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6199504900?profile=RESIZE_710xDigvijay Logistics one of the leading logistics service in Mumbai, India provider, we hold expertise in offering transportation and relocation of any kind of consignment across India and the world. Our well established global network provides us a robust & secure base for all the logistical needs our clients.

Digvijay Logistics is amongst one of the globally trusted logistics service providers headquartered at Mumbai, India. We offer a broad portfolio of services including Air Freight Services, Railways Transportation Services. Our proficiency also includes providing an extensive and fabricate a solution to meet the transportation needs of corporates. We have been known for delivering definitive logistic handling services. Our company has been credited for providing Air Freight services, Rail Logistics services. Gripping on the extensive logistics and communications network, our team can create cost-effective methods made to meet your business needs. We have made a strong repute for flawless freight logistics services in India and the world, which is characterized by Safety, Timeliness, Flexibility, Swiftness, and Reliability.

Digvijay Logistics defines International Logistics as the management process of implementing, planning and controlling the physical and information flows concerned with materials and final goods from the point of origin to the point of usage across at least one international border.



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The logistics delivery industry is facing a new era that has changed the customer consumption patterns to a great extent – thanks to the rise of e-commerce and online retail. It has given customers the power to buy almost anything from anywhere with just one click. However, with businesses going online, it has posed a challenge to the logistic and supply area because enterprises had to update pretty much all of their selling strategies as well as the distribution channels. If solved, businesses can enjoy the competitive edge over their competitors.

However, these challenges are influenced by changing, and growing customer demands and complex business models that have a business forced to think about how it can personalize a conventionally standard service.

While businesses are struggling to get optimum results, there are some who have managed to stand up to the growing industry needs. Read more at original posted URL : https://www.manageteamz.com/blog/logistic-delivery-business-challenges/

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The moment that I entered the logistics industry, I noticed one thing; The lead times of shipping are far from accurate. The lead time of a product is the period covering from the manufacturing to the distribution of the products to the customers and this process can take from 2 weeks to up to 6 months.

  1. Choice of the supplier: I know that you may want a supplier from the other side of the world due to reduced production costs, but consider, just for a moment, to choose a supplier based stateside. It can help you reduce the lead time by two weeks or more. It takes more to send the parts from multiple countries than to send them from just one country. On top of that, the language barrier may cause delays and problems that will increase your lead time.
  2. The number of suppliers: Apart from collaborating with local suppliers, you have to think carefully on how you will manage all the different orders with different suppliers. One approach of doing that is to leverage on management software that will help you simplify your processes and achieve greater efficiency. Another way of managing many suppliers is to concentrate your orders to one or two suppliers. Consolidating suppliers, will enable you to reduce time from coordinating all the vendors, while managing multiple purchase orders in one sitting.
  3. How to approach suppliers: Have you ever wanted a lead time of 12 weeks, but your supplier could only offer a lead time of 14 weeks? Have you considered to offer him a bonus if he agrees to deliver at your preferred lead time? If not, then please think about this. Everyone like rewards, so I am sure that your supplier will try his best to meet the deadline.
  4. Frequency of orders: Are you used to placing large bulk orders, considering that, in this way, you will save time and money? Placing large orders increases the likelihood of longer lead times. Additionally, buying stock that you may not need, leads to lost sales and increased workforce for the inventory management. There is a high chance of losing valuable resources, so you have to be sure about this. One way to determine any losses or savings, is to conduct a total cost analysis. If you identify possible losses, then consider placing small orders more frequently to reduce lead times and to better control the demand of certain products.
  5. Sales Forecasts: Keeping track of your orders, can help you manage your current and future inventory. Being able to monitor past orders, will give you the benefit of controlling the demand. You can see the period of the year that requires a large inventory, so you can schedule your orders accordingly. In general, suppliers do not order raw materials until they receive your orders, meaning that their lead time is added to your lead time. Thus, another important thing that can help you with the warehouse storage management is to provide the sales forecasts to your supplier. In this case, the supplier will know when to expect orders from you enabling him to arrange and speed up the fulfilment process. The lead time can be reduced, if your supplier can set your usual orders aside and have them ready until you request for them.
  6. Standard components: Keep in mind that you can use standard components for your products reducing the costs, while saving time from engineering and production.  And this is why you should collaborate with a supplier that understands the market trends. An experienced supplier can assess every situation differently and advise you whether using standard components is a wise choice that will not affect the quality or performance of your finished goods.
  7. Communicate constantly: Constant communication can be very important in the relationship with your supplier. Ensure that you communicate your goals and expectations to your supplier, so you can create a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. Make sure to provide him with key performance indicators, that will motivate him to achieve the level of performance you expect. In addition, suppliers are batching different orders to deliver them altogether in one large run. Working with a trustworthy supplier, means that he can understand your need for efficiency and speed and he may schedule the deliveries according to your deadlines.
  8. Control for Delays: Many delays can occur due to many different factors, such as congestion at ports and consolidation delays where different orders wait to be consolidated into a single shipment. Sea freight services run according to published schedules, like the air freight services. Therefore, if you lock in on a specific shipping schedule, you can eliminate delays waiting for the ship and you can even negotiate better rates and ensure availability of space for your products.

