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When it comes to holidaying in Mauritius, scenic views and natural reserves is what comes to mind. One would plan to take a car rental in Mauritius and then move on to going to famous places.


People usually don’t say the same about the nightlife in Mauritius. Given the fact that it is quite underrated, there is so many tourists miss out on. The best part of being on a holiday is you get to do whatever, whenever you want. And exploring the night vibes in the city should definitely be on top of your list.


The night scene is alive with buzzing beach clubs and laid back lounges. There is always a happening bar around the corner.


To make the most out of your trip, get a car rental Mauritius and visit these happening places.


1. Zoobar

Get car rental in Mauritius and drive to Quatre Bornes to this amazing place. No dress codes, fine wine, and dining will make you feel at home. They also have some amazing crisp beer. Enjoy their Crabes Crab Bouillon while you experience some party hopping along. All in all, a great place to chill if you like good food and drinks.


2. Banana Beach Club

Get ready to go bananas at the town’s favorite next-door club. The small banana tree hubs give you an experience you’ll never forget. Apart from the flamboyant interior, look out for some great live music with blinking lights.
Also, do try out their phoenix beer and JD cocktails. You can drive to Grand Baie and get here easily with a car rental in Mauritius. Get the party going with a cheery crowd, some amazing food, drinks, and music.


3. Kenzi Bar

Open 24/7, this bar can probably give you the best hippie experience of your life. In particular, the enticing cabana style decor is very warm and inviting. One of the best nightclubs that have a friendly and open crowd.
Not just that, the live dance and performances definitely set the mood going. You could actually spend days out here without even knowing it. You can get here easily with a car rental Mauritius.


4. The C Beach Club

If you are serious about nightlife, then head out to Mauritius’s first beach club. If you are in the Domaine de Bel Ombre region, then this is the best place to be. Night gigs with chic music make sure the cocktails keep on coming. This club also hosts various international events. So do check it out when in Mauritius.

In conclusion, turns out there is quite more to Mauritius than sleepy nights. If you love to party then a car rental in Mauritius can be your best friend. Just rent a car and visit these amazing places. On your next trip to Mauri, make sure you head out here when the sun goes down.


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A travel guide to Mauritius Island – Car Hire in Mauritius

A mesmerizing combination of Indian, African and European influences, Mauritius may be synonymous with white-sand beaches, but this island entices its visitors with its commendable mountain climbing and excellent diving. Friendly, extremely beautiful and welcoming, Mauritius offers fantastic weather and diverse cultural identity that is worth exploring.

If you are planning to travel to Mauritius on a holiday with family or friends, here are the tips that will help you make your trip unforgettable & Car hire in Mauritius at a very affordable price.

The right time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius has pleasant weather throughout the year, however, the peak tourist season is from October to April. January marks the arrival of monsoon season, which ends in March. This is the time when you are more likely to witness cyclones here. Although the hotels provide safe shelter from cyclones, sea activities could be interrupted. The winter months are from April to September. During these months, the weather is pleasant and not too cold.

If you are traveling to Mauritius during peak tourist months, and if you are planning to avail services of car hire in Mauritius to travel around the island, book your vehicle well in advance to ensure that the vehicles offered by a reliable car rental company are not booked by other travelers already.

Understanding Mauritius Island – Car hire in Mauritius

Mauritius is a small, beautiful island and you can easily travel from North to South in less than 2 hours, especially if you travel by your own vehicle or rent a car Mauritius Island. There is a lot to explore en route.

If you want to witness the beautiful Grand Baie area or indulge in exhilarating beach activities or commercial activities, North of Mauritius is perfect for you. On the contrary, if you are a shopping enthusiast, West Mauritius is where you will find the heritage center of Apravasi Ghat, the local street shopping in China Town and the delightful shopping by the bay at Le Caudan wavefront.

The famous Ils Aux Cerfs, a private island well-known for its sea adventure activities, is located on the East. You will also find some pristine and uncrowded beaches such as Roche Noires and Belle Mare, here. The East of Mauritius is a paradise in itself.

The South of Mauritius boasts an impressive combination of beaches and mountains. This is not as crowded as the North and the West but is a bit more crowded than the East.

Local conveyance – Car Rental Mauritius

Mauritius has an amazing traffic discipline. The fact that there is less number of vehicles on the road also makes the difference. If you want to car hire in Mauritius & drive a car here, keep to your left and make sure to have an international driving license.

If you do not want to drive, the best option is to car hire in Mauritius. There are many car rental companies that offer cars on rent to allow you to explore the island without any hassle. You can even choose 2-wheeler rental to travel in Mauritius.

Local language and food – Rent a car Mauritius island 

The main language spoken in Mauritius is Creole, which is influenced by French and has some African and Indian words. However, English is mostly spoken with the tourists. The people of Mauritius are hospitable and welcoming. They are polite and always happy to guide you.

When it comes to food, the local menu includes a combination of Indian and French cuisines. One of the most recommended breakfast dishes is Dhol Puri, which is essentially Dal Puri from India. You will find a plethora of French bread here.

