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In today’s world Android has emerged as the most prominent open ecosystem with over 3 million apps. Many of these apps are the center of attraction for users of different platforms. One of them is Linux users. If you are a Linux user and want to enjoy the applications that run on Android, you can do so by following a few simple steps on your Linux device. Already several options are available for running android apps on different platforms. We can take an example of BlueStacks that is used for running android apps on Windows and macOS, but it is not available for Linux. So, the best layer to date for running Android apps on Linux is Anbox. It is a free, open-source cloud computing platform like Wine (a compatibility layer that is free and is an open-source layer that helps users in running windows apps on Linux). With Anbox, you can run Android mobile applications on Linux with ease and that too without emulation. You can download Anbox for PCs and laptops also as it works pretty well on both.


Installing Anbox on Linux

  • To install and use Anbox on your Linux device, you need to install Anbox’s Snap package along with the necessary kernel module. For installing the snaps, snapd service is required. To install snapd, you can use the command:
  • sudo apt install snapd
  • Once you have installed snapd on your Linux PC, you may now install Anbox setup with the command:
  • snap install –classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer
  • You will have to enter a password when a pop up appears, which will download the snap package. Within some time, two options will appear:
  • “Install Anbox” and “Uninstall Anbox” You need to click on the Install Anbox option and agree with the terms and conditions, and after doing so, reboot the system. With these steps, Anbox will get installed on your Linux PC.

Installing Apps Through Anbox

On clicking the folder, you will find various applications that your android handset has by default. To download any games or any other apps other than the default applications, you will have to download the apk files that are related to that application you want to download. You will have to download apps by this process only because you cannot have direct access to Google Play through Anbox. After downloading the apk files and installing the applications, you may use them like the way you use them in your Android devices.

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Buy VPS – Cheap Windows VPS

Comparing a traditional web hosting to a dedicated host, the variations are very substantial, since in the devoted servers the restricts are recognized by the hardware that composes the host therefore in growth we could do what we want. In the event of web growth, our limitation focuses on the quantity of disk space given by our company and the additional parts since they are included. Demonstrably, hiring a dedicated host includes a larger cost than web hosting, but the possibilities provided by this approach are actually wide.

If you are searching for cheap VPS India, don't miss to contact us. We incorporate in to all its devoted servers a get a handle on cell, both in devoted Windows servers and in Focused Windows Servers.  Our devoted servers have 99% uptime availability and unprecedented performance. Connected to high-speed and obsolete access to the internet lines, with a few communications suppliers, they assure high quantities of transference and quality in traffic that is difficult to overcome.

We also have at your removal companies for the whole administration of your host as well as sophisticated systems and configurations.  Get touching people and buy VPS  at the best prices! Websites suppliers, or ISPs, have to have devoted servers to variety their clients'website pages, hence, they could provide personalized web hosting companies to each customer, providing a disk space and width of Band for every customer individually. Some web programs require the implementation of third-party programs or extra parts which are not contained in conventional web hosting.

Some extra parts are just probable to utilize if they are mounted directly on the devoted host with supervisor rights, therefore, a simple web hosting won't let complex jobs to be 100% developed. Focused servers are generally collected in to two groups. This grouping is generally determined by the operating system that is previously mounted: Windows Focused Servers: They usually incorporate Windows 2003 Machine in some of its variations, web version, Typical, Enterprise, and etc.

Focused Linux Servers: Generally incorporate Linux system in some of its variants. The management of a dedicated host is completed straight by taking the server's desktop, generally in the form of "terminal Machine" in windows or by "unit" in Linux. Allowing hosting website pages or offering web hosting, it's essential to set up different programs or components of the operating system it self, for DNS management, record management, person assignment, and permissions. Nowadays you can buy buy SSD VPS online.

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Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is true virtualization where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the host node. Buy KVM VPS at the best prices only at

If you need an exclusive service for your portal, where your users enter without loading problems, then you need to know that it is a dedicated server. This despite its high cost is considered one of the best forms of online hosting, because you will not have as many limitations as with a conventional one. That is to say, they are servers dedicated to the client that acquires it so that its benefits are worth the price to pay.

What is a dedicated hosting server?

Have you heard about it, but still don't really know what the dedicated server is for? Don't worry here we will release any doubt. A cheap Indian dedicated server is a physical or virtual machine that will work exclusively for you. This means that it gives you greater control of the web traffic that your company generates but that others cannot access.

Do not forget to know the services of Bluehost, Hostgator. Today those who have proven that it is a dedicated web server have been delighted. So if your online business is growing considerably the best thing you can do is acquire cheap VPS India.

What is a dedicated Linux server?

A dedicated Linux server fulfills the same function that we have already described above, only this time focused on Linux. This software is very flexible and friendly so you can have a cPanel at your disposal with a plus called CloudLinux. That will give you security in virtual spaces with shared hosting. You will also have the option to manage it yourself or hire a managed service, where they will be responsible for making backups, maintenance or updates for you.

What is a dedicated and non-dedicated server?

Next, we will clarify all your doubts about what is a dedicated server and what is a non-dedicated server. When talking about a non-dedicated or shared server it means that you can host a website using the resources of a server, having to share some of the hardware with other users. 

On the other hand, when it refers to dedicated, it is because it is designed for clients who have a large influx of visits or have an expanding company.