As you can see, there are many ways that can help you shorten the lead time of your products. My recommendation is to start small and see which of these practises fits your business best. You don’t have to do everything, but you can start changing your processes step by step!

At Haulystic, we understand that our customers want an efficient and transparent supply chain process. On our unique digital platform, we integrated cutting edge disruptive technology that enables us to match your requirements only to the best supplier. Our mission is to provide you with tailored logistics solutions that will make your shipping simple.

Start a unique experience with Haulystic by booking your shipments online!

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Are you sure that you know the best shipping option for your shipments and your business?

What is the right choice, FLT, LTL or even Groupage services?

Don’t worry, I will help you get a clear understanding of all these options, so you can make an informed decision for your business.

The shipping process can be very complex because there are many different options that you can choose for your cargo.

3819311164?profile=originalGroupage shipping 
The choices that you have, are not restricted only to FTL or LTL; you can use both. You may want to consider to use a combination of these two options, in a way that it will best suit your business. Groupage transport is the option where freight forwarders try to consolidate different products, in most cases pallets and parcels, onto single or multiple pallets to create a single shipment that is more cost-effective.

By analysing and monitoring various variables, such as origin, destination, size, driver availability, Haulystic can find the most efficient solutions to consolidate freight and to deliver it on schedule 99% of the time.

The greatest benefit of groupage transport is that it reduces the costs of your shipping. Further, the flexibility of this option allows freight forwarders to use a number of road carriers in order to deliver maximum quality at minimum cost. Groupage transport can be also easily tied to other services, such as air freight and sea freight services. Finally, the price rates of this option can be affected by the size and weight of the pallets/parcels, the destination and the delivery time.

Which transportation option do you prefer? Have you used groupage and road freight services before? What, in your opinion, is the most effective choice for your shipments?

Do you feel even more confused now than before? The one thing that you should have in mind is your shipment. Assessing every shipment differently, gives you the power to see what’s best for you and your business. Collaborating with an experienced freight forwarder, such as Haulystic, you can benefit with tailored logistic solutions that meet your requirements.

We always try to deliver quality services, as our customers rely on our values to have a transparent shipping process with efficient lead times.

Join our team and let’s change the landscape of global distribution together!

Start by booking your shipments online!

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The eCommerce market is expanding really fast, reaching £259,928 million only in 2018 and only in Europe. And that’s not all! According to a research from Statista the revenues of eCommerce market are expected to reach £284.092 million in 2019 with 450.9 million users worldwide.

On the same research, it was found that China holds the first place with £477,154 million in 2018, following by United States with £378.507 million and United Kingdom with £64.851 million.

Choose a Shipping Rate Method Wisely
There are 3 different shipping rate methods you could use for your products.

