in making their decision. Make sure you keep on sending them useful fitness tips. Create awareness about fit lifestyle by your emails.

Send them your special deals and offers on a weekly and monthly basis. It’s easy for you to manage by Igym software’s enquiry feature.


I am sure you are ready to go with these steps and all set to greet your new customers. In this era it’s not about pitching, you need to hit on their pain point for higher conversion rate. If there will be any question or tip you have to feel free to leave on it comment section.

Don’t forget to share this blog article “How to Sell More Gym Memberships Fast” with your friends and family.


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An Investment In Lifestyle

Life is a rat race and we need to escape every so often to recharge and regain our sanity. Work allows us to go on an annual vacation for this purpose. Planning a vacation need not be another source of stress. If your family is the type who plans a holiday in advance and who wants to know the type of accommodation you’re getting, a timeshare or vacation club is something you should consider. In my case, my family goes on a yearly vacation every school break. A membership in Accor Vacation Club is a good buy because we already know that we have a place to go to on our vacation schedule. I no longer need to canvass and look for available dates in other resorts. Plus, Accor Vacation Club has a lot of wonderful vacation destinations and we already have our favorites.

What’s great with Accor Vacation Club’s destinations is they’re not hotel rooms where all you get is a bed and a bathroom. They have condominium units where there are multiple rooms, a living area, dining room and a fully-equipped kitchenette. The kitchenette is a huge deal because I love cooking — yes, even when I’m supposed to be holidaying. There are days when I cook for my family their favorites and there are also meals that we take in nearby restaurants. I can’t have the choice to cook for my brood were it not for timeshare. Oh, did I mention the multiple rooms? The condos have several bedrooms so we all sleep near to each other. In a hotel or other resorts, we’d be needing separate bedrooms and it can be a hassle.

There is a notion that vacation clubs or timeshare limits you to the type of vacation you can have. It’s not true at all. There are hundreds, even thousands, of member resorts in a vacation club in the different parts of the world. The ambiance and amenities that these resorts offer varies. For instance, there are beach resorts where you can surf and snorkel. There are also mountain resorts where you can go on a cycling or hiking tours. During winter, you can go on a skiing holiday in the resorts with ski slopes in the vicinity. If you want to go on a winery tours, there’s a resort that offers that. And, for those who enjoy the urban scene, you can have a grand time holidaying in museums, watching shows in theaters or going on a food trip in excellent eateries nearby.

So, you see, a planned vacation works great for those who already know beforehand what they want. And, it doesn’t have to be repetitive. Why should it be when you have a wide selection of destination that offers different types of amenities and attractions? We grow and our interest changes. What should be constant is we take our vacations regularly. Rewarding ourselves with a relaxing holiday must be part of our lifestyle. Vacation Clubs in an investment in lifestyle that will have a huge pay-off if you know how to use it well.

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How To Be A Satisfied Timeshare Owner?


A timeshare is a form of vacation ownership. Simply put, buying a timeshare means buying the right to vacation for a set period (usually one week), every year, at a specific resort. For many years now, timesharing has become a popular way to vacation, but a lot of travelers don’t know a lot about how it works.

When you own a vacation home, you have dominion over a physical property. You can use it anytime and every time you want. Ownership comes with responsibility though. You pay for the full value of the property including the year-round maintenance cost. Having a timeshare is different. With a timeshare, you own an allotted amount of “time” wherein you can use your resort’s accommodation. The amount you pay for ownership and maintenance is a lot less. If you own a 3-bedroom timeshare at a Queensland resort for the first week of January every year, your vacation accommodations are guaranteed at that time, every year. If you are a frequent traveler or vacationer, timesharing will benefit you because you get the perks of a high-end vacation home without having to spend for its upkeep. A lot of timeshare ownership programs now offer the option for timeshare exchange. It allows you to go on vacation at a different resort, in a different location. This way, you are not tied down to the same vacation spot every year.

There are a lot of unsatisfied timeshare owners. If you listen to their complaints you will find out that the dissatisfaction stems from not knowing how what timeshare is and how it works. Timeshare is a significant purchase that you shouldn’t do with your eyes closed. Equip yourself with knowledge before you sign the dotted line and you would be a satisfied owner of a timeshare.