The important thing to know is a dedicated and non-dedicated server is that you can select the one that best suits your requirements without having to spend more as it is uphill to get cheap dedicated servers but not impossible. So think about it, seek advice and make a good investment.

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Stradsolutions – A Cheap VPS service provider

cheap VPS is computer equipment that is hired to provide information, service or even host the website of a single client. It is a system that dumps every resource in offering the best performance and as much storage as possible to the web that requests it.

If you are looking to buy Linux VPS at the best prices, do not miss to contact us at stradsolutions.

Unlike the shared ones, which divide their resources among different clients, this works only for one in particular. This translates into a much higher quality in technical aspects such as storage and performance mentioned above, but it also implies a much higher price for the exclusivity granted.

They may have different benefits and, therefore, stick to different types of rates. Each company should look for if they want to hire one, the one that best suits their needs, although the companies that provide this service usually offer instantly applicable improvements if necessary.

The cheap dedicated server India is something that is highly recommended for companies with websites that have high user traffic and, also, need a lot of space to store videos, data and multimedia content in general. These servers guarantee greater consistency and less chance of errors.

What is a Dedicated Server for?

A dedicated Server serves the same as a shared one: storing a client's information or, of course, hosting a website and allowing it to work on the Internet. For any company, it is a total guarantee, by ensuring that all the resources of a team are dedicated solely and exclusively to it but it is also a higher expense.

Its utility is indisputable when we talk about pages with a large influx of visits. By having more resources, it allows you to work with a larger volume of users without problems and the web stops working due to a collapse. In this way, and thanks also to guarantee a faster loading speed, it also helps improve SEO positioning.

The best Dedicated Server service:

Although we can find examples of dedicated servers in any company that is dedicated to hosting, we will raise a hypothetical case. Imagine that in strasolutions, we have a server shared with many other companies and we see that the benefits are already short for everything we need to store, as for the visits we receive.

With this idea in mind, and seeing that there are no more shared teams for our case, we should have something dedicated solely to our website. We would have to hire a dedicated server to ensure flawless performance and forget about problems.

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Buy Cheap Cloud service from Stradsolutions

cheap cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing environment. It can easily be accessed remotely. They are also called as Virtual Private Servers.

If you are looking to buy cheap VPS, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Why should I choose a dedicated server?

A dedicated server provides a lot of security, an essential aspect in large and private projects.

If your company depends on the web and the database you must choose the dedicated server because it will provide you with a much more private and secure environment.

Its exclusivity is one of the main reasons why you should choose a dedicated server because thanks to it you have all the advantages mentioned above: security, independence, easy maintenance and the possibility of installing applications.

Here in the following, we are going to discuss main advantages of dedicated servers:

The main advantages of dedicated servers:

Of all the advantages that dedicated servers have over other types of hosting, these are the most prominent:

Security: There is only one client that has the server, so security increases considerably. The client is the only one that has access to this server so if you handle sensitive and private data it is very advisable to use a dedicated server.

Independence: With a dedicated server we provide total independence to the client since that server is for personal and exclusive use.

Possibility of installing applications: On dedicated servers, customers have the possibility to install any application they want, something that is not possible on shared servers because they could take up too much space. In addition, they can also change the operating system and do what they want as long as they meet the conditions of the hosting company.

Ease of maintenance: All maintenance tasks and updates of the dedicated server can be done much more easily than on a shared server.

Administration: The administrators of the hosting are in charge of managing them, and not the user himself, which makes them managed dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers in

In dedicated servers, you can buy cloud services at the best prices! The dedicated servers that we offer, thanks to our innovative technologies, have the best features.

In relation to our objective, we want to meet the needs of each of our clients, so we offer different ranges of dedicated servers:
If you want to know the details and costs of the different ranges of dedicated servers, feel free to contact us.

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Internet service providers, or ISPs, need to have dedicated servers to host their clients' web pages, thus, they can offer personalized web hosting services to each client, offering a disk space and width of Band for each client individually.

Some web applications require the implementation of third-party applications or extra components that are not included in conventional web hosting. 

Some extra components are only possible to use if they are installed directly on the dedicated server with administrator rights, therefore, a simple web hosting will not allow complex projects to be 100% developed.

Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are usually grouped into two groups. This grouping is usually determined by the operating system that is previously installed:

Windows Dedicated Servers: They usually integrate Windows 2003 Server in any of its variants, web edition, Standard, Enterprise, and etc.

Dedicated Linux Servers: Usually integrate Linux system in any of its variants.

The management of a dedicated server is done directly by capturing the server's desktop, usually by means of "terminal Server" in windows or by "console" in Linux. To allow hosting web pages or selling web hosting, it is necessary to install various programs or components of the operating system itself, for DNS management, file management, user assignment, and permissions. Today you can buy SSD VPS online.

Hardware limitations must be taken into account:

Comparing a conventional web hosting to a dedicated server, the differences are very significant, since in the dedicated servers the limits are established by the hardware that composes the server so in development we can do what we want.

In the case of web development, our limitation focuses on the amount of disk space provided by our provider and the extra components as they are included. Obviously, hiring a dedicated server has a higher cost than web hosting, but the possibilities offered by this option are really wide.

If you are looking for cheap VPS India, do not miss to contact us. We integrate into all its dedicated servers a control panel, both in dedicated Windows servers and in Dedicated Windows Servers. 