  1. Free Shipping: Most companies use this shipping method for their products. Free shipping is supposed to be free for your customers but not for you. Keep in mind that if you want to choose this method, you will have to pay the fees out of your margins.
  2. Carrier Rates: In this method, you charge the carrier rates. You can pass the rates to your customers and let them choose the best option for them. Although this option, leaves you free of the shipping rates, it is likely that your customers will leave the cart without completing the purchase.
  3. Flat rates: Many small size companies use this shipping method. We cannot say that this method is the least expensive one, but it is certainly the most competitive. It works best if you have regular orders with products of almost the same size and weight.

My recommendation on which shipping method to choose, is to start with flat rates and then turn into free shipping or even carrier rates. When you establish your business to the market, you can choose whichever option you prefer, but in the meantime, you can start with something that is cheap, easy to use and effective.

Understand the Market
Before entering a market there’s one thing that you need to do, and that is research. Every country has its own policies and regulations regarding shipping and customs. You need to be sure that you are compliant with the law of each country and that you understand the fees and taxes that you have to pay when exporting your goods.

Work with a Freight Forwarder
Collaborating with a freight forwarding agency, can give you an advantage. The supply chain industry can be very complicated. A freight forwarder can handle all the processes without you having to care about the customs clearance. A linehaul sourcing specialist, such as Haulystic, can provide you with high quality logistic solutions, tailored to your needs and requirements. Haulystic freight services ensure transparency and simplicity with competitive rate cards.

Our subject matter experts have intensely worked for over 14 years in the eCommerce market, understanding our customers’ requirements and the market trends. We want to make shipping simple for you, so you can focus only on growing your business.

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In this century, the world has been a witness of a breakthrough that is gradually earning space and dominance over the technological world. Of course, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence and how advances to Big data algorithms and IT systems, improve our everyday lives and optimize our professional lives as well.

But what is Artificial intelligence in the first place?

Alan Turing has defined Artificial Intelligence as a machine that can imitate human behaviour and respond accordingly. In other words, any machine that can operate human functions such as problem solving, learning, interacting with the environment, making decisions belongs to AI world.

The rapid development of computers along with the computing power being relatively cheap, enable many companies in many sectors to incorporate AI to their business models benefiting from the efficiency and processing power of these systems.

According to a report from the State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises, the sector of Supply Chain management is one of the top areas where businesses are gaining a lot of revenue by investing in AI systems. In particular, a McKinsey’s report found that logistics and freight forwarding companies who are early adopters of AI strategies, will profit from margins greater than 5%. However, only 21% companies from the same report have fully integrated AI to their business models and processes.
Freight forwarding industry uses a lot of data and has very complex processes making the use of AI an absolute necessity. On the other hand, AI requires large databases in order to be able to work at its full potential. Thus, we can see that a relationship between supply chain and AI is something that works in accordance and hence we cannot or we should not avoid it.

Read more at : https://haulystic.com/blogdetails/19/Supply-Chain-Enters-the-World-of-AI

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Cross-border e-commerce is defined as international e-commerce according to which, suppliers sell their products to consumers living in other countries and jurisdictions. However, consumers who trade with suppliers online and share one common language, border or currency, do not perceive it as cross border trading (e.g.trading within European Union).

Internet, smartphones and digitisation in general, play a major part in our everyday lives and most people nowadays, use these devices to make online purchases. Currently, there are 1.79 billion digital shoppers worldwide and this number will increase to 2.14 billion by 2021.

45% of global online shoppers tend to purchase products from overseas stores. This is because internet has made it easier for all of us to browse different products, to make easy and fast online payments and to engage in conversations about these products on social media.

Challenges of Cross Border E-commerce
Language is an important determinant in cross border e-commerce. Common language minimizes the differences and the barriers and it is cost effective for the retailers as they don’t have to adapt their websites and pay for translations and local proof-readers. Fraud in another challenge of e-commerce that we need to overcome. You always need to be prepared and informed about the best payment services in the country that you want to operate to.

Logistics and regulations can be very complicated when it comes to cross border e-commerce. If you work tightly with your freight forwarder, you can get multiple options and alternatives always tailored to your needs.

At Haulystic Innovations, we understand your requirements and our primary goal is to create value for our clients. We assess every situation accordingly, and plan a supply chain strategy that fits your business.