If you are planning a holiday in Mauritius, these tips will help you to make your trip a memorable one. Choose a trusted company to avail services for car hire in Mauritius, get familiar with the local areas, know your directions and you will end up having a great trip worth cherishing for the rest of your life.


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Driving by a car rental Mauritius is the best way to discover the island’s outback and to drive along the beautiful Mauritian coastlines.

The best part is you get to witness the island’s beauty up and close if you have a car so considering car rental Mauritius service could be an excellent choice for you.

Renting a vehicle in Mauritius gives you the freedom to explore the undiscovered facets of the island. For example, the Tamarind Falls are amongst the beautiful places in Mauritius and you can only get to them by car.

Renting a car will also allow you to visit the Port Louis and enjoy one of the horse races. If you plan to go there by taxi, be ready to pay excessive high fares.

No doubt, Mauritius might be a small country but its roads are equally small too. Let’s check out some important things to watch out for when you choose to go for a car rental Mauritius:

Driving Style – Car Rental Mauritius

The Mauritian driving style can be described as a little impatient. Keep a check on your mirrors constantly.

Also, running vehicles can take advantage of your side of the road if their side is blocked by a parked car. So, keep your focus intact and be watchful of the dogs passing the road.

Road Quality – Car Rental Mauritius

Normally the roads in Mauritius are quite good so you won’t find a lot of holes in the road and mostly all attractions are easily accessible by a paved road.

Fuel – Car Rental Mauritius

You will easily come across a lot of petrol stations all across the island mostly in bigger towns and villages.

Stop by any petrol station and an attendant will be available to assist you.

If you happen to go to a drive to the island where there are not so towns or villages, make sure that you are not leaving with an empty tank.

Enjoy the Drive – Car Rental Mauritius

The beauty of this tiny island, freedom, and peace makes it all worth to take the scenic drive as you car rental in Mauritius.

While driving in Mauritius, we recommend you to stay focused and careful too while enjoying the ride. If you pay attention to the vehicles passing by your side, you will be fine.

Therefore, just select the reputed car rental Mauritius service provider and get set to travel the country where only beauty and tranquillity prevails.

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Mauritius has much in store for the new age traveler. Getting around is easy with car rentals in Mauritius. The purpose of your trip may also affect where you are likely to find accommodation during your stay out here.

The tropical and volcanic island of Mauritius does seem like a perfect holiday destination.

Before you start imagining about the crystal clear waters and sun-soaked beaches, finding the perfect place for your stay can be quite a bit of a challenge.


So before you hop on a plane and decide to get car rental from Mauritius Airport, make sure you plan ahead and look out for the best place to stay in for your holiday.


Luxury comes at very affordable prices out here. Here are the top 5 hotels you need to check out on when in Mauritius to enjoy your vacation with style.

 1. Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa

 This is the only all-villa resort in Mauritius and is owned by the 5th generation native family.

The villas lie on a calm beach with the Tamarin mountain in the backdrop. The Flic-en-Flac and Tamarin bay are just a short ride away with a car rental in Mauritius.


Initially a Taj Hotel, the villa now boasts of its mixed heritage.


You can see the royalty in its Madagascan rosewood floors and frangipani shaded cascading pools. With an informal staff assigned to every villa, there is nothing that you cannot have out here.

 Look out for the custom-made toiletries by Hermes along with some dainty orange furnishings and original art.


2. The Westin Turtle Bay Resort and Spa


 This five-star hotel definitely gives you value for money with its private spa and yoga sessions, fine dining and plenty of other activities.


Situated in the ancient Balaclava, the Westin is set on roughly 10 hectares of beachfront at the northwest coast.

 Make sure to try out their amazing watersports like windsurfing, sailing and glass bottom boat trips.


You can also get car rentals from Mauritius airport to reach here in no time. The resorts also support a spa, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and a fitness center.


 3. The Bubble Lodge

Situated in Bois Cheri, these semi-transparent eco-friendly domes are located next to tea plantations.


If you want to live in a natural cocoon, this is your best bet. There are many local attractions like Gris Gris and Karnataka crater that are just a short ride away.


Car rentals in Mauritius can help you explore nearby areas with ease.


The lodges are hidden in foliage and reflect the landscape outside.


To live among animal sounds, the night sky and drifting clouds provide for an intimate natural experience.

 So these are our expert recommendations if you are looking forward to some luxury travel this season. Remember that car rentals from Mauritius airport can make commuting in and around the island a bliss. 

Pack right, plan ahead and have an amazing holiday in Mauritius.



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Rent a car in Mauritius island to kickstart your holiday this season. The island of Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean and belongs to a group of outer islands called the Mascarene Islands. With several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an abundance of beautiful views, this island has a history of slaves seeking refuge in its caves.

Mauritius is a sanctuary that brings mankind closer to nature with its unparalleled views.

Car rentals in Mauritius allow travelers to experience this destination for real. Traveling at your convenience definitely comes with its own advantage.