Our dedicated servers have 99% uptime availability and unprecedented performance. Connected to high-speed and redundant internet access lines, with several communications providers, they ensure high levels of transference and quality in traffic that is difficult to overcome.

We also have at your disposal services for the complete administration of your server as well as advanced systems and configurations. 
Get in touch with us and buy VPS at the best prices!

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual dedicated server. Dedicated servers are named this way when they are used exclusively by a user or company. In this case, the machines, licenses, etc., belong to the hosting company that offers the best buy windows VPS that also assumes the management of these servers and guarantees their uninterrupted operation.

When you are going to buy cloud VPS, it is very important to know which features are the most important. These will depend on the requirements and needs of the web page or pages you wish to host.

Here are some of the most important features to consider before hiring a dedicated server:

Operating system: 

Depending on the needs of the Web sites that are intended to be hosted, you will have to choose between cheap Linux VPS or Windows-based systems.

Ram and processor memory: 

The processing capacity and memory depend on important factors such as the speed with which the Web will be displayed or the number of simultaneous visits it may have.

Hard disk: 

The capacity of the hard disk will be the one that allows storing more or less information. Keep in mind that not only do the files on the websites take up space, email accounts and databases also need storage capacity.


It refers to the amount of traffic that is transferred to both inbound and outbound. For this type of service, the traffic is usually from hundreds of Gigabytes to unlimited.


An optimized network infrastructure with a 1Gbps connection will allow you to receive a large number of visits without losing speed. In addition, it is important to have several connectivity providers so that in the event of any failure to have an alternative.

Now let us discuss the benefits of a cheap dedicated server:

Advantages of dedicated servers:

Exclusivity: The client makes sure that all the contracted capacity is dedicated exclusively to his own Web application and that the failures of other clients will not affect the availability or speed of his website.

Total access: In this case, you will have full access to the server being able to make the necessary settings so that the hosted Web pages work correctly.

Installing your own applications: Having the server exclusively, you can install your own or other applications that require special configurations and there will be no problem adapting the system for proper operation.

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Important things to know about Dedicated Server

Many people ask what a dedicated server is since it is one of the most striking offers that web host companies usually make. The truth is that it is a service that allows exclusivity and greater control of the webspace.

If you are not sure what exactly chap dedicated server India, in this post we try to clarify the doubts about this peculiar and versatile web hosting service.

In the first instance, it should be made clear that when a web host company is hired, it can give several alternatives to its customers. For starters, we have the use of the so-called “partial servers” or “non-dedicated servers”. 

Some answers to questions about what a dedicated server is:

Cheap windows VPS is important for any web host company to make clear what their services are. Therefore, we show below a list of items where the dedicated server is succinctly described:

Cheap Indian dedicated server consists of a server fully dedicated to the use of the client, it is not just a space of the same that must be shared with other users.

The care of the hardware, as expected, is the responsibility of the web host company.

It happens that a dedicated server can be used as an advanced form of special web hosting when a client/company requests special performance, configuration or security requirements.

They have a greater amount of hosting space, which is why for those who need to handle more data on the web.

The service provider gives your client greater freedom to use the webspace, that way users can have it much more comfortably.
It is a special service and obviously more expensive than that of a non-dedicated server, but it has enough advantages to be taken into account.

The undoubted dvantages of a dedicated server:

A dedicated server is ideal when you want more security when you handle a lot of data or use web portals that use many multimedia resources and therefore need a more advanced type of hosting.

To the above is added something: The use of a dedicated server implies climbing a step in the web world. In general, someone who undertakes an e-commerce business usually requires only space on a “non-dedicated server”. Subsequently, as your company expands, then you need to go into the use of a specific and dedicated server.

Large companies use this web host mode: Even institutions such as universities and educational centers. To a large extent, many are torn between two options: buy their own server or rent a dedicated server.

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Linux System Administrator Career Outlook


A Linux system administrator is responsible for computers running Linux operating systems. The specialist deals with support infrastructures, OS platforms and applications. The linux system administrator is responsible for the integrity & security of servers and IT systems in accordance with established security protocols and practices.

These professionals work with the computer system engineer to install the system. The Linux administrator ensures that the systems are updated with scalable technologies. The user is responsible for installing new software, granting permissions and training users for applications.The Linux administrator plays an active role in correcting, compiling, backing up and troubleshooting Linux servers in a heterogeneous environment. The specialist performs system updates and server configurations. You are responsible for implementing changes in multiple environments from development to production. The expert can also develop scripts with different languages ​​such as Bash, Python and PHP.

What a Linux system administrator does

A Linux system administrator wears many hats. The smaller your environment, the more hats you will wear. The Linux administration includes backups, file restores, disaster recovery, new system builds, hardware maintenance, automation, user maintenance, file system management, application installation and configuration, system security management and storage management. . . System administration covers almost all aspects of hardware and software management for both physical and virtual systems.

Curiously, you also need a broad base of knowledge about network configuration, virtualization, interoperability and even Windows operating systems. A Linux system administrator must have technical knowledge of network security, firewalls, databases, and all aspects of a functioning network. The reason is that you are primarily a Linux SA, but also part of a larger support team that often has to work together to solve complex problems. In one way or another, security is often the cause of problems encountered by a support team. A user may not have access or adequate access. A daemon may not have appropriate permissions to write to a registry directory. A firewall exception has not been registered in the current configuration of a network appliance. There are hundreds of sources of error in a network. Your job is to identify and fix bugs.