We take care of custom clearance and we provide end to end pipeline consultancy and management for your products.

Visit our digital platform and book your shipments online!

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Aren’t you getting frustrated listening to different scenarios about Brexit every day? Brexit is around the corner and we still do not have a clear picture on what is going to happen to UK and the world after the 29th of March 2019. Logistics is an industry that has adapted to economic and political changes throughout the years.

So, why do we worry about Brexit?

Is the fact that United Kingdom will leave the EU, with or without a deal, so important that will change the landscape of the global supply chain services forever?

It is true that 40% of freight being lifted and moved within the UK, has a non-UK origin or destination. That means, that the UK is quite a determinant for the global logistics industry.

What you can do under these circumstances is again to tightly collaborate with a specialist that can give you the right answers at the right time. A specialist like this, will help you avoid inaccurate or redundant declarations and focus only on what matters while saving you money and of course time. We, at Haulystic Innovations, have access to official up to date information about customs and everything concerning Brexit. Further, after years of experience and knowledge of international freight forwarding, we can assess all information and prepare a customized approach including any custom clearance requirements.

The two things that you should have in mind are:

1. Keep your Commodity Codes up to date.
2. Check whether you need export license for your products.

Additionally, in such times, innovation is rewarded. Every logistics company should leverage on emerging supply chain technologies that will exponentially improve the management of operations and speed up the process at the borders. A Digital Linehaul Sourcing Specialist, such as Haulystic Innovations, has embedded technology in its business model, making the procedures easier, more accurate and safer. The environment is highly secure and the payments are transparent.

Trucks entering the UK from Europe are estimated to be around 18,000 which is approximately 15% of the UK trucks that are registered with 30 tonnes and above. These trucks are subject to cabotage rules meaning that a vehicle registered in one country can distribute products in another country. So, it is very likely that if cabotage rights are withdrawn, then the trucking capacity in the UK will be decreased and the prices will rise.

UK hauliers do not have sufficient capacity to meet demand for national freight forwarding. In case of a transport shortage due to cabotage rules being withdrawn, the delivery times might change and delays may occur. What you need under these circumstances is an experienced logistic partner. At Haulystic Innovations, each time we assess the situation and create a plan with different alternatives so we can make sure that your products will arrive at the final destination without any delay. For instance, if there is a congestion at ports or roads, we will research on the best option and recommend an alternative that is in alignment with your requirements.

Last but not least, the one certain impact of Brexit on the logistics industry will be in the area of employment. Currently, at the freight and logistics industry, there are at least 2.9 million people employed, including only the distribution and warehouse staff. Moreover, there are at least 400,000 available workers from EU while it has been stated that the UK has a shortage of 50,000 HGV drivers.

In a “no deal” scenario, the Government has guaranteed the protection of the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. However, you have to research on initiatives that protect the rights of your workforce. We work closely with organizations such as Migration Advisory Committee, in order to have a better understanding on how post-Brexit will affect our workforce, and we try to consult and offer support to all our employees so we can handle your delivery faster and more effectively.

The impact of Brexit for freight forwarders and logistics companies will be determined by the specific arrangements for border management. The degree of access to the single market will resolve all questions and determine the custom tariffs, procedures and documentation for importing and exporting products at the EU border.

The one thing that we can do right now is to prepare our business and prepare our clients for a smooth transaction to a post-Brexit period with or without a deal.

We can do it together!

Work with Haulystic Innovations, so you can get up to date information about Brexit and customized logistics services for your products.

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In logistics, we know that supplying and buying pharmaceutical products can be very frustrating and difficult, mainly due to various regulations and practises in the countries of import as well as in the countries of export.

If you are or you want to become a supplier or buyer of pharmaceuticals, then this article may help you. We gathered all the practises and regulations of warehousing and distribution services for pharmaceuticals, along with the required documentation that you have to be compliant with, in order to be eligible to sell your products across the globe.
International Logistics, Courier and Digital Freight Forwarder
The information presented below is according to the Good Distribution Practises (GDP), which are the minimum requirements that intermediaries have to follow from the moment of moving the products from the manufacturer’s premises, to delivering the products to the end user or to another intermediary. GDP is a quality system, which includes practises for storage, purchase, delivery and export of drugs intended for human consumption. GDP applies to all organizations and individuals involved in any warehousing service and distribution practise of all pharmaceutical products.