Frequently Asked Questions by Timeshare Buyers

  1. How is timeshare different from a hotel?

A timeshare resort offers more space and amenities compared to a traditional hotel. Usually a hotel room is a studio-sized area that has a bed, then there’s a small bathroom and nothing else. With timeshare, you usually get a condominium-style unit with several bedrooms, bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining area and a living room. Amenities are also offered in most timeshare resorts – recreational, sporting and social activities both for kids and adults. Many resorts also offer swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, horseback riding, skiing and others all on site.

  1. What are the different types of timeshares?

Timeshare ownerships are either deeded or leased for a specified period.

  • Deeded – A deeded timeshare is like a regular real estate purchase. After you buy a deeded timeshare, you own it. You may sell, rent out or will your timeshare to your heirs. A deeded timeshare is a perpetual contract; there is no expiration date.
  • Leased – A leased timeshare gives you the right to use a property for a specific week or weeks for a definite period, usually 20 to 99 years. The right to use the property expires at the end of the leased period.
  • Licensed timeshare – A licensed timeshare requires you go join a “vacation club”. Members of the vacation club receive points that they can use to purchase vacations at several resorts.
  1. What are timeshare use periods?
  • Fixed week – A fixed week timeshare allows you to use the unit for that specific week. Fixed week starts on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Floating week – A floating week timeshare allows you to use the unit anytime during the year based on availability.
  • Flex time – A flex time timeshare is similar with floating week. Flex time refers to a season though wherein you can use your timeshare – winter flex or spring flex.
  1. Can I afford to buy a timeshare?

If you are considering buying a timeshare, look at your finances to see what you can afford. Determine how much you can shell out for the initial purchase price. Most timeshares offer financing, and this can help you offset the cost. It’s common for timeshares to require an annual maintenance fee of up to $1,000 but this may cover an entire week if you are staying in a two-bedroom condo. If a hotel, a similar accommodation may cost you at least $300 per night.

  1. How does timeshare exchange work?

A big advantage in owning a timeshare is the flexibility to exchange your week. You can join a timeshare exchange company and trade your week with other timeshare owners. This flexibility allows you to use your home resort every year, if you want to, or trade for any of the affiliated resorts throughout the world. Some timeshare resorts have an internal exchange program while others use an external company. These external companies require an additional membership fee that you can either renew or cancel every year.

Accor Vacation Club

Accor Vacation Club is a licensed timeshare offering of AccorHotels. Members get an allocation of Premier Points annually and they can use this for holidays or short breaks. They can enjoy top-quality accommodation across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

A membership in Accor Vacation Club is great if you’re the type of vacationer who plans your holiday in advance and likes the security knowing the type of accommodation you will get. Let’s say your work allows you two weeks of vacation per year that you can pre-schedule, a membership in Accor Vacation Club would be a good investment. You get a guaranteed pre-paid accommodation that allows you to spread out and fix your own meals.

Here are the top 5 Accor Vacation Club members rave about:

  1. Sebel Sydney Manly Beach – Your gateway to golden sand, snorkeling and surfing, the Sebel Sydney Manly Beach has a breathtaking waterfront setting. Members can enjoy a variety of fully-furnished accommodations, from studios to one and two-bedroom apartments that boasts of kitchenettes. They can also choose from an ocean view, superior and standard rooms that all have air condition, private bathrooms, LCD TVs and balconies.

  2. Sebel Melbourne Flinders Lane – Members who love the sophisticated city vibe of Melbourne have good things to say about Sebel Melbourne Flinders Lane. Right smack in the fashion and foodie district of Melbourne, this boutique hotel has 56 exquisitely-furnished apartments that have big bedrooms, living areas and kitchenette. Just a short stroll to theaters, museums and sporting venues and eateries, urban-loving vacationers surely enjoy Sebel Melbourne Flinders Lane.

  3. Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort – One of the most popular destinations included in the Accor Vacation Club membership, Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort is loved for the luxurious seclusion it provides. The stylish apartments with fare beautifully set against the laid-back ambiance of a mountain lodge.

  4. Grand Mercure Basildene Manor – Accor Vacation Club members love the old-world charm and modern comforts of Basildene Manor. This is the preferred destination of wine lovers because it’s located in Margaret River, a beautiful wine region that boasts of boasts of luxurious gardens. Needless to say, this rustic manor house is near wineries, cafes and restaurants.

  5. Sebel Pinnacle Valley – An exciting year-round destination, Sebel Pinnacle Valley offers stylish and modern apartments. Just 30 minutes away from the Mt Buller ski slopes, Accor Vacation Club members can choose from a wide selection of outdoor activities like snow skiing, bushwalking, horseback riding and golf.
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