For Linux system administration, you also need to know best practices, familiarize yourself with new software, keep patches, read and follow safety instructions, and apply hardware updates. The day of an SA is very crowded. In fact, you never really end, but you have to choose a time to finish your activities. Being Sa is a 24x7x365 job that affects you physically and mentally. You will hear a lot about fatigue in this area.

Responsibilities and duties :

  •         Install and manage all server hardware and software systems, manage all server performance, and ensure availability.
  •         Keep all system backups, restore all procedures, and provide all users with the required training.
  •         Design and manage all system tools for all automation processes and scripts and monitor all capacity planning.
  •         Integrate all the necessary software and solve all the problems in different technologies. The design requires commercial servers and provides backup support.
  •         Evaluate all documents according to system requirements, evaluate the overall design and run tests of all development activities and manage all complex methods.
  •         Develops an infrastructure that meets all business needs and regularly resolves system issues.
  •         Monitor systems daily, evaluate the availability of all server resources, and perform all tasks for Linux servers.
  •         Helps configure and deploy all virtual machines, and install and distribute backup copies of all configuration processes.
  •         Maintain and monitor all patch versions and design different patch installation strategies. Store all systems according to the NIST standard.
  •         Manage all the power of different resources, optimize and support all applications and offer the best customer service.
  •         Maintain and monitor all system infrastructures and provide support after attending all systems and gaining the best Linux knowledge.
  •         Fix bugs in all tools, manage multiple servers, and back up all script files and servers.
  •         Test all new software, manage administrative services fixes, and monitor all security processes.

Salary :

According to Ziprecruiter, the Linux system administrator in the United States earns about $ 100,425 a year. The annual salary of professionals is $ 158,500 and $ 43,000. Most salaries for Linux system administrators currently range from $ 81,500 (25th percentile) to $ 120,000 (75th percentile). The national median salary for this position is $ 78,322 per year, according to Glassdoor. The actual salary estimate shows that the salary for Linux system administrators is between about $ 66.003 a year for the administrator and $ 91.157 a year for Unix administrators.

Bottom Line:

Being a Linux system administrator is a useful activity. You have many responsibilities. Sometimes it's inconvenient. Sometimes it's really fun. It's a job that Linux SAs have different backgrounds. They are also among the most creative and interesting IT people. System administration is not easy and also not suitable for thin-skinned users. It is intended for those who wish to solve complex problems and improve the IT experience of all members of their network. It's a good job and a good career.

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Linux Training In Noida

Linux Training In Noida   Truth is told Linux is the thing that enables huge amounts of the net and numerous clinical leaps forward to have Linux to thank as the pc running machine that made everything manifest. Linux is one of the most extreme normally utilized running frameworks, supporting the sum from PCs through to servers and phones. In truth, Linux has been round on the grounds that the 90s and is being used round the field, and in each product and order conceivable. Some people realize Linux certainly well, and what's more they realize that Linux runs the entire parcel from coolers through to your TV stick. But the greater part of the general population isn't too familiar with the expression Linux, despite the fact that Linux has been providing dependable, comfortable OS obligations regarding numerous years. Is it accurate to say that you are addressing what are Linux working structures all roughly? Peruse on to discover. First you need to secure what a pc working machine or OS is. An OS is the PC code which deals with the equipment in a physical PC. It exists as a layer among your product program and your equipment. Most people composing programming would never again like to perceive an approach to manage a CPU in constructing agent, or the best approach to chat with an illustrations card. An OS alongside Linux or Windows goes about as an intermediary. Your PC wants to experience a startup arrangement alluded to as booting. This boot method wants guiding, and your OS is the product program in control all through the boot procedure. When you begin your pc the boot loader for your working framework kick starts the technique. Our can consider the portion the piece of the running gadget that is the "nearest" in your figuring equipment as it's miles the component which controls the CPU, get passage to memory and any fringe contraptions. It is the "least" arrange at which you’re working framework works. Background administrations. Called "daemons" in Linux, these little bundles go about as hirelings inside the legacy, guaranteeing that key highlights which incorporate planning, printing and media trademark practically. They load after you have booted up, or in the event that you have signed into your computer. You need to be able to illuminate our running machine what to do, and this is the reason for the shell. Otherwise called the order line, it's far an office which encourages you to teach your OS the use of content. Anyway couple of individuals nowadays knows about order line code, and it when used to place individuals off the utilization of Linux. This changed on the grounds that a front line dissemination of Linux will utilize a registering gadget shell much like Windows..Linux Training Institute In Noida


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Linux can be a whole different world for the ones who are used to the Windows environment. It is an open-source operating system, which has been loved by a lot of people since this OS was released in 1991. In the early 2000s, Linux was associated with the LAMP web development stack. This operating system is based on the Unix ecosystem. If we consider the critical difference between the Linux operating system and Windows, Linux offers a command line interface rather than a Graphical User Interface.
The experience of using the command line environment is much different than the Windows environment. You usually click on icons on Windows, but you need to operate Linux through various commands. Linux will be no less than a foreign language for those familiar with Windows user-interface.  It is a powerful and versatile platform for using, though it will be hard initially. Once you get used to it, the result will be worth it.
Linux is famous all around the world because it can be ideally be used for various purposes, not only as an operating system. It is ideal for CMS or CRS server, office intranet server or web server, domain or mail server, and more. For using Linux smoothly, you need to follow the tips given below.