Storage Facilities and Conditions

1. People without any authority should not be allowed to enter the storage area.
2. There should be sufficient capacity of the storage area to allow the orderly storage of different categories of products such as starting and packaging materials, intermediates, bulk and finished products, products in quarantine, and released, rejected, returned or recalled products.
3. Warehouse storage must ensure that the quality of pharmaceutical products is maintained and that the stock is appropriately rotated, following the principle of FEFO (First Expired/ First Out).
4. Storage areas must provide sufficient lighting to ensure that all operations are being carried out with safety and efficiency.
5. Pharmaceutical products must be stored in a dedicated area and off the floor and spaced accordingly to ensure cleanliness, repair and inspection of pallets. The storage area must be clean, dry and within temperature limits. Warehouse storage have to be free of waste and vermin and a written sanitation program should be available at the premises. In cases of special storage conditions, temperature and humidity levels should be monitored and recorded.


1. Pharmaceutical products should be transported only if the storage conditions are maintained and the quality of the products is not impaired.
2. Monitoring of transport conditions such as temperature should be available for review, if necessary.
3. The dispatch and transportation of pharmaceutical products can be carried out only after the receipt of a delivery order.
4. Procedures for dispatch and transport should be documented and available for review.
5. The container must be accordingly labelled and must offer sufficient protection from all the external and environmental influences (weather conditions, poor driving skills).
6. The dispatch records should include the date of dispatch, the name and address of the customer, description of the product (name, strength, dosage form, batch number and quantity), and the required conditions for transport and warehouse storage.
7. All these records must be accessible and available for review.


1. Records that describe all the storage procedures, including the handling of expired stock, must be available either in written or electronic form. This documentation should include labelling and storage conditions, precautions and retest dates for every product.
2. The records should be kept for each delivery and should include the description of the product, quality, quantity, supplier, supplier’s batch number, date of receipt, assigned batch number and expiry date. These records should be retained for a certain period according to national regulations. Unauthorized abbreviations, names or codes should not be used.
3. The purchase order and the container’s physical verification must be available and checked on receipt.
4. Every delivery of products should be checked against the purchase order and the container carrying these products must be physically verified. The delivery should be examined for uniformity of the containers and if the delivery includes more than one batch, then the consignment should be subdivided by the supplier’s batch number.
5. The containers must be examined for contamination and damage, and if a leak is observed, then the whole delivery should be put into quarantine.

We know that these may be a lot to take and some of this information is difficult to implement, but we want you to be informed and prepared. And if you still have problems with the warehouse services and the documentation of your pharmaceutical products, then we can help you. Haulystic Innovations is a marketplace dedicated to consult and manage your end to end pipeline operations.

The only thing you have to do is trust us and together we can overcome all the hurdles.

Start your journey with Haulystic Innovations by booking your shipments online.

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What is ‘3PL’?

3PL, short for ‘third-party logistics’, also sometimes known as ‘TPL’, is a term which is commonly used in the logistics and supply-chain management sector. It refers to service providers that handle full or partial distribution and fulfilment services of an organisation.

The concept of 3PL goes back a few decades. The scenario was quite different prior to the 1980s when supply and logistics involved only two parties—the shipper (big retailers, manufacturers, or wholesalers) and the shipping carrier. In subsequent years, globalisation gathered pace and more and more sellers started entering the marketplace. Many of them lacked the resources and expertise to manage their own logistics and distribution needs. To take care of their warehousing, distribution and logistics requirements, intermediaries known as third-party logistics providers came into existence.

A 2008 legislation passed defines a 3PL service provider as:

A person who solely receives, holds, or otherwise transports a consumer product in the ordinary course of business but who does not take title to the product.

It means that a 3PL service provider does not hold legal ownership of the inventory, but is bound by law to adhere to the duties assigned to them with respect to it.

