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You’ve got her phone number; now what do you do? Well, in this video I’ll break down exactly what to text a girl you like to get a date fast. Because I typically send only three to five text messages to get a date. I’ll show you how to text a girl and I’ll give you those exact messages in just a second.

The key is that you have to stand out from all of the other guys that are messaging her. Because if she’s an attractive woman, then she’s getting bombarded by guys messaging her every single day. I’m going to show you exactly how to stand out.


Okay, now let me help you out with your texting. I’m going to give you five texting tips and examples. And number five is the exact sequence that I use to get the date.

First, let’s clear one thing right now. Texting is a lot easier when you have a solid interaction in person. If you didn’t create any connection or attraction and you just had a nice, plutonic interaction, there’s not much you can do through texting to fix that.

Assuming you had an excellent face-to-face interaction, or maybe you got her phone number of Tinder, or Bumble, tip number one has to do with timing. Timing is crucial.



Typical Guy Tips:

Yeah, two’s enough not to look anxious, but I think three days is kind of money.

You know what? Maybe I’ll wait three weeks.


Don’t wait too long! If you meet a girl at a bar text her the next day, in the afternoon, because if you wait longer than that, the memories start to fade.

Women are being bombarded by messages from guys on Tinder and social media, so if you wait too long, she may already be into another guy.

I only text her the same night if I think there’s a chance that she might come over that night. I will text her what I’m doing. For example, “Went to go grab a pizza to kill the hangover,” or “Milkshakes at 2:00 AM rock!”

And if she replies, and says, “Mmm, I wish I could have a milkshake,” then, of course, I’m going to invite her. This works, because sometimes she just needed to drop off her friends then she’s willing to meet up alone.

If you meet a girl during the day, don’t wait more than 3 or 4 hours to send your first text, unless you had a really long or intimate interaction, which I’ll show you how to do, then you might still be on her mind the next day. But during the day I usually text her around 3 or 4 hours after I met her.

Now, what about replying to her texts?

How soon should you text back? The key here is to be random. Don’t always text back right away and don’t always wait too long.

Don’t just stop whatever you’re doing to check your phone and text her back. Keep your phone on silent. That way … Sometimes you’re going to text back right away. Sometimes you’re going to wait two or three hours. Sometimes you’re going to be waiting even longer, maybe all day, because you’re busy.

That keeps things a lot more random and prevents you from overthinking things and playing games. Just be a busy guy. Live a cool life. And text her randomly, because she is not the most essential thing in your life.



I go for the date usually within five texts, because why do more work than needed? Plus, if you’re texting her all the time, it shows her that you’re not a busy guy and don’t have much going on in your life. Women like guys that have other things going on in their life other than them.

Also, keep your texts short and sweet. Before you send the text, look through it again and see if there are any unnecessary words that you can eliminate. Don’t send a text that’s three or four sentences when you could have said the same thing with just one sentence.



Next, I want you to start being slightly more playful in your texts. Here’s why. If she sees you as a fun, playful guy, then she will assume that going on a date with you will also be fun and not dull.

But if you’re sending her a bunch of boring texts, like, “Hey, what’s up? What are you doing?” She’s going to assume that going on a date with you is going to be boring and that you are going just to ask her a bunch of annoying questions on the date.

Make things a little bit more interesting than the average guy. For example, instead of saying, “What’s up?”, or “What are you doing?” you could say, “What kind of trouble are you getting into this weekend?“

Just adding the word trouble makes it a little bit more interesting. Instead of sending a ping text like, “Hey!” you could say something like, “Hey, you just popped into my head. What kind of weird voodoo magic are you using?” A text like that can actually make her smile, causing her to associate you with positive emotions. Whereas, “Hey!” doesn’t do anything. And there are a lot more examples of these in the free texting cheat sheet.



Number four is Text like a man. What I mean by that is cut out unnecessary questions. Okay, sometimes you do want to ask her questions.

I like exciting questions, by the way, like, “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?” Or, “If you could have any superpower, what would you have and why?“

That can create some fun back and forth. But you want to avoid questions that make it seem like you’re not sure if she’s into you yet, or you’re not sure if she wants to hang out with you and use command statements instead. Instead of texting, “Want to meet up sometime?” say, “Hey! Let’s meet up Saturday night. I know this great place.“

This shows that you assume that she’s attracted to you and wants to see you. And be more specific about when you want to hang out. Women like a man with a plan. So instead of “Let’s hang out sometime.” Send, “Hey, let’s hang out tomorrow night. I have an amusing idea…“. Or, tell her the exact location, “Cancel all plans tomorrow night. I know a great band that’s playing at Crazy Charlie’s. Let’s go. It’s gonna be fun.” It’s specific, and it’s a command instead of a question.

Now, I want to give you the exact sequence that I use, from start to finish, to go for a date. First, I start off with a callback, something that relates or calls back to the initial interaction.

If it was at night, then usually something funny, that we joked about, or that I teased her about. For example, if we did a fun marriage role play, I might text her the next day “Hey wifey I cheated on you with the housekeeper don’t be mad.”

If we met during the day, then I might recall something that happened during the initial interaction such as her reaction to my approach.

For example, “So crazy meeting you today. It was cute how you dropped your phone when I said hi.” Or, if she didn’t drop her phone, but she just seemed nervous, I might say, “It was cute how nervous you got when I said hi.”

Notice also, how I don’t say “nice meeting you” because the word “nice” is too overused. Be more original than that and say, “so random meeting you,” or, “so unexpected meeting you.”

And then, after she replies, send a fun yet challenging text like, “Make it or break it question. Would you rather be poor and travel the world or be rich but could never leave your city?” I use this one because I love to travel. I encourage you to pick something that qualifies her or screens her based on a quality that you that you want in a woman.

But don’t make it too complicated. Don’t start asking her about her passions and goals in life. That’s too long and personal through text. Keep it fun and save those questions that for the date.



By the way, you should be qualifying and challenging women in your initial interactions as well. Let them win you over. A woman wants to win you over. She wants to chase you a little bit. Okay? She doesn’t want a guy who’s just too easy and falls head over heels over her right away.

And I like the “make it or break it” part because that’s what actually makes it sound like a challenge. Or, for example, you if you like adventurous women, you can text, “Tell me this, are you adventurous?“

It’s short and sweet and causes her to invest a little. And then after she replies to that, there might be a little bit of back and forth, depending on her answer. Then find out what her schedule is, when is she free. Just ask, “When are you free this week?”

Or if you want to be more playful, you could add in, “Besides missing and doodling hearts on a piece of paper, what are you doing this weekend?“

Remember to keep it fun and playful. Don’t be too serious. And then, just go for the date. For example, if she said she’s free on Sunday, you can text,

“Okay, listen. I have a super fun idea. Keep Sunday night open.” I like that because it gets her wondering what the fun idea is. It sounds like a surprise.

And, some women will just go for that. Other women might ask, “What is the fun idea?” In which I just say, “Cool bar that you probably haven’t been to. First, meet at Handle Bar. Be there at 8:00 PM.”

That works really well. Try it out, man. Remember, women like a man with a plan who go for what they want.


And for more texting, you can use, remember to download the texting cheat sheet, with 20 proven text messages to get the date and make her want you.

In there, I’ll show you what to text when she’s not responding. And I’ll show you what to text to turn her on.

Go down to the description right now, click the link, and download the cheat sheet. Just follow the link, enter your email, and I’ll send it directly to you.

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