1. Disable unwanted components

There are a lot of background services and components that come with Linux. Though not all of them required. They take extra space in CPU and consume RAM and hence the best solution is disable them. Once you disable these services, you can decrease startup time as well as free up memory. You can remove up to 120 MB of RAM after you disable the dedicated software packages.

2. Get the system updates from time to time

Linux also provides a considerable number of distributions, like Cent OS, Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu, and more. However, its most renowned version is Ubuntu. With every release, exclusive fixes and security patches are included. And, you must get the recent version of any platform of Linux that you are comfortable with. By doing this, you make sure all the applications, clients, and services run smoothly and securely. Sandbox is highly recommended for testing updates and detecting any potential issues.

3. Disable GUI if you don’t need it

GUI isn’t necessary as everything can be operated smoothly through command-line. It also saves memory and CPU cycles as well when you have no GUI on Linux territory. For the windows users, however, no GUI can be a foreign concept. If you want to disable GUI, you must set “init level” to 3 instead of 5. But still, if required, it can be initiated manually through startx. 

4. Keep the TCP protocol optimized

For improving network among applications that demand constant connectivity, it is essential to keep TCP protocol tuned. Those who access large TCP Linux sizes for connection over wide-area networks especially need to consider this. As this tweak helps improve data transfer rates.

So, these are a few of the best tips for enhancing performance on a Linux environment!

Raven Cross has been writng books and magazine for different book publishers and print media before shifting to digital media in 2007. He writes about Internet, latest changes in Antivirus softwares such as, Artificial Intelligence and robotics on his different blogs.
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Are you a Windows individual who is enquiring to try Linux, there are two ways to use Linux on a Windows PC. You can either fix the full Linux OS alongside Windows or just starting with Linux for the first time, the other easy alternative is that you run Linux virtually with make changes to your existing Windows setup.

The prior option will provide the best performance because all the resources of the system will be available to Linux but the final option is absolutely risk-free and therefore recommended for novice users. You’ll be able to test drive Linux but without altering a single file on your device.

Running Linux with Windows

Let’s have a look at some of the easiest ways to use Linux on a Windows PC. Linux is available in multiple tasks but here; let’s have a look on the edition of Ubuntu, perhaps the most actively developed Linux distribution.

Step 1: As a web app Online Test-Drive Linux

The most of the easiest way to try Linux on your Windows Desktop is inside your web browser. Open the, and fill that simple form and within a minute, and the full version of Ubuntu Linux running on your desktop inside a Java applet appears on the display.

There’s absolutely not any need to download or install anything on your device and a single session can last up to two hours. You get access to all the features that are obtainable in the typical desktop edition of Ubuntu Linux including the skills to download and install new packages from the Linux repository.

Step 2:  Run Linux from a CD or a USB Stick

The most general option to test-drive Linux on Windows is a Live CD. Though it speaks about the CD, you can also use a USB Flash Drive as a Live CD without burning CD.

To get started, download the latest version of Ubuntu to your PC. If you don’t have an Internet connection, you can always copy the Ubuntu CD. Once you have Ubuntu ISO image file, grab an empty USB disk and use it quickly to turn USB drive into a bootable Ubuntu disk for Ubuntu without burning a CD. Insert the bootable USB flash drive into your Windows PC and then reboot it. If this doesn’t work, go to the BIOS boot menu and change the sequence of the boot.

Step 3: Run Linux in a Virtual machine

To get started, download and install the free VMware player on you PC. Download the image for Ubuntu and abstract the zip file. Now have a double-click on Ubuntu.vmx file that you just extracted and the Linux virtual machine will load inside the VMware Player.

Step 4: Install Linux as a Windows Software

It will download the essential Linux ISO from the Internet and will install it on your device. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the ISO, you can just place the .iso file in the same folder as Wubi and it will pick it up.

Now, Restart/reboot your PC, it will provide you with a choice of Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows. This is a real Linux installation and thus the general performance should be good. If you ever want to uninstall Linux, simply boot into Windows, and go to the Add-Remove issues and uninstall Wubi.

Step 5: Run Linux inside the Web Browser

This is an emulator that you use in Linux inside your web browser. You may write shells scripts using Awk and Sed, master regular expressions, play around with popular text editors like Emacs and Vi, and look up man pages of various Linux command and many more..

Kaylee Smith is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games,internet and new media. He writes for Ms-Office products at  or .


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How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux

If you want to uninstall software from your PC running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, then here are the two different ways you can use in your computer to uninstall Ubuntu software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Ubuntu Linux only or running it with another operating system. You can uninstall programs by using Terminal and Ubuntu software, here is how.


How to uninstall a program by using Terminal

1.    Boot your computer in Ubuntu OS.

2.    Click on the ‘Ubuntu’ icon at the upper-left corner.

3.    In the Ubuntu search bar, type ‘terminal.’

4.    And start searching.

5.    Click ‘Terminal’ to open it. Alternatively, click the ‘Terminal’ app icon on the left side of the desktop to open it directly.