The market for 3PL service providers has greatly expanded in recent times with the growth of the internet, which has helped both online and offline businesses to flourish. The importance of 3PL service providers in today’s globalised world can be gauged from the fact that over 86% of the Fortune 500 companies and 96% of the Fortune 100 companies utilise their services.

Top-of-the-line 3PL service providers are critical for your business in today’s highly competitive commercial landscape. They offer quick, reliable, time-bound, scalable solutions to ensure your customers receive the best delivery experience. There are some providers that offer retail distribution and returns facilities as well. 3PL service providers enable your revenue and business to grow by providing safe and timely delivery of goods to your customers.

Why hiring a 3PL service provider makes sense

It is sometimes seen that businesses turn to 3PL service providers only after their lack of experience in fulfilling orders starts seriously affecting their business. This puts them at serious risk of losing their customers as unhappy customers may shift their loyalty to a competitor.

Many businesses fail to properly account for storage space as a part of their fulfilment expense. Moreover, managing your own warehouse is expensive and requires both money and specialised skills and workforce. If you are finding it tedious to run your own facility, try getting quotes from various 3PL service providers and compare them. Quality providers of 3PL warehousing in Australia supply the staff, space and transport facilities needed to take care of your storage and distribution requirements. Leading providers of order fulfilment services in Australia also offer highly customised solutions for specific business needs. They enhance your brand reputation by ensuring that your customers enjoy a positive experience when it comes to delivery of their goods.

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The publishing industry needs to look at all ways to make their business more profitable. This will mean looking at new solutions that will help them reduce wastage. It should also help them to monetize opportunities that were not used earlier. Printing is the major expense in publishing. A change in printing methods and systems could bring in a huge reduction in cost for publishers. They need to look at printers who can help them in this matter.

We use both offset and digital printing in the best way to help improve revenues for the publishing industry

Markono is a printing company in Singapore that offers the best solutions for publishing companies. We use modern technology to ensure that wastage is avoided. We also help the publishers to execute orders that were earlier not possible to honor. We use both offset and digital printing in the best way to help improve revenues for the publishing industry. We are the top printing company in Singapore helping publishers to fulfill their orders from Asia.


We use digital printers to print any additional small orders

While we print the first and second editions in offset printers to make the printing cost as less as possible, we print the other orders in digital printers. Small quantities cannot be printed economically in offset printers. This is why earlier printers printed large quantities out of which at least a small quantity went unsold. This was a loss for the publishers. We print only the required quantity with offset printers. This avoids wastage. We use digital printers to print any additional small orders. This means that these orders will be monetized too. We have helped the publishers to get revenues from all their orders.


We have our production and storage under one roof to ensure faster execution of orders

Markono has also revolutionized the storage and distribution to ensure that the publishers’ customers get the best service. We brought our production and storage under one roof to ensure faster execution of orders. We have proven to be the best supply chain partner for our clients. We ensure that their orders are executed within the shortest time. Our automated storage and retrieval system helps to make delivery more efficient.

We also offer many attractive packaging options

We offer different forms of delivery methods as per the preference of the customers. We also offer many attractive packaging options. Our aim is to keep the customers satisfied always. We aim to keep our reputation as the best printer in Singapore.


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If you ever had any trouble deciding whether to choose an online or a traditional freight forwarder, this article will help dissolve all your doubts. Freight forwarding is one of the last major industries stuck in the past. Only 60% offreight forwarding companies have embraced digitalisation and have embedded information technology to their business model. In the next few years, the volumes of air freight in particular, will increase substantially, but freight forwarders have to keep up with technological advances in order to manage and consequently leverage on this increase. New technologies, such as big data and machine learning, can automate processes and improve the quality of customer service. In this article we identify and present all the benefits associated with using an online freight forwarder, so you can be fully informed before making a decision.

1. Start Your Shipping Process at the Click of Your Finger

Once you have decided to ship your products, you want to finish as soon as possible. This process is very complicated in a way that it can waste your resources and consume your valuable time. Online freight forwarders, such as Haulystic Innovations, know that you are busy and they want to make everything easy for you. Hence, the moment that you add your details and shipment requirements to the online platform, this information is simultaneously shared to all relevant parties making the process possible to start immediately. In general, booking, managing and tracking your shipments is 80% quicker while working with an online freight forwarder than with a traditional one.

