The moments following being invited to a masked ball is always challenging and confusing. With no prior knowledge of the particular mask to where you hit the internet searching for the best costumes to wear to a ball, like Rubies, windy city novelties, Party City, Party Fiesta and the more supermarket. Surely, you’ll come across many masks for a ball on the internet, but without professional guidance, it is hard to get the perfect mask for a ball party.

As professionals in the industry, we know a good ball mask is either a Venetian mask or a Masquerade mask. So the question becomes, “Will you go for a Venetian mask or a Masquerade Mask?”

Never to worry. Lego Party Craft can help you make the right choice from out varieties of masks for parties. Whether you need a luxury Venetian mask to look classy and stylish or a one-time affordable budget ball mask, we’ve got it all for you.

Masquerade Balls have become an everyday event with the increasing number of appreciation for masks all around the world. Charities use it to raise money, organizations use it to host guests, event planners use it as a theme for occasional events among others. Whatever the case, party organizers find mask parties to be an excellent way to theme a party.

These balls can go by a different alias; Masquerade party, Venetian Ball, Masked Ball, Costume Ball, all is the same. When a dress code is not stated, it’s fashionable to adorn yourself in a stylish outfit complemented by a beautiful mask to match. You can also decide to go in full attire, evolving into a near character, wearing acustom-made costume and party accessories representing the character you are for the day.

If you are to put on these fantastic Venetian masks or masquerade masks, it’s proper you know a little about them.

Venetian Masks are masks made from paper Mache and coated in a fine plaster cast to reinforce them with strength. They are decorated by hand using the most beautiful gems, glitters, and paints by Venetian artisans who have been in the art for centuries. Apart from its use as a ball mask, these masks can be used as a Mardi Gras Mask. Originally made to depict Venice carnival characters, innovations in the industry have revolutionized Venetian masks to have fancy feathers. One can now get fancy feathered Venetian masks and also half faced masks that you can hold up to the face. This comes in many shapes and decorations. Its advantage lies in its flexibility and ability to fit most face sizes.

Masquerade masks, on the other hand, are usually resin based. They are also made and hand decorated by the Venetians with the same quality materials which make them stand out anywhere. The nature of these masks makes them more durable that they can be used both as seasonal mask supplies and non-seasonal mask supplies. If you are looking to buy bulk masquerade masks, be assured that these masks will stay around enough to serve its purpose. They might not be as flexible as the Venetian masks, but they still fit the human face and are cheaper.

You might want to know about this other type of mask, The metal Masks. These are made from fine metal, laser cut to get a lace effect mask. The masks are then coated with acrylic paints on both sides of the masks. The metal masks, just like the Venetian masks are also flexible and can fit your face.

Matching any of these masks with the right party accessories gives you a euphoria of greatness when you walk into the ball. The costume announces your entrance, and evidently, every eye at the ball will turn towards you. Can you handle that?

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