6.    Enter ‘dpkg –list’ in the terminal.

7.    Hit ‘Enter’ button. This will open the list of your installed programs.

8.    In the installed program list, search for the program you want to uninstall.

9.    Now in the terminal, enter ‘app-get –purge remove [Program name]’. Enter the exact and actual name of the program in place of “program name.”

10.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

11.    Enter your superuser (root) password.

12.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

13.    Enter ‘Y’ to confirm the uninstallation.

14.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

15.    When it will finish, you can close the terminal.

Deletion process will take time according to the size of the program. If the ‘app – get’ command isn’t working properly, try to use ‘sudo aptitude remove program’ command.

How to uninstall a program by using Ubuntu software

Ubuntu Linux operating system has an in-built software management program. It icons looks like an orange suitcase with a white color ‘A’ on it. You can use the Ubuntu Software manager program to remove the programs.

1.    Boot your computer in Ubuntu OS.

2.    Click on the ‘Ubuntu’ icon at the upper-left corner.

3.    In the Ubuntu search bar, type ‘Ubuntu software.’

4.    And start searching.

5.    Click ‘Ubuntu Software’ to open it.

6.    In the Ubuntu software window, switch to the ‘Installed’ tab.

7.    Enter the name of the software in the search to find the program you want to delete.

8.    Or scroll down in the installed program list, if you’d don’t know the name.

9.    Click ‘Remove’ button next to the software to uninstall it.

10.    Click ‘Remove’ or ‘OK’ button, if prompted to confirm your decision.

11.    When complete, close Ubuntu software.

That’s it!

How to uninstall Ubuntu Linux

To uninstall Ubuntu Linux from the computer running on two OS, you need a Windows CD or USB drive. If your computer is only running on Linux OS then by simply reformatting your computer with an installation disc, you can remove Ubuntu.

1.    Insert the disc into your computer.

2.    Reboot your PC.

3.    Boot the installation CD.

4.    Select time and language.

5.    Click ‘Next.’

6.    Click ‘Install Now.’

7.    Enter the Windows product key and click ‘Next.’

8.    Click the ‘I accept’ box, and click ‘Next.’

9.    Select the ‘Custom’ option.

10.    Select the drive in which Ubuntu is installed.

11.    Click ‘Drive options,’ if required.

12.    Click ‘Delete.’

13.    Click ‘OK.’

14.    Click ‘Next.’

15.    Follow the screen instructions to finish installing.

That’s it! Ubuntu Linux will successfully uninstalled from your computer, and now your system will open with a new operating system.

Jessica Davis is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Source: Ubuntu

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Download >> Download Permission denied linux centos tutorial

Read Online >> Read Online Permission denied linux centos tutorial



Thanks for contributing an answer to Server Fault! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid . Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. How to Fix Permission of htdocs Folder in Ubuntu Linux. To learn how file permission works in Linux see this tutorial ComputerNetworkingNotes Ubuntu Linux Tutorials How to Fix Permission of htdocs Folder in Ubuntu Linux . thanks for your reply all i want to do is to setup a server with centos and install a free web control pannel. as i said i am new to linux and i was just following the instruction on the tutorial. Permission denied when running scripts from php. I've double checked the /usr/web/bsu directory and it's permissions are set to 777. Howtoforge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials. Home Forums > Linux Forums > Server Operation > Tutorials; Tags; Forums. Forums. Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a mandatory access control (MAC) security mechanism implemented in the kernel. The targeted SELinux policy on CentOS ships with 4 forms of access control: tcontext, tclass fields as well as the requested permission in the denied: <permission> message SELinux/Tutorials/Where to find SELinux permission denial details. From Gentoo Wiki < SELinux but generally it is either in /var/log/avc.log if you are not running the Linux audit daemon, but it is very important that you understand this log. When you have a permission denied error, Hello Everyone, In this tutorial, Let Us Create a Permission's Commands Guide on Redhat Linux(Terminal) - Lab 5 You Can also Configure in Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, LinuxMint, Oracle Linux, Cloud Linux. Installing GUI on CentOS 7(Permission Denied as root) Post by Surpss » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:25 am Before my classes start for my RHEL course I decided to download CentOS Linux and do a beginners tutorial . Ubuntu says "bash: ./program Permission denied" [closed] However, when I try to do this on computer 2, it says: bash: ./program_name: permission denied. What's wrong and what can I do about it? bash shell sh. share because it is not about programming but rights management on Linux Linux, like UNIX, is a multi-user system and file permissions are one way the system protects against malicious tampering. One way to gain entry when you are denied permission is to enter the command su - . Permission denied on HPFS/NTFS/exFAT filesystem: Operation not supported team is determined to provide you with simple to follow Linux tutorials, various tips, tricks and programming guides as well as with GNU/Linux system administration tutorials in general to help you to Permission denied on HPFS/NTFS/exFAT filesystem: Operation not supported team is determined to provide you with simple to follow Linux tutorials, various tips, tricks and programming guides as well as with GNU/Linux system administration tutorials in general to help you to A tutorial on how to configure Nagios Core server and clients (Linux and Windows). Nagios Core is a monitoring and alerting software package that notify system administrators of any system or

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VPS Server Hosting with OS based Linux or Windows -

Server hosting play important part for Online Business, so there are many steps comes before choosing the Server Hosting. Generally, there are two kind of server hosting take place – Dedicated Server and VPS Server Hosting. This is just depend on the scale of business that what Server will fit on your business. There are many server-hosting companies, which offer the best hosting services at many locations. Onlive Server is one of them who provide the best services of Dedicated Server, USA VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting at 30 countries. User also can check another hosting provider. Get the best Hosting services at affordable price Yes, if you are searching the best Server hosting as well best of operating system then surely you have the good chance to connect with Onlive Server. VPS Server hosting is suitable if business is small or medium type. However, if business website large then definitely Dedicated Server hosting is the best option.