2. Minimizing Complexity

Information technology and digitalisation can lower the levels of complexity in the shipping process. Booking with an online freight forwarding platform combines different stages of the shipping process, such as custom clearance, warehousing storage and payment. Further, digital platforms can better manage higher volumes, not only for simple but also for more complex products. This digitalisation leads to the decrease of costs and the increase of devotion to customer service.

3. Delays Can Be Prevented

In the traditional old-fashioned booking with a traditional freight forwarder, the shipping process can be delayed many times due to various factors. For example, documentation and customs might get stuck or someone can delay the process without properly informing the other members in the supply chain. But one thing that online freight forwarders provide is better communication. There is full visibility and tracking of the process by the customers and the different parties involved in the supply chain, so in case a delay occurs everyone will be notified right away.

4. Customization and Convenience of Services

Another benefit of working with an online freight forwarder is that you can have full access to personalised reports according to your specific needs. You can browse the services, state your shipment requirements, add insurance and anything you might need. Moreover, you can see the exact price that you will pay and keep track on all the required documents. Most importantly, you can do all these things at your own time and convenience making sure that you are well informed before making a business decision.Benefits-of-Choosing-Online-Freight-Forwarder-Blog-001.jpg

5. Better Customer Service

Digital freight forwarding companies understand the need for personal engagement with their customers. It is vital for them to be able to communicate regularly with their clients and to ensure an excellent customer service. This communication does not have to be impersonal via emails, rather customer service agents are always keen to arrange a phone call or a face to face meeting. In addition, digitalization helps these companies to drive the transactional costs down meaning that they do not have a limit on how many people they can provide services to.

6. Accuracy of the information

Searching for all the information that you need just by yourself can be very time consuming, especially when you can find many misleading and incorrect information on the internet. Online freight forwarders often partner with legitimate associations that provide them with accurate information. You can find data that reflect real time market and are daily updated. Having correct information at your disposal, means that you can focus on getting things done, rather than browsing the internet for the right answers.

7. Unlimited Network

Online freight forwarding companies can operate across the globe without border or network limitations. Digitalisation allows them to offer their services worldwide at the same speed and intensity as operating nationally. Thus, you can benefit from such a broad network of partners to collaborate and ship your products to. Finally, working with an online freight forwarder means that you can book your shipments and contact the freight agents even while being in completely different time zones.

8. Transparency and Simplicity

The lack of transparency in payments and the complexity of paperwork and regulations are some of the hurdles that suppliers and buyers of freight forwarding services face every day. The advantages of booking your shipments online are that you can track the whole process from your screen, you can access all the documentation that you will need in order to complete your shipments and of course, you can see in advance the exact amount of covering charges you need to pay, from the point of collection to the point of delivery. Additionally, many digital freight forwarding companies such Haulystic Innovations, provide a market intelligence section where you can see pricing and costings according to your requirements.

To sum up, there are many problems for all the relevant parties when it comes to freight forwarding but there are also ways to overcome them. Being digital is a solution that cannot resolve all the issues that may appear in logistics, but is a good first step.

We, at Haulystic Innovations understand the problems you face when you are trying to ship your products and we are here to help you overcome these obstacles and make everything as convenient as possible.

Haulystic Innovations cares about your shipments and cares about you! We look forward to welcoming you to our family and to starting the unique experience of booking online.
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The supply chain management is very critical when it comes to saving costs and delivering a quality product to your customers. The basic meaning of logistics is the commercial Transport goods from the producer to the consumer. There are a lot of aspects that are to be covered by a supply chain manager including Purchasing, materials handling, transportation, inventory control, sales, after sales etc. Keeping in mind all these areas, logistics management becomes all the more important for a business due to its property of changing its growth pattern drastically in the short as well as the long term.  

In the modern sense, logistics and supply chain management have a negligible difference when it comes to meaning. Earlier logistics management was a narrower term than supply chain management but the modern experts portray almost no difference in the working of a logistics manager and a supply chain manager of an organization.