If you go to the best car hire in Mauritius, you can choose a car that is comfortable to drive in with all your luggage and necessities right next to you. Here are a few tried and tested places in Mauritius that you need to drive to on your holiday:

The Pamplemousse Botanical Garden

Behold the beauty of the giant water lilies!

Yes, you heard it right. This garden is home to these spectacular and grand water lilies that grow leaves as big as antenna dishes. Not only this, you can find various other native species of flora here.

It is very easy to drive to the Pamplemousse Botanical gardens if you rent a car in Mauritius Islands. It’s just a 40 min drive from Central Mauritius.

Get ready to be amazed at the colored Earths of Chamarel

This unique phenomenon has been surprising tourists from all over the world. One can find sand dunes comprising of seven different colors of clay ranging from a red to a yellow to a blue.

It has been found that these colored sands were created over a period of time as the basaltic lava converts into clay minerals. With the best car hire in Mauritius, you can head over here at sunrise to experience these sands at their best.

Mauritius in Miniature

The conservationists out here are now trying to restore the ecosystem of this island. Thanks to their efforts, you can get glimpses of the ‘pink pigeon’ which was on the brink of extinction in the 1980s.

This patch of land represents what the island looked like before 90% of their forests were destroyed during mass deforestation. Rent a car in Mauritius and head over to the Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve where you can get familiar with these rare species of plants and animals.

If you are looking forward to a holiday in Mauritius, it’s a no-brainer that everyone will advice you to go to a beach or try some water sports. You should definitely keep those on your plan but make sure you take some quality time off and head over to these fantastic places.

If you rent a car in Mauritius Island, it’s easy to plan your holiday and drive along instantly. Enjoy your holiday with all the best that this island has to offer this season.

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Planning to spend your holidays relaxing at the beach? It makes sense to book a taxi for your sightseeing tours and that too at pocket-friendly prices. In order to avail a massive cheap deal on car rental Mauritius, we have got some fantastic tips to help you save money.

Book In Advance

Booking online in advance give you chances to get a fair deal than booking at the last minute. Always remember to keep all your booking proofs including receipts as proof of hire and advance payments to avoid any issues.

Check Prices Regularly

Often, there are plenty of special offers and prices just before a weekend if the company is keeping a stock of cars free. So, keep checking the prices on a regular basis so that you can grab the best deal on car rental Mauritius at the cheapest price.

Go for Unlimited Mileage Options

When hiring a car in Mauritius, make sure to have unlimited mileage options so that you can travel as much as possible without having to benefit from any excess mileage fee. This way, you will be able to travel comfortably throughout the tiny paradise.

Bring Your Child Safety Seat

When you are traveling with your baby, bring his/her seat because companies out there charge an extra fee in case you need one. Carrying your own help you make some more savings.

Review the Fuel Policy

When you are going to car rental Mauritius, make sure to consider fuel policy options. Some companies want you to return the car with the same amount of fuel it had at the time of pick up whereas other companies allow you buy the fuel and return the vehicle with an empty tank but no refund is generated in this case the car is returned with fuel in the tank.

Tricky Navigation System (GPS)

With advancements in technology, these days you will come across car hire Mauritius companies offering additional GPS service with an extra fee. But, it is not wise to opt for that service as you can easily use Google maps and get directions. It will cost you less and help you keep some more bucks to enjoy the vacations.

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful to rent a car in Mauritius Island at cheapest deals. Small savings make a huge difference to big plans. Save some and enjoy more.

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Airport taxi in Mauritius

Airport taxi in Mauritius

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Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Madagascar and has a reputation as a tropical paradise by many people around the globe and attracts torurists from around the world. The capital of Mauritius is called Port Louis and is home to many offices and businesses. The port is in Port Louis

Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront is a unique commercial concept in Mauritius, showing undeniable know-how and expertise in commercial activities and entertainment. On top of being a must for shopping, Le Caudan Waterfront is also a business Centre, a melting pot for local artists and the favorite meeting place for gastronomes, tourists and locals looking for leisure and entertainment. Le Caudan Waterfront is definitely the most elegant and popular destination for Mauritians and tourists. It is one of the most popular leisure and shopping places in the Mauritian capital due to the many ways through which people can spend their time. This includes many shops, banking facilities, casinos, cinemas, restaurants, a marina and a five star hotel (Le Labourdonnais) with parking facilities.

Port- Louis Central Market

Port Louis’ rightly famous central market, the center of the local economy since Victorian times, is a good place to get a feel for the everyday life of many locals. Watch the hawkers at work and buy some souvenirs. Most authentic are the wonderful fruit and vegetable sections (including herbal medicines and aphrodisiacs) and the meat, fish and seafood market. If you’re looking for souvenirs, a wide variety of Malagasy handicrafts are available, along with souvenir t-shirts of varying quality. The level of hustling here can be tiresome, however, you’ll have to bargain hard; start by slashing the price quoted by about 30% and get yourself a bargain.

Address: 801, La Marie RoadPhone: +230 5901 1412Email: info@mauritiustaxitransfer.comMauritius Taxi Transfer

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