VPS Server Hosting make website flexible and smoother. So yes, this is also the benefit of website to get the VPS Server Hosting. Moreover, today’s competitive market it is more important to get the best of Server hosting for website, which perfectly match, make sharpness to business website.

There are multiple of best services of Server hosting such as -

  • 24x7 technical support
  • 7-days money back guarantee
  • Fast Provision
  • 99% SLA guaranteed
  • Full root access to the server

Talking about Server Hosting based OS; user can pick any option, which looks suitable. The both operating system based Hosting are best i.e. Windows VPS Server and Linux VPS Server. Now days the companies are attracting toward Linux VPS Server, just because of its unique configuration and nature. User must adopt the Cheap VPS Linux Services for their OS.

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CompTIA Linux+ Jobs and Salary Details

CompTIA Linux + addresses common tasks in major Linux distributions, including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installation and configuration of workstations and network. Linux + consists of two exams - LX0-103 and LX0-104. Candidates must get LX0-103 approval before performing LX0-104.

Unlike vendor-specific certifications, CompTIA Linux + encompasses several distributions, validating skills that help prevent platform traps, and that promote more flexible approaches to Linux system troubleshooting.

CompTIA Linux+ validates the competencies required of an early career system administrator supporting Linux systems for various IT businesses around the world.

Find more details here: Freelance CompTIA Linux+ jobs

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The Role Of CompTIA Linux+ Professionals

CompTIA Linux + addresses common tasks in major Linux distributions, including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installation and configuration of workstations and network. Linux + consists of two exams - LX0-103 and LX0-104. Candidates must get LX0-103 approval before performing LX0-104.

CompTIA CertMaster Practice for Linux + is an adaptive e-learning tool that helps you prepare for your CompTIA Linux + exam. It checks what you already know and identifies knowledge gaps to focus your studies on what you need most. Master the CompTIA Linux + curriculum and test with confidence with CompTIA CertMaster Practice.

Get more details:

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How to Access a Remote Desktop?

If you think that setting up a computer system for your parents, but live far away, then you can do so remotely. The non- technical people get distressed when they encounter trivial issues. In case they are not able to find any email in their inbox, they feel anxious and call you to come and troubleshoot the problem. It will take a significant amount of time, so you need a tool through which you can control any remote system from your home. Chrome is facilitating the temporary control of any system if both of the parties have the Chrome web browser in their system. With the help of some simple steps, you can solve your the problem in another desktop without physically going there. This support is for Window, Mac OS and Linux operating system also.

access a remote desktop

How to control a remote desktop?

First of all, you have to install Google Chrome on both the device.  You can do so by connecting both the systems with the internet. Open the official Chrome website and download the Chrome web browser on both systems. Then go through the term and condition and install it on both systems. You can make it the default web browser of your system. It is also suggested to enable the Chrome extension on your browser.

You can do it through app also. First get the Chrome Remote desktop app from Chrome Web store. After downloading the app, install it on your system.

How to access other devices with Chrome app?

  • Go to the Chrome app.
  • It pops up a window with three options.
    • First is to share the current computer with other users. By it, any other user can see and control other permitted systems. Go to share to allow the access.
    • Second option state that view and handle a shared computer. With this option, you can see and control other computers.
    • The third option is asking to access your computer from any remote location. Go to Get started option.
  • Now go the first option on the system of your parent or any other to which you want to control from a remote location.
  • Press share option.
  • It asks to install a remote installer in that machine. It’s a one-time practice.
  • It will flash pop up with a code. Save the code for future concern. It is the entry pass to access the computer from anywhere.
  • Now click on the access button. It will give you the full control of the current system.
  • Signing in to your account and entering the 25 digits code can give you the full control of this system from anywhere.
  • As long as you are connected with this system, a small window remains at the main window screen of both systems. It notifies the host as well as the guest who is accessing it from the remote location about the remote access of the system.
  • If the browser remains idle sometime, then it pop-ups a timeout warning after that you will lose control from the host system.
  • To access this computer from the remote location, it is mandatory that your system might have Chrome app along with the third option setting on the browser that says “Access and controls your own computer from any location”.
  • Go to get shared option and press the button.
  • It will generate a Pin.
  • Now your PC is also set to use by any location.

Harry Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for AOI Tech Solutions on NortonWebrootMcAfeeMicrosoft Office and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience. To get in touch with the internet security service provider, just dial 8888754666.