It is also evident that many large and established companies hire a logistics manager from outside the organization for expertise in the area. Even the medium enterprises have started to hire a third party logistics manager because of the cost savings made. Small Enterprises do not have enough inventory and resources which makes them take help from outside the organization. Further, it also depends on the type of business a company is into. Suppose, a company has a huge amount of stocks. It definitely needs an expert in warehousing and inventory management to handle huge costs that are held by the inventory. The working of one department in any organization is affected by the working of another. So, it is a must to take good care of the logistics of a company through a third party. Another reason to hire a third party inventory manager is to avoid depreciation that occurs every day to a product without compromising on timely delivery to customers.

There are many Logistics Companies in Canada to handle warehousing means which can potentially provide you with all the above benefits. These Companies provide experienced inventory managers who have handled large inventories before. Handling an inventory includes a lot of functions including warehouse supply, issue of materials, cost control, techniques of inventory management etc. If you are the one looking for effective warehousing which comprises of huge costs, you must consider hiring S&K Logistics. We have experience in handling raw materials, working-in-progress and finished products. We have huge experience in providing you with effective warehousing with techniques according to the type of business. We cover each and every product by storing it for a long time without compromising on the brand new quality of the product when delivered to the customer.

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The global logistics market is anticipated to rise at a remarkable CAGR of 7.18% during the period 2018-2022. The expansion of logistics under global operations and information about logistics costs and capacities are much important to decide on how to leverage developing markets as a means to enhance profit margins. The wave of globalization brings a trend to source from a manufacturer with reasonable costs and developing markets. The trend is however, counterpoised; coupled with rising complexities that need to be addressed immediately. Hence, the complexities in managing logistics under developing markets ultimately supplements with landing costs of manufactured or associated goods.

The logistics market on a global scale is driven by factors such as adoption of free trade policies, rise in cross-country business operations, increasing prevalence of e-commerce and flexible norms laid by government. Rise in extensive R&D and use of innovation for transportation and logistics in U.S and Europe are expected to stimulate the market growth in the forecast period. However, lack of scalability and standardization at various geographical locations are likely to affect the regional performance of the market, thus entailing a decline on a global scale.

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By end-user segment, the logistics market segmentation includes consumer goods industry, automotive industry, food & beverages industry, and manufacturing industry. Consumer goods industry and automotive industry is likely to gain a higher traction in the forecast period.

Geographical segmentation for logistics market includes North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Asia-Pacific’s logistics market is anticipated to rise at a staggering CAGR in the forecast period due to rise in free trade economy, increase rate of technological developments, moderate rise in manufacturing sectors, increase in use of IT for transaction of information and rise in use of automated deliveries.

North American and European market is likely to gain a significant CAGR in the forecast period due to extensive R&D for transportation and logistics. Increasing innovations pertaining to shipments trigger the logistics market growth. The key players in the logistics market include DB Schenker, C.H.Robinson, DSV, Kuehne, Nagel and UPS.

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About Logistics

Logistics involve planning, controlling, and delivering the physical flow of goods from one point to another to meet customer satisfaction.

Radiant Insights analysts forecast the global logistics market to grow at a CAGR of 7.18% during the period 2018-2022.

Covered in this report 
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global logistics market for 2018-2022. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the use of logistics across end-user industries including manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods, food and beverages, and others.

The market is divided into the following segments based on geography: 
• Americas

Radiant Insights report, Global Logistics Market 2018-2022, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key vendors
• C.H. Robinson
• DB Schenker
• Deutsche Post DHL Group
• Kuehne + Nagel

Market driver
• Growing long-term projects creating sustainability in the logistics industry
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Market challenge 
• Operational difficulties due to increasing government regulations
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Market trend 
• Emergence of blockchain technology
• For a full, detailed list, view our report

Key questions answered in this report 
• What will the market size be in 2022 and what will the growth rate be?
• What are the key market trends?
• What is driving this market?
• What are the challenges to market growth?
• Who are the key vendors in this market space?

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