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Best Linux Red Hat Training Institute In Noida


Professions or new entrants in the field of IT or computers will find Inovi Technologies to be one of the Best Linux Training Institutes in Noida. The company offers Linux Training in Noida for both, beginners and advanced professionals so that they can get Red Hat Certification to progress in their careers. Inovi Technologies is a Red Hat Training Partner, which forms our foundation to offer the Best Linux Red Hat Training Institute In Noida. Red Hat is known to be one of the world’s largest providers of open source solutions for modern data centers. Every training offers real-world skill development that enables better performance at the workplace. The Linux Training in Noida by Inovi Technologies has helped professionals deliver better deployment and migrations in their respective companies. The expert and highly skilled Red Hat Linux instructors at Inovi Technologies  teach students with hands-on experience so that they are well-equipped to manage the most challenging client problems.Nearby, teacher drove live Inovi Technologies Linux instructional classes show through intelligent exchange and hands-on training the basics of Inovi Technologies Linux. Inovi Technologies Linux preparing is accessible as "on location live preparing" or "remote live preparing". On location live Inovi Technologies Linux preparing can be done locally on client premises in Noida live preparing is completed by method for an intelligent,Take in LINUX from our Experts in IT industry. We are the best suppliers of RHCE Linux Training in Noida with great schedule. By position, course prospectus and practicals we are the Best Linux Training Institute in Noida.World Class Hands-on Red Hat Linux Training from the India's Best Linux Training Institute in Noida with the most experienced and Red Hat confirmed specialists. Inovi Technologies gives Linux preparing in Noida to experts and corporate on KVM, SELinux, Kernel Debugging, Boot Management, Firewall Management, Samba Services, Web administrations, LDAP, Email Services and so forth. Linux Training Course incorporates interfacing with LIVE servers and managing Real Time situations which is completely HANDS-ON performed on both Classroom and Online Trainings Community for Skill Development Inovi Technologies Institute of Science and Inovi Technologies Red Hat Academy, world's No #1 open source programming arrangements supplier, preparing accomplice and counseling administrations labor in this new innovation field, Red Hat has structured industry-situated, universally acclaimed affirmation courses. Taking a gander at the interest of Red Hat guaranteed experts, over the different business areas, Inovi, has agreed to accept preparing on Redhat accreditation programs, for understudies.The Red Hat Inovi Technologies course (RH3) arms professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deploy and manage Red Hat Inovi technologies. Extensive hands-on training on courses explore the features of Red Hat  Linux with the advanced Red Hat Inovi Technologies platform.more info visit here:

Course Content:


  1. Access the command line
  2. Log in to a Linux system and run-

simple commands using the shell.

  1. Manage files from the command line
  2. Copy, move, create, delete, and organize-

files from the bash shell                  

  1. Resolve problems by using online -

help systems and Red Hat support           

  1. Create, view, and edit text files
  2. Create, view, and edit text files from-

command output or in an editor.

  1. Manage local Linux users and groups
  2. Manage local Linux users and groups-

and administer  local password policies.

  1. Set Linux file system permissions on -

files and interpret  the security

  1. effects of different permission settings.
  2. Monitor and manage Linux processes
  3. Obtain information about the system,-

and control processes running           

  1. Control services and daemon
  2. Control and monitor network services-

and system daemons using                

  1. Configure and secure OpenSSH service
  2. Access and provide access to the-

command line on remote systems -

securely using OpenSSH

  1. Analyze and store logs
  2. Locate and accurately interpret-

relevant system log files for-

troubleshooting purposes.

  1. Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux-


  1. Configure basic IPv4 networking on-

Red Hat Enterprise  Linux systems.

  1. Archive and copy files between systems
  2. Archive files and copy them from one-

system to another.

  1. Install and update software packages
  2. Download, install, update, and manage-

software packages from Red

  1. Hat and yum package repositories.
  2. Access Linux file systems
  3. Access and inspect existing file systems-

on a Red Hat 3   Enterprise Linux system.

  1. Use virtualized systems
  2. Create and use Red Hat Enterprise-

Linux virtual machines with KVM and libvirt.

  1. Comprehensive review
  2. Practice and demonstrate the knowledge-

and skills learned in this course.


  1. Automate installation with Kickstart
  2. Automate the installation of Red Hat Enterprise-

Linux systems with  Kickstart.

  1. Use regular expressions with grep
  2. Write regular expressions that, when-

partnered with grep, will allow you to quickly -

isolate or locate content within text files.

  1. Create and Edit text files with vim
  2. Introduce the vim text editor, with which-

you can open, edit, and save text files.

Schedule future Linux tasks

  1. Schedule tasks to automatically execute-

in the future. Manage priority of Linux processes.

  1. Influence the relative priorities at which-

Linux processes run.

  1. Control access to files with access-

control lists (ACL)

  1. Manage file security using POSIX-

access control lists.

  1. Manage SELinux security
  2. Manage the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)-

behavior of a system to keep it secure in case-

of a network service compromise.

  1. Connect to network-defined users and groups
  2. Configure systems to use central identity-

management services.

  1. Add disks, partitions, and file systems-

to a Linux system

  1. Manage simple partitions and file systems.
  2. Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage
  3. Manage logical volumes from the command line-

Access networked attached storage with network-

file system (NFS)

  1. Access (secure) NFS shares.
  2. Access networked storage with SMB
  3. Use autofs and the command line to mount and-

unmount SMB file systems

Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Exam -RH135  

  1. Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise-

Linux boot process

  1. Limit network communication with firewall
  2. Configure a basic firewall.
  3. Comprehensive review
  4. Practice and demonstrate knowledge and skills-

learned in this course.

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